[ultrastructure of the proctodeum of the thysanuran lepismodes inquilinus newman (=therobia domestica packard). i. anterior region (ileum and rectum)]. 19714329667
effects of antibiotics on the development and stability of mitochondrial enzymes in saccharomyces cerevisiae. 19724343088
effect of free magnesium and salts on the inorganic pyrophosphatase purified from a slightly halophilic vibrio alginolyticus. 19734360431
aldosterone: current concepts. 19744363421
enhanced antibody production to type iii pneumococcal polysaccharide in mice treated with antilymphocyte serum: evidence for cellular regulatory mechanism of igm antibody response. 19714398512
some features of different motor units in human biceps brachii. 19744407539
letter: anaesthesia and revivon. 19744446302
[improvement of an enrichment medium for vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus].enriched cultures ofsing a selective substratum treated with sulfisoxazolo. this substratum has a composition in aminoacids, vitamins of the b-group, glucides and sodium chloride similar to that of homogenized mytilus edulis which had turned out to be an excellent natural medium for the growth of the aforecited halofilic vibrios.19744460901
influence of cyclophosphamide on the delayed hypersensitivity in the mouse after intraperitoneal immunization. 19744548829
fermentation of isolated pectin and pectin from intact forages by pure cultures of rumen bacteria.studies on the rate and extent of galacturonic acid and isolated pectin digestion were carried out with nine strains of rumen bacteria (butyrivibrio fibrisolvens h10b and d16f, bacteroides ruminicola 23 and d31d, lachnospira multiparus d15d, peptostreptococcus sp. d43e, b. succinogenes a3c, ruminococcus flavefaciens b34b, and r. albus 7). only three strains, 23, d16f, and d31d, utilized galacturonic acid as a sole energy source, whereas all strains except a3c and h10b degraded (solubilized) and ...19724552890
4-thiouridine and the conformation of e. coli trna induced by spermidine. 19724554636
[present problems in the pathological anatomy of children's diseases]. 19724557022
cytotrophoblastic specializations: an ultrastructural study of the human placenta. 19724564844
taxonomy of marine bacteria: beneckea parahaemolytica and beneckea alginolytica.a collection of 169 strains, including 91 obtained from cases of gastroenteritis and 41 from localized tissue infections and infections of the eye and ear, was submitted to an extensive nutritional, physiological, and morphological characterization. the nutritional and physiological data obtained from these strains, as well as data for strains of other species of the genus beneckea, were submitted to a numerical analysis which grouped the strains into clusters on the basis of phenotypic similari ...19734570770
bactericidal effect of various combinations of gamma radiation and chloramine on aqueous suspensions of escherichia coli.methods of combining gamma radiation with chloramine to disinfect aqueous suspensions of escherichia coli were investigated. logarithmically grown cells were exposed to the bactericidal agents sequentially (i.e., radiation followed by chloramine, and chloramine followed by radiation) and simultaneously. regardless of which combination was used, the bactericidal effect was always less than additive. during the phase of work involving the simultaneous addition of both agents, it was observed that ...19734577176
ph- and anion-dependent salt modifications of alkaline phosphatase from a slightly halophilic vibrio alginolyticus. 19734582822
letter: conformational changes in ribosomal subunits following dissociation of the escherichia coli 70 s ribosome. 19734585330
the occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus in the sound. 19744598274
[demonstration of the pathogen in newcastle disease from autopsy material using direct immunofluorescence]. 19744603450
derepression of synthesis of the aminoacyl-transfer ribonucleic acid synthetases for the branched-chain amino acids of escherichia coli.the kinetics of derepression of valyl-, isoleucyl-, and leucyl-transfer ribonucleic acid (trna) synthetase formation was examined during valine-, isoleucine-, and leucine-limited growth. when valine was limiting growth, valyl-trna synthetase formation was maximally derepressed within 5 min, whereas the rates of synthesis of isoleucyl-, and leucyl-trna synthetases were unchanged. isoleucine-restricted growth caused a maximal derepression of isoleucyl-trna synthetase formation in 5 min and derepre ...19744604302
the thyroid connections of humoral immunoreactivity. 19724607264
sewage treatment by controlled eutrophication: bacterial study.several groups of bacteria were isolated and identified in an evaluation of the microbiological properties of a sewage treatment system involving the process of controlled eutrophication in a marine setting (j. g. songer, n. m. trieff, r. f. smith, and d. grajcer, 1974). fecal coliforms, enterococci, salmonellae, shigellae, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and vibrio alginolyticus were studied at three stages of the treatment process. significant reductions in fecal coliforms (p < 0.01) and enterococci ...19744608162
the "extraverted neurons" of the mammalian cerebral cortex. 19724626696
the effect of infection with adenovirus 2 on the transcription of cellular rna. 19724629686
errors in eye tissue temperature measurements when using a metallic probe. 19724640873
[role of macrophages in the pathogenicity of vaccinia virus for young rats]. 19724641939
vibrio alginolyticus, vibrio parahaemolyticus and the related biotypes isolated from nonmarine fishes in calcutta. 19724677374
a second form of arylsulfatase a in human urine. 19734699243
role of na + and k + in preventing lysis of a slightly halophilic vibrio alginolyticus. 19734709165
[comparative studies on cerebral vessel pathology in animals and man]. 19734725275
in vitro studies on the control of trophoblast outgrowth in the mouse. 19734729947
mutations affecting meiosis in podospora anserina. ii. effect of mei2 mutants on recombination. 19734731428
mutations affecting meiosis in podospora anserina. ii. effect of mei2 mutants on recombination. 19734731428
modulation of membrane associated immunoglobulins of cultured human lymphoid cells by specific antibody. 19734735382
the effects of dietary zinc concentration on reproduction in the rat. 19734760793
a (14;22) robertsonian translocation, 45 chromosomes. human genetic mutant cell repository, camden, n.j., identification no. gm-5. 19734780772
[studies of the diffusion of gastrointestinal nematodes in steinbock (capra ibex) and chamois (rupicapra rupricapra) of gran paridiso national park]. 19734802749
the malarial parasites of anolis species (sauria: iguanidae) in panama. 19744813206
proceedings: some long-term effects of 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol (1,25(oh)2d3) in man. 19744817248
sensitization and centre-surround antagonism in necturus retina.1. the impulse discharge of ganglion cells and the proximal negative response were recorded with extracellular micro-electrodes in necturus retina and spatial influences of background illumination studied.2. when a steady background of constant illuminance was extended in diameter from 0.25 to 1 mm, the response to a small concentrically placed test flash was enhanced (sensitization).3. this sensitization was tonic, showed marked spatial summation, was also found by surrounding a central backgro ...19744822576
a new technique for in situ hepatic isolation and perfusion in the rabbit. 19744834211
[letter: influencing of the nelson-test by drugs]. 19744849085
enhancement of hemagglutination inhibition titers in tissue-culture newcastle disease (tcnd) vaccinated chicken. 19744858747
use of tissue adhesives for arterial anastomoses. 19684868534
[typing of sonne bacteria according to sensitivity to colicins in epidemiological practice]. 19684874365
evidence for central inhibition of retinal function. 19674889353
[on the occurrence of interparenchymatous heteroantibodies in humans]. 19684890791
a mutation which changes a membrane protein of e. coli.a temperature-sensitive mutant of e. coli, which cannot synthesize dna at high temperature but can continue cell division, shows a difference in a membrane protein fraction at high temperature by gel electrophoresis. this mutation of a bacterial membrane protein is unique. the protein may link dna replication and cell division through the membrane.19694905995
the total somatic cell count related to the bacterial growth from cow fore-milk samples. 19704914719
the use of zonal centrifugation in the preparation of glomeruli and tubular fragments from rat kidney. 19714940378
columns for rapid chromatographic separation of small amounts of tracer-labeled transfer ribonucleic acids. 19714943341
operant discrimination of an interoceptive stimulus in rhesus monkeys.five rhesus macaques monkeys surgically prepared with thiry small intestinal (jejunum) loops and implanted brain electrodes were restrained in primate chairs and kept on 23-hr deprivation-feeding cycle. after being trained to press a lever for sugar pills on an fr 25 schedule of reinforcement, a discrimination training procedure was established. lever presses were reinforced during the s(d)-a non-aversive mechanical stimulus applied to the internal walls of the thiry loop by rhythmic inflation-d ...19654954822
unit discharges recorded from the human thalamus with microelectrodes. 19674968477
detection of alpha, kappa and lambda chains in mammalian immunoglobulins using fowl antisera to human iga. 19714999913
flagellar antigen of vibrio alginolyticus. 19715004737
the human lens. i. a comparison of cataracts extracted in oxford (england) and shikarpur (w. pakistan). 19725013584
[activity of the adrenal cortex and metabolic changes during acute starvation]. 19725029309
change in total diffuse spectral reflectance of amino acids and proteins after ultraviolet irradiation. 19725034100
isozyme variations in human cells grown in vitro. 8. glucocorticoid regulation of amino acid naphthylamidase. 19725036635
[combined effect of histones and antibiotics in vitro and in vivo. antibacterial effect of histone fractions of the calf thymus in combination with streptomycin and tubazid]. 19725039536
rheomacrodex in the prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions. experimental work in cats. 19725042437
calcium (ionized and total), magnesium, phosphorus, and glucose in plasma from parturient cows. 19725058542
the relationship between antibody formation and deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) synthesis in mouse spleen during primary and secondary response to sheep erythrocytes (src). 19725069736
pituitary fsh increase in male protein-deficient rats induced by testosterone propionate. 19725082325
[bacterial taxa of the adriatic sea: "vibrio alginolyticus" (miyamoto et al. 1961- sakazaki 1968)]. 19705535696
solubilization and reconstitution of the na+-motive nadh oxidase activity from the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus.the na+-motive nadh oxidase activity from vibrio alginolyticus was extracted with octylglucoside and reconstituted into liposomes by dilution. on the addition of nadh, the reconstituted proteoliposomes generated delta psi (inside positive) and delta ph (inside alkaline) in the presence of a proton conductor cccp, and accumulated na+ in the presence of valinomycin. these results indicate that the nadh oxidase activity, reconstituted in opposite orientation, leads to the generation of an electroch ...19846092131
regulation of hut enzymes and intracellular protease activities in vibrio alginolyticus hut mutants.the production of alkaline protease, collagenase and histidine utilization (hut) enzymes by vibrio alginolyticus wild-type, huth1 and hutu1 strains was investigated. alkaline protease synthesis was stimulated by histidine and urocanic acid in the wild-type and hutu1 strains. the huth1 mutant alkaline protease production was stimulated by urocanic acid and not by histidine. the hut enzymes in the wild-type strain were coordinately induced by histidine. urocanase and formimino-hydrolase were induc ...19826129284
cellulitis caused by vibrio alginolyticus.a case of cellulitis, resulting in a recurrence of a leg ulcer is presented due to the unique association of its bacterial flora, consisting exclusively of v. alginolyticus and of its clinically rapid expansion after seabathing.19836198855
peptone induction and rifampin-insensitive collagenase production by vibrio alginolyticus.vibrio alginolyticus produces an extracellular collagenase which requires specific induction by collagen or its high-molecular-weight fragments. peptone also induces collagenase during the late exponential and early stationary growth phases. the peptone inducers have been shown to have a broad molecular weight range between 1,000 and 60,000. the peptone inducers supported slow growth of v. alginolyticus when supplied as the sole nitrogen source in minimal medium. digestion of the peptone inducer ...19806247322
regulation of exoprotease production by temperature and oxygen in vibrio alginolyticus.the production of an extracellular collagenase and alkaline protease by vibrio alginolyticus during stationary phase was inhibited by a temperature shift from 30 to 37 degrees c and by a lack of oxygen. the stability of the exoproteases was unaffected by incubation at 37 degrees c and aeration. the optimum growth temperature for the v. alginolyticus strain was 33.5 degrees c and there was no difference in the growth rate at 30 and 37 degrees c. aeration enhanced the rate of growth of exponential ...19816277266
regulation of extracellular alkaline protease activity by histidine in a collagenolytic vibrio alginolyticus strain.vibrio alginolyticus synthesized an inducible extracellular collagenase in a peptone medium during the stationary growth phase. these cultures also possessed extracellular alkaline serine protease activity. the alkaline protease activity did not require a specific inducer and it was produced in tryptone or minimal media. the collagenase was not produced in either the tryptone or minimal media. the alkaline protease activity was sensitive to catabolite repression by a number of carbon sources, in ...19816279766
histamine-producing bacteria in decomposing skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis).spoilage in skipjack tuna (katsuwonus pelamis) was studied under controlled conditions by incubating whole, fresh fish in seawater at 38 degrees c, the optimum temperature for histamine formation. bacterial isolates were obtained from the loin tissue of a decomposing tuna containing 134 mg of histamine per 100 g and a total anaerobic count of 3.5 x 10(5)/g after incubation for 24 h. over 92% of the 134 isolates obtained were facultatively or obligately anaerobic bacteria. eighteen isolates produ ...19826289747
the mode of action of nanaomycins d and a on a gram-negative marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus.nanaomycin (nnm) d had a higher growth inhibitory activity than nnm-a against a gram-negative marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus. these quinone antibiotics were reduced by the respiratory chain-linked flavin dehydrogenase of the organism and the reduced forms of nnms were quickly autoxidized by molecular oxygen to produce superoxide radicals (o2-). nnm-d was more effective than nnm-a both in the induction of kcn-insensitive oxygen consumption with the intact cells and in the production of o2 ...19826292148
characterization of extracellular alkaline proteases and collagenase induction in vibrio alginolyticus.the number and approximate molecular weights of extracellular alkaline proteases produced by vibrio alginolyticus were determined by gelatin-page. three major bands of protease activity with apparent molecular weights of approximately 28 000, 22 500 and 19 500 (proteases 1, 2 and 3, respectively) and two minor bands of protease activity with apparent molecular weights of approximately 15 500 and 14 500 (proteases 4 and 5, respectively) were obtained after gelatin-page. the activities of the five ...19836310026
growth of a marine vibrio alginolyticus and moderately halophilic v. costicola becomes uncoupler resistant when the respiration-dependent na+ pump functions.the growth of vibrio alginolyticus and v. costicola, which possess respiration-dependent na+ pumps, was highly resistant to the proton conductor carbonyl cyanide-m-chlorophenyl hydrazone (cccp), in alkaline growth media, even though the membrane was rendered permeable to h+. the ph dependence of cccp-resistant growth was similar to that of the na+ pump. in contrast, escherichia coli ml308-225 showed neither na+ pump activity nor cccp-resistant growth, even when grown in alkaline, na+-rich media. ...19836313611
in situ identification of bacterial species in marine microfouling films by using an immunofluorescence immunofluorescence technique was developed for the in situ identification of specific bacteria in marine microfouling films. microorganisms adherent to glass plates after 30 days of immersion in a synthetic seawater system were cultured and classified by biochemical tests, flagellar arrangement, and the api 20e system. all isolates were gram-negative aerobic or facultative motile rods, predominantly pseudomonas spp. rabbit antisera to the five dominant organisms including achromobacter spp., ...19846393875
the impact of terrestrial and estuarial factors on the density of environmental bacterial (vibrionaceae) and faecal coliforms in coastal water.a study of the densities of faecal coliforms, vibrio anguillarum, vibrio alginolyticus and aeromonas hydrophila in danish bathing areas was carried out over the period may-october, 1981 with special reference to specific terrestrial and estuarial determinants. significant correlations were found between v. anguillarum and v. alginolyticus (r = 0.57) and a. hydrophila and faecal coliforms (r = 0.43). the densities of the vibrios were highly influenced by temperature and distance from pollution so ...19846395571
halophilic vibrio species from seafish in senegal.sucrose-positive and sucrose-negative halophilic vibrio species at counts of up to 10(7)/100 g were isolated from muscles tissue in 27 and 43%, respectively, of 128 seafish from coastal waters in senegal. vibrio parahaemolyticus, including 21% urease-positive strains, was the most common isolate, followed by vibrio alginolyticus, vibrio vulnificus, vibrio damsela, and vibrio fluvialis.19846476829
k+/h+ antiporter functions as a regulator of cytoplasmic ph in a marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus.the marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus, regulates the cytoplasmic ph at about 7.8 over the ph range 6.0-9.0. by the addition of diethanolamine (a membrane-permeable amine) at ph 9.0, the internal ph was alkalized and simultaneously the cellular k+ was released. following the k+ exit, the internal ph was acidified until 7.8, where the k+ exit leveled off. the k+ exit was mediated by a k+/h+ antiporter that is driven by the outwardly directed k+ gradient and ceases to function at the internal ...19846477914
bacteriology of the teeth from a great white shark: potential medical implications for shark bite victims.bacteria were cultured for the first time from the teeth of a great white shark (carcharodon carcharias). isolates included vibrio alginolyticus, vibrio fluvialis, vibrio parahaemolyticus, and other genera. all are common in the marine environment and some may be associated with wound infections in humans. shark bite lacerations may serve as a source of these potentially infectious bacteria, particularly vibrio spp., and should be treated immediately. antibiotic susceptibility patterns are shown ...19846511869
vibrios on the half shell: what the walrus and the carpenter didn't least nine vibrio species have been associated with disease in the united states. vibrio fluvialis, v. hollisae, v. mimicus, and v. parahaemolyticus cause diarrheal diseases, but may also be encountered in extraintestinal infections such as wound and ear infections, septicemia, and cholecystitis. vibrio alginolyticus, v. damsela, v. metschnikovii, and v. vulnificus primarily cause extraintestinal disease. toxigenic v. cholerae o1 is the cause of epidemic cholera, whereas nontoxigenic v. chole ...19836625388
bacterial flora of marine penetrating injuries.bacteriologic and clinical features of 28 cases of traumatic marine injuries are described. the most common bacterial isolates were normal skin bacteria, staphylococcus aureus and, in 11% of cases, vibrio alginolyticus. all injuries responded to local wound care, and only half received antibiotic therapy.19836673897
na+ is translocated at nadh:quinone oxidoreductase segment in the respiratory chain of vibrio alginolyticus.the coupling site of the na+ pump to the respiratory chain of vibrio alginolyticus was examined using membrane fractions prepared from the wild type, na+ pump-deficient mutants, and spontaneous revertant. nadh oxidase of the wild type and revertant specifically required na+ for maximum activity, whereas na+ was not essential for the nadh oxidase of mutants. similar to the na+ pump in whole cells, the na+-dependent nadh oxidase in membranes had a ph optimum in the alkaline region. a respiratory i ...19846736026
vibrio alginolyticus peritonitis associated with ambulatory peritoneal dialysis. 19816788288
partial purification and properties of respiratory chain-linked l-glycerol 3-phosphate dehydrogenase from a marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus.respiratory chain-linked l-glycerol 3-phosphate (g3p) dehydrogenase [ec] of marine bacterium, vibrio alginolyticus, was extracted from the membrane fraction by treatment with tween 20, and fractionation on deae-sephacel and qae-sephadex in the presence of 0.05% liponox dch(alkyl polyoxyethylene ether) yielded a preparation having a specific activity of 22.1 units/mg protein when assayed by phenazine methosulfate (pms)-coupled reduction of thiazolyl blue tetrazolium (mtt). the purified e ...19816796567
market fish hygiene in kenya.vibrio parahaemolyticus was isolated from 53 out of 584 samples (9.1%) of market fish. all strains were kanagawa negative and were distributed as follows: sea fish 5 out of 370 samples (1.4%), shellfish 48 out of 214 samles (22.4%). other fish spoilage microflora recovered were: alcaligenes faecalis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus vulgaris, aeromonas spp. and vibrio alginolyticus. total aerobic counts and coliform counts per gram for the lake fish ranged from 2.6 x 10(2) to 6.6 x 10(7) and 10 t ...19826808058
medium for isolation and differentiation of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus.trypticase soy agar supplemented with sucrose, sodium chloride, bile salts, and triphenyltetrazolium chloride is an improved plating medium for the isolation of vibrio parahaemolyticus from samples of seawater, permitting better differentiation of this organism from vibrio alginolyticus and other bacteria.19836824320
isolation of vibrio alginolyticus mutants defective in the respiration-coupled na+ pump.when the respiration-coupled na+ pump functions, v. alginolyticus is able to grow in the presence of an extremely high concentration of proton conductor, carbonylcyanide m-chlorophenylhydrazone. the mutants which became sensitive to the proton conductor were isolated and examined in regard to the na+ pump activity. although the activity of a respiration-dependent h+ extrusion by the mutants is comparable to that by the wild type, the na+ pump activity of the mutants is significantly reduced. fur ...19836882417
"vibrio alginolyticus" enteritis. 19806970553
roles of na+ and k+ in alpha-aminoisobutyric acid transport by the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus.effects of monovalent cations on alpha-aminoisobutyric acid (aib) transport were examined in the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus. in k+-containing cells, aib was actively accumulated only in the presence of na+, and the addition of k+ had essentially no effect. on the other hand, k+-depleted and na+-loaded cells required k+ as well as na+ for the accumulation of aib against its concentration gradient. the characterization of the roles of na+ and k+ in aib transport was performed by manipul ...19827054182
characterization of the respiration-dependent na+ pump in the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus. 19827107593
[vibrio alginolyticus as a cause of otitis media]. 19827170691
a comprehensive study of environmental and human pathogenic vibrio alginolyticus investigation comprising 49 environmental (vae), 7 human isolates (vah) and 3 type culture (vat) strains of vibrio alginolyticus showed a very high similarity among the strains. by primary isolation a swarming activity on blood agar and a yellow, hemispheric relatively large colony type on tcbs were very conspicuous. besides the characteristics of vibrionaceae the most typical and differential diagnostic important features were: sucrose fermentation, lysine decarboxylase activity, acetoine an ...19817200302
in vitro antibiotic sensitivity testing of vibrio alginolyticus.v. alginolyticus from environmental sources of different geographical areas and some human pathogenic strains were investigated for their sensitivity to 29 different antimicrobial agents, using the agar diffusion method. all strains were sensitive to gentamicin, neomycin, sulfaisodimidin, sulfamethoxazole-trimethoprim, rifamycin, nalidixan and linco-spectin and all except one to trimethoprim, tetracycline, chloramphenicol, nitrofurantoin and tobramycin. between 80 and 94% of tested strains were ...19807223432
a comparative study of the sugar composition of o-antigenic lipopolysaccharides isolated from vibrio alginolyticus and vibrio parahaemolyticus.a comparative study of the sugar composition of o-antigenic lipopolysaccharides (lps) isolated from vibrio alginolyticus and those from v. parahaemolyticus was carried out. 3-deoxy-d-mannooctulosonic acid, 2-keto-3-deoxy octonate (kdo), a regular sugar constituent of gram-negative bacterial lps, was totally absent from lps of all v. alginolyticus strains examined as it was from those of v. parahaemolyticus. furthermore, a kdo-like thiobarbituric acid test-positive substance, identical with that ...19817231217
the isolation of vibrio alginolyticus from a patient with acute entero-colitis.vibrio alginolyticus was isolated from the "rice water" diarrheal stool of a female patient with acute entero-colitis, and from the trout roe which she ate. subsequently, it was clearly demonstrated that, besides of vibrio cholerae and vibrio parahaemolyticus, vibrio alginolyticus was also enteropathogenic for humans. additionally, we described the difference in the colony formation on some commercial thiosulfate citrate bile salts sucrose (tcbs) agars when vibrio alginolyticus and vibrio choler ...19807256728
incidence of vibrio alginolyticus and bacteria of sanitary significance in the bering sea.the incidence of bacteria of sanitary significance and isolation of vibrio alginolyticus during a subtidal clam assessment study in the bering sea are described. vibrio parahaemolyticus was not detected in clams, sediment, or seawater.19817259158
occurrence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus in marine and estuarine bathing areas in danish coast.from seventeen sites in three marine and two estuarine bathing areas at the danish coast water samples were collected during the period from may to november 1979. total bacterial counts were performed on blood agar. the prevalence of vibrio parahaemolyticus and vibrio alginolyticus in 100 ml water samples using the filter membrane technique and tcbs agar plates was investigated with the possible correlation to water temperature and salinity. only five strains of v. parahaemolyticus were isolated ...19817282164
potassium ion is required for the generation of ph-dependent membrane potential and delta ph by the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus.the electrochemical potential gradient of protons in the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus was measured as a function of external ph. in k+-containing cells, the membrane potential (delta psi) and delta ph vary with external ph as reported in other bacteria. on the other hand, k+-depleted cells show little ph dependence in the magnitude of delta psi from ph 6.0 to 8.5. the cytoplasmic ph in these cells varies depending on external ph, resulting in the generation of a small delta ph at acidic ...19817284321
a respiration-dependent primary sodium extrusion system functioning at alkaline ph in the marine bacterium vibrio alginolyticus. 19817306152
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