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some biological properties of bacteriophages s13 and theta x-174. 195813513602
salmonella and shigella in british guiana. 195813514842
[concept of shigella species]. 195813509324
[biological characteristics of diphtherial bacteriophages. ii. adsorption capacity of bacteriophages; properties of secondary phago-resistant strains of shigella; antigenic properties of phages]. 195813626109
[determination of infestation of home objects with shigella with the aid of phage titer growth]. 195813626132
[rate and degree of adaptation to antibiotics of shigella]. 195813626142
[effect of chemotherapy and of active immunization on protein fractions in experimental newcastle dysentery]. 195813626145
[a new bacterial strain from the shigella family]. 195813626149
[effect of vitamin b group on the development of shigella]. 195813632410
[fibrinolytic activation in case of severe abruptio placentae]. 195813633560
serum spheroplasts of shigella dysenteriae. 195913634160
studies on the thermolabile antigens of shigella flexneri y. 195913634969
determination of the immunogenic value of boivin antigens by means of haemagglutination-inhibition test. 195913634970
salmonella and shigella infections in africa. 195913635117
[not available]. 195913638355
the catalase activity of shigella flexneri. 195913642213
[not available]. 195913643652
[unusual behavior of rabbit shigella sonnei r immune sera in indirect hemagglutination]. 195913648579
[apocholate citrate agar for isolation of shigella and salmonella bacteria]. 195913648745
[luminescent micro-agglutination of bacteria]. 195913648854
[studies on lytic properties of dysenterial bacteriophages in mouse organism infected by flexner's bacillus]. 195913648857
[significance of experimental keratoconjunctivitis in immunological studies on dysentery]. 195913648866
[sensitivity to colicines and colicine-producing properties of the shigella group]. 195913651409
[certain current aspects of epidemiology, therapy and prevention of bacillary dysentery. i. sulfonamide-resistance of shigella]. 195913652158
[survival and multiplication of typho-paratyphoid and dysenterial bacilli in water]. 195913653395
[effect of ionizing radiations on the course of dysenterial infection]. 195913656217
[intradermal reactions with hydrolysate of flexner's & sonne's bacilli (d. a. tsuverkalov) in various disorders of the gastrointestinal tract in children]. 195913657628
the mutation rate of phase i shigella sonnei to phase ii. 195913659121
[a coliform bacterium containing an antigen related to shigella flexneri]. 195913660312
[considerations on the classification of shigella]. 195913660407
[quantitative content of complete antigen in flexner's bacillus of various serotypes and its immunogenic activity]. 195913660413
[resistance of shigella to sulfanilamide]. 195913660415
[thio-specific staining of shigella flexneri c with the aid of luminescence antibodies]. 195913660416
[certain data on the nature of atypical strains of shigella]. 195913660426
[role of atypical variants of flexner's bacillus in the appearance of infectious experimental process]. 195913660427
resistance of shigella flexneri to tetracyclines, chloramphenicol and streptomycin; a study of 131 freshly isolated strains. 195913661531
the changes of shigella shigae toxin toxicity induced by phenol. 195913662524
the survival of shigella sonnei on cotton threads. 195913664989
[studies on biological properties of shigella newcastle. i. biochemical properties of shigella newcastle]. 195913666421
[survival of typhoid and dysenterial bacilli in sea water]. 195913666422
[effect of synthomycin on dysenterial toxin and on experimental dysenterial intoxication]. 195913666425
frequency of carriers of salmonellae, shigellae, and pathogenic caliform organisms in normal children under 5 years. 195913666715
[septicemia caused by bacterium alkalescens]. 195913668627
[antibiotic and sulfonamide therapy of dysentery and their effects on shigella]. 195913668868
the rate of spontaneous lysis of lysogenic bacteria. 195913669301
[food poisoning caused by sonne's bacillus]. 195913669368
[detection of causative organisms of dysenterial infections during mass bacteriological examinations]. 195913669374
[effect of calcium on phage penetration into various sensitive bacteria]. 195913670525
[a mechanism of a protracted collapse in bacterial intoxication at an early stage of development]. 195913671061
[epidemic shigella sonnei infection in 1955]. 195913674477
a comparison of various methods of estimating mutation rates for the system phase-i to phase-ii shigella sonnei. 195913675868
[lipid-protein complexes in shigella]. 195913676390
[use of a method of phage titer increase for investigation of objects of the external environment]. 195913676847
[survival time of dysentery bacilli in feces]. 195913676849
[data on the comparative survival of the boyd-novgorodskaia iii & sonne dysentery bacilli in water & milk]. 195913676850
the bacteriology of the bantu food-handler: enterobacteriaceae. 195913802268
[relation of bacteriophage reproduction to bacterial culture conditions]. 195913802842
[synthetic media for the culture of dysenterial flexner's bacilli]. 195913802843
[importance of shigella infections in the pathology of dakar natives]. 195913797827
[data for the study of biological properties of dysenterial strains investigated on chick embryos and in experimental dysenterial keratoconjunctivitis]. 195913798399
the back mutation rate of lactose-positive variants of shigella sonnei. 195913810866
the late lactose-fermenting property of shigella sonnei. 195913810867
experimental shigellosis in mice. ii. immunological responses to shigella dysenteriae type 2 infection. 195913811789
experimental shigellosis in mice. i. chronic infection with shigella dysenteriae type 2. 195913811790
[carbohydrate composition of specific polysaccharides of certain types of pathogenic bacteria of the enteric group]. 195913819480
[biological characteristics and classification of shigella newcastle bacteriophages]. 195913820707
[sanitary-index role of dysenterial bacteriophages in the framework of the current state of the theory of bacteriophage]. 195913823238
experimental shigella infections. ii. characteristics of a fatal enteric infection in guinea pigs following the subcutaneous inoculation of carbon tetrachloride. 195913823968
[on the preparation and properties of i131-labeled antigens of dysenterial bacteria]. 195913829179
[active immunization against bacterial dysentery. i. general characteristics and classification of dysenterial bacilli]. 195913829904
[shigella and salmonella findings in monkeys. a contribution to the problem of the importation of pathogenic intestinal bacteria]. 195913830625
[on the utilization of citrate in the tribe of the escherichieae]. 195913836454
[on the problem of the application of luminescence analysis for the detection of dysenterial bacilli in food products]. 195913840560
[on the diffusion of "natural" anti-shigella antibodies in the rural population]. 195913842377
[studies on certain properties of levomycetin-resistant dysenterial bacilli]. 195913847085
[medicinal sensitivity of dysenterial bacilli]. 195913847594
[procedure for diagnosis of the "enterobacteriaceae"]. 195913848052
shigella bacteria in rattus norvegicus. 195913849741
[role of the sympathetic and parasympathetic innervations of the intestine in the development of dysenterial intoxication in puppies]. 195913850259
the indirect haemagglutination test in dysentery caused by shigella sonnei and shigella flexneri. 195913852176
[on the problem of the duration of survival of dysenterial bacilli in feces]. 195913852608
[mass culture of pathogenic intestinal bacteria. part i. the culture process]. 195913853173
[studies on a thermo-labile antigen and on its immunogenic properties in types c and f flexner dysenterial bacilli]. 195913852633
laboratory diagnosis of shigella and salmonella infections. 195914403118
on antigenic o-relationships between the groups salmonella, arizona, escherichia and shigella). 195914404249
the international pyrogen reference accordance with authorization given by the who expert committee on biological standardization in 1950, the national institute for medical research, london, obtained samples of two bacterial pyrogens and arranged for an international study of their pyrogenic properties in rabbits. the results of this study showed that the dose response curves were flat and there was a large variation in response within and between colonies of was agreed that some reference preparation was needed. th ...195914405368
[exocrine function of the pancreas in experimental dysenterial intoxication and the mechanism of its disorders]. 195914405806
[effect of phosphorus esters of hexoses on the growth and certain metabolic reactions in dvsenterial and coli bacilli]. 195914406103
[on the relationship between individual species of dysenterial bacteria]. 195914408808
[relationship between certain unusual variants obtained during the process of variability from flexner's bacillus]. 195914410840
[mechanism of action of chloramphenicol. iii. effect of chloramphenicol on the assimilation of pyruvic acid by various types of bacteria]. 195914411121
[mechanism of action of levomycetin (chloramphenicol). iv. effect of levomycetin on pyroracemic acid metabolism in colon and flexner's bacilli and its relation to the degree of culture medium aeration]. 195914411122
[biological properties of shigella sonnei and flexneri during their cultivation on synthetic media in aerated cultures]. 195914411438
[rules of multiplication of dysenterial bacilli in synthetic media during aeration]. 195914411439
[distribution and time of retention of shigella flexneri in the organisms of passively-immunized white mice]. 195914411508
[epidemiological importance of e. alcalescens]. 195914411746
serological identification of shigella flexneri by means of fluorescent antibody. 195914413244
[absorption of labeled antigen of shigella newcastle from the intestine into the blood in laboratory animal experiments]. 195914416638
the nutritional requirements of various types of shigella. 195914416674
[effect of combinations of certain antibiotics on dysenterial bacteria]. 195914418825
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