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studies on bacterial photophosphorylation. iv. on the maximum amount of delayed photophosphorylation induced by a single flash. 196214479979
acid and alkali denaturation of rhodospirillum haem protein. 196214482253
optimal oxidation-reduction potentials and endogenous co-factors in bacterial photophosphorylation. 196214448915
the photometabolism of propionate by rhodospirillum rubrum. 196214457247
the photometabolism of [1-14c]acetate and [2-14c]acetate by washed-cell suspensions of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196214036260
the effect of aerobiosis and diphenylamine on the content of ubiquinone in rhodospirillum rubrum. biochim biophys. 196214042348
reduction of mammalian cytochrome c by rhodospirillum hydrogenase. 196213895027
oxidative phosphorylation in extracts of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196213897625
photometabolism of rhodospirillum rubrum: light-dependent dissimilation of organic compounds to carbon dioxide and molecular hydrogen by an anaerobic citric acid cycle. 196213898121
[electron microscope studies on the development of "chromatophores" by rhodospirillum molischianum giesberger]. 196213898465
a cold-sensitive d(-) beta-hydroxybutyric acid dehydrogenase from rhodospirillum rubrum. 196213912428
a disulfide photoreduction system in chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196213938282
evidence for the photochemical reduction on coenzyme q in chromatophores of photosynthetic bacteria. 196214021651
use of electron paramagnetic resonance spectroscopy in investigations of functional metal components in micro-organisms. 196213938326
studies on bacterial photophosphorylation. v. stoichiometry and kinetics of photophosphorylation and adenosine-5'-triphosphatase and effects of divalent metal ions. 196213938790
observations on the respiratory system of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196213954901
metabolism of sulfate by the chromatophore of rhodospirillum.ibanez, m. l. (the pennsylvania state university, university park) and e. s. lindstrom. metabolism of sulfate by the chromatophore of rhodospirillum. j. bacteriol. 84:451-455. 1962.-the chromatophore of rhodospirillum rubrum was shown to possess enzymes for the activation and reduction of inorganic sulfate. the chromatophore was able to synthesize 3'-phosphoadenosine 5'-phosphosulfate (paps), using either exogenous adenosine triphosphate (atp) or atp synthesized via photophosphorylation. light w ...196213956133
evidence for two phosphorylation sites in bacterial cyclic photophosphorylation. 196213966260
the reduction of ubiquinone (coenzyme q) in chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum by succinate. 196213979131
epr in chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum and in quantasomes from spinach chloroplasts. 196216590952
photooxidase activity of heated chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196216655619
[poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid-splitting bacteria and an exoenzyme]. 196314106079
enzymic activation and cleavage of d- and l-malate. 196313983948
transfer of energy from bacteriochlorophyll to a reaction centre during bacterial photosynthesis. 196313998015
reaction of rhodospirillum rubrum cytochrome c2 with pseudomonas cytochrome oxidase and cow cytochrome a. 196314002371
coupled photoreduction of ubiquinone and photooxidation of ferrocytochrome c catalyzed by chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196314003298
kinetics, quantum requirement and action spectrum of light-induced phosphopyridine nucleotide reduction in rhodospirillum rubrum and rhodopseudomonas spheroides. 196314012578
bacterial photophosphorylation: regulation by redox balance. 196314014157
flagella and motility of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196313943550
the photo-assimilation of acetate by rhodospirillum rubrum. 196313954866
photosynthetic adenosine triphosphate formation and photo-reduction of diphosphopyridine nucleotide with chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196313954899
the fine structure of rhodospirillum rubrum.the fine structure of rhodospirillum rubrum grown under a series of defined conditions has been examined in thin sections prepared by the methods of ryter and kellenberger. in cells grown anaerobically at different light intensities, the abundance of 500 a membrane-bounded vesicles in the cytoplasm is inversely related to light intensity, and directly related to cellular chlorophyll content. when the chlorophyll content of the cell is low, the vesicles are exclusively peripheral in location; the ...196314022119
ionic effects on the photochemical activity of bacterial chromatophores. 196313938283
regulation of enzyme activity by specific reversal of feedback inhibition.studies with a photosynthetic bacterium have revealed a novel type of regulatory control of enzymes participating in amino acid biosyntheses. feeback inhibition of enzyme activity can be specifically reversed by ultimate end products of a branched pathway.196314043347
role of ferredoxin in the metabolism of molecular hydrogen.valentine, r. c. (university of illinois, urbana) and r. s. wolfe. role of ferredoxin in the metabolism of molecular hydrogen. j. bacteriol. 85:1114-1120. 1963.-the metabolism of molecular hydrogen by clostridium pasteurianum, micrococcus lactilyticus (veillonella alcalescens), and several other anaerobic bacteria was studied. oxidation of hydrogen, using several electron-accepting substrates including triphosphopyridine nucleotide, uric acid, xanthine, nitrite, and hydroxylamine, required ferre ...196314044002
[fixation of molecular nitrogen by cell-free preparations from microorganisms]. 196314053246
the breakdown and biosynthesis of glutamic acid. 196314053261
carbon and energy storage in bacteria. 196314053264
structural changes related to photosynthetic activity in cells and chloroplasts. 196314060129
a nuclear magnetic resonance study of hydrogen exchange at methine positions in chlorophyll a, chlorophyll b, chlorobium chlorophyll-660, and bacteriochlorophyll. 196314069505
on the anomalous interactions of ligands with rhodospirillum haem protein. 196314071588
fast kinetics of unpaired electrons in photosynthetic systems. 196314077491
the conversion of p-hydroxybenzaldehyde to the benzoquinone ring of ubiquinone in rhodospirillum rubrum. 196314081941
comparative structural studies on some bacterial heme proteins. 196314087307
cytochrome-chlorophyll interaction: the nature of the dark reaction. 196314087332
studies with a simulated martian environment. bacterial synergism: preliminary systems. techn docum rep sam-tdr-62-151. 196314133740
the biochemistry of sulfur-containing compounds. 196314146743
[on the morphogenesis of bacterial "chromatophores" (thylakoids) and on the synthesis of bacteriochlorophyll in rhodopseudomonas spheroides and rhodospirillum rubrum]. 196314166428
coenzyme q: intracellular distribution in rhodospirillum rubrum.whole cells and cell membranes of rhodospirillum rubrum prepared by lysozyme treatment and osmotic lysis of cells were analyzed for coenzyme q. all the coenzyme q was localized in the cell membranes.196414171537
transient epr and absorbence changes in photpsynthetic bacteria. 196414171949
elovich decay of free radicals in a photosynthetic system as evidence for electron transport across an interfacial activation energy barrier. 196414172995
light-activated hydrogenase in rhodospirillum rubrum. 196414179443
light stimulation of the respiratory activity of rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 196414179444
light-induced oxidation of cytochromes in photosynthetic bacteria between 20 and-170 degrees. 196414179445
absorption changes in bacterial chromatophores.the magnitude and kinetics of photo-induced absorption changes in bacterial chromatophores (r. rubrum, r. spheroides and chromatium) have been studied as a function of potential, established by added redox couples. no photochanges can be observed above +0.55 v or below -0.15 v. the loss of signal at the higher potential is centered at +0.439 v and follows a one-electron change. the loss of signal at the lower potential is centered at -0.044 v and is also consistent with a one-electron change. bo ...196414185583
the reversible interaction of sodium dodecyl sulfate with bacterial chromatophores. 196414189898
subunits of the chromatophore membranes in rhodospirillum rubrum. 196414195454
depolymerization of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate by intracellular enzyme system.merrick, j. m. (state university of new york, buffalo), and m. doudoroff. depolymerization of poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate by an intracellular enzyme system. j. bacteriol. 88:60-71. 1964.-the poly-beta-hydroxybutyric acid contained in the "lipid granules" of bacillus megaterium is hydrolyzed to d(-)-beta-hydroxybutyric acid by a complex enzyme system present in the soluble enzyme fraction of polymer-depleted cells of rhodospirillum rubrum. this system consists of a thermostable "activator," a therm ...196414197907
comparative biochemistry of cytochrome c. 196414213357
interaction of photophosphorylation and electron transport systems in bacterial chromatophores. 196414217893
feedback sensitivity of threonine deaminases in two species of photosynthetic bacteria. 196414219040
studies on photophosphorylation. xii. noncyclic photophosphorylation in chromatophores of photosynthetic bacteria. 196414243612
the occurrence of adenosine diphosphate glucose: glycogen transglucosylase in bacteria. 196414247687
sites of photosynthetic electron-transport systems coupling phosphorylation with chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 196414249833
studies on the electron-transfer systems in photosynthetic bacteria. iv. kinetics of light-induced cytochrome reactions and analysis of electron-transfer paths. 196414249834
an attempt at quantitation of the sharp light-induced electron paramagnetic resonance signal in photosynthetic materials. 196414249836
[dna content and some problems of the evolution of photosynthetizing bacteria]. 196414256083
a contribution to the understanding of the primary quantum conversion in photosynthesis. 196414270542
comparison of three yeast cytochrome c's purified form saccharomyces cerevisiae, kloeckera sp. and candida krusei. 196414159290
adenosine diphosphate-adenosine triphosphate exchange reaction with chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 196414162515
studies on light-induced inhibition of respiration in purple bacteria: action spectra for rhodospirillum rubrum and rhodopseudomonas spheroides. 196414163510
the effect of carotenoid pigments on photooxidations of some photosynthetic bacteria. 196414163512
electron microscope observation of chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196414165601
effects of feedback modifiers on the state of aggregation of homoserine dehydrogenase of rhodospirillum rubrum. 196414104597
[the effect of uranyl salts on the structure of bacterial nucleoids. i]. 196414335076
bioelectrochemical energy conversion.the interaction between photosynthetic microorganisms and an inert electrode material was examined. cathodic polarization values of platinum-bearing marine algae were obtained over a wide current-density range under both illumination and dark conditions. a potential shift of 0.6 v in the cathodic direction occurred upon illumination at a current density of 4.3 mua/cm(2). similar photo-induced results, involving anodic polarization, were obtained by use of resting cells of rhodospirillum rubrum s ...196414106931
observations on the fine structure of spheroplasts of rhodospirillum rubrum.spheroplasts of the photosynthetic bacterium rhodospirillum rubrum were prepared from cultures grown in either the presence or absence of light. cells were converted into spheroplasts by using lysozyme and versene and fixed in a sucrose-veronal-acetate buffer mixture containing osmium tetroxide. some preparations were shadow-cast and examined whole; others were embedded in epon 812 and sectioned. the action of lysozyme and versene appears to result in removal of the cell wall in strips. the rela ...196414126874
biosynthesis of the methoxylated carotenoids in rhodospirillum rubrum. 196416655991
the pyruvate phosphoroclastic reaction in chromatium. a probable role for ferredoxin in a photosynthetic bacterium. 19645871813
glutamic acid synthesis from acetate units and bicarbonate in extracts of photosynthetic bacteria. 19645836544
photoassimilation of acetate and the biosynthesis of amino acids by chlorobium thiosulphatophilum. 19645840715
acetate and bicarbonate metabolism in photosynthetic bacteria. 19655842696
depletion of k+ in rodospirillum. 19655852112
metabolic connection between oxalacetate and glutamate in rhodospirillum rubrum. 19655858052
ubiquinone concentrations in athiorhodaceae grown under various environmental conditions.1. the nature and concentration of ubiquinone in six species of athiorhodaceae have been examined after growth under aerobic and photosynthetic conditions. 2. increase in ubiquinone concentration during adaptive synthesis of photosynthetic pigments by rhodopseudomonas spheroides incubated under low-aeration conditions was observed. 3. the nature of the carbon source was found to have a marked effect on ubiquinone, as well as bacteriochlorophyll, concentrations.19655862408
reaction of gramicidin with bacterial chromatophores. 19655864023
the formation of a quencher of the fluorescence of chromatophores from photosynthetic bacteria. 19655864031
the photosynthetic apparatus of rhodospirillum varying the light intensity and temperature during growth it is possible to obtain cultures of rhodospirillum molischianum in which the specific bacteriochlorophyll contents differ by as much as fivefold. we used such cultures to compare the changes in the electron microscopic appearance of the cells with the changes in the amount and bacteriochlorophyll content of chromatophore material isolated from cell extracts. the cells contained a variable number of internal membranes which are invagin ...19655865931
effect of diquat (1,1'-ethylene-2,2'-dipyridylium dibromide) on the photosynthetic growth of rhodospirillum rubrum.diquat (2 x 10(-4)m) inhibited both aerobic and anaerobic growth of rhodospirillum rubrum. with photosynthetic cultures, diquat affected the synthesis of bacteriochlorophyll more readily than cell mass (turbidity). diquat retarded the synthesis of bacteriochlorophyll and some protein more readily than that of other cellular constituents such as ribonucleic acid, deoxyribonucleic acid, and cell mass. with cells deficient in phosphate, diquat inhibited the uptake-conversion of inorganic phosphate ...19655866040
the lipids and fatty acid metabolism of photosynthetic bacteria. 19655867688
adenosyl-methionine incorporation into the methoxylated carotenoids in chromatophores of rhodospirillum rubrum. 19655831103
absorption changes in bacterial chromatophores. ii. a new chlorophyll-like pigment from the oxidation of chromatophores from rhodospirillum rubrum. 19655873425
a new isolate of the rhodospirillum fulvum group and its photosynthetic pigments. 19655883128
beta-hydroxybutyric dehydrogenase and dimer hydrolase of pseudomonas lemoignei. 19654954074
the atypical ribosomal rna complement of rhodopseudomonas spheroides. 19655324933
studies on pyridine nucleotides in photosynthetic tissue. concentrations, interconversions, and distribution. 19654378963
magnetic and optical properties of some bacterial haem proteins. 19654285204
effects of isotopic substitution on electron spin resonance signals in photosynthetic organisms. 19654286260
nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide photoreduction with chromatium and rhodospirillum rubrum chromatophores. 19654286495
nitrogen fixation: hydrosulfite as electron donor with cell-free preparations of azotobacter vinelandii and rhodospirillum rubrum. 196514338231
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