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magnetic modification of the electron-dose distribution in tissue and lung phantoms.moderately strong transverse-magnetic fields were used to modify conventional electron-dose distribution in tissue- and lung-equivalent phantoms. magnetically modified symmetrical-isodose contours and central-axis depth-dose curves were measured for central fields in the range of 9--18 kg, field gradients of approximately 5 kg/cm, and accelerator energies of 10--45 mev. to the extent that our experimental field strengths and gradients can be reproduced clinically, the measurements showed that ma ...2000101759
therapeutic evaluation of various drugs in giardiasis (a comparative trial). 2000101765
[practice in cooperation: german tumor centers]. 2000101785
[tabes or diabetic neuropathy]. 2000101797
phencyclidine and ketamine intoxication: a study of four populations of recreational users. 2000101865
the behavioral effects of phencyclidine in animals. 2000101876
the use of rigid analogues to probe hallucinogen receptors. 2000101889
parents: the unrecognized victims of child abuse. 2000101900
case for diagnosis. 2000101901
self-directed social workers: continuing education in the health care setting. 2000101940
special delivery: cesarean section in management of primigravidas with breech presentations. 2000101944
criteria for evaluation studies of patient education. 2000101953
[the effect of prolonged irradiation and of certain radioprotective agents on glycosaminoglycans in the rat]. 1978101997
maprotiline hydrochloride and grand-mal seizures. 2000102405
[a study on endemic goiter in east java of the republic of indonesia (author's transl)]. 2000102543
temporal relationship of translation and glycosylation of immunoglobulin heavy and light chains.the initial glycosylation of mpc 11 gamma 2b heavy chains occurs quantitatively in vivo when the nascent heavy chains reach a size of approximately 38 000 daltons. nonglycosylated, completed mpc 11 heavy chains cannot be glycosylated in these cells. other classes of mouse heavy chains (i.e., mu, alpha, and gamma 1) also appear to be glycosylated as nascent chains; nonglycosylated, completed heavy chains cannot be glycosylated by the cell in any of these cases. in contrast, variant mpc 11 cells s ...1978103571
single-unit activity in the auditory cortex of monkeys selectively attending left vs. right ear stimuli.single-unit responses were recorded from the auditory cortex of rhesus monkeys that were performing an auditory selective attention task. acoustic stimuli were presented randomly to either the left or right ear through headphones. in a given block of trials one ear was selected as the ear to be attended, and was indicated by lighting either a left or right response key. the animal's task was to press the lighted key whenever stimuli were presented to the attended ear, but to make no response to ...1978103597
cryocrystalglobulinemia in hairy cell leukemia.a patient with hairy cell leukemia (leukemic reticuloendotheliosis) was noted to have a spurious leukocytosis caused by a spontaneously crystallizing cryoglobulin. the cryoprotein was identified as igg lambda. an intracytoplasmic immunoglobulin demonstrable within the hairy cell was also igg lambda. the cryoglobulin spontaneously disappeared over a four day period. a reliable automated count on the coulter model s could be obtained by prewarming the blood specimen to 37 c.1999103614
organization of the sympathetic innervation in liver tissue from monkey and man.the sympathetic innervation of the liver of monkey and man has been investigated in a combined fluorescence histochemical, chemical and electron microscopical study. by means of the falck-hillarp fluorescence method a dense network of monoamine-containing nerve fibers was visualized in liver tissue of monkey and man. the nerve fibers ran in close contact to both hepatocytes and blood vessels. chemical quantitations showed high concentrations of noradrenaline in both human and monkey liver. micro ...1978103622
[pituitary reserve of thyrotrophic hormone in hypothyroid children]. 1999103634
oligosaccharides and polysaccharides specifically utilizable by bifidobacteria. 1978103638
[microspectrophotometric study of biogenic amines in ganglions of the central nervous system of crepidula fornicata (phil.)].the fluorescent products formed from biogenic amines treated with formaldehyde according to the method of falck and owman have been studied in the brain of crepidula fornicata. the microspectrophotometric analysis of cellular indolamines shows excitation emission maxima at 385--525 nm (serotonine) and catecholamine at 410--475 nm upon hcl treatment catecholamine products show a shift of the excitation peak from 410 to 370 nm (dopamine).1999103642
[effect of lymphokines produced in a grafted system on production of prostaglandins by macrophages].mice peritoneal macrophages cultured in vitro release a prostaglandin-like activity as evaluated by a bio-assay using rat stomach fundus. the prostaglandin release is greatly increased when macrophages are incubated with the supernatant of mixed lymphocyte cultures between recipient and donor of a skin allograft. this phenomenon was found in all strains of mice tested except c3h/hej mice, a strain already known for its defective responsiveness to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps).1978103646
physeal injuries of the ankle in children: classification.seventy-one cases of ankle fractures in children were studied. an analysis of the fracture lines involving the distal tibial and fibular epiphyses were done. a new classification is proposed based on the position of the foot at the moment of trauma and the direction of the abnormal force. four mechanisms were considered, grades were described for each mechanism and each grade always occurred in the same order. in almost half of the cases, the supination-inversion mechanism was responsible for th ...1999103673
[high sexual selectivity of hydrazine derivatives potentiating the antitumor effect of cytostatics]. 1999103698
[survival capacity of certain pathogens under environmental conditions]. 1979103703
analysis of the yolk proteins in drosophila melanogaster. translation in a cell free system and peptide analysis. 1999103753
a receptor for polymerized human and chimpanzee albumins on hepatitis b virus particles co-occurring with hbeag.a receptor for polymerized human serum albumin was demonstrated on dane particles as well as on 20-nm hepatitis b surface antigen particles, isolated from asymptomatic carriers of hepatitis b virus who were positive for hbeag. in contrast, such receptor was not born by 20-nm hepatitis b surface antigen particles obtained from carriers positive for antibody to hbeag. hepatitis b surface antigen particles with the receptor were heavier than those without, and when treated with pronase, they became ...1979103774
dietary lactose and the aetiology of human small-intestinal hypolactasia. 1978103781
to reuse or reconstruct: that is the question.with cost containment being a vital concern, health care facilities must carefully assess differences in the cost between new construction and renovation.1999103799
on the interactions of yersinia strains and cell cultures.comparative investigations were carried out on the dynamics of invasion of cell cultures by strains yersinia pestis ev and yersinia pseudotuberculosis treated vitally with petroleum ether. it was established that the invasiveness of the strains studied was related to the presence of chemical structures of the bacterial surface sensitive to the action of either and whose synthesis was temperature dependent. the penetration and initial stages of intracellular multiplication of the yersinia were ac ...1978104477
morphologic effects of thio-tepa on mammalian urothelium. changes in abnormal cells.morphologic changes induced by thio-tepa were examined in animals with chemically induced neoplasms. both toxic and metabolic effects were documented. degeneration, vacuolization and increased exfoliation (toxic) were most prominent, occurred within 48 hours of exposure, and tended to subside after removal of the drug. nuclear changes (metabolic) were rare and occurred late. neither toxic nor metabolic effects were specific for thio-tepa: both could be detected in control animals receiving salin ...1998104512
medical care evaluation studies in long-term care facilities.this report describes the selection, design, conduct, analysis, and application of medical care evaluation studies in long-term care facilities (skilled nursing homes) in a regional program in the rochester region of upstate new york. eight examples are presented to highlight methodologic approaches and problems. they are classified under four general headings: administration audits, diagnosis-specific studies, care modality-specific studies, and general outcome indicators. the implementation of ...1998105032
prophylactic antibiotics in surgery. practices within surgical services of the veterans administration.a survey of prophylactic antibiotic-prescribing habits among chiefs of surgical services of the veterans administration yielded a 99% response. these responses have been compared with guidelines set by an expert committee on antimicrobial use for the va central office. assuming that 100% concordance with the standards of the committee is a desired state, the average hospital is approximately one third away from this goal (average score, 62.4%). the majority of errors were those of overuse rather ...1998105162
[communication with the outside world through the touch of the hand. 2. the gardenia]. 1998105194
[the mineral metabolism of horses. i. orthopedic problems in the husbandry and raising of young horses]. 1998105516
platelet function and occlusive vascular disease in diabetes mellitus. 1998106136
[accelerated diagnostic cultivation of pathogenic environmental microbes. ii. accelerated diagnostic cultivation of the causative agents of anthropozoonotic plague, glamders, melioidosis, brucellosis and tularemia]. 1978106632
haemodynamic adaptation at rest and during exercise to long-term antihypertensive treatment with combined alpha- and beta-adrenoreceptor blockade by labetalol. 1998106867
phase changes of cardiolipin vesicles mediated by divalent cations.small unilamellar vesicles were prepared from cardiolipin and produced the hexagonal ii phase when dialyzed against cacl2 or mgcl2. upon removal of the cation by dialysis against edta large unilamellar vesicles were formed. the events of the transition from the lamellar to hexagonal phase and back to the lamellar phase are described.1998106890
inhibition of neisseria gonorrhoeae by normal human saliva.saliva was found to be a powerful and specific inhibitor of neisseria gonorrhoeae. although 28 other species of bacteria were tested, including neisseria meningitidis, neisseria pharyngis var flava, neisseria lactamica, and neisseria catarrhalis, we failed to find any others sensitive to saliva under similar conditions. the physical properties of the inhibitory substance indicated that it might be salivary alpha-amylase. to test this hypothesis alpha-amylase was extracted from saliva and was sho ...1979106919
results of total body irradiation in the treatment of advanced non-hodgkin's body irradiation (tbi) was used as primary therapy for 58 previously untreated patients with stage iii or iv non-hodgkin's lymphoma (nhl). 150 rad was administered, with 15 rad fractions twice a week, with careful monitoring of hematologic status. thrombocytopenia was the most frequent complication, which resolved in all except 4 patients. survival at 8 years was 52%, with 14% relapse-free survival. patients with nodular histology had a more favorable prognosis than those with diffuse hist ...1998106956
controlled clinical studies with an antidote against the urotoxicity of oxazaphosphorines: preliminary results.a randomized study in 20 patients with cancer was carried out to test the clinical efficacy of sodium-2-mercaptoethane sulfonate (asta d-7093; mesnum) as an agent to prevent urotoxic side effects (in particular, hemorrhagic cystitis) during cytostatic therapy with the oxazaphosphorines cyclophosphamide and ifosfamide. eleven patients received mesnum iv and nine patients received a standard prophylaxis. the frequency of microhematuria was significantly lower in the patients receiving mesnum. a sl ...1998106965
production, purification, and properties of dextransucrase from leuconostoc mesenteroides nrrl b-512f.the production of dextransucrase from leuconostoc mesenteroides nrrl b-512f was stimulated 2-fold by the addition of 0.005% of calcium chloride to the medium; levansucrase levels were unaffected. dextransucrase was purified by concentration and dialysis of the culture supernatant with a bio-fiber 80 miniplant, and by treatment with dextranase followed by chromatography on bio-gel a-fm. a 240-fold purification, with a specific activity of 53 u/mg, was obtained. contaminating enzyme activities of ...1979106966
liver transplantation. 1979107000
[infection in biliary surgery. per and post-operative bacteriological study (author's transl)]. 1998107009
effect of human serum thymic factor on immature t lymphocytes in acute leukemia and other hematologic 37 patients with acute leukemia and in 13 patients with other hematologic malignancies, e-rosette formation of peripheral blood mononuclear cells, before and after incubation with human serum thymic factor, was studied. this assay showed that incubation with thymic factor caused a clear-cut increase of e-rosette-forming cells in 8 of the 37 acute leukemia patients. among the 13 patients with other hematologic malignancies, a similar effect was observed in two with pediatric hodgkin's disease ...1978107146
acetylated methylmannose polysaccharide of streptomyces griseus. locations of the acetyl groups.the positions of esterification of the 4 to 5 acetyl residues in the acetylated methylmannose-containing polysaccharide from streptomyces griseus have been established by the methyl replacement technique, wherein ester substituents are specifically replaced with methyl ether substituents. the newly incorporated methyl groups were distinguished from 3-o-methyl groups by the use of polysaccharide containing radioactively labeled endogenous methyl groups. the positions of methyl group localization ...1979107171
symposium on lipoxygenase: its biochemistry, products, and role in plant and animal chemistry. 1998107206
effects of dietary composition on somatomedin activity in growing rats. 1979107298
perinatal care and cost effectiveness: changes in health expenditures and birth outcome following the establishment of a nurse-midwife program.estimates of infant health status and expenditures for perinatal care are presented for periods of time before and after implementation of a nurse-midwife program in rural georgia. as the program developed, the infant mortality rate of the four counties served by the program showed a decrease. similarly, the target population (pregnant women of low to moderate income who had no private physician) experienced decreases in the rate of neonatal mortality, low birthweight, and short gestational age. ...1998107372
tympanostomy tubes, their use, abuse, and cost-benefit ratio.tympanostomy tubes are employed when middle ear ventilation is indicated, particularly when other forms of treatment have failed. few other uses have broad acceptance. any other insertion of a ventilating tube implies abuse, either through error in diagnosis or deliberate misapplication. hard statistical data relating to abuse are impossible to obtain, but ample illustrations can be cited. the cost-benefit ratio is difficult to assess. cost of a myringotomy and tube versus the cost of a tympanom ...1998107381
the genetic toxicology of phenoxy acids other than 2,4,5-t. 1998107443
[preparation of extracellular ribonuclease from bacillus subtilis].the paper describes a method for isolating alkaline ribonuclease from the culture liquid bacillus subtilis kp 349 which involved: submerged cultivation of the producer on complex and synthetic nutrient media with optimized rnase activity, acid treatment of the total culture liquid, and filtration through perlite. further treatment may include either spray drying of the culture liquid filtrate or its concentration in a vacuum evaporator, dialysis of the concentrate against distilled water, and d ...1978107517
[malabsorption syndrome (classification and diagnosis)]. 1998107557
fat-induced jejunal inhibition of gastric acid secretion and release of pancreatic glucagon, enteroglucagon, gastric inhibitory polypeptide, and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide in man.the effect of intrajejunal (i.j.) infusion of fat on meal-stimulated gastric acid secretion and release of pancreatic glucagon (pg), enteroglucagon (eg), gastric inhibitory polypeptide (gip), and vasoactive intestinal polypeptide (vip) was studied in seven healthy volunteers. i.j. fat markedly inhibited meal-stimulated acid secretion as compared to a control study with i.j. saline infusion. the acid inhibition was accompanied by augmental plasma concentrations of eg, gip, and vip but not of pg, ...1979107575
frequency and fate of human renal allografts contaminated prior to transplantation.bacterial cultures were done from donor ureter and/or graft perfusion fluid on 92 of 112 patients who had renal transplantations during 1977. three samples of perfusion fluid and 14 samples of donor ureter contained bacteria. in nine cases there was a gram-positive organism, and in 10 cases a gram-negative rod was (among) the contaminant(s). there was no difference in the rate of graft survival, patient survival, or in the frequency of major postoperative complications between the two groups. on ...1979107605
the viability of cryopreserved aegyptianella pullorum carpano, 1928 in the vector argas (persicargas) walkerae kaiser and hoogstraal, 1969. 1979107668
reduced uptake of oestrone and corticosterone by cells from cirrhotic rat liver. 1979107697
adverse hemodynamic and ultrastructural changes in dog hearts subjected to protein-calorie the absence of thiamine deficiency, the specific effects of protein-calorie malnutrition on left ventricular (l.v.) function are unknown. mature beagle dogs of both sexes were subjected to a hypocaloric, nitrogen-poor diet which resulted in a weight loss of approximately 40% after seven weeks. following preparation of this nutritional model, myocardial contractility was assessed acutely by obtaining isovolumetric l.v. contractions on cardiopulmonary bypass at constant heart rate, mean aortic ...1979107775
spinal cord evaluation by cortical evoked ten monkeys, selective segmental lesions of the dorsal columns at the upper thoracic and middle cervical levels resulted in almost total attenuation of the cortical evoked potential responses to peripheral nerve stimulation. conversely isolated segmental dorsal column preservation showed intact transmission of the evoked responses at rostral spinal cord, nucleus ventralis posterior lateralis, and cortical levels. responses recorded from the intralaminar thalamic nuclei in the region of nucleu ...1979107931
the organization, methods, and experience of a parenteral nutrition service.malnutrition is an important component of prolonged illness. parenteral nutrition can improve nutritional status, and its use is now common practice in certain disease states. in this paper the methods used by a parenteral nutrition service are described. the indications for, results from, and complications of, this form of therapy are also documented. this has been done on the basis of results obtained from a prospective survey of the use of parenteral nutrition in a major hospital over a one-y ...1998107937
[in vitro biosynthesis of beta-lipotropin in brain tissue].we have recently developed methods to identify biosynthetized beta-endorphin and beta-lipotropin (beta-lph) following incubation of rat pars intermedia with radioactive amino acids. we used the same approach for rat brain tissue. in the striatum we found a peptide similar to beta-lph while its identification in hypothalamus was less positive. this is the first demonstration of such biosynthesis and it could well be an important step in determining the biosynthetic patterns of cerebral endorphins ...1979108023
fascioloides magna: development in selected nonruminant mammalian hosts. 1979108129
inverse correlation between species life span and capacity of cultured fibroblasts to metabolize polycyclic hydrocarbon carcinogens.many investigators have hypothesized that the aging process may result from an accumulation of dna damage, and, if valid, this necessitates a means by which this accumulation can be related to the potential life span of an organism. using an assay for cell-mediated mutagenesis, we have tested multiple diploid fibroblast strains from six mammalian species of widely differing life spans, and found a very good inverse correlation between species life span and ability to activate 7,12-dimethylbenz(a ...1998108138
accumulation of iron by yersiniae.escherichia coli, bacillus megaterium, and three species of yersiniae grew rapidly without significant production of soluble siderophores in a defined iron-sufficient medium (20 microm fe3+). in iron-deficient medium (0.1 to 0.3 microm fe3+) all organisms showed reduced growth, and there was extensive production of siderophores by e. coli and b. megaterium. release of soluble siderophores by yersinia pestis, y. pseudotuberculosis, or y. enterocolitica in this medium was not detected. citrate (1 ...1979108243
isolation and characterization of bacterial flagellar hook proteins from salmonellae and escherichia coli.flagellar hook proteins from salmonella and escherichia coli were dissociated in acid and purified by diethylamino-ethyl-cellulose column chromatography. these two proteins had the same electrophoretic mobility in sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gels. however, analytical electrofocusing patterns showed that these proteins had different isoelectric points (4.7 for salmonella typhimurium and 4.4 for e. coli). immunodiffusion and immuno-electron microscopy carried out with antisera prepared a ...1979108251
ultrasonic visualization of wirsung's duct: dream or reality?ultrasonic visualization of normal and pathological wirsung's ducts has become quite common, especially with the newest gray scale units. ductal images were studied in 17 cases of quiescent chronic pancreatitis. duct dilatation could be identified in the majority1998108297
ultrasound evaluation of hydronephrosis of pregnancy.four hundred ninety-two patients, including 449 pregnant patients, 39 nonpregnant control patients, and 4 patients with pelvic masses, had renal ultrasonography using gray scale technique. measurements of renal pelvic diameters in the normal pregnant patients revealed an overall incidence of 63 percent renal pelvic dilatation over the nonpregnant controls. maximum normal renal pelvic diameters were 1.1 cm on the right and 0.9 cm on the left. the maximum normal expected renal pelvic diameter (97. ...1998108310
tuberculosis of the mandible presenting as 'lumpy jaw'. 1979108413
[heredity in eye diseases. ii. foundations of ophthalmological genetics (author's transl)]. 1998108459
identification of 15-keto-9, 11-peroxidoprosta-5, 13- dienoic acid as a hematin-catalyzed decomposition product of 15-hydroperoxy-9, 11-peroxidoprosta-5, 13-dienoic acid.a labile prostaglandin was isolated as one of the products generated from [1-14c] eicosatetraenoic acid incubated with sheep vesicular gland microsomes. the eicosatetraenoic acid metabolite amounted to ca. 16% of the total radiolabeled products. formation of this new prostaglandin was prevented when heat-denatured microsomes were employed or when incubation mixtures were supplemented with indomethacin or phenol. however, incubation of prostaglandin g2 (pgg2) with hematin in the presence or absen ...1979108495
pantothenase. 1979108511
[diagnosis of magnesium deficiency should be encouraged (proceedings)]. 1998108548
[transparency list. mmw 121 (1979) 81, 125]. 1998108555
[is tetracycline treatment of respiratory tract infections still appropriate?]. 1998108568
intraoperative circulatory collapse secondary to rapid infusion of plasmanate. 1998108615
[feeding of patients following total laryngectomy]. 1998108651
dietary modification of amphetamine stereotyped behaviour: the action of tryptophan, methionine, and lysine.rats fed diets high in tryptophan, methionine, and tryptophan plus methionine or lysine were subsequently injected with 10 mg/kg d-amphetamine. the amount of amphetamine-induced stereotyped behaviour observed varied as a function of the dietary addition, with methionine showing the greatest difference to controls, and lysine the least. whole brain catecholamine levels and 5-hydroxytryptamine levels also showed amino acid-specific changes.1979108724
tryptophan antidepressant 'physiological sedative': fact or fancy?some recent publications relating to the allegedly antidepressive and sedative effects of l-tryptophan the precursor of 5-ht have been reviewed. the evidence to date suggests that the amino acid is as effective as standard tricyclic drugs in alleviating the symptoms of depression, especially those cases presenting with mainly psychomotor retardation, and is synergistic with maois. l-tryptophan would also appear to be a 'physiological sedative'. this action, however, appears to be related to the ...1998108727
evidence of a high-activity c type of carbonic anhydrase in human ciliary processes.carbonic anhydrase activity was found in the ciliary process of fresh human donor eyes, originating from an enzyme antigenically similar to the erythrocyte high-activity isoenzyme hca c. it was sensitive to inhibition by acetazolamide and resistant to inhibition by halides like hca c. the enzyme is probably identical with hca c. its tissue concentration was one fifth to one tenth of that in the human kidney. the erythrocyte low-activity isoenzyme hca b was also found in the processes as a contam ...1979110722
a vertical couch extender. 2000110741
lethal effect of protamine and histone on competent bacillus subtilis cells. inhibition of genetic transformation by protamine in sublethal concentration.under experimental conditions of genetic transformation, protamine and total histone were bactericidal for bacillus subtilis cells. the abilities to cause lethality were very similar for both, either protamine or histone, with no antagonistic effects amongst these natural polycations. with both basic proteins acting simultaneously the enhancement was higher than a summation of the separate lethal effects. sublethal concentration of protamine added at the beginning of transformation time, produce ...1979111002
[melanin-producing strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa]. 1979111005
[determination of serum digitoxin by means of a solid-phase enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (author's transl)].a solid-phase elisa-technique for clinical applications is described. it requires little apparatus other than a photometer and allows the rapid determination of serum digitoxin levels. it differs from the original technique only in the sample volume being smaller and a digitoxin calibration curve being required. concurrent assays by a reference method (86rb-erythrocyte assay) gave results in excellent agreement with the values obtained by the modified elisa-technique on samples from patients und ...2000111013
evaluation of high-protein supplements in children with protein energy malnutrition.the present study was designed to test the comparative efficacy of cow's milk, a protein, vitamin and mineral mixture (pvm) and soybean textured vegetable protein (somos) as supplements to maize meal porridge in the dietary treatment of children with protein energy malnutrition (pem). each diet was designed to provide approximately 480 kj/kg with 2 protein/kg from the test protein, and 1,8 g protein/kg from maize. response to treatment was measured by loss of oedema, subsequent weight gain, rate ...1979111358
sector-related variation on psychosocial dimensions in long-term care for the aged.quality psychosocial care was investigated among residents living in nonprofit homes, in proprietary nursing homes offering services primarily to privately paying consumers, and in homes that serve primarily medicaid beneficiaries. a sector-related trend was found with regard to the care quality but not with regard to the importance attributed by residents to psychosocial dimensions of care.2000111361
cerebellar cortical atrophy in an adult japanese macaque. 1979111404
neutralizing influenza antibodies, iga and total protein in the nasopharyngeal secretions of subjects vaccinated by nasal route with the inactivated influenza vaccine prepared in the "stefan s. nicolau" institute of virology.intranasal administration of two doses of the inactivated influenza vaccine prepared in the "stefan s. nicolau" institute of virology was followed by rises in the level of neutralizing secretory influenza antibodies in 82% of the cases. the concomitant study of secretory antibody, iga and total protein levels, as well as of the serum hai influenza antibodies demonstrated that their evolution was parallel only in 23% of the vaccinees. the percentage of secretory antibody conversion was similar to ...1979111408
[bactericidal effect of disinfectants on various strains of mycobacterium tuberculosis]. 1979113848
mechanisms of generation of signals in vertebrate photoreceptors.the electrical responses of rods are analyzed in different ionic environments. it is shown that the dark level of the membrane potential is predominantly determined by a sodium current, while the peak of responses to bright light is controlled by the concentration of external potassium. the sag from the peak to the plateau of photoresponses seems to be generated by different ionic mechanism. the effects produced by substituting the external calcium with egta are also analyzed. it is suggested th ...2000113882
pharmacological modification of experimental tardive dyskinesia.cebus apella monkeys subjected to chronic haloperidol administration develop neurologic disturbances very similar to neuroleptic-induced acute dystonia human beings. after varying lengths of time, certain monkeys develop a prolonged dyskinetic syndrome resembling tardive dyskinesia (td), as seen clinically. two monkeys with signs of td were given single intramuscular injections of various compounds with known effects on the catecholaminergic, cholinergic, serotoninergic and gaba-ergic neurotrans ...1979115227
pancreatic transplantation in cases of diabetes complicated by renal insufficiency. 1979115240
the primer trna for moloney murine leukemia virus dna synthesis. nucleotide sequence and aminoacylation of trnapro.the nucleotide sequence of a trna primer molecule for initiation of moloney murine leukemia virus dna synthesis has been determined. the sequence is heterogeneous in two positions but both forms, when drawn in a cloverleaf structure, have anticodon specificities for proline. we have termed these isoacceptors trna1pro and trna2pro. aminoacylation studies confirmed the specificity for proline. the two forms occur in approximately equal amounts in uninfected mouse and chicken cells and in moloney l ...1979115865
sensitization of myelinated nociceptive afferents that innervate monkey hand. 1979115969
an x-ray cephalometric analysis of premaxillary growth in operated and unoperated baboons (papio cynocephalus).rates of growth of the premaxilla in baboons, which have undergone removal of the nasal septum, and unoperated controls are compared using x-ray cephalometric analysis and direct measures. it is found that our x-ray analysis without the use of metallic implants is not sensitive enough to detect changes of growth rate which are detectable through direct measurement.1999116005
[experimental protective of fraction i of the plague microbe].the immunogenic properties of the freeze-dried preparation of fraction i tisolated from the culture of avirulent pasteurella pestis strain were studied in experiments on hamadryas baboons, guinea-pigs and white mice. the preparation was found to have a pronounced protective effect in hamadryas baboons and white mice, especially when the preparation was used in mixture with incomplete freund adjuvant. in hamadryas baboons resistance to infection was shown to correlate with hemagglutionation antib ...1979116458
spontaneous zinc deficiency in marmosets, saguinus mystax.moustached marmosets, saguinus mystax, developed alopecia, skin lesions and general debilitation approximately 6 months after being brought into our laboratory. these lesions resembled the signs of zinc deficiency in pigs, rats and squirrel monkeys. the marmosets were fed a commercial monkey diet containing 150 parts per million zinc and about 100 g of apples and oranges per week. the addition of 40 parts per million zinc to the drinking water brought about improvement in hair coat and skin cond ...1979117220
[immunochemical study of heterogenous antigens y. pestis ev similar to human red cells].franctions containing heterogenous antigens y. pestis ev similar to human red cells can be obtained by the method of immunosorption of antigens by fixed antibodies on polyacrylamide gel.1979117851
autogenous boiled tumor bone immediate grafting of the mandible. 2002117992
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