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the nature of the aeromonas fermentation. 194416747769
the identity of proteus hydrophilus bergey et al. and proteus melanovogenes miles & halnan, and their relation to the genus aeromonas kluyver & van niel. 195114832418
studies of aeromonas formicans crawford comb. nov. from soluble oil emulsions. 195713416178
[biological studies on microorganism of the genus aeromonas]. 195813625982
a note on the genus aeromonas. 195913856383
[immunological response of rabbits to experimental infection with bacteria of the aeromonas type]. 196013767506
[further studies on the genus aeromonas]. 196013849330
[hemolysin studies with aeromonas strains]. 196014448624
[antihemolysin studies and their differential diagnostic significance for the aeromonas group]. 196013691259
aeromonas hydrophila (pseudomonas hydrophila) nrc 491 and nrc 492 established as aerobacter cloacae. 196013694038
taxonomic relationships among the pseudomonads.colwell, r. r. (university of washington, seattle), and j. liston. taxonomic relationships among the pseudomonads. j. bacteriol. 82:1-14. 1961.-an electronic computer technique, utilizing the adansonian principle that every feature should have equal weight, was applied in an effort to derive a taxonomy of the pseudomonas-achromobacter group of gram-negative, asporogenous, rodlike bacteria. the validity of the general method was tested by an analysis of 40 well defined strains, principally derive ...196113694873
observations on the specificities of extracellular antigens of the genera aeromonas and serratia. 196113762795
pseudomonas--an attempt at a general classification. 196113764624
[serological studies with aeromonas strains]. 196113691258
taxonomic analysis with the electronic computer of some xanthomonas and pseudomonas species.colwell, r. r. (university of washington, seattle) and j. liston. taxonomic analysis with the electronic computer of some xanthomonas and pseudomonas species. j. bacteriol. 82:913-919. 1961.-forty organisms, including 16 xanthomonas spp., 5 strains of pseudomonas solanacearum, 4 strains of p. aeruginosa, 6 strains of p. fluorescens, 5 freshly isolated strains of pseudomonads, as well as the american type culture collection strains of flavobacterium aquatile, vibrio cuneatus, vibrio metschnikovii ...196113880721
[the genus aeromonas of kluyver and van niel (1936). (collective review on its significance and on methods of detection)]. 196113880760
[study in vitro of the action of kanamycin on bacteria pathogenic for fish]. 196113880923
[the action in vitro of kanamycin on aeromonas punctata]. 196113880924
[the causes of an outbreak of putrefaction of the caudal fin in fish and its treatment with kanamycin]. 196113880925
[the production of putrefaction of the caudal fin in fish by the action of aeromonas punctata]. 196113880926
[serological studies in experimental infection by microorganisms of the genus aeromonas]. 196113915281
the identification and separation of aeromonas liquefaciens from pseudomonas fluorescens and related organisms occurring in diseased fish.taxonomy of the motile species of the genus aeromonas is briefly discussed. it is suggested that aeromonas organisms, isolated from outbreaks of red mouth of trout, red sore of pike, infectious abdominal dropsy and hemorrhagic septicemia of warm water fish, and which show acid and gas in glucose broth, production of 2,3-butanediol hydrogen sulfide from motility sulfide medium, presence of cytochrome oxidase, and hydrolysis of starch, be designated as aeromonas liquefaciens. these tests also serv ...196113874617
[studies on differentiation of microorganisms of the genera aeromonas and vibrio mueller (antibiotics, sulfonamides, vibriostatic 0/129)]. 196113877075
[on the biochemical properties of aeromonas salmonicida]. 196114039063
[antibodies in human serums to suspensions of bacteria of the genus aeromonas]. 196114470517
[on the problem of the significance of aeromonas strains in enteritis in infants]. 196114470523
a study of certain heterotrophic polarly flagellate water bacteria: aeromonas, pseudomonas and comamonas. 196214483901
[on the biochemical properties of anaerogenic aeromonas]. 196214039064
[aeromonas strains as pathogenic organisms, their sensitivity to antibiotics and sulfonamides]. 196213877076
acetylmethylcarbinol production and the classification of aeromonads associated with ulcerative diseases of ectothermic, l. a. (biological research institute, san diego, and university of california, davis). acetylmethylcarbinol production and the classification of aeromonads associated with ulcerative diseases of ectothermic vertebrates. j. bacteriol. 84:772-777. 1962.-quantitative colorimetric tests were made for acetylmethylcarbinol (amc) production by 14 aeromonas isolates from ulcerous lesions of snakes, lizards, frogs, and other animals, and by 27 cultures of "identified" aeromonads. the tests revealed ...196213941061
[incidence of aeromonas in drinking water]. 196214463376
fermentation reactions of pseudomonas caviae and its serological relationship to aeromonads.liu, pinghui v. (university of louisville school of medicine, louisville, ky.). fermentation reactions of pseudomonas caviae and its serological relationship to aeromonads. j. bacteriol. 83:750-753. 1962.-pseudomonas caviae was found to ferment carbohydrates instead of oxidizing them. this characteristic would seem to eliminate this organism from the genus pseudomonas and place it in the genus aeromonas. it was identified as a. liquefaciens, by its species-specific extracellular antigens and by ...196214465955
taxonomy of the fish furunculosis organism. 196213888294
[isolation of aeromonas from 2 cases of acute diarrhea]. 196213895794
the effect of x-irradiation on goldfish. i. the effect of x-irradiation on survival and susceptibility of the goldfish, carassius auratus, to infection by aeromonas salmonicida and gyrodactylus spp. 196213911544
isolation of a pigment-producing strain of aeromonas liquefaciens from silver salmon (oncorhynchus kisutch). 196216561960
[on the diagnosis of gram-negative aerobic bacilli]. 196314114135
the classification of 'bacterium salmonicida'. 196314121202
[neutralization of the enzyme activity and specific precipitation of lipase by antilipase]. 196314121850
[cross neutralization of the lipase in aeromonas hydrophila and salmonicida by antilipase; antigenic differences in the lipase of bacteria of the genera vibrio and aeromonas]. 196314121851
quantitative approach to the study of bacterial species.liston, j. (university of washington, seattle), w. wiebe, and r. r. colwell. quantitative approach to the study of bacterial species. j. bacteriol. 85:1061-1070. 1963.-the stability of strains of various species of gram-negative, rod-shaped bacteria was investigated by subculturing each strain through ten different media, testing the substrains so produced through a standard series of tests, and analyzing the resulting data by electronic computer. strain stability was shown to be high [similarit ...196314043996
mixed polar and peritrichous flagellation of marine bacteria. 196314051812
[on the significance of aeromonades and so-called paracolobactra for water bacteriology]. 196314069497
studies on the enteropathogenic, facultatively halophilic bacteria, vibrio parahaemolyticus. i. morphological, cultural and biochemical properties and its taxonomical position. 196314071901
the genus aeromonas: methods for identification. 196314072386
[study of the lipolytic activity of the metabolic fluids of a strain of aeromonas hydrophila and determination of tributyrinase]. 196314089090
development of antibodies against aeromonas salmonicida in trout. 196314106298
an effective treatment for red-leg disease in rana pipiens. 196314134133
spontaneous peritonitis and bacteremia in laennec's cirrhosis caused by enteric organisms. a relatively common but rarely recognized syndrome. 196414138877
alteration of the gc patterns in human sera incubated with bacteria. 196414164895
doehle bodies in bufo temporaria afflicted with 'red leg disease'. 196414187640
adansonian analysis and deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of some gram-negative bacteria.colwell, r. r. (georgetown university, washington, d.c.), and m. mandel. adansonian analysis and deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of some gram-negative bacteria. j. bacteriol. 87:1412-1422. 1964.-the deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) base compositions and s values for a minimum of 134 coded properties were determined for representative cultures of the genera pseudomonas, xanthomonas, aeromonas, vibrio, aerobacter, escherichia, alcaligenes, and flavobacterium. those cultures having a high degree ...196414188722
lethal action by an acetobacter on yeasts. 196414190067
[on antilipase formation (aeromonas hydrophila) in rabbits following adminstration of different vaccines]. 196414190314
aeromonas hydrophila as the etiologic agent in a case of severe gastroenteritis. 196414237401
[apropos of a pathogen of a rana ridibunda disease in bulgaria]. 196414266483
6-aminopenicillanic acid: inhibition of destruction of cephalosporin c by bacteria.6-aminopenicillanic acid, from which all the true penicillins are derived, inhibits the destruction of cephalosporin c by certain microorganisms. this inhibition is probably specific for "cephalosporinase." the enzymatic deacetylation of cephalosporin c is not affected by the acid.196414107444
the onpg test in diagnostic bacteriology. comparison of the onpg test and the conventional lactose-fermentation test. 196414123350
[result of the butandioldehydrogenase reaction in various pseudomonodaceae and vibrio]. 19644953600
[on the occurrence of an enzyme which dehydrogenates butanediol in bacteria of the enterobacteriaceae family and its significance for the toxonomy of the genus shigella]. 19645319127
proteolytic activity and general characteristics of a marine bacterium, aeromonas proteolytica sp. n.merkel, joseph r. (fort johnson marine biological laboratory, college of charleston, charleston, s.c.), eugene d. traganza, barid b. mukherjee, travis b. griffin, and j. m. prescott. proteolytic activity and general characteristics of a marine bacterium, aeromonas proteolytica sp. n. j. bacteriol. 87:1227-1233. 1964.-a highly proteolytic bacterial species was isolated from the alimentary canal of the marine borer, limnoria. the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the organism indica ...19645874543
[taxonomy of the voges-proskauer negative "hydrophila-like" aeromonas]. 19645831680
[taxonomy of anaerogenic aeromonas]. 19645832428
[serologic studies on aeromonas salmonicida]. 19645833568
bacillary necrosis, a disease of larval and juvenile bivalve mollusks. i. etiology and epizootiology.tubiash, haskell s. (u.s. bureau of commercial fisheries, milford, conn.), paul e. chanley, and einar leifson. bacillary necrosis, a disease of larval and juvenile bivalve mollusks. i. etiology and epizootiology. j. bacteriol. 90:1036-1044. 1965.-lethal bacterial infections of a variety of hatchery-spawned bivalve mollusk larvae and juveniles have been studied. the symptoms of the disease and the course of the infection are described. four biotypes and five antigenic types of bacteria, pathogeni ...19655847794
numerical survey of some bacterial taxa.focht, d. d. (iowa state university, ames), and w. r. lockhart. numerical survey of some bacterial taxa. j. bacteriol. 90:1314-1319. 1965.-a numerical analysis was made of 77 properties of each of 43 bacterial strains, representing 25 genera from 8 families in the orders eubacteriales and pseudomonadales. four major groups were found, related to one another at approximately the same level of similarity: (1) a large cluster containing the subgroups (1a) athiorhodaceae-spirillaceae, (1b) xanthomon ...19655848329
[degradation of amino acids in aeromonas]. 19655869290
[aeromonas in human fecal material]. 19655869291
rubella, a viral fish disease. 19655220178
etiology of infectious carp dropsy. 19655220598
the role of virus in septicemia of carp (cyprinus carpio) and pox of carp. influence of environment on infection. 19654957060
[study of fumarate reductase in facultative anaerobic bacteria]. 196514323040
bacteriology of spoilage of fish muscle. 3. characterization of spoilers.a total of 807 bacterial isolates from fresh and spoiling fillets of english sole (parophrys vetulus) stored at 5 c were classified as to genus and tested for various biochemical activities, including the ability to spoil sterile muscle press juice at 5 c. production of off-odor, volatile reducing substances, and trimethylamine was used to estimate spoilage. it was found that (i) spoilers could be distinguished from nonspoilers on the basis of the juice spoilage test, (ii) differentiation betwee ...196514339271
active and passive immunization of certain salmonid fishes against aeromonas salmonicida. 196514346115
effect of gamma irradiation on the microflora of freshwater fish: ii. generic identification of aerobic bacteria from yellow perch fillets.studies on the generic identification of bacteria isolated from nonirradiated and irradiated (0.3 and 0.6 mrad) yellow perch fillets during the course of microbial spoilage have been conducted. after the enumeration and tabulation of macrocolonies on petri dish cultures obtained from fillets, isolates were examined and keyed out essentially according to modified morphological and biochemical protocols of shewan. identification was further confirmed through reference to bergey's manual. data obta ...196616349702
aeromonas aminopeptidase: purification and some general properties. 19664961737
purification and characterization of the beta-galactosidase of aeromonas formicans.rohlfing, s. r. (western reserve university, cleveland, ohio), and i. p. crawford. purification and characterization of the beta-galactosidase of aeromonas formicans. j. bacteriol. 91:1085-1097. 1966.-the beta-galactosidase of aeromonas formicans was purified by diethylaminoethyl cellulose chromatography and gel filtration on sephadex g-200. the properties of the enzyme molecule were compared with purified beta-galactosidase from escherichia coli. the sedimentation coefficients and electrophoret ...19665326700
rana pipiens: health and disease. 19664224715
bacteriological and clinical studies in infantile diarrhoea: ii. doubtful pathogens: enterobacteriaceae, pseudomonas, alcaligens and aeromonas. 19665299360
[arginine decarboxylase in aeromonas shigelloides]. 19665909619
classification of enterobacteria based on overall similarity.krieg, r. e. (iowa state university, ames), and w. r. lockhart. classification of enterobacteria based on overall similarity. j. bacteriol. 92:1275-1280. 1966.-a numerical study was made of 53 organisms, representing 12 genera of the family enterobacteriaceae and 4 members of the genus aeromonas. a total of 105 features was determined for each culture. matching coefficients were computed, and the organisms were sorted into phenetic groups by use of the "highest-link" criterion. the genera entero ...19665924265
the clinical significance of aeromonas hydrophila. report of two cases. 19665925443
[general considerations of the problem of the etiology of infectious dropsy of carp]. 19665963318
direct detection of proteolytic enzymes that have been separated by zone electrophoresis. 19665969577
[numerical taxonomy of vibrios and of certain comparable bacteria. i. taxometric method and material used]. 19665970794
[numerical taxonomy of vibrios and various comparable bacteria. ii. correlation between phenotypic similarities and dna base compositions]. 19665982748
[study of flagellation in aeromonas punctata]. 19666002909
[sensitivity of vibrio parahaemolyticus to chemotherapeutic agents]. 19666005864
[transmission, by conjugation, of multiple drug-resistance from shigella to aeromonas and non-agglutinable vibrio]. 19666005865
isolation of an anaerogenic bacterium resembling aeromonas salmonicida in spawning lake trouts. 19666007060
precipitin and agglutinin reactions of aeromonads isolated from fish and other sources. 19666007061
the microbiological diagnostics of strains of aeromonas shigelloides isolated in cuba. 19664289873
electron microscopy of the lysis of staphylococcus aureus cell walls by aeromonas lytic factor.isolated and purified cell walls of staphylococcus aureus were treated with a purified fraction of the culture supernatant fluid of a species of aeromonas. the course of lysis of the cell walls was followed over a period of time by examination of samples under an electron microscope. the undifferentiated cell wall was rapidly digested, but the equatorial rings were more resistant. the undifferentiated cell wall became a very thin sheet before completely dissolving, leaving a series of equatorial ...19676025309
lysis of staphylococcus aureus by culture supernatant fluids of a species of aeromonas. 19676025424
morphological and biochemical characteristics of aeromonas punctata (hydrophila, liquefaciens) isolated from human sources.the isolation of aeromonas punctata (hydrophila, liquefaciens) from feces, throat, and sputum cultures is presented as further evidence that aeromonads are found in man. morphological and biochemical studies of these strains indicate that the chief differences between the aeromonads and physiologically similar members of the enterobacteriaceae are found in the polar arrangement of the flagella and in the production of oxidase by the former. the oxidase test should be performed on all paracolon-l ...19676029837
nature, characteristics, and proteolytic properties of beef spoilage bacteria at low and high temperatures. 19676049311
[demonstration of glutamic acid decarboxylase in bacteria using an automatic technic]. 19676059741
growth of marine bacteria on some organic acids and its application to the selective isolation of pseudomonads. 19676064045
numerical taxonomy of some named bacterial cultures. 19676064342
transmission of multiple drug-resistance from shigella to aeromonas and non-agglutinable vibrio through conjugation. 19676072423
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