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the survival of shigella in sewage. i. an effect of sewage and fecal suspensions on shigella flexneri. 195613283537
studies on the metabolism of shigella. i. the occurrence of a tricarboxylic acid cycle in shigella flexneri. 195713416203
[mechanism of dysenterial intoxication. ii. effect of dysenterial toxin and anatoxin on intestinal chemoreceptors]. 195713522795
[course of a dysentery epidemic of a shigella ambigua (schmitz) type in a sanatorium]. 195713504069
[biochemical and serological properties of shigella boydii]. 195713505354
[studies of the characteristics of the symbiotic phage obtained by the lysogenization of strains of shigella flexneri compared with the lytic phage, agent of such lysogenizations]. 195713506866
mechanism of the desoxycholate-citrate medium for the isolation of dysentery bacilli. ii. roles of desoxycholate. 195713549135
[research on the sensitivity of shigella to heterologous bacteriophage]. 195713543235
[biological tests on guinea pigs in identification of shigella dysenteriae]. 195713544173
[production of total antigen preparations of sonne's and kruze's bacteria. ii]. 195713544547
[intensity of infestation and rate of purification of guinea pig organisms from shigella dysenteriae of guinea pig organisms during ascorbic acid feeding]. 195713544579
[an attempt to preserve the immunogenic properties and virulence of typhoid, paratyphoid and dysenterial strains]. 195713525069
the prevalence of salmonella, shigella and typhoid phage types in jamaica. 195713558059
effect of chloramphenicol on lysogenization by temperate phage p1. 195713456369
[filtrable forms of salmonella typhosa, salmonella paratyphi, and shigella dysenteriae; method of production and regeneration modifying variability]. 195713457219
[study and detection methods of the nature of atypical strains]. 195713457244
[microbiological characteristics of new types of dysenterial bacilli isolated in dnepropetrovsk]. 195713457247
[gas exchange as an indicator of viability of bacterial cultures of the intestinal group]. 195713457249
[characteristics of some atypical cultures isolated from water]. 195713457252
[study of microbial drug resistance]. 195713457254
[changes in serological, antigenic and immunogenic characteristics, of virulence and toxicity in shigella dysenteriae resistant to an antibiotic grisemine]. 195713457259
[presence of salmonella, s. typhi, shigella & escherichia coli oiii b4, 055:b5 & 026:b6, in 13, 545 specimens of fecal material examined in hospital infantil in mexico city]. 195713459968
[isolation of shigella, salmonella & coli enteropathogens in rectal swabs of 802 cases of sporadic diarrhea]. 195713459969
[changes in toxicity of shigella shigae toxin in ontogenesis]. 195713461001
[certain properties of shigella shigae toxin. vii]. 195713461118
formation of agglutinins to shigella paradysenteriae by transfer of lymph node cells. 195713461938
[food poisoning caused by shigella; two epidemics in the bari region in 1954]. 195713464570
[origin of natural antibodies; data and research on anti-flexner agglutinins]. 195713465099
effects of bacterial toxins in the organism. 195713466192
[aerobiosis of two flexner strains and oneanaerobic strains (cl. perfringens)]. 195713468645
[role of cations in bacteriophage fixation on sensitive bacteria. i. effect of cation concentration on bacteriophage fixation on various sensitive strains]. 195713470418
[conjunctival inoculation of dysentery bacilli in guinea pig]. 195713470469
field and laboratory studies with typhoid vaccines: a preliminary report: yugoslav typhoid 1953 the yugoslav typhoid commission organized the first strictly controlled field trial of two types of anti-typhoid vaccine-alcoholized and phenolized-in an attempt to determine the relative and absolute effectiveness of each. they were tested against a phenolized control vaccine prepared from strains of shigella flexneri, type ii.this preliminary report gives the basic information on the conditions of the trial, in which 35 508 persons completed the course of two injections, and shows the ...195713472436
[new volatile buffer for use in chromatography and electrophoresis]. 195713473821
[effect of the neurotoxin of shigella shigae on susceptibility to cramps]. 195713473827
a medium for shigella dysenteriae under anaerobic conditions. 195713475259
hybridization between escherichia coli and shigella. 195713475269
[immunological research on intestinal bacteria with dextran preparations. i. virulence enhancing effect]. 195713478070
isolation of a rough somatic antigen from shigella dysenteriae. 195713479473
[amino acid decarboxylases in shigella dysenteriae]. 195713479498
[problem of sulfonamide-resistance in shigella]. 195713479892
[microbiological characteristics of newcastle's dysenterial bacteria isolated in dnepropetrovsk]. 195713486913
[identification of atypical dysenterial bacteria]. 195713486915
[characteristics of non-agglutinating dysenterial bacteria]. 195713486917
[immunochemical examination of antigenic substances obtained by various methods from dysenterial bacteria grown on a synthetic medium]. 195713486922
[mechanism of dysentery intoxication. i. intestinal interoceptive reflexes under experimental dysenteric intoxication]. 195713488968
the hexose constituents of some shigella polysaccharide hydrolysates. 195713491803
[hospital infections with salmonella and shigella in berlin hospitals]. 195713493941
[effect of increased carbon dioxide concentrations on growth and respiratory activity of shigella flexneri]. 195713497192
[problem of crossed resistance of shigella dysenteriae to antibiotics]. 195713497196
[biological properties of strains causing flexner's dysentery]. 195713497197
[significance of quantitative content of complete antigen in shigella dysenteriae cultures in lytic activity of bacteriophage]. 195713497215
[role of the glomerular apparatus in the mechanism of renal excretion of dysenterial antigens]. 195713499541
[aberrant colibacteria with the somatic antigen of shigella sonnei in phase i]. 195713509444
[serological varieties of shigella flexneri types 1, 2, 3 & 4]. 195713510034
[studies on antigenic structure of shigella flexneri strains lacking type antigen]. 195713510035
[e. coli strain (5444-80) having identical antigens with shigella flexneri 3]. 195713510036
[e. coli strain (3558-52) having identical antigens with shigella flexneri 5 (p 119 x+)]. 195713510037
[studies on phages for shigella bacilli]. 195713510038
[sensitivity of shigella & alkalescens-dispar strains to sulfonamides (sulfathiazole, sulfaguanidine) & antibiotics (aureomycin, chloromycetin, streptomycin)]. 195713510047
[sensitivity of salmonella typhosa, salmonella typhimurium, shigella flexneri & escherichia coli (enteropathogenic) to chloramphenicol, to tetracycline & to the combination of these antibiotics]. 195713510312
the action of the shigella shigae toxin after intracerebral injection. 195713525725
a study of some questions of pathogenicity and immunity in dysentery using experimental models of shigella keratoconjunctivitis in guinea pigs. 195713525733
[clinical comparison of specific intestinal infections in infants]. 195713531358
[data on variability of flexner's bacillus in leukocyte culture medium]. 195713531810
[studies on the effectiveness of combined action of antibiotics on bacteria of the dysenterial group]. 195713531816
[resistance of shigella dysenteriae to norsulfazone and synthomycin]. 195713531818
[epidemiological characteristics of carriage of shigella dysenteriae by normal subjects]. 195713531838
[antibiotic properties of shigella dysenteriae]. 195713531863
[studies on the effect of certain nitrofuranes on shigella dysenteriae]. 195713531865
[studies on certain problems of pathogenesis of immunity in dysentery with the aid of experimental dysenterial keratoconjunctivitis in guinea pigs]. 195713531895
[infection of utensils with shigella dysenteriae in infective foci and their epidemiological role]. 195713531898
[biological properties of flexner's and sonne's strains of shigella dysenteriae resistant to antibiotics]. 195713423767
[detection of shigella dysenteriae in artificially contaminated water with the aid of reaction of increase of phage titer]. 195713423769
[epidemiology of shigella sonnei. ii. phage typing]. 195713425098
[epidemiology of sh. sonnei. iii. in vitro modification of sh. sonnei bacteriophage]. 195713425117
[significance of hapten precipitation test in determination of the survival of dysentery bacilli in water]. 195713428044
[food poisoning of dysenterial etiology]. 195713428056
development of sulfadiazine resistance during an outbreak of shigellosis due to shigella sonnei form i. 195713410391
[contribution to the epidemiology of shigella sonnei. i. biochemical characteristics]. 195713411696
[antigenic relations between proteus morganii and shigella flexneri]. 195713411697
studies on the homotransfer of suspensions of lymphnode cells. 195713411940
inhibition of mitochondrial respiration and uncoupling of oxidative phosphorylation by fractions of the shigella paradysenteriae type iii-somatic antigen. 195713412131
the toxicity of some bacterial filtrates for mice pre-infected with eperythrozoon coccoides. 195713436724
a study of the tannic acid hemagglutination test with antigenic substances of shigella flexneri. 195713439207
e. coli strain (5444-80) having identical antigens with s. flexneri 3. 195713442626
e. coli strain (3558-52) having identical antigens with s. flexneri 5 (p119 x+). 195713442627
[modification of antigenic composition of certain parenchvmatous organs in white mice infected with shigella dysenteriae and streptococcus]. 195713445950
[presence of shigella and salmonella in fish and in waters of grands lacs of belgium congo and ruanda-urundi]. 195713446578
[influence of homogenates of various tissues on poisoning with shigella shigea toxin]. 195713449842
[data on biology of shigella sonnei. i. biological effect of total shigella sonnei antigen]. 195713451191
[data on biology of shigella sonnei. ii. antigenic properties of total antigen of shigella sonnei]. 195713451192
the manchester variety of shigella flexneri 6 isolated in kentucky. 195713453635
bactericidal activity of rat leucocytic extracts. i. antibacterial spectrum and the subcellular localization of the bactericidal activity.all extract of polymorphonuclear leucocytes of the rat, prepared by means of ultrasonic vibration, was found to be bactericidal against m. aureus. the bactericidal activity was primarily confined to the mitochondrial fraction of the leucocytes. the rat leucocyte mitochondrial extract was bactericidal against both gram-positive (m. aureus, beta-streptococci, diplococcus pneumoniae, corynebacterium diphtheriae) and gram-negative (shigella dysenteriae, salmonella enteritidis, pasteurella pestis) ba ...195713428920
agglutinating efficiency and combining capacity of shigella and vibrio antisera from rabbits at different stages of immunization.studies of the relative combining capacities of different antisera to vibrio cholerae and shigella flexneri were carried out using the talmage test. in this test the absorption of an i(131) labelled antibody preparation by antigen is blocked by the addition of unlabelled unknown serum. sera from rabbits in the early stages of immunization ("early antisera") had a high agglutinin titer, but low combining capacity. sera from hyperimmune rabbits ("late antisera") had higher combining capacities tha ...195713428929
use of different i 131-labelled antibody eluates in the characterization of shigella and vibrio antisera.the results presented indicate that blocking curves of decreased slope are obtained with the talmage test when the labelled antibody eluate contains a portion of antibody which is not represented in the unknown serum. the blocking curves of late antisera had steeper slopes than those of early antisera when tested against labelled antibody eluates prepared from late antisera. this situation was reversed when labelled eluates from early antisera were used in the talmage test. the findings were int ...195713428930
microscopic characteristics of colonies of shigella flexneri 2a and 2b and their relation to antigenic composition, mouse virulence and immunogenicity. 195713429082
[application of new quantitative precipitation method to immunochemical studies on shigella shigae]. 195713430328
enhancement of pathogenicity of enterobacteriaceae for mice by wetting agents. 195713431934
comparative frequency of detection of enteropathogenic e. coli, salmonella and shigella in rectal swab cultures from infants and young children. 195713408019
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