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[therapeutic and corrective work with stammering preschool children in a daytime semi-hospital].therapeutic and corrective work with stammering preschool children conducted at a day-time semi-hospital institution presents a complex of measures aimed at improving the speech and the entire psychic activity of the child. a semi-hospital form of the organization makes it possible, along with therapeutic and corrective measures, to constantly train the speech in the most diverse situations of the microsocial environment outside the hospital and thus contributes to the development of social and ...20123544614
orchiectomy during herniorrhaphy: what should we tell the patient?although orchiectomy is rarely required during inguinal herniorrhaphy, it is frequently a topic of preoperative concern. our study disclosed a concomitant orchiectomy rate of 2 percent during 1,817 groin herniorrhaphies. the risk of orchiectomy was greatest in patients with incarceration (relative risk 22 times) but was also increased by herniorrhaphy for recurrence (relative risk 8 times) (table ii). on the other hand, patients undergoing repair of a primary reducible hernia were at low risk. o ...20123425809
a variant quorum sensing system in aeromonas veronii mtcc 3249.we have investigated the quorum sensing control in aeromonas veronii mtcc 3249, originally isolated as a. culicicola from the midgut of culex quinquefasciatus. based on biosensor assays, the bacterium showed constant production of multiple acyl-homoserine lactones (ahls) with increasing cell-density. the luxri gene homologs, acur (a. culicicola transcriptional regulator) and acui (a. culicicola autoinducer) were successfully amplified by inverse-pcr. sequence analysis indicated acuri were diverg ...201222666003
investigation into the physiologies of aeromonas veronii in vitro and inside the digestive tract of the medicinal leech using microbial communities are widespread in nature and vital to the health and fitness of the host. deciphering the physiology of the microbiome in vivo is critical to understanding the molecular basis of the symbiosis. recently, the development and application of high-throughput sequencing techniques, particularly rna-seq, for studying microbial communities has enabled researchers to address not only which microbes are present in a given community but also how the community function ...201222983040
electrophysiological effects of mexiletine in patients of sinus node dysfunction and intraventricular conduction defects. 20123557516
electrophysiological effects of mexiletine in patients of sinus node dysfunction and intraventricular conduction defects. 20123557516
pharmacotherapy in alzheimer's disease: basis and rationale.alzheimer's disease is a slowly progressive disorder involving deterioration of both intellect and personality. the neuropathological features of alzheimer's disease include abundant neurocortical senile plaques and neurofibrillary tangles. drug therapies of alzheimer's disease have been based on empirical observations of the signs and symptoms of the disease and have included the use of hypnotics to reverse insomnia or inverse sleep rhythms; anxiolytics to relieve anxiety, tension and restlessn ...20123541049
distribution and phenotypic and genotypic detection of a metallo-β-lactamase, cpha, among bacteraemic aeromonas isolates.the objectives of the study were to investigate the distribution of cpha-related genes (cpha) encoding a cpha metallo-β-lactamase (mbl) among 51 consecutive aeromonas blood isolates and to compare different phenotypic methods for detecting cpha. the presence of cpha was detected by pcr. four phenotypic methods, the imipenem-edta combined disc test, imipenem-edta mbl etest, agar dilution test and modified hodge test (mht), were used to detect imipenem susceptibility and mbl production. the result ...201222322339
bacterial pathogens and flora isolated from farm-cultured eels (anguilla japonica) and their environmental waters in korean eel farms.the purpose of this study was to investigate bacterial pathogens and flora in both sick and clinically healthy eels, anguilla japonica, and the environmental rearing waters of korean eel farms. between 2003 and 2010, a total of 621 sick eels were submitted for diagnosis, while 216 healthy eels and 87 environmental water samples were collected during a survey of 26 eel farms in korea. seven different bacterial species were obtained from 183 isolates, which were recovered from the internal organs ...201223357049
13c nmr studies of carboxylate inhibitor binding to cobalt(ii) carboxypeptidase a.both 13c nmr and electronic absorption spectral studies on cobalt(ii) carboxypeptidase a in the presence of acetate and phenylacetate provide evidence for two binding sites for each of these agents. the transverse relaxation rate t2-1 for the 13c-enriched carboxyl groups of the inhibitors is significantly increased when bound to the paramagnetic cobalt carboxypeptidase as compared to the diamagnetic zinc enzyme. the acetate concentration dependence of t2p-1 shows two inflections indicative of se ...20123346659
long-term antiplatelet activity and safety of indobufen in patients with cardiovascular disease. italian multicenter study open collaborative study was performed to assess the long-term platelet inhibiting activity, tolerability and safety of indobufen, a new inhibitor of platelet aggregation. the drug was given orally to 151 patients with cardiovascular disease for a period ranging from 6 to 24 months (mean 12.5 months). extensive clinical examination, laboratory investigations and platelet function studies were carried out before the treatment and at 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 18, 21 and 24 months. indobu ...20123899952
are steroids essential for successful maintenance of immunosuppression in heart transplantation?to determine the necessity for maintenance dosages of prednisone in the management of heart transplant patients, a retrospective study was made of 86 patients undergoing orthotopic heart transplantation and two patients having heart-lung transplantation from june 1985 through october 1986. group 1 (n = 52) had maintenance immunosuppressive therapy that included cyclosporine, azathioprine, and prednisone. group 2 (n = 36) received only cyclosporine and azathioprine with no maintenance dosage of s ...20123316555
[development of home care in vorarlberg]. 20123353111
physician compliance in the management of hypertensive patients.the aim of the present study was to investigate prospectively the value of different forms of intervention in the quality of diagnosis and treatment of essential hypertension in an outpatient clinic. in a first phase (phase 0) 115 patients with a blood pressure of greater than or equal to 140/greater than or equal to 90 mmhg at the initial visit in our outpatient clinic were registered. after a 3 months period the charts of these patients were reviewed. this review revealed that 61 (53%) of thes ...20123870473
[the postcholecystectomy syndrome]. 20123454415
mouth opening after release of maxillomandibular fixation in fracture patients.three hundred eleven patients with mandibular fractures were studied prospectively to ascertain the influence of jaw immobilization on mouth opening. maxillomandibular fixation caused a significant reduction in mouth opening whereas open reduction did not. furthermore, there appeared to be a relationship between the duration of immobilization and the degree of reduction of mouth opening such that the shorter the duration of fixation, the less the reduction.20123471923
three permutations of percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy. 20133710099
monitoring of long-term motor activity in depressed patients.wrist motor activity was continuously recorded by a solid-state monitor in 12 patients with major depression throughout their stay in hospital; their clinical state was evaluated using three scales. during the day, activity troughs and immobility peaks occurred before noon and around 1500 hrs. activity level progressively increased, while the duration of immobility decreased, with clinical improvement. the immobility measurement appeared to be a valuable index of depression and is more sensitive ...20133779292
atlanta's homeless find health care. 20133636083
aeromonas australiensis sp. nov., isolated from irrigation water.a gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic bacillus, designated strain 266(t), was isolated from an irrigation water system in the south-west of western australia. analysis of the 16s rrna gene sequence confirmed that strain 266(t) belonged to the genus aeromonas, with the nearest species being aeromonas fluvialis (99.6% similarity to the type strain, with 6 nucleotide differences) followed by aeromonas veronii and aeromonas allosaccharophila (both 99.5%). analysis of gyrb and rpod sequences sugge ...201323159749
aqu-1, a chromosomal class c β-lactamase, among clinical aeromonas dhakensis isolates: distribution and clinical significance.aeromonas dhakensis, a recently described aeromonas sp. formerly called aeromonas aquariorum, is associated with human infections. in this study, a chromosomal gene, blaaqu-1, was identified in a. dhakensis aak1 that constitutes a 1143-bp open reading frame and is 87% identical to the gene encoding ceph in aeromonas hydrophila. an escherichia coli top10 cell transformant harbouring blaaqu-1 was resistant to cefotaxime but not to cefepime. mrna expression of blaaqu-1 in the cefotaxime-resistant m ...201324055254
aeromonas caviae is the most frequent pathogen amongst cases of aeromonas bacteremia in japan.aeromonas species can cause various infections including bacteremia, gastroenteritis, cholangitis, and wound infections. to date, most studies on aeromonas species have been reported from countries other than japan. the aim of this study, therefore, was to evaluate aeromonas bacteremia in japan.201323163893
effectiveness of thymostimulin treatment in hepatitis b surface antigen-positive chronic active liver disease. results of a randomized clinical trial.the results of this controlled trial with thymostimulin (tp-1 serono) on hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag)-positive chronic active liver disease (cald), involving 34 consecutive patients chosen by predefined criteria and randomly allocated to control and treatment groups, show that this thymic hormone may significantly improve the clinical, biochemical, serological and immunological parameters of this disease, and ameliorate the quality of the patients' life. the treatment schedule was adjuste ...20133907642
effectiveness of thymostimulin treatment in hepatitis b surface antigen-positive chronic active liver disease. results of a randomized clinical trial.the results of this controlled trial with thymostimulin (tp-1 serono) on hepatitis b surface antigen (hbsag)-positive chronic active liver disease (cald), involving 34 consecutive patients chosen by predefined criteria and randomly allocated to control and treatment groups, show that this thymic hormone may significantly improve the clinical, biochemical, serological and immunological parameters of this disease, and ameliorate the quality of the patients' life. the treatment schedule was adjuste ...20133907642
[understanding of the basic needs of a patient with difficulty in communication and his nursing care]. 20133638456
clinical overview of alpha interferon. studies and future directions.the clinical development of the alpha interferons has now progressed through initial phase i and ii trials into extensive controlled clinical trial designs. alpha interferon has been a prototype of other biological agents that are now in clinical development. these agents operate through fundamentally different mechanisms of action than conventional chemotherapy and have produced a unique profile of side effects as well as response patterns. time to response is generally longer than with chemoth ...20133542185
the cutting diathermy and drain tracts. 20133810377
legal aspects of terminating the dentist-patient relationship. 20133855763
the march of time: rigid or chaotic transactions, two different ways of living this paper the author shows that families do not live time in the same way. in families with rigid transactions, time is arrested; in families with chaotic transactions time is eventful. these different ways of living time are true of all systems, and parallels are drawn with political systems. therapists must thus manage the therapeutic time in different ways, and this depends, among other factors, on their "personal equation." to achieve this, some guidelines are given, and two techniques t ...20133817128
thermodynamics of spectroelectrochemical electron transfer in a mesotetra sulphonated phenyl porphyrin iron(iii)-apomyoglobin complex. 20133666778
think about your pension! 20133866716
deer slaughter. 20133705401
a severe case of aeromonas veronii biovar sobria travellers' diarrhoea characterized by vibrio parahaemolyticus co-isolation.we report a severe case of travellers' diarrhoea in a patient returning from ecuador to italy with the concomitant presence of aeromonas veronii biovar sobria and vibrio parahaemolyticus in their faeces. based on diagnostic results, epidemiological information and the clinical outcome, we conclude that the real aetiological agent was a. veronii biovar sobria, while v. parahaemolyticus was only transient in the intestine of the patient.201323002063
suicide plasmid-dependent is1-element untargeted integration into aeromonas veronii bv. sobria generates brown pigment-producing and spontaneous pelleting mutant.foodborne gram-negative pathogens belonging to the genus aeromonas are variable in harboring insertion sequence (is) elements that play an important role in the generation of dysfunctional relatives of known genes. using suicide plasmids carrying an is1-element, untargeted integration is a common problem during experimental trials to generate specific mutations by homologous recombination. in this work, different strains of aeromonas veronii bv. sobria (aeg1 and atcc 9071t), a. hydrophila atcc 1 ...201323436029
tissue distribution, expression, and antimicrobial activity of anas platyrhynchos avian β-defensin this study, a novel avian β-defensin (avbd) was isolated from the chaohu duck. the complete nucleotide sequence of the gene contained a 204-bp open reading frame that encoded 67 amino acids (aa), including a signal peptide of 20 aa, a propiece of 5 aa, and a mature peptide of 42 aa. the homology, characterization, and comparison of this gene with avbd from other avian species confirmed that it was duck avbd6. also, the preproprotein of avbd6 from chicken, goose, and duck was highly conserved ...201323243235
draft genome sequence of aeromonas veronii hm21, a symbiotic isolate from the medicinal leech digestive tract.aeromonas veronii strain hm21 was isolated from the digestive tract of the medicinal leech hirudo verbana and has been used to identify genes that are important for host colonization. this species is also a symbiont in the gut of zebrafish and is a pathogen of mammals and fish. we present here a 4.68-mbp draft genome sequence for hm21.201324092791
characterization and virulence potential of phenotypically diverse aeromonas veronii isolates recovered from moribund freshwater ornamental fishes of kerala, the present study, we investigated the involvement of aeromonas spp. in eliciting disease outbreaks in freshwater ornamental fishes across the state of kerala, india. we investigated three incidences of disease, in which the moribund fishes exhibited clinical signs such as haemorrhagic septicemia (in gouramy, trichogaster sp.), dropsy (in oscar, astronotus ocellatus) and tail rot/fin rot (in gold fish, carassius carassius). pure cultures (n = 20 from each fish; 60 in total) of aeromonas spp. ...201322903451
protective efficacy of plga microspheres loaded with divalent dna vaccine encoding the ompa gene of aeromonas veronii and the hly gene of aeromonas hydrophila in the present study, poly (lactic-co-glycolic) acid (plga) was used as a carrier for a divalent fusion dna vaccine encoding the aeromonas veronii outer membrane protein a (ompa) and aeromonas hydrophila hemolysins (hly) protein. the recombinant pet-28a-ompa-hly was constructed by inserting the ompa gene and hly gene into a pet-28a expression vector. loading of ompa-hly antigen module on plga microspheres were accomplished by water-in-oil-in-water (w/o/w) encapsulation. the molecular weight and ...201324012571
high-yield production of a chitinase from aeromonas veronii b565 as a potential feed supplement for warm-water aquaculture.chitin, present in crustacean shells, insects, and fungi, is the second most plentiful natural organic fiber after wood. to effectively use chitin in a cost-saving and environmentally friendly way in aquaculture, crustacean shells (e.g., shrimp-shell meal) are supplemented into aquafeed after degradation by chemical methods. herein, we describe a chitinase from aeromonas veronii b565, designated chib565, which potently degrades shrimp-shell chitin and resists proteolysis. we isolated recombinant ...201423775269
aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas veronii predominate among potentially pathogenic ciprofloxacin- and tetracycline-resistant aeromonas isolates from lake erie.members of the genus aeromonas are ubiquitous in nature and have increasingly been implicated in numerous diseases of humans and other animal taxa. although some species of aeromonads are human pathogens, their presence, density, and relative abundance are rarely considered in assessing water quality. the objectives of this study were to identify aeromonas species within lake erie, determine their antibiotic resistance patterns, and assess their potential pathogenicity. aeromonas strains were is ...201424242249
interaction of aeromonas strains with lactic acid bacteria via caco-2 cells.the genus aeromonas includes some species that have now been identified as human pathogens of significant medical importance. we investigated the ability of 13 selected aeromonas strains belonging to nine species isolated from clinical cases (n = 5), environmental waters (n = 5), and fish (n = 3) to adhere to and translocate caco-2 cells in the absence and presence of two lactic acid bacteria (lab), i.e., lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium breve. aeromonas isolates were also assessed ...201424242240
effects of three strains of intestinal autochthonous bacteria and their extracellular products on the immune response and disease resistance of common carp, cyprinus carpio.the study isolated three strains of intestinal autochthonous bacteria aeromonas veronii ba-1, vibrio lentus ba-2, and flavobacterium sasangense ba-3 from the intestinal tract of the common carp (cyprinus carpio). to reveal the effects of these three strains of bacteria on the innate immunity of carp, the lysozyme, complement c3, total serum protein, albumin and globulin levels, respiratory burst activity, phagocytic activity by blood leucocytes and the expression of il-1b, lysozyme-c, and tnf-α ...201424161775
draft genome sequences of amoeba-resistant aeromonas spp. isolated from aquatic environments.amoeba-resistant aeromonas veronii arb3 and aeromonas media arb13 and arb20, which may be important intracellular pathogens of eukaryotic hosts, were isolated from pond and river waters. the draft genome sequences indicate that the strains harbor multiple protein secretion systems and toxins that induce disruption of the actin cytoskeleton.201425359918
aeromonas sobria necrotizing fasciitis and sepsis in an immunocompromised patient: a case report and review of the literature.aeromonas veronii biovar sobria is a rare cause of bacteremia, with several studies indicating that this isolate may be of particular clinical significance since it is enterotoxin producing. a wide spectrum of infections has been associated with aeromonas species in developing countries that include gastroenteritis, wound infections, septicemia and lung infections. this infection, caused by aeromonas species, is usually more severe in immunocompromised than immunocompetent individuals. we here d ...201425245365
identification of a bacteriovorax sp. isolate as a potential biocontrol bacterium against snakehead fish-pathogenic aeromonas veronii. 201423745946
characterization of shed medicinal leech mucus reveals a diverse microbiota.microbial transmission through mucosal-mediated mechanisms is widespread throughout the animal kingdom. one example of this occurs with hirudo verbana, the medicinal leech, where host attraction to shed conspecific mucus facilitates horizontal transmission of a predominant gut symbiont, the gammaproteobacterium aeromonas veronii. however, whether this mucus may harbor other bacteria has not been examined. here, we characterize the microbiota of shed leech mucus through illumina deep sequencing o ...201425620963
microbial succession of grass carp (ctenopharyngodon idellus) filets during storage at 4°c and its contribution to biogenic amines' formation.investigation on the microbial succession of grass carp filets during storage at 4°c was carried out. for identification, 16s rrna genes of the isolated pure strains were sequenced and analyzed. acinetobacter was dominant in fresh grass carp. species from the genera brevundimonas, empedobacter, pseudomonas, microbacterium, flavobacterium, moraxella, shewanella and soonwooa were also detected at the initial day. the communities were dominated by aeromonas and acinetobacter after 6days. aeromonas ...201425194259
hitchhiking of host biology by beneficial symbionts enhances transmission.transmission plays a key role in the evolution of symbiosis. mixed mode transmission combines horizontal and vertical mechanisms for symbiont acquisition. however, features that enable mixed transmission are poorly understood. here, we determine the mechanistic basis for the recruitment of the beneficial bacterium, aeromonas veronii by the leech, hirudo verbana. we demonstrate that host mucosal secretions complement imperfect symbiont vertical transmission. first, we show that the a. veronii pop ...201425059557
diaryl-substituted azolylthioacetamides: inhibitor discovery of new delhi metallo-β-lactamase-1 (ndm-1).the emergence and spread of antibiotic-resistant pathogens is a global public health problem. metallo-β-lactamases (mβls) such as new delhi mβl-1 (ndm-1) are principle contributors to the emergence of resistance because of their ability to hydrolyze almost all known β-lactam antibiotics including penicillins, cephalosporins, and carbapenems. a clinical inhibitor of mbls has not yet been found. in this study we developed eighteen new diaryl-substituted azolylthioacetamides and found all of them t ...201425048031
metagenomic analysis of the medicinal leech gut microbiota.there are trillions of microbes found throughout the human body and they exceed the number of eukaryotic cells by 10-fold. metagenomic studies have revealed that the majority of these microbes are found within the gut, playing an important role in the host's digestion and nutrition. the complexity of the animal digestive tract, unculturable microbes, and the lack of genetic tools for most culturable microbes make it challenging to explore the nature of these microbial interactions within this ni ...201424860552
structural studies of the lipopolysaccharide from the fish pathogen aeromonas veronii strain bs19, serotype o16.chemical analyses, mass spectrometry, and nmr spectroscopy were applied to study the structure of the lipopolysaccharide (lps) isolated from aeromonas veronii strain bs19, serotype o16. esi-ms revealed that the most abundant lps glycoforms have tetra-acylated or hexa-acylated lipid a species, consisting of a bisphosphorylated glcn disaccharide with an aran residue as a non-stoichiometric substituent, and a core oligosaccharide composed of hep₅hex₃hexn₁kdo₁p₁. sugar and methylation analysis toget ...201424608968
characterization of the digestive tract microbiota of hirudo orientalis (medicinal leech) and antibiotic resistance profile.there are at least three distinct european leech species used medicinally: hirudo medicinalis, h. orientalis, and h. verbana. infection caused by leech microbiota is the most widely reported complication. few studies have reported the culturable and unculturable bacteria and examined the antibiotic resistances in h. orientalis.201424572887
contribution of hot spring bacterial consortium in cadmium and lead bioremediation through quadratic programming the present investigation, a number of experiments have been conducted to isolate microbial strains from taptapani hot spring odisha, india for bioremediation of cadmium and lead. the strains stenotrophomonas maltophilia (ss1), aeromonas veronii (ss2) and bacillus barbaricus (ss3) have shown better adaptation to metal tolerance test, with different concentrations of cadmium and lead and hence have been selected for further studies of metal microbial interaction and optimization. the results o ...201424333714
synovial plasma cells in rheumatoid arthritis. electron microscope and immunofluorescence studies. 20144097692
therapeutic effects and tolerance of an extempore combination of an antibacterial, an anti-inflammatory, and an antimycotic cream in skin diseases of various origins.forty out-patients suffering from a variety of skin diseases were treated over a period of 7 to 14 days (mean 9.6 days) with twice-daily applications of an extempore combination of sodium fusidate, clobetasone butyrate and ketoconazole creams. the severity of symptoms was assessed before, after 5 days and at the end of treatment and an overall evaluation made of response to therapy. the findings indicated that there was clinical cure or significant improvement in 37 (92.5%) of the patients, with ...20144059291
reconstructive hand surgery for quadriplegic persons.reconstructive hand surgery is one approach to restoring lost hand function in quadriplegic patients. this paper describes craig hospital's experience with the two-stage procedure for achieving active grasp and pinch for c7 spinal cord-injured patients. it describes the hand clinic, patient selection and education, the surgery itself, and postsurgical occupational therapy. it also includes follow-up results on all patients treated since the program's inception.20144073193
time-dependent interfacial charging effects of electrical fields applied to biological important aspect of the interaction of a biological system with an externally produced electric field is that of charge separation and interfacial charging. this aspect has been ignored in some recent experimental and theoretical work. in the case of small regions of lower electrical resistivity imbedded in a higher resistivity medium, charge separation across the lower resistivity regions will result in charging of the interfaces between the lower and higher resistivity regions. the field pr ...20144033161
plasma growth hormone response to oral l-dopa in infantile order to assess further the occurrence of hypothalamic dysfunction in infantile autism and its possible relationship to dopaminergic abnormalities, the l-dopa provocative test was performed in 22 patients fulfilling dsm-iii criteria for this disorder. the results indicate a high incidence (at least 30%) of blunted plasma growth hormone (gh) responses following oral administration of l-dopa in this sample. these data suggest an alteration of hypothalamic dopamine receptor sensitivity in the pa ...20143997747
phase i trial of n-methylformamide (nmf, nsc 3051).n-methylformamide (nmf) is a polar-planar solvent with both cytotoxic and differentiating activity in preclinical models; it also acts as a radiosensitizer. we treated 17 patients with 18 courses of nmf on a schedule of six weekly doses, administered on a rapid intravenous infusion, which were escalated from 875 to 2,000 mg/m2/wk. the predominant toxicity was a dose-related syndrome of fatigue, malaise, nausea, and anorexia, which was reflected by a decrease in performance status (karnofsky) of ...20144009219
pathomorphology of experimental influenza. ii. liver. 20144189419
[electrophoretic and immunoelectrophoretic aspects of non-myelomatous paraproteinemias]. 20144187875
[therapeutic problems in acromegaly]. 20144029005
[amperometric sensor for recording the results of immunoenzyme analysis].a technique for quantitative determining horseradish peroxidase was developed using an amperometric sensor that makes it possible to register up to 50 pm of the enzyme in the reaction of the peroxidase oxidation of iodide ions by hydrogen peroxide. the sensor, composed of combined carbon and ag/agcl electrodes, is intended for enzyme immunoassay and may be used for registering the results in the very wells of the polystyrene plates widely used in clinics and laboratories. the dependences of the ...20143911203
electroencephalographic and psychometric assessment of the cns effects of single doses of guanfacine hydrochloride (estulic) and clonidine (catapres).a double-blind, placebo-controlled study was carried out in 10 young healthy volunteers to investigate the effects of single doses of 1 and 2 mg guanfacine hydrochloride (estulic) and 0.15 and 0.3 mg clonidine (catapres) on the electroencephalogram (eeg), subjective mental and emotional state, blood pressure and heart rate. these doses are considered to be equipotent with regard to their antihypertensive effects, as shown in long-term therapeutic trials. each subject received all five treatments ...20143911096
effects of hexosamine derivatives and uronic acid derivatives on glycosaminoglycane metabolism of fibroblast cultures. 20144256179
a spectrophotometric study of the interaction of deoxyribonucleoproteins with the acriflavine-phosphotungstic acid complex. 20144214994
[5-hyroxytryptamine in the central nervous system of the gold- fish (carassius auratus)]. 20144177370
[immunoconglutinin and antigammaglobulin factors in infectious diseases]. 20144178499
perspectives on the nature of psychic reality. panel report. 20144056303
[construction of the activator]. 20144268569
tumour antigens. 20144159818
utilization of the intestine in surgery for major urological complications following gynaecological cancer. 20144119642
first co-expression of a lipase and its specific foldase obtained by metagenomics.metagenomics is a useful tool in the search for new lipases that might have characteristics that make them suitable for application in biocatalysis. this paper reports the cloning, co-expression, purification and characterization of a new lipase, denominated lipg9, and its specific foldase, lifg9, from a metagenomic library derived from a fat-contaminated soil.201425510188
perception of sign language of the deaf. 20144099482
[colonoscopic follow up of rectocolonic cancer surgeries. assessment of 64 examinations].a collation of 64 colonoscopic examinations performed on 41 patients operated on for cancer of the colon or rectum is reported. eleven patients (26.8 percent) had positive follow-up endoscopic findings. in 13 enumerated tumoral proliferations. 8 benign polyps and 5 malignant growths were found, one of the latter on the anastomosis, and the other 4 on the remaining colon. 80 percent of these tumoral growths and all malignant tumors were discovered in the two years following surgery. when colonic ...20144004135
colchicine-sensitive microtubules. 20144267164
histochemical method. its evolution and applications. 20144105311
plasma testosterone in idiopathic hirsutism, and the changes produced by adrenal and ovarian stimulation and suppression. 20144293667
plasma testosterone in idiopathic hirsutism, and the changes produced by adrenal and ovarian stimulation and suppression. 20144293667
eczema vaccinatum. 20144172112
ronald michael charles welldon. 20144097960
[indications and technic of proximal selective vagotomy of the gastric acid secretory zone]. 20144283143
dental specialties--past, present and future. 20154444815
[impressions of a study trip to japan]. 20154495220
[newly designed ultraviolet light monochromator]. 20154542243
[pharmacotherapy and renal function in the aged]. 20154585245
[anatomical contributions of schaffhausen medical school of the 17th century]. 20154569048
identification of iron and heme utilization genes in aeromonas and their role in the colonization of the leech digestive is known that many pathogens produce high-affinity iron uptake systems like siderophores and/or proteins for utilizing iron bound to heme-containing molecules, which facilitate iron-acquisition inside a host. in mutualistic digestive-tract associations, iron uptake systems have not been as well studied. we investigated the importance of two iron utilization systems within the beneficial digestive-tract association aeromonas veronii and the medicinal leech, hirudo verbana. siderophores were de ...201526284048
[treatment of diseases of permanent teeth with unformed roots. 2. treatment of diseases of the pulp]. 20154508803
identification of new natural cpha metallo-β-lactamases cpha4 and cpha5 in aeromonas veronii and aeromonas hydrophila isolates from municipal sewage in central italy.two new natural cpha metallo-β-lactamases, the cpha4 and cpha5 enzymes, were identified in water samples from municipal sewage in central italy. compared to cpha, the cpha4 and cpha5 enzymes showed numerous point mutations. these enzymes have a narrow spectrum of substrates focused on carbapenems only. cpha5 showed kcat values about 40-, 12-, and 97-fold higher than those observed for cpha4 versus imipenem, ertapenem, and biapenem, respectively.201525987617
molecular cloning, characterization, and expression analysis of two different types of lectins from the oriental river prawn, macrobrachium nipponense.lectins, which are widely expressed in invertebrates, play important roles in many biological processes, including protein trafficking, cell signaling, pathogen recognition, as effector molecules, and so on (wang and wang, 2013). this study identified one novel m-type lectin and one l-type lectin, designated as mnmtl1 and mnltl1, from the oriental river prawn macrobrachium nipponense. the full-length cdna of mnmtl1 was 2064 bp with a 1761 bp orf encoding a putative protein of 586 deduced amino a ...201525929240
small protein b upregulates sensor kinase bvgs expression in aeromonas veronii.earlier studies reveal that small protein b (smpb), a class of well-conserved tmrna-binding proteins, is essential for the trans-translation process, which functions as a system for translation surveillance and ribosome rescue. here, we report a previously unrecognized mechanism by which smpb alone positively regulates the expression of a sensor kinase, bvgs, in aeromonas veronii. a reporter plasmid was constructed in which the promoter of bvgs was used to control the expression of the enhanced ...201526136727
comparative analysis of virulence genes, antibiotic resistance and gyrb-based phylogeny of motile aeromonas species isolates from nile tilapia and domestic fowl.the nucleotide sequence analysis of the gyrb gene indicated that the fish aeromonas spp. isolates could be identified as aeromonas hydrophila and aeromonas veronii biovar sobria, whereas chicken aeromonas spp. isolates identified as aeromonas caviae. pcr data revealed the presence of lip, ser, aer, act and cai genes in fish aer. hydrophila isolates, act, cai and aer genes in fish aer. veronii bv sobria isolates and ser and cai genes in chicken aer. caviae isolates. all chicken isolates showed va ...201526280543
virulence and antimicrobial susceptibility of clinical and environmental strains of aeromonas spp. from northeastern brazil.the aims of the present study were to isolate and identify clinical and environmental strains of aeromonas spp. by means of biochemical tests and the automated method vitek 2 and to investigate the presence of the virulence genes cytotoxic enterotoxin (act), hemolysin (asa-1), and type iii secretion system (ascv), and also the in vitro antimicrobial susceptibility of the strains. from the clinical isolates, 19 aeromonas hydrophila, 3 aeromonas veronii bv. sobria, and 1 aeromonas caviae were iden ...201526103449
occurrence, molecular characterization, and antimicrobial susceptibility of aeromonas spp. in marine species of shrimps cultured at inland low salinity ponds.we aimed to document the risk of aeromonas spp. in marine shrimp species cultured in inland low salinity ponds in thailand. in 14 of 18 shrimp samples retrieved from inland grow-up ponds, aeromonas spp. were detected at ranges from 4667 to 1,500,000 cfu/g body weight. the phylogenetic tree constructed with the gyrb and cpn60 concatenated sequences indicated that the 87 isolates consisted of aeromonas veronii (70%), aeromonas aquariorum (18%), aeromonas caviae (7%), aeromonas jandaei (2%), and ae ...201525583334
distribution, virulence-associated genes and antimicrobial resistance of aeromonas isolates from diarrheal patients and water, determine the prevalence of aeromonas infections in diarrheal patients, the distribution of virulence-associated genes and antibiotic resistance among different aeromonas species in china.201525447712
detection and diversity of aeromonads from treated wastewater and fish inhabiting effluent and downstream waters.a two-season investigation of the wastewater treatment plant (wwtp) effluent, of related waters, sludge and fish across a wide area and 11 stations, with emphasis on aeromonas spp. was conducted. aeromonas veronii was the prevailing aeromonad isolated by maldi tof ms in the summer period. a rise of aeromonas hydrophila was observed in summer in raw sewage, treated wastewater and effluent-carrying canal. the ratio of aeromonad species retrieved from fish tissues did not correspond with the water ...201526092555
[multiplication of chloroplasts in acetabulaira under red and blue light (author's transl)]. 20154445519
pyruvate metabolism in the lobster nerve as affected by the partial pressure of carbon dioxide: observations on the synthesis of acetylcholine and on metabolic compartmentation. 20154334500
therapy for radicular cysts. 20154505251
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