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influence of pencillinase production by strains of bacteroides melaninogenicus and bacteriodes oralis on pencillin therapy of an experimental mixed anaerobic infection in mice. 19768031
susceptibility of phosphomycin as a differential character for gram negative anaerobic bacilli. 197611203
occurrence of rumenitis in a supplementary fed white-tailed deer herd.rumenitis was observed with increased frequency in a herd of white-tailed deer (odocoileus virginianus) maintained on a high carbohydrate supplemental ration. healing rumen scars were found in 4.4% (n=225) of animals examined in 1973; 24.1% (n=278) in 1974; and 42.5% (n=308) in 1975. the lesions often involved nearly the entire ventral blind sac of the rumen. histopathologic studies did not define the etiologic agent and invasion by either fungi or fusiformis necrophorus was not a prominent feat ...197721311
the hydrolysis of dextran by gram negative non-sporing anaerobic bacilli. 197724035
biological and biochemical characteristics of fusobacterium necrophorum leukocidin.the production of a leukocidal exotoxin by 18-hour dialysis cultures of fusobacterium necrophorum was detected in vitro by a cytotoxicity assay, using bovine leukocytes isolated from peripheral blood. biological characteristics were determined while maximizing the in vitro assay. biochemical characteristics of heat stability and stability to degradative enzymes were investigated and indicated that the leukocidin is protein in nature. the characteristics indicate that this leukocidin is different ...197832818
urease-producing species of intestinal anaerobes and their activities.urease activities of anaerobic bacteria that constituted predominant gut flora were examined. it was demonstrated that some strains of eubacterium aerofaciens, e. lentum, and peptostreptococcus products produced urease. they were the most numerous species in human feces. all strains of bifidobacterium infantis and some strains of bacteroides multiacidus, b. bifidum, clostridium symbiosum, fusobacterium necrophorum, f. varium, lactobacillus fermentum, peptococcus asaccharolyticus, and p. prevotii ...197936839
diisopropylfluorophosphate-evoked inhibition of anaphylactic histamine release from human skin: decrease of the inhibition by storing the skin specimens.antigen-induced histamine release from human skin slices passively sensitized with reaginic serum in vitro was inhibited by dfp, suggesting involvement of serine esterase activation in the reaction. the magnitude of dfp-evoked inhibition of the histamine release was not the same in each skin sample and no correlationship was observed between the magnitude of the dfp-evoked inhibition of the histamine release and that of the histamine release in the absence of dfp. the magnitude of the histamine ...197984487
the effect of mixed phosphatidylcholine liposomes on beef heart cytochrome c oxidase [proceedings]. 197884573
effect of light on the labeling of optic tectum gangliosides after an intraocular injection of n-[3h]acetylmannosamine. 199985450
x-linked immunocompetence and epstein-barr virus oncogenesis. 197986133
fluorescence polarization and pulse width analysis of chromosomes by a flow system.isolated chinese hamster chromosomes have been analyzed using a multiparameter computer-controlled cell sorter to obtain information about unique properties of individual chromosomes. parameters other than dna content were sought that would further aid in distinguishing among chromosomes. the polarized emission of the dna-specific bis-benzimidazole dye hoechst 33342 was measured for each class of chromosomes identified by a distinct peak, i.e., differeing in dna content. the emission anisotropy ...200086570
surgical wound sepsis. 200187737
electroimmunoassay of factor ix in patients with liver damage and vitamin k unresponsive coagulation disorder.factor ix antigen and activity were assayed in a group of patients with liver disease and in a group of patients in coumarin therapy. in patients with liver disease there was a similar decrease in activity and antigen. on the other hand factor ix activity is decreased in coumarin treatment with factor ix antigen remaining normal. factor ix electrophoretic mobility in liver disease is normal.200188391
fatal leishmaniasis in renal-transport patient. 199988649
[nuclear surface of buccal cells as a function of the nature of the stain. measurements with an image analyzing computer].measure of nuclear areas was performed on buccal smears by the quantimet 720 image analysing computer. five different staining procedures were used and we consider that toluidin blue at ph 4 is the best for a fine quantitative caryometry.200188973
plasma 1,25(oh)2 vitamin d concentrations in nutritional osteomalacia. 199989299
effect on bone of withdrawal of oestrogen therapy. 199989300
deaths of infants after triple vaccine. 199989408
vitiligo patterns simulating autoimmune and rheumatic diseases.several variants of generalised vitiligo can be recognised by their cutaneous distribution. in some, certain anatomical regions--e.g., hands--are predominantly affected while the cutaneous depigmentation in other variants shows a similar anatomical distribution to that of the internal structures affected in some of the autoimmune and rheumatic diseases. five patients have been seen, and three described by others, with vitiligo affecting skin of eyelids and lower front of neck, reminiscent of the ...199989452
continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion or subcutaneous insulin injections. 199989550
beta-lactamase inhibitors--a novel approach. 199989565
distribution of myosin isoenzymes among skeletal muscle fiber types.using an immunocytochemical approach, we have demonstrated a preferential distribution of myosin isoenzymes with respect to the pattern of fiber types in skeletal muscles of the rat. in an earlier study, we had shown that fluorescein-labeled antibody against "white" myosin from the chicken pectoralis stained all the white, intermediate and about half the red fibers of the rat diaphragm, a fast-twitch muscle (gauthier and lowey, 1977). we have now extended this study to include antibodies prepare ...197990047
polyribonucleotide inhibition of ribonucleic acid directed deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase of mouse mammary tumor (type b) virus and simian sarcoma (type c) virus. 197990331
discovery of an inherited bisatellited metacentric microchromosome in amniotic cell culture.the identification is reported of an extra bisatellited metacentric microchromosome in amniotic cell culture from the third pregnancy of an identical twin (amniocentesis being performed because of age), and its subsequent finding in the maternal parent as an inherited familial marker. the carriers of the microchromosome are all clinically normal and the parents opted for continuation of pregnancy. only one other report was found in the literature of a similar microchromosome detected in amniotic ...200190568
male fertility after successful chemotherapy for lymphoblastic leukaemia. 200091850
glutathione thiol esterases of human red blood cells. fractionation by gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing.the number and the substrate specificities of glutathione thiol esterases of human red blood cells have been investigated by gel electrophoresis and isoelectric focusing and staining methods devised for the location of these enzymes on gels. several glutathione thiol esterase forms, both unspecific (with respect to the s-acyl group of the substrate) and specific were found. electrophoresis on both polyacrylamide and agarose gels resolved three enzyme components with apparently similar substrate ...197993000
naturally occurring diatomaceous pneumoconiosis in sub-human primates. 197896157
dietitians play a role in the home training of patients. 200198656
[some aspects relating to the aflatoxin generation during the self-heating of cereals].in a stored batch of grain which was already affected by mould-formation tests were carried out with the known aflatoxin producer aspergillus flavus. a significantly lower aflatoxin production ensued if the mould growth was not connected with self-heating of the stored product. however, in conformity with increasing mould formation the germinating power was adversely affected and the significant signs (fatty acid number, reductive and none-reductive sugars) were influenced in the grain, irreleve ...197898933
[effect of polychlorinated biphenyls in the rat: ii.--preliminary report on metabolic alterations (author's transl)].rats were fed with a diet containing 10 and 100 ppm (wet weight) of phenoclor dpr for 4 weeks in order to evaluate the toxicity of a french pcb mixture. the influence of pcb was studied by determining the liver weights, the hepatic and muscular proteins, glycogen and humidity content as well as hematocrite, glucose, proteins and lipids in the plasma, and the lipidic contents of the liver and the carcass. there was a significant increase in both liver to body weight ratios and liver lipid and pro ...1978105425
[c-peptide, igg-insulin antibodies, island cell antibodies and immune response genes in diabetes mellitus]. 1998105488
alexander s. macmillan, jr. 1998105612
acromegaly with normal growth-hormone levels and pituitary histology. case rare cases, acromegalic patients have normal basal concentrations of growth hormone, and their acromegaly results from abnormal growth-hormone secretory patterns. a patient is reported with the clinical features of acromegaly, who had elevated somatomedin levels and an enlarged sella turcica, but whose serum growth-hormone levels on continuous monitoring were in the normal range, with levels of 2.8 to 8.9 ng/ml. dynamic studies of growth hormone revealed normal responses to hypo- and hypergly ...1998106097
an unstable donor-recipient dna complex in transformation of bacillus re-extracted dna obtained shortly after uptake of transforming dna by bacillus subtilis, increased amounts of donor dna radioactivity banding at the position of donor-recipient dna complex (drc) are observed in cscl gradients, if the cells are irradiated with high doses of uv prior to reextraction of the dna. qualitatively, the same phenomenon is observed if lysates of transforming cells are irradiated. uv-irradiation of lysates of competent cells to which single-stranded dna is added after l ...1978106232
attempt to detect bovine antibody against fusobacterium necrophorum by the agar gel double diffusion test. 1979108443
[a new trial to progressed cancer of the pancreas with intraoperative radiotherapy (author's transl)]. 1999115952
[round table on vasodilator agents in congestive heart failure]. 2002119894
the microbiological and parasitological colonisation of specified-pathogen-free mice maintained in a conventional animal house.2 groups of 44 specified-pathogen-free (spf) mice, caged in groups of 4, were housed at weaning either in isolation in a building housing conventionally-reared animals, or in contact with those animals. 4 mice from each group were examined for microbiological flora and 4 for parasites at intervals for up to 90 days after transfer. proscribed bacteria were isolated from the "in contact' group after 42 days and endoparasites were observed by 16 days and thereafter. no proscribed bacteria were isol ...1975124799
[lactate dehydrogenase isoenzymes in cerebral cortex of young rats undernourished since birth].the developmental profile of the isoenzymes of lacticodehydrogenase of cerebral cortex, investigated by starch gel electrophoresis, is not retarded during neo and post-natal undernutrition, although hypothyroidism is known to do so.1975126758
the effects of religious backgrounds on emotional problems. 2002126985
biologic activity of soluble collagen-anticollagen immune complexes as demonstrated by passive cutaneous anaphylaxis.collagen-anticollagen immune complexes were prepared by gel filtration. complex formation was chemically and serologically demonstrated. complexes eluting in gammam- and gammag-peaks of antigen-antiserum mixture showed strong positive reactions in pca experiments performed with 20 guinea pigs. control preparations of gammam- and gammag-peaks of antiserum devoid of antigen gave significantly lower pca-response. the positive reaction of control preparations can be explained in part by a certain de ...1975127469
[diagnostic importance of calculation of relative measurements of the left atrium in patients with mitral valve defect]. 2002128195
ions and inotropy. 2002130824
congenital postural deformities. 2002130955
[clinical aspects of uveitis of the climacteric]. 2002137446
a new device to support handicapped patients during venography or myelography.the authors describe a seating device which holds the patient in position when the x-ray table is tilted and permits non-weight-bearing venograms to be obtained in handicapped as well as normal patients. simultaneous bilateral venography reduces the study time considerably. the device is also helpful in lumbar myelography in paraplegics.2003149336
occupational allergic contact dermatitis to isophorone diamine (ipd) used as an epoxy resin hardener.three patients employed in the manufacture of plastic tennis rackets developed allergic contact dermatitis to isophorone diamine (ipd), an epoxy resin hardener, and concomitantly to epoxy resin. patch tests were positive to ipd at 1, 2 and 5% in olive oil and to ipd at 1, 2 and 5% in ethanol. investigations were conducted in control subjects to confirm the allergic nature of reactions. a review of the literature about ipd and related compounds is presented.2003149629
[laparoscopy in the diagnosis of hepatobiliary anomalies]. 2003152516
congenital herpetic infant, the first-born of twins, delivered by cesarean seciton without prior rupture of the membranes, was noted to have an advanced epithellal and stromal keratitis at berth. herpes simplex, type 1, was cultured form the cornea and from skin vesicles which developed subsequently. the advanced nature of the lesion indicates that it was acquired in utero. this appears to be the first reported case of congential herpetic keratitis.1975163075
induction of autophagic vacuoles in peritoneal cells. 1975165296
effectiveness of orally administered bordetella pertussis vaccine in mice.oral administration of killed bordetella pertussis organisms to mice results in increased resistance to an intracerebral infection with virulent b. pertussis cells. the rate of survival is dependent on the dose of antigen. but besides specific systemic immunity, which is persistent over a long period, also transient non-specific resistance is increased. these effects are evidently induced without penetration of bacterial substances into the circulation.1976182602
parasitic nematode larvae as agents of transmission of pathogenic bacteria. 1976189513
heme c - heme d1 interaction in pseudomonas cytochrome oxidase (nitrite reductase): a reappraisal of the spectroscopic evidence. 1978203287
localization of carnitine acetyltransferase in peroxisomes and in mitochondria of n-alkane-grown candida tropicalis. 1978215452
occurrence of anaerobic bacteria in diseases of the dog and cat.a survey for anaerobic bacteria was conducted in 314 clinical specimens from dogs and cats. a total of 187 anaerobic isolates in pure and mixed culture were isolated from 111 of the specimens that contained anaerobic bacteria. common isolated included actinomyces (9.1%), clostridium perfringens (19.3%), other clostridium spp (11.2%), peptostreptococcus anaerobius (7.5%), bacteroides melaninogenicus (13.4%), other bacteroides spp (17.6%), and fusobacterium necrophorum (5.3%). anaerobic bacteria w ...1979224739
morphological revertants of an avian sarcoma virus-transformed mammalian cell line exhibit tumorigenicity and contain pp60src.the biological and biochemical properties of rous sarcoma virus-transformed and revertant field vole cells were investigated. revertant vole cells appear morphologically similar to normal, uninfected cells, yet, like transformed vole cells, they are fully capable of growing in agar suspension and producing tumors in athymic nude mice. these highly tumorigenic, yet morphologically normal appearing, vole cells express viral-specific antigens such as the gag gene product (pr76) but lack the env gen ...1979226988
proliferation of rous sarcoma virus-infected, but not of normal, chicken fibroblasts in a medium of reduced calcium and magnesium concentration.both normal and rous sarcoma virus-infected chicken fibroblasts proliferate actively in a culture medium containing physiological concentrations of calcium (1.2 mm) and magnesium (0.7 mm). in the presence of a physiological concentration of magnesium, reduction of the calcium concentration to 0.125 mm resulted in a significant decrease in the proliferation of the normal, but not of the neoplastic, fibroblasts. reduction of the magnesium concentration to 0.05 mm in the presence of a physiological ...1979226989
[etiology and immunoprophylaxy problems in sheep foot-rot (author's transl)]. 1979232438
cultivation and maintenance of sphaerophorus necrophorus. part ii: influence of ph on maximum growth and acid production in medium 156.sphaerophorus necrophorus was grown in medium 156 at 40 ph values ranging from 4.93 to 9.46. growth occurred between ph 5.30 and 9.28. the optimum ph for maximum growth was 6.84 while the optimum ph for acid production was 7.70. at ph 7.70 acid production was more than double that at ph 6.84 during a 12 hour incubation period. thus, maximum growth occurs at one ph and maximum acid producation at another. since the two optima are different, acid production should be evaluated only when: 1. an opt ...1975234285
teaching the teachers. 1979243225
community health activities need shared. 1973246419
[management and nursing of patients with hepatitis b at komagome municipal hospital]. 2003253780
[some problems concerning operations for reconstruction of tubal patency (author's transl)]. 1994263040
correction on fluoride content. 1985268368
the r2s(5) and sliding cable/coping systems of implantation. 1986268566
inhibition of cytokinesis in friend leukemia cells by membrane mobility agents.treatment of a line of friend leukemia cells with a dispersion of the membrane mobility agent, a2c, yields cells that undergo successive nuclear divisions without cytokinesis, resulting eventually in cells with as many as 30 nuclei. neither the dna replication rate of the cells nor the generation time is different after treatment; in addition, the multiple nuclei divide synchronously, and the chromosome number corresponds to the number of nuclei in the cell. inhibition of cytokinesis is not obse ...1986268639
serological studies of bacteroides fragilis.using direct agglutination methods, a simple serological scheme for the classification of bacteroides fragilis is described. twenty strains of b. fragilis were selected by a process of sucessive screening from 151 strains obtained from various sources. o-antigens were prepared from the 20 strains, and used to raise antisera in rabbits. each of the 20 antisera reacted with its homologous antigen and eight antisera cross-reacted with other subspecies. these cross-reactions were successfully remove ...1977269199
bony defects in dried bantu mandibles.forty-three dried south african bantu mandibles were examined visually and radiographically for the frequencies of occurrence of apical defects, bifurcation involvements, dehiscences, and fenestrations. statistical evaluation of the data revealed no significant discrepancy between the visual and radiographic findings.1981273856
[spontaneous intracerebral hematoma during acute promyelocytic leukemia]. 1967276845
identification of new cell surface markers in man: the problem of immunogenicity. 1979313101
hemorrhage due to retrograde prolapse of stomach. an endoscopic diagnosis.a case of recurrent hemorrhage due to localized gastric mucosal congestion from retrograde prolapse during severe retching is described. historically, this condition may mimic the "mallory-weiss syndrome" and endoscopically, this lesion may be mistaken for "gastritis". this rarely recognized condition may be an explanation for some cases of cryptic hematemesis.1989313151
[growth of non-sporing anaerobes in an oxygen-free blood culture system (author's transl)].the efficacy of the commercially available vacutainer blood culture system to support the growth of non-sporing anaerobes was compared with two laboratory-prepared blood culture media (supplemented thioglycollate medium and brain heart infusion). the media were inoculated with 10, 100 and 1000 organisms of the species tested, and the number of colony-forming units was determined at intervals of 8-10 hrs. analogous experiments were performed with batches of the media to which 10% vol/vol of human ...1977325956
fusobacterium necrophorum: its characteristics and role as an animal pathogen. 1977329831
toxicity of endotoxin from fusobacterium necrophorum strains to chick embryos. 1978348272
failure to induce in rabbits effective immunity to a mixed infection of fusobacterium necrophorum and corynebacterium pyogenes with a combined bacterin.failure to induce in rabbits effective immunity to a mixed infection of fusobacterium necrophorum and corynebacterium pyogenes with a combined bacterin. onderstepoort journal of veterinary research, 44 (4), 253--2;6 (1977). rabbits were immunized with alum-precipitated, oil adjuvant and an untreated bacterin composed of f. necrophorum and c. pyogenes. immunized rabbits were challenged intradermally with a mixture of f. necrophorum and c. pyrogenes. immunized rabbits were challenged intradermally ...1977349444
bacteriological examination of summermastitis secretions. the demonstration of bacteroidaceae.corynebacterium pyogenes was isolated from 22, peptococcus indolicus from 22, a microaerophilic coccus from 21, bacteroides melaninogenicus subsp. melaninogenicus from 18, fusobacterium necrophorum from 15, and various unidentified anaerobes from 9 of a total of 22 summermastitis secretions examined.1978351551
[immunodiagnostic results of amoebiasis. the value of counter immunoelectrophoresis in comparison to three other immunotests (author's transl)].63 cases of extraintestinal amoebiasis, 17 cases of intestinal amoebiasis, and 25 selected control persons were examined for serum antibodies to antigen from e. histolytica using the counter-immunoelectrophoresis, the complement fixation test, the indirect haemagglutination test and the latex agglutination test. in addition counter-immunoelectrophoresis was applied to 41 sera from patients with extraintestinal amoebiasis whose other serological results were included in a previous study. even wit ...1977352040
[vladimir levanovich menabde (on his 80th birthday)]. 1979352807
from the nail groove to the sinus tarsi--how did we get here? where are we going? 2004353122
[cerebral abscess due to fusobacterium necrophorum. importance of the conditions of the sample and of the bacteriologic analysis]. 1978368717
a modified tube method for the cultivation and enumeration of anaerobic bacteria.a new type of tube (the lee tube) has been developed for use in the cultivation and enumeration of obligate anaerobes. the lee tube is a double-walled, screw-capped tube which allows the formation of a thin cylinder of agar medium between the two walls. anaerobiosis is achieved through deoxygenation of the deep cylinder of agar during sterilization, a minimum of head space, and use of a reducing agent to absorb oxygen introduced during the inoculation procedure. for several species of clostridiu ...1979396020
evaluation of experimentally induced fusobacterium necrophorum infections in mice.two strains of mice, swiss webster and dba/2cr, were injected intraperitoneally or intravenously with varying dosages of fusobacterium necrophorum. the ability to eliminate the infection was assessed by quantitative enumeration of the organisms present in the blood, liver, and spleen, three- to 4-week-old dba/2cr mice were highly resistant to both routes of injection. the intraperitoneal injection of older mice failed to demonstrate a dose-effect relationship whereas an intravenous injection of ...1977403138
endotoxic activities of lipopolysaccharides of microorganisms isolated from an infected root canal in macaca cynomolgus.lipopolysaccharides (lps) prepared from a strain of bacteroides oralis, a strain of fusobacterium necrophorum, and a strain of f. nucleatum, all isolated from an infected root canal in monkey (macaca cynomolgus), were examined for endotoxic activities using primary skin reactions in rabbits and induction of leukocyte chemotaxis in rats. lps of b. oralis showed considerably lower ability to cause skin inflammation than lps of the fusobacteria. however, the leukotactic effect of the lps preparatio ...1977405737
[requirement and utilization of fats during parenteral feeding]. 1977414005
intratrigeminal and thalamic projections of nucleus caudalis in the squirrel monkey (saimiri sciureus): a degeneration and autoradiographic study. 1978415073
expression of a single major histocompatibility complex locus controls the immune response to poly-l-(tyrosine, glutamic acid)-poly-dl-alanine-poly-l-lysine.genetic control of the immune response linked to the major histocompatibility (h-2) complex in the mouse has been described for synthetic polypeptide antigens and for low doses of native proteins. the phenomenon is well documented(1,2). extensive screening of intra-h-2 crossover-derived recombinant strains has localized h-2-linked immune response (ir) genes to the i-immune response region of the h-2 complex (3). for most antigens, ir genes are autosomal, dominant, and they segregate as single lo ...1978415111
brain scan abnormalities in intracerebral sarcoidosis.we present a case in which dramatic anterior midline uptake of 99mtc-pertechnetate simulated a suprasellar tumor in a patient with sarcoid. the brain scan abnormalities proved to represent extensive hypothalamic and basal ganglia involvement by sarcoidosis.1977421397
shortening hospital stay for psychiatric care: effect on patients and their families.a one-year cohort of patients from a defined catchment area with acute functional disorders were allocated at random to brief care (experimental group) or standard care (control group) in hospital to examine the effect of shortening hospital stay on the clinical and social functioning of patients and the distress abnormal functioning caused to others. a total of 127 patients were interviewed on entry to the study, and 106 were followed up. the brief care group had significantly shorter mean and ...2004427401
bronchial endoscopy and radiological services. 1975429155
histochemical and atomic absorption demonstration of trace metal mobilization in the central nervous system and liver of the rat.histochemical and atomic absorption spectrophotometric analysis of trace metal mobilization caused by the action of ethanol in the central nervous system (cns) and liver of the rat is described. histochemically it has been shown that in all neurons examined (motoneurons, pyramidal and purkinje cells) the trace metals (mainly zn2+ and cu2+) are mobilized. most of the stained materials disappear from the perikaryon of the purkinje cells, while in both the motoneurons and the pyramidal cells the tr ...1979429206
studies comparing the metabolic clearance rate of 11 beta,17,21-trihydroxypregn-1,4-diene-3,20-dione (prednisolone) after oral 17,21-dihydroxypregn-1,4-diene-3,11,20-trione and intravenous prednisolone.the mcr of prednisolone (11 beta,17,21-trihydroxypregn-1,4-diene-3,20-dione) and the absorption of prednisone (17,21-dihydroxypregn 1,4-diene-3,11,20-trione) were studied in five normal subjects and four patients. plasma and urinary prednisolone were measured by a competitive radioassay. the mcr was determined after iv administration of 30 mg nonisotopic prednisolone using one-compartment (mcr1) and two-compartment (mcr2) analyses. these values were compared with the mcr determined after oral ad ...1976429520
[necrobacteriosis in saigas]. 1979442508
enterohepatic recirculation of drugs as a determinant of therapeutic ratio. 2004446267
hemolytic activity of fusobacterium necrophorum culture supernatants due to presence of phospholipase a and lysophospholipase.culture supernatants of fusobacterium necrophorum demonstrated hemolytic activity. the hemolysin(s), which was partially purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation, was temperature-dependent and heat labile. the spectrum of hemolytic activity against various erythrocytes included rabbit, human, and dog erythrocytes. goats, sheep, and bovine erythrocytes showed only trace hemolysis. according to results of thin-layer chromatography, the hemolysin hydrolyzed rabbit erythrocyte phosphatidyl choline ...1979453690
correlations between leukocidin production and virulence of two isolates of fusobacterium necrophorum.leukocidin production by fusobacterium necrophorum was suggested to be an important element in the development of intraabdominal and liver abscesses in mice. leukocidin production by cultures of f necrophorum was demonstrated by an in vitro assay. one of two isolates of f necrophorum was demonstrated to produce leukocidin. the leukocidin-producing strain was observed to be more infective than the nonleukocidin-producing strain (as demonstrated by abscess formation following intraperitoneal injec ...1979464365
age effect in hearing - a comparative analysis of published threshold data.numerical data from the literature on presbyacusis, in the form of pure-tone hearing threshold levels as a function of age, are subjected to critical evaluation and analysis. a formula is derived for predicting the age effect for otologically screened groups of males and females. further, the complete distribution of hearing levels for each audiometric frequency in the range 0.125-12 khz and at any age can be estimated with the aid of tabulated coefficients and some simple rules. the study was u ...1990475664
[maturing of fibrils and intraosseous osteogenesis as a basis for the development of lamellae and the osteon structure].we investigated in continuation of lightmicroscopical (phasecontrast, polarized light) and statistical studies concerning the formation of lamellae and osteons electromicroscopical the nature of fibrils in different areas of the cross section of the metacarpus from a cattle fetus of 520 mm ssl. during the maturation of fibrils in a subperiostal trabecal the diameter of fibrils increased (465 to 470 a). the period (316 or 536 a) contains primarily only a broad band and a small interband. subseque ...1979478248
prophylactic infusion therapy in hemophilia. 2004478502
in vitro activity of sodium fusidate against anaerobic bacteria.the microtiter broth dilution method was employed to determine the in vitro susceptibility of 525 recent clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria to sodium fusidate. the minimal inhibitory concentrations of sodium fusidate ranged from </=0.06 to 1.0 mug/ml for 155 strains of anaerobic gram-positive rods and 130 strains of anaerobic gram-positive cocci. minimal inhibitory concentrations ranging from </=0.06 to 32 mug/ml were observed for 240 strains of anaerobic gram-negative rods. among the latte ...1979485124
an outbreak of fusiformis necrophorus infection in orissa. 1979489120
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