latency of nad-dependent homoserine dehydrogenase of serratia marcescens. 1976188756
effect of saline on the releasability of alkaline phosphatase from cells of serratia marcescens.the effect of 0.9% sodium chloride solution on the release of alkaline phosphatases from cells of four strains of serratia marcescens was studied. saline had a greater action in the releasability of the enzyme on cells of the polymyxin b sensitive strains than those of the polymyxin b resistant strains. sds-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the released materials showed the presence of proteins and lipopolysaccharide components of the outer membrane as well as enzyme activity in all four str ...1976189160
comparative release of alkaline phosphatases from serratia marcescens by osmotic shock and polymyxin b treatment.the comparative release of periplasmic enzymes and proteins from two strains of serratia marcescens by osmotic shock and polymyxin b treatment was studied. there were significant qualitative and quantitative differences in the materials released by these two techniques. the osmotic shock procedure released a higher level of alkaline phosphatase activity and a greater number of protein components than the polymyxin b treatment. the molecular weights of the active components released by the two te ...1976189161
[various physiological aspects of serratia marcescens pigmented strains and their pigmentless variants with an elevated nuclease activity].some aspects of physiology of serratia marcescens pigmentless variants with elevated nuclease activity were studied. the variants are characterized by a higher respiration rate when glucose, glycerol, inositol or maltose are used as an energy substrate, a higher respiration quotient, a lower growth rate, a lower economic coefficient, and a lower thermogenesis. the growth of serratia marcescens pigmentless strains is presumed to be unbalanced.1976189164
[respiratory tract virus infections. possibilities of clinical diagnosis]. 1977190561
[a mechanism of mononucleotide formation under endonuclease hydrolysis].it has been shown under poly-a hydrolysis by endonuclease a236 in the presence of large amounts of e. coli phosphatase that the formation of mononucleotides requires the presence of terminal 5'-p in the substrate. simultaneously, it has been found for endonuclease a236 and nuclease of serratia marcescens that the products of exhaustive hydrolysis carried out in the presence of excess amounts of phosphatase contain an additional nucleoside residue as compared to the ordinary products of exhaustiv ...1976191103
effect of polymyxin b on the fatty acid composition of outer membranes from serratia marcescens. 1977191428
rat adrenocortical dynamics.1. the dynamics of the adrenocortical response to adrenocorticotrophic hormone (acth) was studied in anaesthetized, acutely hypophysectomized male rats. 2. acth test-signals were applied either in a jugular vein ('intact infused preparation') or in the aorta through the coeliac artery with the aorta ligated below this artery ('isolated in situ perfused preparation'). the adrenocortical responses were measured directly in samples serially taken from the left adrenal vein. 3. tested acth signals w ...1977191596
pyrimidine biosynthesis in serratia marcescens: a possible role for nonsequential enzyme interactions in mimicking coordinate gene expression.the coordinate expression of four sequential enzymes in the de novo pyrimidine pathway may result from the interaction of the various polypeptides of the pathway in serratia marcescens rather than represent some unit of transcriptional regulation. these interactions were defined by examining the polypeptide association observed in extracts of parental and mutant strains in a series of pleiotropic pyrimidine auxotrophs. extracts of pyre auxotrophs [processing dihydroorotate (dhoase) activity but ...1977192191
hormonal and ionic control of the glycogenolytic cascade in rat liver.1. a parallel dose-dependent activation of histone kinase, phosphorylase kinase and phosphorylase was observed in isolated hepatocytes incubated in the presence of glucagon; the effect of suboptimal concentrations of glucagon was antagonized by insulin. 2. an activation of phosphorylase which was not accompanied by a stable change in the activity of phosphorylase kinase was observed in hepatocytes incubated with phenylephrine, isoproterenol or vasopressin as well as on decapitation of unanesthet ...1977192206
surface exposure of glycosaminoglycans in resting, growing and virus transformed 3t3 cells.glycosaminoglycans (gag's) were released by trypsin from the surface of cultured mouse cells (3t3) in two different growing states: during log-growth phase and during resting due to serum starvation. doubly labelled molecules from resting cells were compared with those from growing as well as from trnsformed cells. reproducible differences in the elution pattern during ion exchange chromatography and in susceptibility to specific hydrolytic enzymes have been demonstrated: the gags pattern of gro ...1977192739
inactivation of classical and alternative pathway-activated bactericidal activity of human serum by sodium polyanetholsulfonate.sodium polyanetholsulfonate (sps) at a final concentration of at least 250 microng/ml (0.025%) was required for inhibition of the bactericidal activity of 80% (vol/vol) of fresh human serum against "promptly serum-sensitive" strains of serratia marcescens and control strain escherichia coli c, i.e., for inhibition of the classical pathway of complement activation. in contrast, sps at 125 microng/ml (0.0125%) was sufficient for neutralization of the bactericidal activity of 80% (vol/vol) fresh hu ...1977192756
the effect of polymyxin b on outer membrane of serratia marcescens: activation and dissociation of outer membrane associated alkaline phosphatase. 1977193812
subcellular distribution of steroids in rat adrenocortical tissue after incubation in vitro [proceedings]. 1977194992
factors influencing the apparent molecular weight of collagenase produced by human-skin explants. 1977195813
encephalomyocarditis virus rna. ii. polyadenylic acid requirement for efficient translation.differentially polyadenylated subpopulatons of encephalomyocarditis (emc) viral rna were isolated by affinity chromatography on oligodeoxythymidylic acid-cellulose. translation of these rna fractions in several in vitro protein-synthesizing systems, isolated from ehrlich ascites tumor cells, demonstrated that poly(a)+emc viral rna was translated two to three times more efficiently than poly(a)-emc viral rna. sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoretic analysis of the polypetides sy ...1977196111
adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate in mycobacterium phlei and mycobacterium tuberculosis h37ra.adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (camp) is present in slow growing as well as fast growing mycobacteria. apparently there does not seem to be any direct relationship between either intra- or extracellular camp content with the growth rate of bacilli. as compared to that of e. coli grown on a similar energy source, camp content is much higher in mycobacteria. camp content inside the cells remains unaltered throughout the growth period and this may be due to lack of complete utilization of the major ...1976196160
[effect of the nuclease of serratia marcescens on multiplication of candida tropicalis]. 1977196164
effects of sodium butyrate on synthesis of human chorionic gonadotrophin in trophoblastic and non-trophoblastic tumours. 1977196218
kinetics of the cytochrome c oxidase and reductase reactions in energized and de-energized mitochondria. 1977196723
[adjuvant activity of gram-negative bacteria and their structural components (author's transl)].regarding the adjuvant activity of gram-negative bacteria we have to distinguish at least 4 different potencies, i.e., 1) increase in the production of circulating antibodies during the primary and secondary immune responses; 2) induction of susceptibility to systemic anaphylaxis; 3) prompt production of experimental "allergic" diseases, and 4) increase in resistance to infections. although all gram-negative bacteria contain several structural components with adjuvant potencies, the immunopotent ...1977199540
intracellular distribution of enzymes of phospholipid metabolism in several gram-negative bacteria.cell-free extracts of salmonella typhimurium, serratia marcescens, enterobacter aerogenes, and micrococcus cerificans contained the following enzymatic activities related to phospholipid metabolism: cytidine 5'-diphospho-1,2-diacyl-sn-glycerol (cdp-diglyceride):l-serine o-phosphatidyltransferase (phosphatidylserine synthase), phosphatidylserine decarboxylase, cdp-diglyceride:sn-glycero-3-phosphate phosphatidyltransferase (phosphatidylglycerophosphate synthase), phosphatidylglycerophosphate phosp ...1977199573
effect of polymyxin b on outer membranes of serratia marcescens: morphological alterations of the outer membranes and their lipopolysaccharide components.the in vitro or the in vivo treatment of outer membranes and their lipopolysaccharide (lps) components from serratia marcescens with the antibiotic polymyxin b appeared to alter their normal morphology in a sequential manner. the normal spherodial morphology was destablized into a flattened structure after the in vitro treatment of either the resistant strain 08 or the sensitive strain bizio. the more severe in vivo treatment of the outer membranes from the resistant strain converted the flatten ...1976200827
[ultrastructural study of lipopolysaccharide and of polymyxin b-induced changes of the outer membrane of serratia marcescens (author's transl)].electron micrographs of lipopolysaccharide (lps) from serratia marcescens which have been extracted with phenol/water, suspended in dist. water and subsequently negatively stained reveale round to ovoid particles besides singular ribbon-like structures. these structures are interpreted as collapsed lps-strands of the outer membrane (om). fine structure investigations were carried out on strand-like structures which had been obtained by light alcalization of the particle suspension. partial denat ...1977201129
epstein-barr virus and cytomegalovirus antibodies in infectious mononucleosis.a method has been evolved for the demonstration of epstein-barr virus (ebv) and cytomegalovirus (cmv) infection in 83 cases of infectious mononucleosis. serum samples were tested for ebv igm, anti-vca igg, anti-ebna, cmv igm and cmv igg antibodies. an acute-phase sample (or samples) and a convalescence sample were examined in each case, and in 44 cases an additional samples was examined 5-12 months after the illness. since the different antibodies showed characteristic differences in both titre ...1977201153
cell culture propagation of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent).two isolates of porcine rotavirus (reovirus-like agent) were isolated and passaged in primary procine kidney cell cultures. viral infectivity for cells was monitored by immunofluorescence because viral cytopathic effect was moderate. successful passage of virus in cell culture required that viral suspensions obtained from infected cell cultures be treated with pancreatin prior to inoculation onto cell monolayers. porcine rotavirus passage in cell culture also was accomplished, using trypsin trea ...1977201198
polymyxin b and rifampin: new regimen for multiresistant serratia marcescens infections.polymyxin b and rifampin were given to 12 patients with multi-drug-resistant nosocomial serratia marcescens infections. eight cures were achieved; drug hepatotoxicity occurred once; one fatal suprainfection was encountered; and two patients died during therapy of causes related to severe underlying illnesses. polymyxin b and rifampin were uniformly synergistic in vitro against the infecting strains and against 40 additional clinical isolates of s. marcescens.1977201214
agar plate screening procedure for cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate and inhibitors of cyclic nucleotide phosphodiesterase.a procedure is described for the semiquantitative measurement of cyclic adenosine 3',5'-monophosphate (camp) and detection of inhibitors of camp phosphodiesterase by an agar plate test. the assay organism was an adenyl cyclase-deficient mutant derived from escherichia coli hfrh. in the presence of an acid base indicator, acid production from barbohydrate metabolism was observed as a yellow zone around filter paper disks containing camp. since yellow zone formation reflects the presence of camp, ...1977201216
cyclic amp stimulated protein kinase activity within the secretory vesicle fraction of rat islets. 1977201253
definition of cytochrome c binding domains by chemical modification. ii. identification and properties of singly substituted carboxydinitrophenyl cytochromes c at lysines 8, 13, 22, 27, 39, 60, 72, 87, and 99.sensitive thin layer peptide mapping is employed to establish the identity and the homogeneity of eight singly substituted 4-carboxy-2,6-dinitrophenyl derivatives of horse cytochrome c. seven of the components, all of greater than 95% homogeneity, are modified at lysyl residues 13, 72, 87, 8, 27, 39, and 60. the eighth component is a mixture of derivatives at lysines 22 and 99. the positions of the modified residues were confirmed by the amino acid analysis and edman sequential degradation of th ...1978201615
burst firing of cerebellar purkinje neurones induced by benzodiazepines. 1977201882
the use of nuclease p1 in sequence analysis of end group labeled rna.a method is described for the direct sequence analysis of 20-25 nucleotides from the termini of 5'- or 3'-end-group [32p] labeled rna. the method involves partial endonucleolytic digestion of the labeled rna with nuclease p1 (from penicillium citrinum) followed by separation of the partial digestion products by two-dimensional homochromatography, the nucleotide sequence being determined by mobility shift analysis. this procedure has been applied to the sequence analysis of the terminal regions o ...1977202925
[use of prodigiozan for preventing acute respiratory viral diseases in a children's collective].the epidemiological efficacy of 0.02 per cent solution of prodigiosan, a bacterial polysaccharide was used for the treatment of children in an area with acute respiratory infections, such as influenza and parainfluenza. the drug was administered intranasally by means of a dosing sprayer in the amounts of 0.2 ml once in 4 days for 4 months. among the children treated with prodigiosan the rate of the acute respiratory viral infections was 2 times lower and the average duration of the disease was 2 ...1978204248
oxidative phosphorylation in mitochondria isolated from small intestinal epithelium of thiamphenicol-treated rats and control rats. 1978204342
the synthesis and secretion of serum albumin in morris hepatomas 5123tc and vivo, morris hepatomas 5123tc and 9121 do not secrete serum proteins into the bloodstream. however, they synthesize albumin, at a reduced rate, if compared with liver. the produced albumin accumulates, leading to an enlargement of the golgi apparatus and the appearance of intracellular vesicles. the proportion and the absolute amount of albumin found within the hepatoma cells is increased compared with liver. as described recently for liver in vivo and for hepatocyte suspensions, albumin is s ...1977205109
haemodynamic response to converting enzyme inhibitor and saralasin in salt-depleted dogs; relation to plasma renin activity [proceedings]. 1978205299
experimental infection of marmosets with hepatitis a virus.saguinus mystax marmosets were experimentally infected with two strains of human hepatitis a virus. one of these strains of hav was successfully subpassaged in this species of marmosets. in another experiment, the 1.32 and 1.41 g/cm3 buoyant density species of hav derived from an infected chimpanzee stool were shown to be infectious in three species of marmosets. the value of the marmoset as an experimental model for hepatitis a infection was demonstrated by these studies.1978205859
lapine rotavirus: preliminary studies on epizoology and transmission.antibody to rotavirus was found in sera of domestic rabbits, wild cottontail rabbits and snowshoe hares. eight out of 187 stools from a rabbitry contained rotavirus, though no clinical symptoms were apparent. the virus extracted from one such stool infected a five week old seronegative rabbit and led to distention and congestion of the colon, excretion of virus in the stool and a serological response to virus. human and simian rotaviruses did not replicate in the rabbits.1978206325
carbamoylphosphate synthetase i of rat-liver mitochondria. purification, properties, and polypeptide molecular weight. 1978206435
treatment of herpes simplex keratitis with levamisole.a model of chronic herpetic keratitis was developed by injecting rabbits subconjunctivally with a corticosteroid. a levamisole hydrochloride-treated group of these rabbits developed milder, more rapidly healing epithelial lesions than an untreated group. although most of the untreated rabbits developed stromal disease, almost all of the lesions in the levamisole-treated animals were limited to the epithelium.1978207250
some recent biochemical findings with possible therapeutic implications for schizophrenia.hemodialysis resulted in remission of psychopathological symptoms in eight of ten chronic schizophrenics and successful hemodialysis was associated with a decrease of leucine endorphin levels in the blood. three endorphins (endogenous peptides) have been isolated from the brain, and among them beta-endorphin was found to be the most potent in inducing behavioral changes in the rat. nevertheless, neither a positive, nor an inverse relationship between the severity of schizophrenic psychopathology ...1978207679
splenic necrosis in mice infected with cytomegalovirus.necrosis of the spleen is seen in mice of certain strains after injection of large doses of murine cytomegalovirus. necrosis begins in perifollicular areas containing infected cells which do not appear to be macrophages, and in severe cases the entire spleen is involved. necrosis is first visible three days after infection and is not prevented by treatment of mice with corticosteroids, cyclophosphamide, or theta antiserum. there is a striking loss of nucleated cells from the spleen at two to fou ...1978207787
[somatostatin]. 1978207926
effect of adenosine and catecholamines on cyclic amp levels in guinea pig heart.adenosine has been shown to stimulate cyclic amp accumulation in guinea pig atrial and ventricular slice preparations in a rapid and dose-dependent manner. response to adenosine was inhibited by therophylline, potentiated by several other phosphodiesterase inhibitors and unaffected by alpha- or beta-adrenergic blocking agents. agonist action required free hydroxyl groups at 2', 3', and 5' positions on the ribosyl moiety, retention of one proton on the 6-amino group, n at position 7, and unsubsti ...1978208384
effect of lithium chloride on electrically stimulated guinea-pig longitudinal muscle-myenteric plexus.lithium chloride, in the concentration range of 10(-4)m to 10(-2)m, increases the height of electrically induced contractions of guinea-pig longitudinal muscle-myenteric plexus preparation. higher concentrations of the salt cause a progressive block of contractions. sodium chloride shows no augmentation of contraction height, but concentrations above 10(-2)m only cause block of contractions. inhibition of contractions by licl exactly parallels inhibition of responses of the tissue to exogenous a ...1978208479
equal atherosclerosis in rabbits fed cholesterol-free, low-fat diet or cholesterol-supplemented diet. 1978208585
further characterization of a herpesvirus-positive orang-utan cell line and comparative aspects of in vitro transformation with lymphotropic old world primate orang-utan (pongo pygmaeus) suspension line, cp81, was shown to lack myeloid markers of lysozyme activity an d phagocytosis but to be positive for lymphocytic n-alkaline phosphatase activity, and to release a b-cell-tropic herpesvirus. this herpesvirus, termed herpesvirus pongo, had 30--40% dna homology with ebv and was present at 2-3 genome copies per cp-81 cell. gibbon lymphocytes transformed by h. pongo, epstein-barr virus (ebv), and h. papio (of baboon, papio hamadryas, origin) were found ...1978208990
[study of the biochemical and radiochemical effects of the agent mtdq (author's transl].the antioxidant mtdq exhibits a radiosensitizing effect and was used in pretreatment of radiation-resistant human tumors, e.g. synoviomas, sarcomas, von recklinghausen disease. after this premedication and fractionated radiation therapy of different kinds a permanent regression of the tumors was observed. the radiosensitizing compound is non-toxic and selectively accumulates in tumorous tissues. the chemical structure (three functional groups) and in vitro tests make probable that the main facto ...1978209578
chemical and electrophoretic changes induced by polymyxin b on outer membrane components from serratia marcescens.the effects of polymyxin b (pb) on outer membrane (om) components from resistant (strain 08) and sensitive (strain bizio) cells of serratia marcescens were characterized by chemical analysis and polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis (pge) in sodium dodecylsulfate. chemical analysis revealed no major differences in the om fractions after pb treatment of both strains, except for the loss of protein in pb treated om of the sensitive strain. the yield and composition between the lipopolysaccharides (lp ...1978210151
[on 14c-nicotinate penetration into cellular and subcellular structures of animals following adrenalectomy and hormone administration].the experiments on the wistar line rats and mongrel dogs showed that gravitational overloading, surgical and chemical adrenalectomy, injections of certain hormones and actinomycin d affect essentially the permeability of blood cells and liver mitochondria to 14c nicotinic acid. an assumption is advanced that the transport of 14c nicotinic acid to biological structures occurs with participation of complex mechanisms, the function of which is regulated by hormones and is coupled with the processes ...1978210548
studies on cross protection induced in calves by rotaviruses of calves, children and foals.inoculation at birth with a live attenuated strain of a bovine rotavirus isolated in the usa (scourvax-reo) induced protection in five gnotobiotic calves seven to 21 days later against a uk isolate of pathogenic bovine rotavirus. however, no protection was induced in three calves challenged three to five days after vaccination. there was a close antigenic relationship demonstrated between the two bovine rotavirus isolates. in contrast only one of three gnotobiotic calves inoculated with foal rot ...1978210557
rapid assay for cyclic amp and cyclic gmp phosphodiesterases. 1978210688
localization of polysaccharide components in polymyxin b treated cells of serratia marcescens. 1978211111
structure of the joint region and the termini of the dna of herpes simplex virus type 1.analysis of restriction endonuclease cleavage sites within the inverted, repeated sequences in the joint region of the dna of herpes simplex virus type 1 strain kos revealed the presence of two types of sequence heterogeneity. the first was an insertion of 280 base pairs or multiples of 280 base pairs which was found in approximately half of all dna molecules from every plaque-purified stock of virus. these insertions seemed to be tandem duplications of sequences which were present at the joint ...1978211266
brain tumors in owl monkeys inoculated with a human polyomavirus (jc virus).owl monkeys were inoculated intracerebrally, subcutaneously, and intravenously with jc, bk, or sv40 virus. two of four adult owl monkeys inoculated with jc virus, a human polyomavirus, developed brain tumors at 16 and 25 months after inoculation, respectively. a grade 3 to grade 4 astrocytoma (resembling a human glioblastoma multiforme) was found in the left cerebral hemisphere and brainstem of one monkey. the second monkey developed a malignant tumor in the left cerebral hemisphere containing b ...1978211583
[enzymatic and ultrastructural changes in isolated liver mitochondria from mice infected with several group a arboviruses].inoculation of white mice of varying body mass with pathologic strains of eastern and venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis viruses and their attenuated variants (dnc-20/6 and no. 2621), promising as vaccine candidates, resulted in an increase of enzymatic activity and ultrastructural changes of isolated mitochondria from livers of the animals. the attenuated strains of the viruses were shown to induce temporary changes in both aspects of the study which became normal by the end of the study. ther ...1978211733
regulation of the in vitro anamnestic antibody response by cyclic amp. ii. antigen-dependent enhancement by exogenous prostaglandins of the e series. 1978212208
corticosteroid response of rabbits and rats to exogenous acth.the dynamics of the alterations of the cortisol: corticosterone ratio in rabbits during porcine acth administration were studied on an almost daily basis and as a function of time after injection. in rabbits the cortisol: corticosterone ratio increased strikingly but variably during the treatment period. rats responded to similar treatment only with increased corticosterone release. the differences are attributed to the presence of 1-39 acth as well as intermediate acth in the rabbit pituitary b ...1978213257
suppressive effects on simian virus 40-induced oncogenesis of several immunosuppressive agents and hormonal modifications applied during the latent period.the long latent period required for tumor induction with simian virus 40 (sv40) in the subcutis of hamsters can be used to investigate whether host factor(s) participate in oncogenesis. several treatments were applied during this period, and the results were compared with those of the same treatment applied in another series of experiments, homologous sv40 tumor grafting in hamsters. the results obtained were as follows: (a) the latent period for sv40 tumor induction in the female was shorter th ...1978214231
physical mapping of herpes simplex virus-induced polypeptides.analysis of the polypeptides induced by 29 herpes simplex virus type 1/type 2 intertypic recombinants and correlation of the data with the crossover points in the recombinant dnas have enabled the map positions of many polypeptides to be deduced. these include 25 polypeptides which label with [35s]methionine, 11 which label with [32p]orthophosphate, and 4 which label with [14c]glucosamine. together with the data of preston et al. (j. virol., in press) on the mapping of five immediate-early polyp ...1978214583
characterization of proteins of human papilloma viruses (hpv) and antibody response to hpv 1.the serological characterization of virus isolates from verrucae vulgares and plantar warts revealed that hpv 1 and hpv 4 are present in about 50% of these warts with hpv 1 being more prevalent, especially in plantar warts. parallel to the high incidence of hpv 1 infections, about 50% of non-selected young adults contained antibodies against hpv 1. only hpv 4 particles, however, reacted with serum from a patient with epidermodysplasia verruciformis when tested by immuno-electron microscopy. an e ...1978214677
renin-like (angiotensinogenase) activity in human eccrine sweat.the presence of renin or renin-like activity (rla) was demonstrated in human eccrine sweat incubated with purified sheep angiotensinogen, using rat bioassay and angiotensin i radioimmunoassay. following cholinergic stimulation, sweat rla was found to range between 0 (unmeasurable) and 266 ng/ml.h, i.e. rla-values of sweat can be about 10 times higher than those of plasma. therefore, renin synthesis in sweat glands could be assumed. rla following activation of beta-adrenergic receptors by the adm ...1978214751
temperature-sensitive mutants of herpes simplex virus type 1 defective in transcriptional and post-transcriptional functions required for viral dna synthesis. 1978214940
adenosine and cyclic amp in cerebral cortex of rats in hypoxia, status epilepticus and hypercapnia.the influence of hypercapnia, hypoxia and status epilepticus on cerebral cortex concentrations of adenosine, adenine nucleotides and cyclic amp was studied on lightly anaesthetized (70% n2o) and artificially ventilated rats. neither hypercapnia (arterial pco2 about 80 and about 300 mmhg) nor hypoxia (minimal values of 19 mmhg) altered tissue concentrations of amp, cyclic amp or adenosine. bicuculline-induced status epilepticus was accompanied by increased concentrations of cyclic amp but adenosi ...1978214998
cytolytic and cytostatic activity on tumor cells of circulating human monocytes. 1979215560
electrogenic events in the ubiquinone-cytochrome b/c2 oxidoreductase of rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides.the reductant of ferricytochrome c2 in rhodopseudomonas sphaeroides is a component, z, which has an equilibrium oxidation-reduction reaction involving two electrons and two protons with a midpoint potential of 155 mv at ph 7. under energy coupled conditions, the reduction of ferricytochrome c2 by zh2 is obligatorily coupled to an apparently electrogenic reaction which is monitored by a red shift of the endogeneous carotenoids. both ferricytochrome c2 reduction and the associated carotenoid bands ...1979216398
identification of four major classes of sulfhydryl groups in human blood platelets. ferricyanide titration of spin-labeled platelets.human blood platelets have been labeled with the sulfhydryl-specific spin labels, 4-iodoacetamido-2,2,6,6-tetramethylpiperidine-1-oxyl and 3-maleimido-2,2,5,5-tetramethylpyrrolidine-1-oxyl. first, the esr spectra of platelets labeled with either reagent revealed two classes of sulfhydryl groups, a mobile class and an immobile class. second, when spin-labeled platelets were titrated with high concentrations of potassium ferricyanide (greater than 10(-3) m), there was a decrease in the peak height ...1979216686
characterization of the apolipoprotein b polypeptide of human plasma low density lipoprotein in detergent and denaturation solutions.apolipoprotein b, the polypeptide moiety of human serum low density lipoprotein, is subject to degradation (as evidenced by sodium dodecyl sulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis) both in the intact particle and after delipidation. protease inhibitors, sodium azide, and nitrogen saturation did not influence the rate or degree of degradation. lipid-free apolipoprotein b prepared by gel exclusion chromatography in sodium dodecyl sulfate bound a limited number of detergent molecules (up to 300) ...1979216701
inhibition of hepatic toxicities from polybrominated biphenyls and aflatoxin b in rats fed cauliflower.feeding diets containing cauliflower to rats inhibited hepatic residues of polybrominated biphenyls (pbb) with a reduction of fatty livers produced by 50 ppm of dietary pbb. cauliflower diets also reduced the toxic effects of aflatoxin in fischer rats, i.e. prevented mortality and internal hemorrhaging, and reduced liver pathology. these diets enhanced hepatic aminopyrine n-demethylase and p-nitroanisole o-demethylase activities. a kinetic study of aryl hydrocarbon hydroxylase reaction rates sho ...1978216762
extracellular cytolysis by activated macrophages and granulocytes. ii. hydrogen peroxide as a mediator of cytotoxicity.when deprived of oxygen, bacille calmette-guérin (bcg)-activated macrophages no longer lysed p388 lymphoma cells. both h2o2 release and cytotoxicity by bcg-activated macrophages and by granulocytes triggered with phorbol myristate acetate (pma) were markedly inhibited when the glucose concentration in the medium was reduced to 0.03 mm or less, or if glucose were replaced with galactose. catalase abolished pma-triggered cytotoxicity by both types of effector cells, whereas superoxide dismutase ha ...1979216763
developmental changes in the activity of the enzyme catechol-o-methyltransferase after hypophysectomy of fetal rabbits. 1978218058
mechanism of aminoglycoside antibiotic resistance in anaerobic bacteria: clostridium perfringens and bacteroides fragilis.cell-free amino acid incorporation using ribosomes from strains of either clostridium perfringens or bacteroides fragilis was shown to be susceptible to inhibition by streptomycin and gentamicin. ribosomes bound dihydrostreptomycin as effectively as ribosomes from escherichia coli. no inactivation of streptomycin or gentamicin was detected by cell extracts of either anaerobic bacterial species. b. fragilis, grown without added hemin, menadione, and fumarate, and c. perfringens did not show any t ...1979218500
effects of cyclic amp and of protein kinase on the calcium uptake by various tracheal smooth muscle organelles.the role of cyclic amp, if any, in the regulation of smooth muscle tone is not understood. in the present study the effects of cyclic amp and of protein kinase on the uptake of calcium by "microsomal", "plasma" and "mitochondrial" preparations obtained from bovine tracheal smooth muscle were examined. cyclic amp and protein kinase had only a slight and variable effect on the uptake of calcium by microsomes, and no effect on the uptake of calcium by the plasma membrane or the mitochondria. these ...1978218509
ethanol inhibition of rabbit reticulocyte haem synthesis at the level of delta-aminolaevulinic acid synthetase.ethanol inhibition of rabbit reticulocyte synthesis occurs as a result of a decrease in haem synthesis. the present study therefore was undertaken in order to localize the inhibitory site of ethanol on the haem biosynthetic pathway. ethanol (0.05--0.15 m) inhibition of reticulocyte protein synthesis was prevented by simultaneous incubation with 0.025--1 mm delta-aminolaevulinic acid (ala). ethanol inhibited both 14c-glycine and 14c-ala incorporation into haem. however, the extent of haem formati ...1979218606
adenosine kinase from rabbit liver. i. purification by affinity chromatography and properties. 1979218933
[blood transfusion and viral diseases. recent acquisitions concerning viral hepatitis viruses, cytomegaloviruses and epstein-barr virus].in recent years, an increasingly clear picture has been formed of the virus-induced syndromes that may follow a blood transfusion or the use of blood derivatives. up to about 10 years ago, post-infusion infection was predominantly due to serum hepatitis. blumberg's discovery of hbsag (formerly known as australia antigen) has made it possible to check and prevent viral hepatitis, type b, and to recognise such distinct forms as the mononucleosis-like syndrome caused by cytomegalic virus, infectiou ...1979219399
[investigations on bloodcultures with three culture media containing na-polyanetholsulfonate (aerobic iso- and hypertonic and anaerobic isotonic (author's transl)].by using parallel culture techniques 330 blood specimens steming from patients of an intensive care unit were cultured simultanously in 3 media containing 0.05% na-poly-anetholsulfonate. otherwise having an identical composition the media differed in the following respects : the isotonic medium a and the - by additional content of 10% sucrose - hypertonic medium b were used for aerobic culture. the anaerobic and isotonic medium c contained 2% proteose-peptone, additionally. without regards to th ...1978219639
1-fluorovitamin d3, a vitamin d3 analogue more active on bone-calcium mobilization than on intestinal-calcium transport. 1979219882
electroconvulsive shock treatment decrease beta-adrenergic receptor sensitivity in rat brain. 1979221840
ten clinical cases of human infection with venezuelan equine encephalomyelitis virus, subtype i-d.the clinical and laboratory findings in ten humans infected with venezuelan equine encephalitis virus, subtype i-d, are described in this report. clinical and laboratory data indicate that, in contrast to equine infections, human infection with these enzootic virus strains (i-d) is similar to human infection with epizootic strains (i-abc). in most cases there was an abrupt onset of fever, muscle pain, and vomiting. virus was recovered from sera obtained during the first 3 days of illness. lympho ...1979222156
binding of bovine parathyroid hormone to surface receptors of cultured b-lymphocytes.binding of parathyroid hormone onto b-lymphocytes is detected by the utilization of the labelled antibody membrane assay. the amount of parathyroid hormone bound to the receptor sites was depending on the quantity of cells in the incubation milieu. each cell line showed typical characteristics in time course of parathyroid hormone binding and maximal receptor capacity. fragmentation of intact parathyroid hormone, also varying with the cell line tested, was very rapid, even at 24 degrees c. withi ...1979222343
binding of [3h]-dihydroergocryptine to alpha-adrenoceptors on intact human platelets [proceedings]. 1979222386
glycogen, hyaluronate, and some other polysaccharides greatly enhance the formation of exolipase by serratia marcescens.among 21 different polysaccharides tested, 5 greatly enhanced the spontaneous and cyclic amp-induced formation of exolipase: glycogen, hyaluronate, laminarin, pectin b, and gum arabic. these polysaccharides have in common the tendency to form highly ordered networks because of the branching or helical arrangement, or both, of their molecules. none of the polysaccharides could be utilized by the cells as the sole carbon source. strong lipid extraction of four different polysaccharides did not red ...1979222724
incorporation of hla antigens into the envelope of rna tumor viruses grown in human cells.virion antigens of feline leukemia virus are associated with hla antigens in the membrane of human cells infected with the virus. feline leukemia virus produced by these cells incorporates host membrane antigens into the virion envelope, making the virus susceptible to lysis by antisera directed to hla or to uninfected cells plus complement.1979225020
methyl ester of hyaluronate is unable to stimulate exolipase formation by serratia marcescens.hyaluronate stimulated the formation of exolipase by serratia marcescens. this ability was abolished when all carboxyl groups of hyaluronate were methyl esterified. additional studies suggested that the biological inactivity of esterified hyaluronate should be ascribed to the reduced conformational order of the molecules rather than to their electroneutrality.1979225300
[serratia, cause of nosocomial infections and its occurrence in the patient's environment (author's transl)].the serratia infections are increasing in hospitalized patients, especially in those with reduced defences. this paper deals with a review of the recent literature on the microbiological characterization of the different serratia species, the clinical syndrome associated with serratia infections and the mode of transmission of this opportunistic pathogen. this author's experience in the occurrenceof serratia in the hospital environment and their sensitivity to antibiotics and disinfectants is pr ...1979227782
neutralization of human serum beta-lysin by sodium polyanetholsulfonate and sodium amylosulfate.normal fresh and heat-inactivated (56 degrees c, 30 min) human sera (80 vol%, i.e., 80% [vol/vol] of a 2-ml assay volume) killed bacillus subtilis atcc 6633 cell inocula of 1.5 x 10(4) colony-forming units per ml within 1 to 2 h after exposure. the b. subtilis assay strain proved slightly and reversibly susceptible to 5 mug of egg white lysozyme per ml. seitz filtration of fresh human serum completely removed beta-lysin activity; significant amounts of serum lysozyme were removed as well, as det ...1979227918
variable neutralization of several nonspecific antibacterial systems in fresh, defibrinated human blood by sodium polyanetholsulfonate and sodium amylosulfate.fresh, defibrinated human blood (80 vol%, i.e., 80% [vol/vol] of a 2-ml final assay volume) from two healthy adult donors killed "delayed serum-sensitive" (dss) and "promptly serum-sensitive" (pss) strains of serratia marcescens, pss control strain escherichia coli c, bacillus subtilis strain atcc 6633, and micrococcus lysodeikticus atcc 4698 in a kinetic manner comparable to that of fresh human serum (80 vol%). however, heat-inactivated (56 degrees c, 30 min), defibrinated human blood revealed ...1979227919
persistent falsely positive rapid tests for infectious mononucleosis. report of five cases with four--six-year follow-up many laboratories, rapid slide tests incorporating differential absorption have replaced heterophil antibody tube tests in the investigation of suspect infectious mononucleosis. the present report describes serologic data from five individuals whose monospot tests remained falsely positive for four years or more without other evidence of infectious mononucleosis or underlying disease states. three of the five had never been infected with the epstein-barr virus. all five had negative results w ...1979228546
[responses of the vibrissal projection zone of the cat somatosensory projection zone to afferent activation].responses of 375 neurons of si cortex region in the vibrissae projection zone were recorded in unanesthetized cats: responses to electrical stimulation of infraorbital nerve and mechanical stimulation of vibrissae were studied. nerve and vibrissae stimulation evoked complex synaptic potentials (short epsps followed by ipsps) in most neurons primary ipsps were found in other units. the corresponding changes of impulse activity could be recorded in many neurons extracellularly. initial inhibition ...1979229432
[effect of submandibular gland on glycocalyx production and the activity of enzymes participating in membrane digestion and intestinal absorption]. 1979229471
a clinico-electrophysiological study of three cases of post-infective polyneuritis with severe involvement of cranial nerves. 1979229701
lipolytic activity copurified with the outer membrane of serratia marcescens.lipase, nuclease, and protease activities could be shown primarily with the purified outer membrane fraction from serratia marcescens. these activities increased and decreased in the different compartments dependent on the growth phase of the cell culture. penicillin-hydrolyzing activity was exclusively demonstrated with the outer membrane fraction.1979230176
protective effect of polymyxin b sulfate in experimental enterobacterial infection in mice.the mouse model of intraperitoneal enterobacterial sepsis was used to evaluate the anti-endotoxic effect of polymyxin b sulfate. single or multiple therapeutic doses of polymyxin, administered either before or after lethal challenge with serratia marcescens, produced statistically and clinically significant protective effects.1979232006
effect of serum and blood on enterobacteriaceae grown in the presence of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of ampicillin and mecillinam.bacteria from the strains of five species of enterobacteriaceae grown in the presence of subminimal inhibitory concentrations of ampicillin or mecillinam formed into filamentous or round cells. these filamentous and round cells as well as normal control bacteria were incubated with either fresh human serum or blood, the bactericidal effects of which were then determined. in most cases, the bactericidal effect of either serum or blood on filamentous or round cells was less than the effect on cont ...1979232297
participation of lysine-sensitive aspartokinase in threonine production by s-2-aminoethyl cysteine-resistant mutants of serratia marcescens.s-2-aminoethyl cysteine (aec) reduced both growth rate and final growth level of serratia marcescens sr41. the growth inhibition was completely reversed by lysine. aec inhibited the activity of lysine-sensitive aspartokinase to a lesser extent than lysine. the aec addition to the medium lowered not only the level of lysine-sensite aspartokinase but also those of homoserine dehydrogenase and threonine deaminase, whereas lysine repressed the aspartokinase alone. to select mutations releasing lysin ...1979232391
[circadian rhythm of poly a polymerase in rat liver nuclei].isolated nuclei from the liver of rats maintained under daily scheduled conditions of light (12 hrs) and food (8 hrs) showed a peak of mn2+-dependent poly (a) polymerase activity 6 hrs after the beginning of the feeding period, as shown by dna dependent rna polymerase b. in fasting animals the peak of poly (a) polymerase occurs at 18.00.1979233201
a myasthenia-like syndrome and polyneuropathy, complications of gentamicin therapy. 1979233206
in vitro activity of sisomicin, an aminoglycoside antibiotic, against clinical isolates.sisomicin, a new aminoglycoside antibiotic which is produced by micromonospora myoensis, was studied against 565 clinical isolates of gram-negative bacilli and gram-positive cocci. with the exception of serratia marcescens, over 90% of isolates of gram-negative bacilli were inhibited by 1.56 mug/ml or less of sisomicin. sisomicin was slightly more active than gentamicin and tobramycin aganist isolates of escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis and klebsiella spp. it was substantially more active tha ...1975234415
gram-negative bacillary endocarditis. interpretation of the serum bactericial test.although the serum bactericidal test is commonly used in the management of infective endocarditis, little has been written about its validity or limitations. we report three cases of gram-negative bacillary endocarditis (pseudomonas aeruginosa, vibrio fetus and serratia marcescens) encountered in 1 year at a veterans administration hospital. serum bactericidal titers were considered necessary to identify inadequate antibiotic regimens or to avoid unnecessary drug toxicity. the limitations of the ...1975234679
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