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long-chain (z)-9-alkenes are "psychedelics" to houseflies with regard to visually stimulated sex attraction and aggregation.three different tests on houseflies (musca domestica l.) revealed that both pheromone-free pseudoflies and male partner flies exhibit in the presence of mixtures of long-chain (z)-9-alkenes or pure (z)-9-tricosene enhanced releasing effects for two optical cues, which stimulate male houseflies to mating strikes and houseflies of both sexes to aggregation.19541269604
in vitro neutrophil function and lysosomal enzyme levels in patients with sepsis. 19561216240
transesophageal echocardiography to detect atrial clots in candidates for percutaneous transseptal mitral balloon valvuloplasty.left atrial thrombi are common in patients with mitral stenosis. when percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty is performed on such patients, there is a potential risk of thrombus dislodgment and embolization. in this study conventional transthoracic echocardiography and transesophageal echocardiography were performed for percutaneous balloon mitral valvuloplasty on 19 consecutive candidates (6 men, 13 women, 23 to 81 years old). in five patients (26%), transesophageal echocardiography revealed ...19592229782
melanotic neuroectodermal tumor of infancy. an ophthalmic appearance.fullness developed in the left side of a 5-month-old male infant's face in the region of the zygoma. an incisional biopsy specimen showed the mass to be a melanotic neuroectodermal tumor, and radical excision was performed. there has been no recurrence of the tumor one year later. tumors of this type occur in the face, particularly in the maxilla, and have only rarely been reported around the orbit.1962220942
[pulmonary blastoma. (personal case)].the authors give a detailed description of one case of pulmonary blastoma recently come to their observation. then, after a review of pertinent literature, they discuss the more interesting aspects of this pulmonary pathology, namely its rarity, uncertain histogenesis, difficult diagnosis, and above all baffling prognosis. they conclude with an appeal for further contributions on this interesting subject, in the hope of understanding it better through the study of an adequate number of cases.1962549750
transvaginal sonography in early pregnancy. 19632106242
a quantitative determination of free radicals and strand breaks in pure and radiosensitized dna.the yields of free radicals and of single strand breaks were studied quantitatively after gamma-irradiation at 77 k of solid calf thymus dna without and with incorporated misonidazole. at 77 k the rate of formation of the free radicals (the nature of which had been previously elucidated in oriented dna samples) was found to be 1.7 x 10 (-12) and 2.4 x 10 (-12) per rad per dalton for dna without and with misonidazole, respectively. the corresponding yield of single strand breaks in samples thawed ...1964277257
[civil defense and its importance in the uniform system of civil defense training of czechoslovak citizens]. 19641058055
chondroectodermal dysplasia (ellis-van creveld syndrome): report of two cases.our two patients with chondroectodermal dysplasia had most of the classic manifestations of the syndrome. the simultaneous occurrence of partial anodontia and embedded supernumerary and second premolars in the mandible in one patient was interesting. the inverted impaction of the left maxillary lateral incisor is also a unique finding. the median fissure on the tongue may be an associated developmental anomaly of the syndrome.1965277659
disseminated south american blastomycosis (paracoccidioidomycosis): report of case.the 11th case of south american blastomycosis occurring in the united states has been reported. therapy with amphotericin b and sulfisoxazole has been discussed.1965277658
[evaluation of a program for the secondary prevention of alcoholism. prognostic implications (author's transl)]. 1965550239
[clinical evaluation of streptokinase + acetaminophen in dentistry]. 1965315574
[varicocele and male sterility]. 19651206792
[auto-immune interstitial cystitis]. 19651206791
treatment of mandibular cherubism.a case of cherubism of the mandible with an atypical history and with the onset of the facial deformity delayed until after puberty has been reported. the patient was treated during a relatively inactive stage, which followed a year of rather active growth. the distinct facial deformities were treated by a combination of curettage and recontouring, which resulted in an improved facial appearance and elimination of the fibro-osseous lesions of the mandible.1965277660
[studies on sodium-potassium-activated atpase in the cornea electron microscopic observations on the rat cornea]. 19654378186
[study of the biosynthesis of triglycerides during ovogenesis in gallus gallus l.: separation of natural fatty acids and elaidic acid on the different alcohol functions of glycerol in the laid egg and in reserve fats]. 19664958633
in vitro production of diamine oxidase by the perfused human placenta. 19664959066
pathologic survey of 300 extirpated canine mastocytomas. 19674967309
probable murine origin of a virus (hhlv-2) recovered from leukemic mice after inoculation of human leukemic material. 19674295542
probable murine origin of a virus (hhlv-2) recovered from leukemic mice after inoculation of human leukemic material. 19674295542
[rapid computer-assisted radioisotope dynamic diagnosis (author's transl)]. 1967315060
diabetes mellitus and periodontal disease.a sample of 54 patients with diabetes mellitus were subjects to detailed assessment of periodontal disease levels using standard indices. in order to determine whether the severity of periodontal disease was related to the severity of diabets mellitus, a series of parameters of the diabetes mellitus population was simultaneously studied. there were no significant relationships between the levels of periodontal disease and the duration of diabetes, the type of treatment and the frequency of syste ...1967276596
[severe hypercalcemia due to voluntary and dissimulated vitamine d2 poisoning]. 19671086572
long term follow-up of the sagittal splitting technique for correction of mandibular a study of 67 cases the authors have investigated clinically and radiologically the long term results (5 years and over) of the sagittal split technique (obwegeser 1955, 1957). although 95% of the patients are satisfied, 60% have some impairment of sensation in the lower lip. this however goes unnoticed in 40% of these cases. the temporo-mandibular joint does not appear to be affected. 73% of the patients have excellent or good occlusion, while 18% have an unsatisfactory anterior occlusion du ...1967276552
[immunogenetic studies on etiology of liver disease --hla and chronic hepatitis (author's transl)]. 1968547639
supervisor overseas: nurses pay. union affiliation for rcn? 1968252211
effect of polynucleotides on aminoacyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetases. 3. inhibition of glutamyl transfer ribonucleic acid synthetase by natural polynucleotides. 19684299520
effect of raphanin on the multiplication of some rna and dna viruses in, and interferon production by, cultured cells. 19684306944
alteration in vasoactive polypeptide receptor activity of rat fundal strip by heat and urea. 19684378163
technics for the isolation of mycoplasma from cattle. 19684879537
[the effect of nembutal on afferent transmission in the thalamic somatosensory relay]. 19694323418
communication during initial contact: a comparison of squirrel and rhesus monkeys. 19694981452
the induction of neurogenic hypercholesteremia. 19694893116
the induction of neurogenic hypercholesteremia. 19694893116
virus disease in pregnancy. 19694236595
[comparative biochemical studies of differently prepared human gastric mucosa extracts]. 19694187668
[let's talk about working conditions of nurses: of working environments]. 1969249819
overview: nutrition and cancer. 19691187565
purine n-oxides. lxii. 2,4-dioxopyrido(2,3-d)pyrimidine n-oxides. 19701185329
direct dehydrogenation of aporphine alkaloids. 19701185328
steroid diabetes in the guinea pig. studies on islet-cell ultrastructure and regeneration. 19704908764
control of phosphorylase activity in a muscle glycogen particle. 3. regulation of phosphorylase phosphatase. 19704320612
insulin-receptor interactions in liver cell membranes. 19714334135
insulin-receptor interactions in liver cell membranes. 19714334135
relationship between energy substrate utilization and specific growth rate in aspergillus nidulans.the maintenance coefficient of glucose-limited aspergillus nidulans chemostat cultures at 30 c was 0.018 g per g (dry weight) per hr for glucose and 0.55 mmoles per g (dry weight) per hr for oxygen. these values can only be approximate because melanin was produced by the mold at low growth rates and because it is unlikely that this polymer contributed to the maintenance energy requirement although it contributed to the dry weight. biomass (defined here as dry weight minus melanin) was used to ca ...19714399338
planning and administrative perspectives on adequate minimum personal health services.public resistance to equal distribution of medical care resources is supported by a union of usually contradictory forces--sophisticated science and superstitious credulity. in a field saturated with ethical imperatives and professional ambiguities, definitions of need become political weapons. improvement in health policy will involve political doctrine, reorganization of knowledge, and more leverage in state and local government.1971247195
[acariasis]. 1971247141
review of the evidence linking alcohol consumption with liver disease and atherosclerotic disease. 1971389028
effect of condensation techniques on marginal adaptation of high-copper amalgam. 1972366119
acquisition of icu data: concepts and the issue of data overload is a problem in critical care today, it is of utmost importance to improve acquisition, storage, integration, and presentation of medical data, which appears only feasible with the help of bedside computers. the data originates from four major sources: (1) the bedside medical devices, (2) the local area network (lan) of the icu, (3) the hospital information system (his) and (4) manual input. all sources differ markedly in quality and quantity of data and in the dema ...19721484274
postoperative analgesia using a computerised infusion of alfentanil following aortic bifurcation graft surgery.a psion microcomputer controlled infusion system for alfentanil was assessed for the provision of post-operative analgesia in 14 patients who had undergone aortic bifurcation graft surgery. the system employed a pharmacokinetic model working in real time to deliver any selected target plasma concentration of alfentanil. the alfentanil infusion system was used for a mean time of 39 hours and for 96% of this time, patients were scored as having no pain or only mild pain. severe pain was recorded f ...19721484271
helping patients to help themselves. 1. patients with stroke. 1972247459
primary crohn's disease of the appendix: report of 14 cases and review of the literature.fourteen patients with primary crohn's disease of the appendix have been seen in a 12 year period. these patients represent 12.8% of the total number undergoing surgical resection because of crohn's disease. twenty-three cases of appendiceal crohn's disease have been previously reported in the literature. a correct preoperative diagnosis is rarely made; the usual diagnosis is that of acute appendicitis or appendiceal abscess. the removed appendix in twelve of our 14 cases had marked thickening o ...1972426564
variation in accessible cell surface immunoglobulin among antibody-firming cells.spleen cells from cba mice that had been primarily or secondarily immunized with sheep red blood cells were reacted at 0 degrees c with a (125)i-labeled polyvalent rabbit anti-mouse globulin reagent. after suitable washing, the cells were placed in a plaque-revealing monolayer and warmed to 37 degrees c. plaques appeared within 10-20 min. single plaque-forming cells (pfc) were taken from the middle of plaques, were washed by micromanipulation, and were singly dried on glass slides. the amount of ...19724554455
[microflora in chronic highmoritis and its sensitivity to antibiotics and guinosol]. 19725032049
localization of ( 3 h)pimozide in the rat brain in relation to its anti-amphetamine potency. 19724403973
a new potent -glucuronidase inhibitor, d-glucaro- -lactam derived from nojirimycin. 19725069747
the ultrastructure and function of pericardial cells and other nephrocytes in an insect: calliphora erythrocephala. 19724348054
incidence of cytomegalovirus infections in early childhood. 19724336585
incidence of cytomegalovirus infections in early childhood. 19724336585
cyclic amp formation and thyroid secretion by isolated mouse thyroid lobes. 19724344238
[the effect of nibufin on reproductive function and the contraceptive effect of hormonal preparations].215 pubescent female rats were administered with nibufine in 3 series; over a 10-day period with a daily dose of .8 mg/kg, over a 14-day period with a daily dose of .8 mg/kg together with 1.5 mg/kg of megestranol, and with a dose of .8 mg/kg together with cholinesterase, amizile (10 mg/kg), or spazmolitine (30 mg/kg). nibufine inhibited the activity of cholinesterase in the blood, disturbed the reproductive function, and strengthened the depressive effects on reproduction of the synthetic oral ...19724652020
[the functional significance of intracerebral autostimulation in comparative psychology]. 19724664638
[chromatographic, electrophoretic and autoradiographic studies with fe59 of the iron binding of blood proteins]. 19725069965
[gamma glutamyl carboxypeptidase from chicken pancreas]. 19725073874
[studies on fine structure of choroid plexus and ependyma in monkeys (with remarks to function)]. 19724208002
molecular models for induction of the immune response and their relationship to the genetic control of histocompatibility antigens. 19724117528
carrier function in anti-hapten antibody responses. vi. establishment of experimental conditions for either inhibitory or enhancing influences of carrier-specific cells on antibody production. 19734119550
defined physiological conditions for the induction of the l-form of neisseria gonorrhoeae.defined conditions are described which allowed luxuriant growth over continuous subculture of strains of neisseria gonorrhoeae in broth and on agar. growth was equal to or surpassed that observed in mueller-hinton broth or on mueller-hinton blood agar. the final medium adopted consisted of medium 199 and a supplemental mixture of cysteine, glucose, and various salts. addition of sodium bicarbonate or co(2) enrichment was not required. for solidification, only agarose allowed growth of all strain ...19734200856
effects of plasmin on human factor viii (ahf). 19734118107
engineering mechanics for successive states in canine left ventricular myocardium. ii. fiber angle and sarcomere length. 19734762007
fluorimetric determination of creatine kinase activity in isolated single neurons. 19734772096
influence of vagotomy on parietal cell kinetics in the rat gastric mucosa. 19734128143
further observations on the serological specificity c of the a-b-o blood group system. 19734736578
[radiographic and histological animal experimental studies following tooth root injuries]. 19734517251
recycling of asian and hong kong influenza a virus hemagglutinins in man. 19734684066
[indication on the use of bur 957 "end cutting". evaluation and suggestion]. 1973285424
results of orbital ultrasonography in 200 clinical cases. 19731177891
[new public health nurses school; strengthening of the norwegian nursing college]. 1974245829
the elderly disturbed patient. 1974246570
letter: kidney preservation. 19744132819
trace constituents in milk fat: isolation and identification of oxofatty acids. 19744437320
a prolidase deficiency in man with iminopeptiduria. 19744828441
[electron microscopic findings in normal human nasopharyngeal epithelium (author's transl)]. 19744838947
variations of plasmatic enzymes during exercise. 19744600949
[current studies on the interaction between thymus gland and pituitary growth hormone in the rat]. 19744618731
cerebellar ataxia with mycoplasma pneumonia. 19744621087
the effect of phospholipase on the binding of asialoglycoproteins by rat liver plasma membranes. 19744371836
[microinterferometric demonstration of sulfhydryl groups with 1-(4-chlormercuri-phenylazo)-beta-naphtol]. 197559491
[skin disease in cattle, caused by dermatophilus congolensis]. 197553909
endotoxin-like properties of the peptidoglycan.peptidoglycan is responsible for the endotoxin-like properties of the streptococcus cell wall. the pyrogenic response of rabbit to group a streptococcus peptidoglycan prepared by hot formamide or tca is dose-dependent and is increased if the material is ultrasonically solubilized. the pyrogenicity can be eliminated by the antiserum to the peptidoglycan or by the degradation of the material by lysozyme. peptidoglycans prepared from cell walls of group b and l streptococci, staphylococcus aureus, ...1975126556
[effect of some antidiuretic agents on the polyuria-polydipsia provoked by alcohol].the authors have studied in the dog--normal or diabetic insipidus after hypothalamic lesion--submitted to oral ingestion of ethanol the effects of a few antidiuretic drug: chlorpropamid, atromid-s, carbamazepin and carisoprodol. the carisoprodol only can reduce the diuresis and the drinking provoked by ethanol.1975126784
[effect of bay 2222 in the "pour-on" method on dictyocaulus and trichostronglides in cattle]. 1975127580
persistent or slow viral infections and related diseases.the discovery of persistent transmissible agents by veterinarians has led to striking advances in the infectious cause of neuropathies of human beings. there is evidence for persisting infection in congenital rubella and the herpes group of viruses including cytomegalovirus infections. hepatitis types a and b are candidates for inclusion in the category of persisting viral infections. the rubeola or measles virus is established as a persistent virus which causes elevated antibodies in the serum ...1975165638
nitric oxide complexes of cytochrome p-450. 1975166885
structure of a 30 s pre-ribosomal rna of e. coli. 1975169158
glycosaminoglycans and acidic glycoproteins in rabbit uterus under estrogenic conditions.uterine slices obtained from the estrogen-treated rabbits were digested with pronase. glycosaminoglycans and acidic glycopeptides were then isolated by dowex 1 column chromatography and preparative electrophoresis on cellulose acetate membrane (separax), in succession. each subfraction thus obtained was identified by the mobility on separax electrophoresis and the digestibility with mucopolysaccharidases (streptomyces hyaluronidase, testicular hyaluronidase, chondroitinase ac, chondroitinase abc ...1975126700
human carotid artery diameter and flow by a noninvasive technique.this paper presents a technique tested in vitro and in dogs and used in humans to measure carotid artery blood flow continuously by placing a transducer on the skin over the artery. the tranducer consists of a pulse echo crystal used to locate the carotid artery and measure its diameter and wall velocity. it also has a pair of doppler shift crystals used to measure the velocity of the artery wall and blood flow in the vessel. it was found that the pulsatile artery wall distension was between 8 a ...1975124007
gastrin-related compounds and their effect on gastric-acid and gastrin output in the dog. 1975123975
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