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[usefulness of the thyroid suppression test in the diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of hyperthyroidism]. 20154678040
practical aspects of adolescent growth and development. 20154686210
practical aspects of adolescent growth and development. 20154686210
ethical standards as an independent variable in psychological research. 20154689043
[2 cases of rieger's syndrome]. 20154690013
[hemoglobin test in determination of the color of the optic disk]. 20154690020
cortical dimensions of second metacarpal in four ethnic groups of south african children. 20154693999
cortical dimensions of second metacarpal in four ethnic groups of south african children. 20154693999
[antiparkinsonism drug (parkan) as a hallucinogen]. 20164698717
a second form of arylsulfatase a in human urine. 19734699243
[improvement in hospital care]. 20164700975
the effect of lysine fortification of iranian bread on the nutritional status of school children. 20154703022
[ultrastructure of the mononuclear cells in infectious mononucleosis]. 20154704611
erythropoiesis in the newt, triturus cristatus laur. ii. characteristics of the erythropoitic process. 20154704637
role of na + and k + in preventing lysis of a slightly halophilic vibrio alginolyticus. 19734709165
effects of environmental variation on arousal during vigilance performance. 20164711977
[mechanism of the lymphogenous propagation of breast cancer]. 20164714889
[comparative studies on cerebral vessel pathology in animals and man]. 19734725275
in vitro studies on the control of trophoblast outgrowth in the mouse. 19734729947
the diffusion coefficient of sodium in barnacle muscle fibres. 20154730285
the diffusion coefficient of sodium in barnacle muscle fibres. 20154730285
mutations affecting meiosis in podospora anserina. ii. effect of mei2 mutants on recombination. 19734731428
mutations affecting meiosis in podospora anserina. ii. effect of mei2 mutants on recombination. 19734731428
modulation of membrane associated immunoglobulins of cultured human lymphoid cells by specific antibody. 19734735382
parkinsonism, l-dopa, and intelligence. 20164754685
the effects of dietary zinc concentration on reproduction in the rat. 19734760793
total body fat, calculated from body density, and its relationship to skinfold thickness in 571 people aged 12-72 years. 20164760798
the elbow in arthrogryposis. 20164766189
cytologic and histologic aspects of toxically induced liver reactions. 20154774698
[condensation of phenols with halogenoacids using boron trifluoride (author's transl)]. 20164775944
a (14;22) robertsonian translocation, 45 chromosomes. human genetic mutant cell repository, camden, n.j., identification no. gm-5. 19734780772
death of methadone users in the district of columbia. 20154790688
[circumstantial study of accidents in minors under 15 years of age (study of 100 cases)]. 20164791562
plasma lecithin-cholesterol acyltransferase deficiency in a child with terminal pulmonary hyaline membrane disease. 20164800877
[studies of the diffusion of gastrointestinal nematodes in steinbock (capra ibex) and chamois (rupicapra rupricapra) of gran paridiso national park]. 19734802749
chromosomes and mental status. a study of women residing in institutions for the elderly. 20164809925
the malarial parasites of anolis species (sauria: iguanidae) in panama. 19744813206
proceedings: some long-term effects of 1,25 dihydroxycholecalciferol (1,25(oh)2d3) in man. 19744817248
letter: beyond cost estimating, another ball game. 20164820302
[hyperphenylalaninemia and banal infections]. 20154821507
[hyperphenylalaninemia and banal infections]. 20154821507
sensitization and centre-surround antagonism in necturus retina.1. the impulse discharge of ganglion cells and the proximal negative response were recorded with extracellular micro-electrodes in necturus retina and spatial influences of background illumination studied.2. when a steady background of constant illuminance was extended in diameter from 0.25 to 1 mm, the response to a small concentrically placed test flash was enhanced (sensitization).3. this sensitization was tonic, showed marked spatial summation, was also found by surrounding a central backgro ...19744822576
better clinical diagnosis of contraction of the transverse brim. 20124825881
origins of time. a reconstruction of the ontogenetic development of the sense of time based on object-relations theory. 20164832046
a new technique for in situ hepatic isolation and perfusion in the rabbit. 19744834211
hypersomatotropism and acanthosis nigricans in two brothers. 20164843205
[clinico-histological and therapeutic considerations on histiocytosis x]. 20164848308
[letter: consent to donate organs]. 20164849067
[letter: influence of meteorological conditions on the occurrence of spontaneous pneumothorax]. 20164849084
[letter: influencing of the nelson-test by drugs]. 19744849085
cycloheximide induced amnesia and recovery as a function of training parameters. 20164857294
enhancement of hemagglutination inhibition titers in tissue-culture newcastle disease (tcnd) vaccinated chicken. 19744858747
[variability of the oils of juniperus communis. 3. the oils in plants of different populations and growth-types (author's transl)]. 20164859185
subacute sclerosing encephalitis. 20164862504
isotope clearance studies in peripheral vascular reconstruction. 20164862727
[autoimmune hepatitis]. 20164865241
use of tissue adhesives for arterial anastomoses. 19684868534
[typing of sonne bacteria according to sensitivity to colicins in epidemiological practice]. 19684874365
[racemization during peptide synthesis]. 20164881545
thoracic duct lymph dialysis. 20164882570
evidence for central inhibition of retinal function. 19674889353
[on the occurrence of interparenchymatous heteroantibodies in humans]. 19684890791
a mutation which changes a membrane protein of e. coli.a temperature-sensitive mutant of e. coli, which cannot synthesize dna at high temperature but can continue cell division, shows a difference in a membrane protein fraction at high temperature by gel electrophoresis. this mutation of a bacterial membrane protein is unique. the protein may link dna replication and cell division through the membrane.19694905995
the total somatic cell count related to the bacterial growth from cow fore-milk samples. 19704914719
[anatomo-pathological, clinical and statistical considerations on the phenomenon of sudden death]. 20164921485
[la fontaine and the apothecaries]. 20164929537
degradation products and the role of coagulation in "persistent" glomerulonephritis. 20164931741
the use of zonal centrifugation in the preparation of glomeruli and tubular fragments from rat kidney. 19714940378
columns for rapid chromatographic separation of small amounts of tracer-labeled transfer ribonucleic acids. 19714943341
[early postoperative rehabilitation after maxillary resection]. 20164951118
[premolarization of molars--its justification and clinical importance]. 20164951125
operant discrimination of an interoceptive stimulus in rhesus monkeys.five rhesus macaques monkeys surgically prepared with thiry small intestinal (jejunum) loops and implanted brain electrodes were restrained in primate chairs and kept on 23-hr deprivation-feeding cycle. after being trained to press a lever for sugar pills on an fr 25 schedule of reinforcement, a discrimination training procedure was established. lever presses were reinforced during the s(d)-a non-aversive mechanical stimulus applied to the internal walls of the thiry loop by rhythmic inflation-d ...19654954822
[treatment of bacillary dysentery with wintomylon]. 20094962909
unit discharges recorded from the human thalamus with microelectrodes. 19674968477
[the morpho-functional test of blood lymphocytes in proliferative blood diseases. case reports]. 20154973516
[the morpho-functional test of blood lymphocytes in proliferative blood diseases. case reports]. 20154973516
no excuse for rh failure. 20164981721
[physical training at mental hospitals]. 20164987623
detection of alpha, kappa and lambda chains in mammalian immunoglobulins using fowl antisera to human iga. 19714999913
flagellar antigen of vibrio alginolyticus. 19715004737
is jump to population-explosion bandwagon justified? 20165009981
[incision for reduction of tension in burned hands]. 20165010206
the human lens. i. a comparison of cataracts extracted in oxford (england) and shikarpur (w. pakistan). 19725013584
joint hypermobility--asset or liability? a study of joint mobility in ballet dancers. 20165016858
separation of steryl acetates by silver ion chromatography. 20165028412
[activity of the adrenal cortex and metabolic changes during acute starvation]. 19725029309
change in total diffuse spectral reflectance of amino acids and proteins after ultraviolet irradiation. 19725034100
isozyme variations in human cells grown in vitro. 8. glucocorticoid regulation of amino acid naphthylamidase. 19725036635
[present state and measures to improve medico-legal expertise in the light of decisions of the 24th meeting of the cpsu on strengthening socialist legality]. 20115036772
[use of a device for cutting bones in the examination of cadavers]. 20115036778
the pragmatic utilization of the p-k phenomenon. 20165039530
[combined effect of histones and antibiotics in vitro and in vivo. antibacterial effect of histone fractions of the calf thymus in combination with streptomycin and tubazid]. 19725039536
rheomacrodex in the prevention of intraperitoneal adhesions. experimental work in cats. 19725042437
the renal excretion and tubular reabsorption of citric acid in renal tubular acidosis. 20165052389
calcium (ionized and total), magnesium, phosphorus, and glucose in plasma from parturient cows. 19725058542
the relationship between antibody formation and deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) synthesis in mouse spleen during primary and secondary response to sheep erythrocytes (src). 19725069736
[clinical examination of patients with multiple injuries]. 20165078491
[organization of sanatorial care for children with rheumatic fever]. 20165081437
pituitary fsh increase in male protein-deficient rats induced by testosterone propionate. 19725082325
[examinations on the influence of arterial blood pressure on the course of glaucoma simplex]. 20165095602
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