[results of verifying the hypothesis of the constant passage of the plague causative agent on a mathematical model]. 1976781502
production of antibody in induced granulomas.a method of producing antibodies in artificially induced granulomas with various microbial antigens is examined.1976789397
[stabilization of the immunogenic properties of vaccinal strains of bacteria]. 1976790870
[lytic activity of anti-plaque bacteriophages in the face of various strains of escherichia coli]. 1976791533
[method for the quantitative determination of penicillin acylase activity by the formation of phenylacetic acid].the quantitative method for determination of penicillinacylase activity is described. the method is based on detection of phenylacetic acid (paa) formed during hydrolysis of benzylpenicillin. paa is extracted with toluol and nitrated with potassium nitrate solution in concentrated sulphuric acid followed by reduction of nitrophenylacetic acid into aminophenylacetic acid with zinc powder. aminophenylacetic acid interacts with p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde in acid medium forming a coloured compound ...1976793510
disinfectant effect of performic acid.1. performic acid applied at short exposures to various kinds of microorganisms known for their resistance shows a strong bactericidal and sporicidal effect. 2. in addition to disinfection of hands and other parts of the body, the preparation could be used for the disinfection of various surfaces and objects.1975810511
[role of 2 thymus extracts in protection mechanisms against microbial infection].two thymus extracts were isolated and partially purified on a sephadex column. they showed a a molecular weight of 3000 and 12000 respectively. these extracts participate in the protection of the mouse when it has been infected with yersinia pestis.1975815034
immunity in plague: protection induced in cercopithecus aethiops by oral administration of live, attenuated yersinia pestis.a live, attenuated yersinia pestis vaccine, designated ev76 (paris) f, was pathogenic in cercopithecus aethiops when administered parenterally. although an oral dose of 10(9) colone-forming units of the vaccine was nonfatal to vervets, a transient but severe gastrointestinal disturbance resulted in four of 12 animals. seven immunized vervets were protected against intradermal challenge. the remaining five vervets without serologic reactions and five untreated controls died from typical bubonic ( ...1976815445
[deacylating activity of sera as a cause for the ineffectiveness of the treatment of experimental plaque in white mice with benzylpenicillin].it was shown that serum of albino mice infected with plague microbe cells inactivated benzylpenicillin. such deacetylating activity reached its peak by the 3rd day and after that decreased reaching by the 5th--7th day the level registered in non-infected animal and being apparently of non-specific character. ampicillin proved to be 2 times more resistant to the effect of serum acylase as compared to benzylpenicillin. it was supposed that the ability of serum of infected animals to inactivate ben ...1977848916
scanning electron microscopic study of virulent yersinia pestis and yersinia pseudotuberculosis type 1.virulent yersinia pestis was grown on heart infusion blood agar and examined by scanning electron microscopy, exposing the fraction 1 envelope antigen on cell surfaces as a lumpy coating that spilled into the surrounding milieu. the amount of antigen depended on both the duration and temperature of incubation. comparison of the cultures grown at 37 degrees c for 24, 48, and 72 h with those grown at 22 degrees c for identical periods demonstrated that the antigen increased in amount with the leng ...1977858647
[experimental study of the mutagenic activity of gentamicin sulfate in relation to the causative agent of plague].gentamicin sulfate was studied with an aim of obtaining mutants of the plague microbe with a changed character of requirements in the growth factors. the antibiotic provided a high yield of auxotrophic mutants and induced streptomycin resistance in some cells. mutants with single dependence on arginine, leucine, histidine and uracyl were most often. comparison of the data obtained with gentamicin and those obtained with other chemical mutagens showed that gentamicin by its mutagenic activity was ...1977879729
[properties of the repair-deficient mutants of plaque microbe strain 1435]. 1977882663
[mutants of the plaque microbe defective in the dark repair system].the mutants of plague bacteria deficient in dark repair are described. they are sensitive to uv, mitomycin c, polymixin. mutants have lost the ability to host cell reactivation in phage t7. the data obtained have shown that the addition of caffeine to the plating medium used to assay post-irradiation viability of uv-sensitive mutants did not influence the survival. data are also given concerning virulence determinants, biochemical and other properties. the mutants formed p- colonies on hemine me ...1977892436
[flea ceratophyllus fasciatus as the vector of the altai-mountain strain of plague microbe].the work was conducted with a typical strain of the plague agent, which is virulent to white mice and little virulent to guinea pigs (subcutaneous infection), and with c. fasciatus. the fleas of this species can be infected, form the block of proventriculus within 4 to 35 days, transmit the agent during bloodsucking to healthy animals and cause the death both white mice and guinea pigs.1977896271
[sensitivity of repair-defective mutants of the plague microbe to the action of physical and chemical agents].by the character of the sensitivity of uv-irradiation, to n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine, 5-bromuracil, mitomycin c, crystalviolet, and by the capacity to restore phage injuries the 1435-a and 1435-24 mutants were referred to the uvr-hcr-, 17 mutant--to the uvr-hcr+, and 35 mutant--to lon genotype. as a result of uv irradiation the experimental strains formed heteromorphic forms of bacteria, spindle-shaped, filamentous cells, were sensitive to the action of static electrical field of high ...1977899436
evaluation of live attenuated plague vaccines in praomys (mastomys) natalensis.a live attenuated yersinia pestis vaccine designated ev76-51f, which had previously been shown to be pathogenic in vervet monkeys but not in guinea pigs, was tested in the multimammate mouse praomys (mastomys) natalensis. doses of 10(6) viable organisms inoculated subcutaneously as either a lyophilized suspension or an agar-grown culture resulted in vaccination fatalities in praomys but not in white mice. hemagglutinating antibodies to the fraction 1 antigen were not stimulated by doses lower th ...1977908624
epidemiologic and clinical features of an outbreak of bubonic plague in new outbreak of seven cases of bubonic plague in new mexico was investigated. clinical features were studied and correlated with field studies in an attmept to determine the source of infection in patients with indefinite histories of exposure. most patients presented with fever, malaise, and an acute painful lymphadenitis (bubo). one death occurred in a patient with bubonic-septicemic plague complicated by meningitis due to yersinia pestis. all patients lived in rural or semirural areas, and mos ...1977908848
latex agglutination tests for measurement of antiplague antibodies.a latex agglutination test was evaluated as a method for detection and titration of antiplague antibodies. slide and microtiter techniques using polystyrene latex particles coated with specific fraction-i-antigen of yersinia pestis were found to be comparable in specificity and sensitivity to serological tests commonly used in laboratory practice. the latex agglutination titers correlated well with those measured by the world health organization standard method of indirect hemagglutination, alth ...1977914990
[survival of eb microbes in live plague vaccine and its immunogeneity in the process of prolonged storage]. 1977919933
[lipopolysaccharides from a slightly virulent strain of yersinia pestis (author's transl)]. 1977923562
[detection of the plague microbe in the body of fleas with the adi of a serological method]. 1977927363
[studies of yersinia pestis in wild animals captured in ankara, konya and nevsehir].no yersinia pestis could be isolated, by culturing and by inoculations to 1212 guinea-pigs and 150 mice; from 623 citellus, 41 mus musculus, 55 microtus, 442 meriones, 70 rattus rattus, 56 turtle, 89 hare, 1 hamster, 1 hedgehog, 1 sea snake, altogether 790 dead, 589 alive, i.e. 1379. wild animals captured in ankara, konya (karapinar), urfa (akçakale) and in nev┼čehir. in 141 sera taken from citellus captured alive, and in 174 sera taken from guinea-pigs inoculated with spleen, liver and kidney su ...1976933892
serological studies on human plague in southern africa. part ii. a bubonic/pneumonic plague epidemic in lesotho.a description is given of an outbreak of human plague in lesotho in 1968 which was preceded by, and merged with, a typhoid epidemic. this circumstance was responsible for a diagnosis of typhoid fever being made in the earliest plague cases, especially as the clinical presentation was similar to that of the typhoid patients. consequently, the plague epidemic ran its natural course and with the onset of winter the pneumonic form appeared. serological follow-up studies of recovered patients were ca ...1976935988
bubonic plague from exposure to a rabbit: a documented case, and a review of rabbit-associated plague cases in the united states.a 62-year-old woman developed bubonic plague with an epitrochlear bubo one to two days after skinning two cottontail rabbits. the implicated rabbits were later recovered from the patient's freezer, and yersinia pestis was isolated from marrows of both rabbits. although human plague cases in the united states have occasionally been traced to exposure to wild rabbits, this is the first documentation of plague infection in the actual rabbits to which the patient was exposed. all reported cases of r ...1976937344
[effect of certain factors on block formation in ceratophillus tesquorum and neopsylla setosa setosa].studies were conducted of the effect of temperature and humidity, variant of plague microbe, frequency and duration of feeding and specificity of the host on the blockformation in the souslik fleas c. tesquorum and n. setosa infected with plague. 28 tests on the effect of temperature and humidity on the blockformation were undertaken, for which 14411 fleas of the above species were used. a temperature of 16 to 22 degrees proved to be optimal; at this temperature the number of blocked fleas (c. t ...1976958724
[lysogenic clones of wild-type plague bacteria and characteristics of the phages produced by them].comparative population analysis of 3 lysogenic clones of plague bacteria of wild type by lysogenic properties demonstrated that they failed to show any difference from one another by immunity to homolgous and heterologous phages, but differed by the number of cells capable of producing the phage spontaneously. lysogenic properties were transmitted by heredity both after the ten-fold passage in the presence of a homologous antiphage serum and after a 10-fold colning. phages produced by the wild l ...1976961226
bubonic plague from direct exposure to a naturally infected wild 11-year-old boy developed axillary bubonic plague and plague meningitis 3 days after skinning a dead coyote near albuquerque, new mexico. the coyoto carcass was recovered 10 days later, and yersinia pestis was isolated from spleen and marrow of the animal. this is the first report of human plague from exposure to a coyote. a review of experimental and epidemiologic studies suggests that severe plague infection in members of the family canidae is unusual, and that the risk of acquiring plague ...1976961983
distribution of plague in rhodesia as demonstrated by serological methods. 1976963738
trapping and serum testing of rodents caught prior to the outbreak of plague in rhodesia. 1976963739
[normal antibodies and immunologic reactivity].antibodies to the capsular antigen of plague causative agent were found in the serum of many nonimmunized mice of 6 strains, but none were found in mice of the dba/2 strain. after the administration of the capsular antigen to mice of different strains cells forming the antibodies to the antigen administered were revealed in a quantitative correlation with the natural antibody level. an association was revealed between the level of natural antibodies and the number of antibody-forming cells in th ...1976986741
[study of the penicillinase of the plague microbe, the synthesis of which is determined by the r-episome].penicillinase produced by a culture of the plague microbe with episomic resistance to benzylpenicillin was isolated and purified. comparative investigation of the substrate spectrum, michaelis constant and antigenic properties of the enzymes from the plague and dysentery microbes (r-factor donor) showed that transfer of the r-episome to the new host did not affect the investigated properties of penicillinase the synthesis of which was controlled by this episome.1976999263
[electron microscopic study of dry live plague vaccine eb by the scanning method].dry live plague vaccine eb was examined under microscope; it appeared that in the mentioned preparation the bacterial cells were enclosed in the artificial sucrose-gelatin capsule of the stabilizer which apparently maintained the vital activity of the microorganisms in the state of anabiosis by forming a stable bond with the bacterial body.19761007728
[study of the effect of tetracycline, prodigiosin and their combination on the dynamics of phagocytosis of plague bacteria].the advantage of the combined use of prodigiozan and tetracycline was observed in tissue culture of peritoneal macrophages of albino mice. earlier digestion of the intracellular y. pestis ev by the animal macrophages exposed to prodigiozan and treated with tetracycline was noted. it was shown that the macrophages preserved during several hours of cultivation in vitro their properties acquired in the animal organism under the effect of the substances administered.19761023817
[the effects of enzymes and secretions of the gastrointestinal tract on the eb vaccine strain].experiments were conducted in vitro. a study was made of the action of the enzymes and of the secretions of the gastrointestinal tract on the viability of the eb vaccine strain. sensitivity of bacterial cells to the action of saliva, gastric juice, intestinal contents, trypsin, and bile proved to differ. gastric juice inactivated the vaccine strain which expressed a satisfactory resistance towards the rest of the factors under study practically immediately. there were revealed no significant mor ...19761034388
biological consequences of incorporation of 5-fluorocytidine in the rna of 5-fluorouracil-treated eukaryotic cells.treatment of hela cells with 5-fluoro-[3h]uracil leads to the incorporation into cellular rna of 5-fluorocytidine to the extent of about 0.2% of the 5-fluorouridine incorporated. in tobacco mosaic virus rna produced in tobacco leaves this ratio is one order of magnitude lower. copolymers of cytidylic with 5-fluorocytidylic acids show unchanged template activity with e. coli rna polymerase, but slightly altered messenger activity in the wheat germ system, compared to poly(c), and it is suggested ...19761064021
presence of messenger specifying sequences in the dna of chromatin subunits.messenger-specifying sequences in subunits of human lymphocyte chromatin were detected by hybridization of dna complementary to cytoplasmic polyadenylylated rna with dna isolated from the subunits. comparison of the kinetics and extents of hybridization of complementary dna with chromatin subunit dna and with nuclear dna showed that most of the repetitive sequences and single copy sequences in mrna are present in chromatin subunits. this result indicates that inclusion of a dna sequence into the ...19761064026
hypersensitivity to tobacco antigen.a glycoprotein of molecular weight 18,000 was purified from saline extracts of cured tobacco leaves by ammonium sulfate fractionation, chromatography on sephadex g-25 and continuous-flow preparative electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gel. twelve of 31 volunteers (6/15 smokers and 6/16 nonsmokers) exhibited immediate cutaneous hypersensitivity (wheal and flare reactions) when injected intracutaneously with 2 mug of this material. immunochemically similar material was demonstrated in, and purified ...19761064042
some factors influencing the damaging effect of acute arterial hypertension on cerebral vessels in rats.1. abrupt increase of arterial blood pressure can give rise to multifocal areas of protein extravasation in the brain due to overstretching of the vessels. 2. the vascular tone of the resistance vessels is of importance for the occurrence of the increased permeability. 3. vasodilatation aggravates the damaging effect of acute hypertension whereas vasoconstriction induced by hyperventilation reduces the incidence of areas of increased permeability. 4. ligation of a carotid artery prevents lesions ...19761071656
[the nature of nuclear enlargement in urethane and isoprotenol-stimulated salivary glands (author's transl)]. 19751073694
[condensation products of nitrated heterocyclic aldehydes with oxo-cyclopentathiophenes and oxo-tetrahydroquinolines (author's transl)]. 19751081385
ampicillin-resistant hemophilus sp. 19761082793
[influence of substances that change the serotonin level of the brain on the analgesic effect of promedol in rats].in tests with determination of pain reaction in rats registered by their squeak and arising in reponse to a single electric irritation of the tail evidence was obtained to the effect that substances both lowering the serotonin content in the brain (p-chlorphenylalanine, reserpine) and raising it (5-oxytryptophan, pargilin) cause a fall of the threshold, viz. 5-oxytryptophan and pargilin display antagonism to the analgetic effect of trimeperidine hydrochloride, whereas p-chlorphenylalanine, and i ...19761082823
identification of multiple cytolytic components associated with the beta-lt class of lymphotoxins released by mitogen-activity human lymphocytes in vitro.cytotoxic activity (lymphotoxin (lt) associated with the 50,000 dalton beta-lt class of human lymphotoxins has been resolved into multiple components by chromatography on deae-cellulose or electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels. the two components, termed beta-lt, and beta-lt2, are separable from the 90,000 m.w. alpha-lt, since neither component is neutralized by incubation with heterologous rabbit anti-alpha-lt antisera. however, the two components differ in their overall charge and relative he ...19761087315
nystagmic modulation of neuronal activity in rabbit cerebellar flocculus.1. the responses of neuronal elements in the flocculus of the awake, restrained rabbit were recorded during horizontal vestibular nystagmus in the dark. 2. purkinje cells showed both vestibular (types i and ii) and eye movement modulation of simple spike activity. type i purkinje cells most commonly were inhibited in association with the ipsilaterally directed fast phase of nystagmus and excited during contralaterally directed fast phases. type ii purkinje cells had a similar modulation but in t ...19761087403
[long-term cardiac arrest by cardioplegic coronary perfusion (author's transl)].the mg++ aspartate-procaine-cardioplegia has been proven in animal experiments as well as from 1970 til 1975 in more than 1000 open-heart-procedures by a myocardial temperature of 32 degrees c and aortic crossclamping time up to 40 minutes superior to all other known procedures of cardiac preservations. to guarantee a safe myocardial protection of the arrested heart for a remarkable longer period of total ischemia, we further developed the cardioplegic technique in the animal lab, and use it now ...19761087482
polymorphism of human color vision.the genetic polymorphism of human color vision is examined within the framework of a photopigment replacement model. an analysis of the x-linked recessive dichromacies and anomalous trichromacies indicates that one source of variability of normal color perception may be the inclusion of several distinct phenotypes in what is usually described as normal color vision. this analysis also reveals the cause of the dominance hierarchy at the protan and deutan loci, the perceptual effects of dosage com ...19761087832
a comparison of serological tests for detecting antibody to plague.a study was undertaken of the relationship between the passive haemagglutination and haemagglutination inhibition tests used in serum surveys for specific plague antibodies. both techniques gave similar titres for sera of albino rattus norvegicus convalescent from plague infection. they appear to be equally suitable for plague surveillance and control programmes.19761088106
["in vitro" study on the susceptibility of "yersinia pestis", isolated in brazil, to sulfonamides, tetracyclines, aminoglycosides, penicillins and erythromicine]. 19751088769
[bacteriocinogeny in yersinia enterocolitica].bacteriocinogeny was found in 19.8 per cent of y. enterocolitica strains tested. it was designated by the authors as enterocoliticacinogeny and the substance produced by the pathogen was named enterocoliticacine. bacteriocinogeny was found among the collection strains isolated in the south primorye and not among the strains isolated abroad. some cultures of y. enterocolitica isolated abroad and in the south primorye were used as indicator strains for revealing enterocoliticacinogeny. enterocolit ...19751091204
yersinia pestis: correlation of ultrastructures and immunological status.ultrastructural identification and localization of the fraction 1 "envelope" antigen in the plague bacillus yersinia pestis were the primary objectives of this brief study. the antigenicity of extra-cellular material between the bacilli in undisturbed cultured colonies and that of the pathogen per se were measured and correlated by means of the semi quantitative complement fixation method after incubation for 72 h at 37 c. when the amount of extracellular substance in wild-type t1 (virulent) bac ...19751095487
[study of the mechanisms of levomycetin inactivation by the palgue causative agent and escherichia coli with episomal and chromosomal resistance. the enzymatic acetylation of levomycetin].one of the mechanisms of levomycetin inactivation, i.e. enzymatic acetylation of the plague causative agent and coli bacteria with chromosomic and episomic type of resistance was studied. it was shown that resistance to levomycetin in the recombinants of the plague microbe and coli bacteria stipulated by one and the same r-factor was associated with their capacity for the antibiotic inactivation mainly with the help of levomycetinacetyltransferase. at the same time the enzyme activity in the mut ...19751101811
siderochrome production by yersinia pestis and its relation to virulence.p+ plague strains contained more siderochrome-producing organisms than p-. siderochrome enhanced the mouse virulence of an f1+vw+p1+p-pu+ strains, inhibited p1 activity, and could be assayed by a paper disk titration method.19751104486
the phylogenetic status of pasteurella pestis.yersinia pestis has been characterized in terms of fingerprints of digests (pancreatic and/or t1 ribonuclease) of its 16s and 5s ribosomal rnas. these show clearly that y. pestis is a member of the enterobacteriaceae and suggest that within the family it is most closely related to serratia and/or proteus.19751107566
blockade by morphine of acetylcholine release from the caudate nucleus in the mid-pontine pretrigeminal cat. 19751111819
exteroceptive suppression and motor control of the masseter and temporalis muscles in normal man.single electrical stimuli to the gums and mucosa inside the mouth elicit two successive exteroceptive suppressions (es1 and es2) in the voluntary electromyogram of the masseter and temporalis muscles in normal man. the same afferent axons appear to be involved in the two effects, as indicated by the intensity function, the electrical excitability, the afferent conduction velocity and the lack of differential effect of xylocaine infiltration of the inferior alveolar nerve. two similar phases of i ...19751111848
free amino acids in human tonsillar amino acids in the tonsils of 20 individuals were measured column chromatographically. those always found in readily detectable amounts included o-phosphoserine, taurine, o-phosphoethanolamine, aspartic acid, hydroxyproline, threonine, serine, glutamic acid, proline, glycine, alanine, alpha-amino-n-butyric acid, valine, cystine, methionine, isoleucine, leucine, tyrosine, phenylalanine, ornithine, gamma-amino-butyric acid, lysine, histidine, and arginine. results were compared for three clin ...19751112054
[morphological and histochemical changes in the flea x. cheopis roths. infected with plaque bacilli]. 19751113714
letter: reactions of cartilage. 19751113834
measurement of rates of lipogenesis with deuterated and tritiated water. 19751121283
enzymatic formaldehyde production from 5-methyltetrahydrofolic acid: prior step to alkaloid formation. 19751125096
influence of age and sex on the metabolism of oestrogens in mouse liver: in vitro perfusion of radioactive oestrone and oestradiol-17beta. 19751134094
proceedings: cell-wall composition of aerobic cutaneous "diphtherios" organisms. 19751142405
isolation of dna polymerase gamma from an adenovirus 2 dna replication complex.the major dna polymerase in a nuclear membrane complex that is capable of synthesizing viral dna sequences in vitro has been purified about 900-fold from adenovirus 2-infected kb cells. the enzyme was characterized as belonging to the class of mammalian dna polymerases (dna polymerase gamma) that can utilize poly(a) with oligo(dt) as template primer.19751142477
letter: cryptic infection of rats with non-encapsulated variants of yersinia pestis. 19751145712
separation of phenylalanine transport events by using selective inhibitors, and identification of a specific uncoupler activity in yersinia pestis.phenylalanine transport in yersinia pestis tjw was differentially inhibited by sulfhydryl blocking reagents, uncoupling agents, and respiratory inhibitors. kinetic studies with potassium cyanide and sodium azide showed that these compounds have no immediate effect on the initial rate of phenylalanine transport, but have an immediate and severe inhibitory effect on the rate of oxygen uptake. identical studies with p-chloromercuribenzoate (pcmb) and 2,4-dinitrophenol (dnp) showed that these compou ...19751150617
the cardiac pharmacology of tolbutamide.recent clinical studies have suggested an association of tolbutamide therapy with an increased incidence of cardiovascular deaths. due to the paucity of information concerning the acute cardiac actions of tolbutamide, the effects of this agent upon cardiac contractility and automaticity were examined under in vivo and in vitro conditions in rabbit, cat and dog heart muscle preparations. tolbutamide (10(-6) to 3 x 10(-3) m) produced a biphasic inotropic response with a peak positive inotropic res ...19751151754
proceedings: the effect of tris on the response of various isolated, mammalian preparations to nerve and drug stimulation. 19751151799
proceedings: effects of histamine, 2-methylhistamine and 4-methylhistamine on blood pressure and vascular resistance in the cat. 19751151865
proceedings: the influence of extracellular potassium ions on the action of ouabain on membrane currents in sheep purkinje fibres. 19751151872
serological studies on human plague in southern africa. part i. plague antibody levels in a population during a quiescent and a subsequent active period in an endemic region.yersinia pestis fraction l passive haemagglutination studies on human sera obtained randomly during a plague epidemic showed a 10-fold increase in occurrence of antibodies compared with the results obtained on sera from the same population 11 months earlier during a quiescent phase. the pre-epidemic population antibody rate was lower than that in a comparable population tested simultaneously in another endemic region, where a recrudescence of plague was not experienced during the following year. ...19751154171
[experience from a 30-year study of the stability of the properties of the plague vaccine strain ev in the ussr]. 19751154937
dietary fats and properties of endoplasmic reticulum: i. dietary lipid induced changes in composition of microsomal membranes in liver and gastroduodenal mucosa of rat.rats were fed for four weeks with different lipid diets to determine the effects on the endoplasmic reticulum membranes of the liver and on the postmitochondrial supernatant fraction of the gastroduodenal mucosa. the diets contained cholesterol, cacao butter, olive oil, and these in combination. the results showed that dietary lipids were able to modify the composition of the hepatic endoplasmic reticulum and, to a lesser extent, that of postmitochondrial fraction of gastroduodenal mucosa. cacao ...19751160521
comparative morphology of genital cones of genus ancylostoma dubini, 1843.male worms of ancylostoma braziliense, a. ceylanicum, a. kusimaense, a. malayanum, a. duodenale, a. caninum, a. tubaeforme, agriostomum vryburgi and cyclodontostomum purvisi have the external appendages beside the anogenital aperture. these anogenital structures are morphologically similar and are assumed to be homologous among the species with three pairs of teeth or more. in hookworms with two pairs of teeth, the anogenital structures are complex. anogenital features can be used as a taxonomic ...19751166351
long-term effects of vasectomy on pituitary-gonadal function in man.plasma concentrations of testosterone (t), follicle stimulating hormone (fsh), and luteinizing hormone (lh) and percent binding of t to plasma protein (tb) were studied in 16 normal fertile men and in 81 men who had undergone vasectomy from 1 to 5 yr earlier. no significant difference from the control values to t = 582 plus or minus 39.5 (se) ng/100 ml; fsh = 15.09 plus or minus 2.18 (se) miu/ml; lh =10.03 plus or minus 1.13 (se) miu/ml and tb = 92.99 plus or minus 0.285 (se) % binding was detec ...19751168657
[litter effect on fetal toxicity test]. 19751169531
cyclic kinetics and mathematical expression of the primary immune response to soluble antigen. vi. the possibility of prediction of plasma cell reaction in the spleen of mice immunized with soluble antigen.a mathematical expression of the accumulation of the plasma cells in the spleen of cba mice immunized intraperitoneally is presented. the dependence of the plasma cell reaction in the spleen on the kinetics of antigen concentration in the blood was confirmed. for the transition from antigen to plasma cells, index a was proposed. the mean values of index a were used for comparison of the calculated and experimental values of the plasma cell reaction and the recorded differences were not great. in ...19751176044
methionine transport in yersinia pestis.yersinia pestis tjw, an avirulent wild-type strain, requires phenylalanine and methionine for growth. it was of interest to examine and define the methionine transport system because of this requirement. the methionine system showed saturation kinetics with a km for transport of approximately 9 times 10(-7) m. after 8 s of methionine transport, essentially all of the methionine label appeared in s-adenosyl-l-methionine (sam) as detected in ethanol extracts. small amounts of free methionine was d ...19751176434
a study of viral fever in the city of madras. 19751184536
plague and the gallium scan: case report.inflammation in the right axillary lymph nodes and the meninges was detected by 67gacitrate scans in an 11-year-old boy with yersinia pestis infection. this case provides another example of 67ga localizing to areas of infection, indicating potential utility in future cases of bubonic plague.19751185264
electrospinogram and spinal and cortical evoked potentials in experimental spinal cord trauma.studies in 28 traumatized cats showed the following acute changes after spinal cord compression in the cord segment below the trauma: 1) increase in size of the spinal cord evoked potential; 2) increase in size of the electrospinogram; and 3) increase in frequency of the electrospinogram.19751194940
brain 2-phenylethylamine as a major mediator for the central actions of amphetamine and methylphenidate. 19751196013
synchronization of the fission yeast schizosaccharomyces pombe using heat shocks. 19751196141
[use of the brock punch for confection of a shunt between both ventricles, the ventricle and pulmonary artery or aorta without cardiopulmonary by-pass (cpb) (author's transl)].use of the brock punch for placing a graft on the ventricle is a simple and easy technique not requiring cpb. this offers large experimental possibilities with clinical applications resulting from the experience gained in the laboratory.19751199652
the functional consequences of colectomy.the colon plays a decisive role in salt and water conservation in the intact human, normally removing from the terminal intestine approximately one liter of isotonic fluid that escapes small bowel absorption. the primary purpose of this colon function is probably to prevent extracellular fluid volume depletion and only incidentally to produce a normal solid stool. the patient with an ileostomy can partly adapt to replace the absorptive capacity lost after colectomy but is still vulnerable if sal ...19751200267
comparative study on the 3h-thymidine index of dorsal epidermis, buccal mucosa, and seminal vesicles in senile male supplement previous investigations on endogenous fluctuations of dna synthesis in male rat dorsal epidermis, buccal mucosa and seminal vesicle epithelium from birth to sexual maturity, the labelling indices (l.i.) of these tissues in senile male rats from the same breed, studied under analogous experimental conditions, were evaluated as well as compared to the data obtained from rats in puberal and early mature age. in the dorsal epidermis and buccal mucosa of the old animals the medium l.i. ...19751200711
proceedings: anaesthetics in porphyria: intravenous induction agents. 19751201181
median rhomboid glossitis. candidiasis and not a developmental anomaly.infection by candida albicans was found in all biopsies taken from ten patients presenting with midline lesions of the tongue which clinically presented as median rhomboid glossitis.19751201190
binding of vitamin b12--rat transcobalamin ii and free vitamin b12 to plasma membranes isolated from rat liver.when dialysed rat serum which contains a single, low molecular weight binder for vitamin b12, rat transcobalamin ii (rat tc-ii), was labelled in vitro with 57co-vitamin b12 and then incubated at 30 degrees c (ph 7-5) with vesicles of highly purified plasma membranes separated from microsomal fractions of rat liver by density gradient centrifugation, the 57co-vitamin b12-rat tc-ii complex bound to high affinity sites on the vesicles via a specific (binding after correction for 'non-specific' bind ...19751201244
new inhibitors of methane production by rumen micro-organisms. experiments with animals and other practical possibilities.1. two inhibitors of rumen methane production were given to sheep and their effects were measured using an in vitro technique. 2. the substances used were trichloroethyl pivalate (tce-p) and trichloroethyl adipate (tce-a). in one experiment with two sheep tce-p was injected into the rumen and in another experiment with two sheep the same inhibitor was mixed with the food just before feeding. in another experiment, tce-a was given to two sheep at two dose levels, and in an experiment with four sh ...19751201268
polypectate digestion by yersinia.the ability of yersinia to digest polypectate may be of some value in differentiating y. enterocolitica and y. pseudotuberculosis from some of the other fermenting gram-negative bacilli, such as enterobacter agglomerans, with which they can be confused. pectolytic activity in yersinia may also have some teleologic or taxonomic significance about which we do not care to speculate.19751206110
[sensitivity of inbred mice to the causative agent of plague]. 19751210890
[variety of effects of vitamins on yeast cells in aerobic conditions].the effect of thiamine and biotin on the processes of cell division, assimilation of glucose, and accumulation of the biomass and nitrogen in the cells was studied with the candida yeast. the action of the vitamins depended on the source of nitrogen. in some strains, asparagine can substitute for biotin. biotin has different effect on the production of gamma-aminobutyric acid in candida pulcherrima, c. guilliermondii. c. tropicalis k3-10. high concentrations of arginine were found in c. guillie ...19751214604
[electron microscopic study of double infection induced by potato virus x and potato virus y in nicotiana glutinosa]. 19751214639
[effect of the prolonged contact of a flea population with plague bacteria on the infective activity of vetors].results of the experimental infection of fleas (x. cheopis) with the plague agent after their long (2.5 years, 19 generations) feeding on infected white mice showed no difference in the infection activity of these insects as compared to control ones. the authors question the hypothesis according to which a low frequency of protein-formation in some species of fleas is due to their long contact with the plague agent in the historical past.19751221343
[isolation and properties of several auxotrophic mutants of a highly virulent strain of the plague microbe].2432 stable auxotrophic mutants were selected from high virulent yersinia pestis strain 20b after treatment with nitroso guanidine. they were deficient in amino acids (arginine, aspartic acid, citrulline, glycine, glutamic acid, histidine, isoleucine, serine, leucine, lysine, ornithine, proline, tryptophan, tyrosine, valiney, pyrimidine and vitamins (riboflavin, thyamine, nicotinamide). some mutants were two- and three-fold dependent. the leucine-, histidine-, purine-dependent mutants were isola ...19751225753
[isolation and properties of several auxotrophic mutants of a highly virulent strain of the plague microbe].2432 stable auxotrophic mutants were selected from high virulent yersinia pestis strain 20b after treatment with nitroso guanidine. they were deficient in amino acids (arginine, aspartic acid, citrulline, glycine, glutamic acid, histidine, isoleucine, serine, leucine, lysine, ornithine, proline, tryptophan, tyrosine, valine), pyrimidine and vitamins (riboflavin, thyamine, nicotinamide). some mutants were two- and three-fold dependent. the leucine-, histidine-, purine-dependent mutants were isola ...19751232031
similar combining sites of igg1 and igg2a antibodies in individual mice as judged from affinity and rate constant measurements.within individual sera, mouse igg1 and igg2a subclass antibodies against the antigenic determinant oligo-d-alanine are likely to have similar combining sites. the antibodies are characterized by two methods, by their rate of binding to antigen equipped sheep red blood cells and by the hapten inhibition of antigen binding. the two characteristics are shown to be independent. the subclass antibodies of thirteen different sera differ by a factor of about 10 in their rate constant and by a factor of ...19751234045
cat bite transmission of yersinia pestis infection to man.the transmission of bubonic plague from the kitten of a domestic cat to a man by means of a bite on a finger is described. the human case was complicated by the development of a secondary meningitis, followed, after specific therapy, by protracted recovery. the kitten showed swollen lymph nodes of the head and neck, frothing at the mouth and nostrils, and signs of an acute infectious disease which had a fatal termination. yersinia pestis was isolated on about the 8th day from the cerebrospinal f ...19751238568
[electron microscopic studies of epinephrine choroiditis in rabbits. 3. scanning electron microscopic observations of the retinal pigment epithelial cells in the early stage (author's transl)]. 19751239915
[determination of human placental lactogen in the blood of pregnant women by rcc-hpl-ria kit--experimental studies]. 19751240044
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