carcinomas of the liver in rats ingesting kepone.young male and female albino rats ingested 0, 1, 5, 10 or 25 ppm kepone, an organochlorine pesticide, in the diet for two years. carcinomas of the liver, as well as hyperplastic nodules and moderate and severe diffuse hyperplasia were observed in kepone-treated rats. such hepatic lesions were not seen in control rats. female rats ingesting kepone were more susceptible than male rats to hepatic carcinogenesis. rats ingesting 50 or 80 ppm kepone developed severe diffuse hepatic hyperplasia and did ...197989631
regulation of collagenase. therapeutic considerations.why the cornea ulcerates, in the sense of what goes awry, may be related to the trapping of wound healing in a phase of proteolytic debridement related to a persistent epithelial defect. the initial avascularity of the cornea makes it particularly vulnerable to proteolytic damage. studies on the biochemistry and cell biology of corneal ulceration have indicated that sequential interactions occur which result in the generation of collagenase activity and the development of ulceration. it is likel ...197889726
monkey antiserum to mlc-primed human t lymphocytes. 197989737
unilateral mixed lymphocyte reactivity in the rat. 197989740
histochemical and morphological evaluation of cerebral cortex of newborn rat in the course of joint ethanol and pyrazole administration.the object of the study was the cerebral cortex of newborn rat. tissue material was collected from the 2-nd to the 8-th hour after birth both from control animals and newborns whose mothers had been given both ethanol and pyrazole throughout gestation period, and also either ethanol alone or pyrazole. the drug were administered by gastric tube, in doses: ethanol 8.0 g/kg body weight, pyrazole 36 mg/kg body weight. histochemical studies revealed variation in the intensity of reaction of the respi ...197989776
capillary permeability to interstitial microinjections of macromolecules and influence of capillary hydrostatic pressure on endothelial ultrastructure.the transcapillary flux of horseradish peroxidase (hrp, mol. diam. 50--60 a) and ferritin (mol. diam. 110--120 a), microinjected interstitially into the biceps femoris muscle of rats, was analyzed in the electron microscope. from 1 min postinjection hrp was observed to occupy endothelial plasmalemmal vesicles in all positions to be expected if a vesicular transendothelial transport of material occurs in the interstitium-to-lumen direction. permeation of hrp through the intercellular clefts of th ...197989786
ultrastructure of rat renal tubular basement membrane--meshwork structure demonstration by negative staining.the tubular basement membrane (tbm) (i.e. tubular basal lamina) of rat kidney was shown to be a fine meshwork by electron microscopy after negative staining. strands of the meshwork formed a regular three dimensional lattice work. the pores of the meshwork were polygonal. there were two main pore sizes: one approximately 30 a in diameter, the other 42--60 a. in view of our previous observation that glomerular and alveolar basement membranes were made up fine meshwork, it is quite possible that t ...197989787
observations concerning the staining properties of the macroconidia of certain dermatophyton species.staining of the macroconidia of several dermatophyton species by lactophenol-cotton blue was investigated. young macroconidia stain variably; their cytoplasm may appear homogeneous or inhomogeneous. the possible explanation seems to be variation in the composition of the cytoplasm. in some macroconidia dark-staining filament was seen along the longitudinal axis. mature macroconidia showed basal or basal+apical homogeneous deep staining. the intensive apical staining suggests that the apical stru ...197889788
antibodies in histoplasmosis detected by use of yeast and mycelial antigens in immunodiffusion and electroimmunodiffusion. 197989825
[alterations in pharmacokinetics during toxicity tests (author's transl)].some possible reasons are discussed which may lead to changes in the pharmacokinetics of a drug during long-term toxicity tests. since most of these alterations have toxicological consequences, their evaluation can be helpful in the interpretation of toxicity studies. furthermore, and altered pharmacokinetic profile may be a diagnostic tool for the detection of organ damage (e.g., eliminatory organs). in this paper three examples of the "radioactive test dose method" are shown. this method allow ...197889849
ultrastructural and autoradiographic study of the effects of bleomycin on the interphase nucleus of cultured normal cells.primary cultures of hepatocytes and epithelial endometrial cells were treated with bleomycin (10 to 200 microgram/ml) for 30 to 300 min. structural changes were studied with a staining method which contrasts ribonucleoproteins. the earliest visible alteration was the accumulation of perichromatin granules in association with the nucleolus. this disturbance was frequently accompanied by modifications in the nucleolar architecture. after larger treatments, the most striking changes were nucleolar ...197989895
modulation of cellular interactions between c3h/10t1/2 cells and their transformed counterparts by phosphodiesterase has been demonstrated previously that nontransformed c3h/10t1/2cl8 mouse embryo fibroblasts (10t1/2) can induce a state of reversible growth inhibition in cocultured malignantly transformed mouse fibroblasts and that this inhibition is modulated by serum concentration. the present study suggests that cyclic nucleotides may be implicated in this intercellular communication. the phosphodiesterase inhibitors theophylline, caffeine, and 3-isobutyl-1-methylxanthine (ibx) at concentrations of 10(-3 ...197989899
alpha-fetoprotein as a carrier protein in plasma and its bilirubin-binding ability.the bilirubin-binding ability of human alpha-fetoproteins, which were purified from fetal cord serum and from ascites fluid of a hepatoma-bearing patient, was examined by the difference spectrum and the jacobsen peroxidase methods. the difference spectrum observed as a result of the specific binding of bilirubin to alpha-fetoprotein had a maximum at 482 nm, and this pattern was quite similar to that observed for serum albumin. the result obtained by the difference spectrum method showed that 1 m ...197989900
coupling between neuronal activity and focal blood flow in experimental seizures.local blood flow, ecog and single cortical neurone activity were recorded simultaneously from single microelectrodes in 17 cats. seizures were induced by repeated intravenous injections of pentylenetetrazol (ptz, 10-20 mg/kg) or by local application of 1 m na-penicillin. seven to 20 sec after appearance of burst activity in cortical neurones and ecog, focal flow increased up to 300% of control. the extent of this flow increase was significantly correlated with the change in firing rate of the ne ...197989943
retrograde axonal transport of horseradish peroxidase in regenerating sciatic nerve of the rat. 197989965
surface characteristics of chicken peripheral b and t lymphocytes defined by specific heteroantisera. 197989975
enzymatic tracers in the study of vascular permeability.elucidation of the ultrastructural basis of vascular permeability was aided by the development of cytochemical techniques for visualizing the distribution, within the vessel wall, of intravenously injected peroxidatic enzymes of varying molecular size. tracer enzymes available range from 10 a (hemeoctapeptide) to 52 a (catalase) effective molecular radius. the use of enzymatic probe molecules assumes a thorough characterization of: (a) the molecular charge (isoelectric point of the native enzyme ...197990073
m467: a murine iga myeloma protein that binds a bacterial protein. i. recognition of common antigenic determinants on salmonella flagellins.we have studied the binding of m467, an iga murine myeloma protein, to flagellin from seven species of salmonella. it was found that m467 was reacting with antigenic determinants that were common to all the flagellins studied. these determinants were not related to serotypic antigens. electronmicrographs of unreduced m467 showed a variety of polymeric species bound to flagella in a manner that could produce immobilization as well as agglutination and precipitation through cross-linking of antige ...197990100
comparative pharmacokinetics of coumarin anticoaglulants xli: effect of phenobarbital on systemic availability of orally administered dicumarol in rats. 197990143
polyribonucleotide inhibition of ribonucleic acid directed deoxyribonucleic acid polymerase of mouse mammary tumor (type b) virus and simian sarcoma (type c) virus. 197990331
detection by antihapten antibodies of liver-bound compounds related to azocarcinogens or their metabolites.the localization of known azocarcinogens and metabolites such as p-aminoazobenzene and n-methyl-p-aminoazobenzene bound to components of liver cells of rats fed single or multiple doses of 3'-methyl-p-dimethylaminoazobenzene has been determined with the use of antibodies raised against p'-azo-p-aminoazobenzene and p'-azo-n-monomethyl-p-aminoazobenzene in the indirect fluorescent antibody procedure. these 2 antisera reacted with liver cells of rats fed 3'-methyl-p-dimethylaminoazobenzene, p'-amin ...197990352
in vitro studies of the replication of moloney murine leukemia virus. 197990575
relative affinity of antisera for myelin basic protein (mbp) and degree of affinity heterogeneity. 197990641
isolation and immunologic characterization of the human platelet alloantigen, p1a1. 197990643
the location and expression of idiotypic determinants in the immunoglobulin variable region--i. characterization of antibodies directed against the variable region of mouse myeloma immunoglobulins 315 and 460. 197990644
antigenic determinants in the post-mitochondrial lung fraction. 197990649
[animal experimental studies on the volume expanding effect of hydroxyethyl starch 40000 in the dog acute hemorrhagic shock].after acute hemorrhagic shock in dogs the hemodynamics of hydroxyethyl starch (mw: 40,000) are studied. the experiment shows that this plasma expander has a good efficiency for 3 to 4 hours. the indications of application of this colloidal solution are discussed.197990651
characterization of the antigenic determinants of cholera toxin subunits.the antigenic specificity of purified preparations of a subunit, b subunit, alpha chain, and gamma chain of cholera toxin was studied by double immunodiffusion and radioimmunoassay with antisera produced in rabbits and mice. rabbits immunized with a subunit produced serum antibodies which were capable of binding radiolabeled a subunit, alpha chain, and b subunit. rabbits immunized with alpha chain produced serum antibodies that would bind radiolabeled alpha chain and a subunit. rabbits immunized ...197990654
the indirect rat mast cell degranulation test reconsidered.the indirect rat mast cell degranulation test for the detection of human reaginic antibodies was reinvestigated. when the mast cells were incubated with human reaginic serum at concentrations exceeding approximately 3%, a massive, non-specific histamine release occurred, irrespective of the presence or absence of allergen. at tolerated serum concentrations (below 3%), the allergen concentration did not influence the release process. we conclude that the indirect rat mast cell test is not applica ...197990655
complement profiles in monkeys subjected to aggregate (immune complex) anaphylaxis, and following injection of soluble and particulate polysaccharides.complement profiles were established in four groups of macaca irus monkeys: (i) aggregate (immune complex) anaphylaxis was induced following immunization, with ovalbumin. upon challenge, systemic arterial pressure decreased from 115 to 50 mm hg (mean values) in 10 min. the complement profiles revealed decreases in: c1q to less than 10% of initial value within 5 min; c4 proportional to hypotension; c3 slowly to 60% at 24 h; c5, c6, c7, c8 and factor b to about 80% of initial value in 5--30 min. c ...197990656
purification of a new high activity form of glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase from rat liver and the effect of enzyme inactivation on its immunochemical reactivity.a new form of cytoplasmic glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase (e.c. was purified from rat liver by protamine sulfate precipitation, ammonium sulfate fractionation, ion exchange chromatography with diethylaminoethyl cellulose, and affinity chromatography with cibacron blue agarose and nadp agarose. this form of the enzyme has a specific activity of over 600 units/mg of protein and gives essentially a single band by polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. the form of the enzyme isolated by this ...197990677
the role of eosinophil receptors in the non-genomic response to oestrogens in the uterus. 197990751
marketing in developing countries.i fully support the views of mr. chetley of war on want on the marketing of infant foods in developing countries (oct. 6, p. 747). my experience of eight years medical work in west africa prompts me to broaden the debate. advertising and promotional practices used by many european and american pharmaceutical companies are in many instances directed primarily to the non-professional and often poorly educated general public and appear to be geared simply to achieve the maximum volume of sales. ...197991009
[use of antistaphylococcal immune preparations in acute suppurative-septic staphylococcal diseases]. 197991270
latex fetuin spheres as probes for influenza virus neuraminidase in productively and abortively infected cells.fetuin bound latex spheres do not adhere to the membranes of non-infected cells but adhere to those of cells productively infected by fowl plague virus (fpv dobson strain). in contrast, asialo fetuin spheres do not attach to the membranes of productively infected cells. moreover latex fetuin spheres incubated with extracts of productively infected cells and extensively washed are specifically enriched in neuraminidase activity without any trace of haemagglutinin. these observations suggest that ...197991354
estrogen binding in the neonatal neocortex. 197991415
[experimental study of amino acid metabolism in the course of an autoimmune process induced by exposure to the gamma isomer of hexachlorocyclohexane]. 197991545
morphochemic studies on histamine and monoaminooxidase in the liver and studies on histaminolytic activity of guinea pig plasma in the course of sensitization with heterogenic protein. 197991564
a rat serum glycoprotein whose synthesis rate increases greatly during inflammation.crossed immunoelectrophoresis of rat serum demonstrated considerably increased serum concentrations of at least ten different proteins during turpentine-induced inflammation. one protein, which moved during electrophoresis like an alpha 1 globulin, showed a particularly large increase. this protein was purified to homogeneity by ammonium sulfate fractionation followed by chromatography on deae-cellulose. sephadex g-100, and concanavalin a-sepharose, and finally disc electrophoresis in polyacryla ...197991605
regulation of the antibody response by t cell-derived factors: their heterogeneity and genetics. 197991962
concanavalin a stimulates phospholipid methylation and phosphatidylserine decarboxylation in rat mast cells.when histamine release from rat peritoneal mast cells is stimulated by concanavalin a, membrane phospholipids are methylated in the early stage of this process. exogenously added phosphatidylserine enhances the concanavalin a-induced histamine release, and at the same time the lectin markedly stimulates the decarboxylation and methylation of phosphatidylserine. within minutes after the addition of concanavalin a to rat mast cells, the newly methylated phospholipids begin to disappear and an incr ...197992021
[isolation of fractions from bordetella parapertussis extracts and their use for preparing an erythrocyte diagnostic preparation].soluble parapertusis antigen, serologically active, having hemosensitive properties and containing only 2 antigenic components was obtained by the method of ethanol fractionation of microbial extracts. this method is simple and convenient for production purposes. the antigen thus obtained was used for the production of a highly specific erythrocytic diagnostic preparation (formalinized, liquid). when tested in reaction with animal and human sera, the new diagnostic preparation proved to be suffi ...197992121
the effect of organic substrate concentration on activity for microbiological reduction of sulfates.lactate, pyruvate, malate and alpha-glycerophosphate are excellent sources of energy and structural carbon for desulfovibrio vulgaris. a fully stoichiometric course of the sulfate reduction process has been observed. a simplified equation of the reaction describing the respiration process of the above bacteria in the presence of alpha-glycerophosphate is proposed.197992173
tracing neural connections of human brain with selective silver impregnation. observations on geniculocalcarine, spinothalamic, and entorhinal selected human brains, it is possible to study the efferent connections of a damaged site with the suppressive silver impregnation techniques described by nauta and gygax. autopsy specimens with circumscribed lesions of recent origin ( one to five weeks before death) are suitable. however, the large size of the human brain and the lack of perfusion with fixative necessitates modifications in the methodology used on experimental animals. with these modifications, it has been possible to trace ...197992302
populational polymorphisms in silver staining of nucleolus organizer regions (nors) in human acrocentric chromosomes.the ag stainability of the nucleolus organizer region (nor) was studied in the acrocentric chromosomes identified by q banding of cultured lymphocytes in 41 karyotypically normal persons (33 males and 8 females) originating from southeast estonia. the data obtained are compared with those established earlier for a combined vienna-ulm population of 51 karyotypically normal persons (see mikelsaar et al., 1977a). significant differences between the two populations in the frequency and patterns of a ...197992452
nonspecific light loss and intrinsic dna variation problems associated with feulgen dna cytophotometry.nonspecific light loss by the cell-wall-plus-cytoplasm (cwc) can cause a 50% increase in feulgen absorption units in peanut root-tip nuclei as determined by scanning at 450 nm, whereas this phenomenon is not evident with chicken erythrocytes. a two wavelength scanning method of subtracting nonspecific 450 nm absorption from 550 nm feulgen absorption values eliminated the nonspecific light loss in cwc, however, the two wavelength scanning method is time consuming and somewhat impractical with a r ...197992496
macrophage oxygen-dependent antimicrobial activity. i. susceptibility of toxoplasma gondii to oxygen intermediates.a sensitive method for evaluating extracellular parasite viability was used to determine the in vitro susceptibility of virulent toxoplasma gondii to selected oxygen intermediates. by acridine orange fluorescent staining criteria, toxoplasmas were resistant to up to either 10(-3) m reagent h2o2 or h2o2 generated by glucose-glucose oxidase. in keeping with a lack of sensitivity to h2o2, toxoplasmas contained endogenous catalase (5.7 x 10(-4) baudhuin units/10(6) organisms). the addition of a pero ...197992521
ia determinants on human t-cell subsets defined by monoclonal antibody. activation stimuli required for expression.the nature of ia antigens which appear on human t cells after activation and the stimuli required for their expression was examined utilizing a monoclonal antibody reactive with the ia antigen framework. t cells were purified using monoclonal antibodies directed either at the entire t-cell population (okt3) or the t-cell inducer subset (okt4). by indirect immunofluorescence, it was shown that the human t-cell population contains no detectable ia+ cells in the resting state. in contrast, in exces ...197992523
antigenic make-up of trypanosoma cruzi culture forms: identification of a specific component.a comparison of trypanosoma cruzi water soluble antigens with those of stercorarian and salivarian trypanosomes, and leishmania using immunoprecipitation in gels and immunoelectrophoresis, with the aid of hyperimmune rabbit serum and heterologous adsorptions showed the following. 1) there is a high complexity of soluble antigens of t. cruzi and t. rangeli. 2) at the intraspecific level our results demonstrated the antigenic stability of t. cruzi when maintained in vitro, and that there was quant ...197992559
biologically active polycycloalkanes. 6. antiviral 1-tricyclo[ 2,5]undecyl derivatives.functionalization reactions via cationic intermediates of tricyclo[ 2,5]undecane (2) were investigated to prepare derivatives with potential antiviral activities. bromination of 2 took place regiospecifically at c-1, and the resulted bromide 5 was converted into the hydroxide 9, the carboxylic acid 12, and the amine 22, from which were synthesized a variety of secondary derivatives, including homologous esters 10 and 20, amides 14 and 19, carbamates 24, and ureas 17 and 25. the hydroxide ...197992566
cytotoxic enteropathogenic escherichia coli. 197992636
osmiophilic reagents in electronmicroscopic histocytochemical staining methods on undisrupted tissues, stabilized by chemical fixation, potentially offer perhaps the most reliable approach to the study of the enzymes of the cell with relation to its ultrastructure. the atoms which, for the most part, comprise the biomacromolecules and enzymes of cells and tissues contribute little to their inherent electron opacity or ability to scatter electrons differentially. the latter property of a substance is responsible for its observation ...197992799
isolation and cell culture propagation of rotaviruses from turkeys and chickens.rotaviruses were detected by electron microscopy in the faeces of turkey poults and broiler chickens with diarrhoea. apparently symptomless infection was also observed in broilers. the avian rotaviruses could not be isolated in cell cultures by conventional techniques, but were adapted to serial growth in chick cell cultures following trypsin treatment of the virus and the cells. immunofluorescence studies showed that the avian and mammalian rotaviruses are antigenically related. antibodies to r ...197992979
binding of bursal, thymic and splenic lymphocytes to macrophages. 197993085
purification of alpha-fetoprotein from mouse amniotic fluid by gel-entrapped antibody filtration.a one-step immunospecific affinity chromatographic method for purification of mouse alpha-fetoprotein (afp) directly from amniotic fluid is described. the procedure employed a rabbit anti-afp immunoglobulin-g entrapped in a polyacrylamide gel matrix prepared as a gel slurry. the presence of impurities could not be demonstrated in the eluted fraction and the recovery of afp was approximately 26%. sufficient quantities of afp were readily purified for raising antibodies and for purity studies.197993130
[orthograde fast axoplasmic transport in the optic pathway of alloxan induced diabetic albino rabbits. (preliminary report) (author's transl)]. 197993412
in vitro inhibition of prostaglandin synthesis by antithyroid drugs. 197993480
symposium on uropathology. 197993566
abortive expression of the epstein-barr virus (ebv) cycle in a variety of ebv dna-containing cell lines, as reflected by nucleic acid hybridization in situ.a variety of epstein-barr virus (ebv) dna-containing cell lines have been tested for the expression of the ebv-associated antigens ebna (nuclear antigen), ea (early antigen), and vca (viral capsid antigen), and for the presence of cells containing disproportionate amounts of ebv dna. the antigen tests utilized immunofluorescence and 125i-labelled antibodies combined with autoradiography. ebv-dna was detected by in situ hybridization with 3h-labelled ebv rna complementary to p3hr-1 ebv dna (p-ebv ...197993584
alpha-fetoprotein inhibits antibody binding to acetylcholine receptor. significance for myasthenia gravis and other autoimmune diseases. 197993589
fine structural observations of calcium storage in human dental pulp cells in primary culture.primary culture of explants of human dental pulp tissue allows the study of the cytophysiology and differentiation of the cultured cells over a two-week period. the distribution of calcium was found in two different experimental conditions : with and without a calcium loading, by mean of a lead technique checked by microprobe analysis. the existence of two cell populations was revealed. intra-mitochondrial ring-like granules characterize type 1 cells when overloaded, while a strong calcium stora ...197993605
location of bladder preganglionic neurons within the sacral parasympathetic nucleus of the cat.sacral parasympathetic preganglionic neurons innervating the urinary bladder were labelled by applying horseradish peroxidase (hrp) to branches of the pelvic nerve at the neck of the bladder. bladder preganglionic cells were located primarily in the intermediolateral grey matter of sacral cord segments 1, 2 and 3 and extended from the ventral end of the central canal to the inferior margin of the dorsal horn. dendrites extended into the dorsolateral funiculus, toward the lateral edge of the dors ...197993725
problems associated with prolonged wear soft contact lenses.complications of prolonged wearing of soft contact lenses are corneal infection, peripheral vascularization, giant papillary conjunctivitis and allergy, sterile ulcers, corneal warping, lens infection, protein and calcium deposits, lens fragility, and problems with disinfecting solutions. further long-term studies are needed to compare the safety of prolonged wear soft contact lenses with the safety of intraocular lenses, on which long-term studies are currently being done.197993736
myelin basic protein treatment of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis in monkeys.treatment of experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (eae) in two strains of monkeys with large amounts of myelin basic basic protein (bp) fails unless an adjunct is also used. in both strains the adjunct by itself is more effective than bp by itself, but in the one strain which could be investigated sufficiently, the combination can be made almost totally effective in reversing eae. the adjunct varies with the strain of monkey, an antibiotic in macaca mulatta and a steroid in macaca fasciculari ...197993874
semicarbazide-sensitive amine oxidase in rat aorta: a plasma-membrane enzyme [proceedings]. 197993954
study of effectiveness of bleomycin in rat brain tumor model intravenously and intracerebrally. 197994056
effects of tamoxifen on the binding and metabolism of testosterone by human prostatic tissue and plasma in vitro.the in-vitro metabolism of testosterone in benign and malignant prostatic tissue was examined and distinct quantitative differences between the two types of specimens were observed. the major metabolite of testosterone in the hyperplastic prostate was 5 alpha-dihydrotestosterone and a high 3 alpha(beta)-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase activity was also detected. in the malignant tissue, 5 alpha-reductase activity was considerably reduced and there was little or no androstanediol formed; the 17 beta ...197994084
[clinical and biochemical contributions on the effect of maprotiline and clomipramine in depressive states (preliminary observation)].this study has been conducted on 17 patients suffering from neurotic and psychotic depressions, who had not received a pharmacological antidepressive therapy since at least 1 month. 6 patients suffering from psychotic depression were treated with 100 mg clomipramine i.v. daily for 20 days; 11 patients, 7 of whom suffered from psychotic depression and 4 from neurotic depression, were treated with 150 mg maprotiline i.v. daily for 20 days. in both groups the therapy has been continued orally. in ...197994169
cyclic amp and psoriasis once more.imbalanced cyclic nucleotides are implicated as an underlying pathogenetic mechanism in psoriasis, but conflicting data on the levels of camp in psoriatic tissue have been obtained by different laboratories. using heat separation and a competitive protein binding camp assay, a noticeably decreased epidermal level of camp was detected in newly formed guttate lesions in 10 patients with psoriasis (involved: 4.32 +/- 1.06 pmol/mg dry weight mean +/- s.e.m.). uninvolved: 7.97 +/- 1.63 pmol/mg dry we ...197994212
induction of delayed-type sensitivity to leishmania parasite in a case of leishmaniasis cutanea diffusa with bcg and cord-factor (trehalose-6-6' dimycolate).the delayed hypersensitivity against the leishmania parasite was restored to a patient who had suffered from diffuse cutaneous leishmaniasis (dcl) for 26 years, by the application of an ointment containing heat-killed and lyophilized bcg and cord-factor (trehalose-6-6'-dimycolate) after stripping the affected and adjacent areas with scotch-tape.197994221
characterization of 40,000- and 25,000-dalton intermediate precursors to rauscher murine leukemia virus gag gene products.under steady-state labeling conditions, rauscher murine leukemia virus-infected nih swiss mouse cells contain at least three major polyproteins derived from the viral gag gene. they have molecular weights of 65,000, 40,000, and 25,000. they have been termed ppr65gag, pr40gag, and ppr25gag. ppr65gag has been shown by a number of laboratories to be composed of all four core proteins (p15, pp12, p30, and p10). in this paper, pr40gag was found to contain p30 and p10 antigenic determinants and peptid ...197994357
disopyramide plasma and myocardial tissue concentrations as they relate to antiarrhythmic activity.antiarrhythmic concentrations of disopyramide in canine plasma and myocardium were determined by gas chromatography. ventricular tachycardia was incuded in anesthetized dogs by the intravenous administration of ouabain. disopyramide phosphate was then administered by a two-stage continuous infusion method. a rapid infusion of disopyramide (9.08 mg/kg/hr) was administered for 30 min, followed by a slow infusion (2.18 mg/kg/hr) to maintain steady-state plasma levels of 1.98-2.21, mean +/- sem = 2. ...197994410
effects of etafenone and antiarrhythmic drugs on na and ca channels of guinea pig atrial muscle.since ca-mediated electrophysiological phenomena seem to be important in the generation of various arrhythmias, we quantitatively compared the effects of quinidine, disopyramide, procainamide, lidocaine, propranolol, and etafenone, a new coronary vasodilator with antiarrhythmic properties, on na and ca channels in normal and depolarized guinea pig atria. the maximum rate of rise of the normal action potential and the amplitude of the depolarized, ca-mediated action potential were measured to exa ...197994412
[effect of cytochrome c, sulnate and contrical on a change in the blood coagulating system and fibrinolysis during blood flow recovery in ischemic extremities]. 197994430
the rate of movement of [3h]-water and [14c]-dextran into the gingival sulcus of the rabbit. 197994543
[localization of sacral spinal neurons innervating the perineal muscles--a hrp study in dog (author's transl)]. 197994556
[characteristics of immunoglobulin dynamics and absorption in newborn calves].a study on protein dynamics in calf blood serum from the time of birth to age of 60 days was carried out by use of electrophoresis on 1% agar gel, immunodiffusion and immunoelectrophoresis with rabbit immune serum against cattle blood serum, colostrum whey and pure nu-globulin. investigations were performed on the 4th and 24th hour, and on the 3rd, 6th, 8th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 30th, 45th and 60th day after birth. resorption of colostral gamma globulins, applied intravenously and orally in the for ...197994718
new surgical management in the cleft palate repair and its histological aspects. 197994731
induction of monoclonal antibody synthesis in malignant human b cells by polyclonal b cell activators. relationship between b cell subsets and prognosis. 197994897
study of the interaction between phosphorylase and hydrophobic groups by means of affinity electrophoresis.a homologous series of water-soluble alkyl-dextrans varying in the length of their hydrocarbon side-chain [-nh-(ch2)n-ch3; n = 1-5] were synthesized. when alkyl-dextrans were entrapped in polyacrylamide gel, the electrophoretic mobility of phosphorylase was retarded by hydrophobic interaction between phosphorylase and the immobilized alkyl groups. the dissociation constants of rabbit brain phosphorylase, rabbit skeletal muscle phosphorylase a and b and potato glycogen and starch phosphorylases w ...197994915
demonstration of a murine cell surface component with affinity for exogenous beta 2-microglobulin.murine and human beta 2-microglobulin (beta 2m) bind to various types of mouse cells. the binding is saturable and displays a single association constant of about 1 x 10(9) liter/mol. the binding of beta 2m to splenocytes was not affected by a variety of metabolic inhibitors but was temperature-dependent. it is suggested that the beta 2m "receptor" exhibits a temperature-dependent conformational change since the "receptor", whether integrated into the membrane or solubilized by the detergent tri ...197995108
isoprinosine as an immunopotentiator.isoprinosine is a compound developed for antiviral use. the effects of isoprinosine on mouse responses to sheep red blood cells were studied over a wide range of doses, from 0.5 microgram/kg to 5 g/kg, i.p. administered at the time of i.v. immunization or as pretreatment for 7 days before antigenic stimulus. low doses, 50 microgram/kg to 50 mg/kg, significantly increased the numbers of igm- or igg-spleen antibody-forming cells. large doses, such as the ld50 (5 g/kg) or pretreatments where unable ...197995412
flow cytometry: general principles and applications to selected studies in tumor biology.the cell populations derived from normal tissues and solid tumors comprised many different cell types. within each cell type there is a distribution of cells in different phases of the cell cycle and/or metabolic states (ie, differing rates of protein, rna, and other macromolecular syntheses). flow cytometry and companion instrumentation now promise to aid in rapid quantitative analyses of heterogeneous cell populations, thus finding broad applicability in many areas of cancer research and treat ...197995452
[the correlation of the bioelectrical activity of the archistriatum and the neck muscles of chickens in ontogeny].experiments have been carried out on 14-, 18-day chick embryos and 1-day chicks. studies were made on amplitude-frequency, temporal, integral parameters of eeg in archistriatum and emg in neck muscles, as well as on their crosscorrelation. it was shown that archistriatum eeg may be recorded from the 14th day of incubation. from the 14th to the 18th day, rapid changes in the frequency were observed, from the 18th day--in the amplitude. emg had a pattern of bursts of the bioelectrical activity whi ...197995844
transformation of marmoset lymphocytes in vitro with herpesvirus ateles.circulating lymphocytes from three species of marmoset monkeys were transformed in vitro with herpesvirus ateles (hva) either by co-cultivation with lethally x-irradiated hva-producing lymphoblastoid cells or by infection with cell-free virus: 42 transformed lymphocyte cultures were obtained from 72 transformation attempts. attempts to transform squirrel monkey lymphocytes were unsuccessful in 29 attempts. association of hva with each transformed culture was demonstrated by staining of antigen-p ...197896033
biosynthesis of exopolysaccharide by pseudomonas batch cultures of pseudomonas aeruginosa, the maximum rate of exopolysaccharide synthesis occurred during exponential growth. in nitrogen-limited continuous culture, the specific rate of exopolysaccharide synthesis increased from 0.27 g g of cell-1 h-1 at a dilution rate (d) of 0.05 h-1 to 0.44 g g of cells h-1 at d=0.1 h-1. the yield of exopolysaccharide on the basis of glucose used was in the range of 56 to 64%. exopolysaccharide was also synthesized in carbon-limited cultures at 0.19 g g o ...197896088
molybdenum independence of nitrogenase component synthesis in the non-heterocystous cyanobacterium plectonema.the cyanobacterium plectonema boryanum (iu 594-utex 594) fixes n2 only in the absence of combined n and of o2. we induced nitrogenase by transfer to anaerobic n-free medium and studied the effect of mo starvation on nitrogenase activity and synthesis. activity was first detected within 3 h after transfer by the acetylene reduction assay in controls, increasing for at least 25 h. cells grown on nitrate and mo and then transferred to n-free, mo-free medium produced 8% of the control nitrogenase ac ...197896092
lower levels of thyrotropin-releasing hormone-degrading activity in human cord and in maternal sera than in the serum of euthyroid, nonpregnant adults.thyrotropin-releasing hormone (trh)-degrading activity was investigated in human cord, maternal, and euthyroid adult sera by measuring (a) the rate of disappearance of trh and (b) the rate of formation of degradation products. the rate of trh degradation in cord and maternal sera was 25-33% of that in euthyroid adult serum. concomitantly, in cord and maternal sera, the rate of formation of proline, a major trh degradation product in serum, was one-quarter to one-third that in euthyroid adult ser ...197896140
the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the is argued that "the significance of antidromic potentiation and induced activity in the retina" (the title of this article) concerns two identical effects and that both are the outward sign of the existence of a specific organization in the retina. for this reason they can serve as a valuable criterion for identifying activity in this organization. this activity is assumed to be in the nature of a self-excitation by positive feedback in the amacrine circuits of certain y-cells. relevant liter ...197896310
[the appearance of penicillin resistant gonococci. clinical, genetic and epidemiologic problems]. 197896408
brain and liver aldehyde dehydrogenase activity and voluntary ethanol consumption by rats: relations to strain, sex, and age.voluntary ethanol consumption and brain and liver aldehyde dehydrogenase (aldh) activity were measured in male and female rats of the tryon maze-bright (s1), tryon maze-dull (s3), and wistar strains. the levels of brain aldh measured in the different groups, corresponded well to the levels of ethanol consumption, while differences in liver aldh corresponded well to only the strain differences in ethanol intake. within individual groups, levels of ethanol consumption correlated better with levels ...197896475
[diagnosis of vibriosis in bulls at breeding stations through lavages of the artificial vagina].the objective of the study was to test the suitability of lavages of artificial vaginas which are used for collecting ejaculate for diagnosing the campylobacter fetus subsp. fetus germs. according to the results of the investigation this method may be considered equal to the method of lavages of the prepuce. however, it is important to point out the advantages: it eliminates the danger of an accident, it enables quality lavage in the laboratory. to caputure the campylobacter fetus the filtration ...197896573
the organization, composition and matrix of hepatocyte nuclei exposed to alpha-amanitin.alterations in the structure and molecular composition of avian hepatocyte nuclei were compared following administration in vivo of lethal and sub-lethal doses of alpha-amanitin. this toxin interferes with extranucleolar transcription by direct inhibition of rna polymerase ii activity. the resultant effects include: extensive condensation of chromatin, displacement of nucleoplasmic contents and fragmentation of nucleoli. changes in nuclear morphology were quantitated by stereometry and related t ...197896580
[primate center program and virus research (author's transl)]. 197796588
development of visual acuity in infant monkeys (macaca nemestrina) during the early postnatal weeks. 197896592
[hyaluronidase in meningococcus].a total of 204 meningococcus strains were tested for the presence of hyaluronidase, and 45.5% of the strains were found to contain it. strains penetrating into the cerebrospinal fluid were the ones which largely produced the enzyme (in 83% of the cases). the enzyme was revealed only in 25.5% of the strains habituating on the nasopharyngeal mucosa. hyaluronidase was mostly found in the meningococcus strains referred to the serological group a; strains of other serological groups and ungrouped str ...197896634
clinical relevance of the liver-specific lipoprotein (lsp). 197896648
[protective action on mice of acellular extracts from salmonella typhimurium].acellular fractions obtained by saline extraction at 60 or at 100 degree c of salmonella typhimurium protect mice against an experimental infection with the homologous strain. after purification, these fractions which are complex, might be used for the development of a vaccine.197897021
amino acid sequence of beta-galactosidase. vii. isolation of the 24 cyanogen bromide peptides.all of the 24 cyanogen bromide peptides of beta-galactosidase have been isolated in pure form. of these 8 ranged in size from 2 to 5 residues and were purified by paper electrophoresis. the 16 large peptides, from 23 to 119 residues, were chromatographed at ph 5.0 on a carboxymethyl-cellulose column in 0.02 m ammonium acetate buffer containing 8 m urea. a number of peptides were obtained in pure from following sephadex g-50 or g-75 gel filtration. others were separated on sulfopropyl-sephadex or ...197897294
experimental infection of chimpanzees with the norwalk agent of epidemic viral gastroenteritis.a fecal filtrate of human origin containing the norwalk agent of epidemic viral gastroenteritis was administered by stomach tube to chimpanzees in an attempt to induce diarrheal disease. significant postchallenge serum antibody rises against norwalk viral antigens were demonstrated in all animals using the techniques of immune electron microscopy and radioimmunoassay. in addition, viral antigens were detected in feces from five of nine animals using radioimmunoassay. clinical illness characteriz ...197897364
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