long-term clinical outcomes after streptococcus bovis isolation in asymptomatic blood donors in hong kong.risk of transfusion-transmitted bacterial sepsis has been substantially reduced by a bacterial surveillance program (bst). however, new problems emerge as asymptomatic bacteremia is detected in blood donors. streptococcus bovis bacteremia, which is known to associate with infective endocarditis and colonic carcinoma, is an example.201323347218
streptococcus bovis endocarditis and colon cancer: myth or reality? a case report and literature review.a relationship between infective endocarditis and colon cancer was established in 1950, and streptococcus bovis was successfully isolated in 1970. however, this association and its pathogenesis still remain unclear. in this paper, we describe the clinical case of a patient with a history of colon cancer and infective endocarditis caused by streptococcus bovis. the role of s bovis as an aetiological agent in the development of colon cancer is intriguing but uncertain. s bovis infection should be ...201223220436
effects of the oral administration of viable and heat-killed streptococcus bovis hc5 cells to pre-sensitized balb/c mice.antimicrobial peptides have been suggested as an alternative to classical antibiotics in livestock production and bacteriocin-producing bacteria could be added to animal feeds to deliver bacteriocins in the gastrointestinal (gi) tract of ruminant and monogastric animals. in this study, viable (v) and heat-killed (hk) streptococcus bovis hc5 cells were orally administered to pre-sensitized mice in order to assess the effects of a bacteriocin-producing bacteria on histological parameters and the i ...201223144752
significant bacterial contamination risk reduction with the use of diversion pouch.significant efforts have been made towards bacterial risk minimization by limiting the chance of bacteria entering into collected blood, detecting its presence and eliminating them by pathogen reduction technology. improved skin disinfection and the use of diversion pouch are effective upstream measures to reduce the risk of bacterial sepsis. here we report on our experience with the use of blood bags with diversion pouch.201223036088
efficient and direct identification of fructose fermenting and non-fermenting bacteria from calf gut microbiota using stable isotope probing and modified t-rflp.the aim of this study was the development of an efficient method to identify the prebiotics-assimilating-bacteria in gut microbiota using dna-stable isotope probing (dna-sip) technology. for efficient probing of microbiota with stable isotopes, a small-scale repeated batch culture using a low-carbon-source-containing medium was developed. fecal samples from cattle were inoculated and [u-(13)c]-fructose was applied to the culture after 24 h stabilization. organic acid production, ph value of the ...201222990490
the relationship between the new taxonomy of streptococcus bovis and its clonality to colon cancer, endocarditis, and biliary disease.the nomenclature of streptococcus bovis has changed. the study aims were to examine and compare the clinical characteristics and outcomes of infections based on the new taxonomy and the genetic relatedness of strains.201322886774
the increasing incidence of streptococcus bovis endocarditis and bacteraemia: a case series from 1997 to 2010. 201222738785
interaction with lipid ii induces conformational changes in bovicin hc5 structure.bovicin hc5 is a lantibiotic produced by streptococcus bovis hc5 that targets the cell wall precursor lipid ii. an understanding of the modes of action against target bacteria can help broadening the clinical applicability of lantibiotics in human and veterinary medicine. in this study, the interaction of bovicin hc5 with lipid ii was examined using tryptophan fluorescence and circular dichroism spectroscopy with model membrane systems that do or do not allow pore formation by bovicin hc5. in th ...201222687503
association between bacteremia due to streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus (streptococcus bovis i) and colorectal neoplasia: a case-control study.the association between bacteremia by streptococcus gallolyticus subsp. gallolyticus (sgg) and colorectal neoplasia (crn) is well established but the frequency of the association varies widely in different studies. we conducted a case-control study to assess the association between sgg bacteremia and crn.201222563018
life-threatening rhabdomyolysis induced by streptococcus bovis sepsis in a 6-year-old girl presented to the pediatric emergency department.streptococcus bovis infection is an uncommon disease during infancy and childhood. rhabdomyolysis is frequently a complication of a viral infection in children and typically has a benign course. it has rarely been reported as a complication in cases of bacterial infection, especially those caused by s. bovis. we describe a case of life-threatening rhabdomyolysis after a bacterial infection caused by s. bovis sepsis in a previously healthy 6-year-old girl who presented to our pediatric emergency ...201222561321
novel streptococcus infantarius subsp. infantarius variants harboring lactose metabolism genes homologous to streptococcus thermophilus.streptococcus infantarius subsp. infantarius belongs to the streptococcus bovis/streptococcus equinus complex (sbsec) commonly associated with human and animal infections. we elucidated the lactose metabolism of s. infantarius subsp. infantarius predominant in african fermented milk products. s. infantarius subsp. infantarius isolates (n = 192) were identified in 88% of spontaneously fermented camel milk suusac samples (n = 24) from kenya and somalia at log₁₀ 8.2-8.5 cfu ml⁻¹. african s. infanta ...201222475940
complete genome sequence of the african dairy isolate streptococcus infantarius subsp. infantarius strain cj18.streptococcus infantarius subsp. infantarius, a member of the streptococcus bovis/streptococcus equinus complex, is highly prevalent in artisanal dairy fermentations in africa. here the complete genome sequence of the dairy-adapted s. infantarius subsp. infantarius cj18 strain--a strain predominant in traditionally fermented camel milk (suusac) from kenya--is presented.201222461547
[is it necessary to identify the isolates of the streptococcus bovis group correctly at subspecies level?]. 201222405138
[diseases associated with bloodstream infections caused by the new species included in the old streptococcus bovis group].we sought to identify possible diseases associated with bloodstream infections caused by new species of s. bovis group isolated in blood cultures and by studying patient records201222377494
subtyping of streptococcus bovis group bacteria is needed to fully understand the clinical value of streptococcus gallolyticus (s. bovis biotype i) infection as early sign of colonic malignancy. 201222340452
[streptococcus bovis bacteremia. what explorations should be performed?]. 201222257610
rumen chemical and bacterial changes during stepwise adaptation to a high-concentrate diet in goats.the correlation between rumen chemical and bacterial changes was investigated during a four periodical stepwise adaptation to a high-concentrate diet (concentrate level at 0%, 30%, 50% and 70% for diet i to iv, respectively) in goats. the results showed that ruminal ph decreased from 6.7 to 5.5 after switching from diet i to ii, and was maintained at about 5.5 on diet iii. denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis results showed that the rumen bacterial community was relatively stable during the i ...201022443874
streptococcus sanguis endocarditis associated with colonic carcinoma.infective endocarditis caused by streptococcus bovis is known to be associated with colorectal malignancy. other less common streptococci, specifically streptococcus sanguis, can be similarly associated with gastrointestinal carcinoma. we present a case of disseminated colorectal carcinoma occurring after a confirmed s sanguis endocarditis, that required mitral valve surgery. there may be a need for gastrointestinal surveillance in patients presenting with bacteraemia caused by less common strep ...201022347887
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