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[sensitivity of proteus pyogenes to 11 antibiotics]. 196214471458
studies on x-agent. xix. difference of bacterial growth between day and night. 196214476156
[action of the optical antipodes of threonine on the growth of salmonella enteritidis thyphimurium and of proteus vulgaris x.19]. 196214479578
a comparative study of some rapid antibiotic sensitivity tests. 196214452545
[study of the specific inhibitory action of antiserums on l cultures of bacteria. ii. the presence of h agglutinins in l antiserums]. 196214456326
the occurrence of cell wall constituents in stable proteus l forms. 196214476309
gastrointestinal microflora of mutton birds (puffinus tenuirostris) in relation to "limy" disease.mushin, rose (university of melbourne, victoria, australia) and frances m. ashburner. gastrointestinal microflora of mutton birds (puffinus tenuirostris) in relation to "limy" disease. j. bacteriol. 83:1260-1267. 1962.-the aerobic bacterial intestinal flora of mutton birds, healthy and affected with "limy" disease, was investigated, mainly in birds from great dog island, bass strait, australia. a total of 1,274 specimens from gut on post-mortem and from cloacal swabs was examined. no indication ...196214477540
reversion of spheroplasts produced by lysozyme into rods in proteus vulgaris. 196214479045
[reproduction of morgan's toxico-infection in monkeys in radiation sickness]. 196214450394
[antimicrobial properties of rose water obtained from kazanlik roses]. 196214021175
gamma globulin potentiation of proteus lipopolysaccharide effect on sarcoma 180. 196213861832
proteus vulgaris urinary tract infections in rats; treatment with nitrofuran derivatives.ascending urinary tract infections with stone formation have been produced experimentally in rats, using a modification of the method of vermuelen & goetz (1954a, b). a zinc disc infected with a culture of proteus vulgaris was inserted into the bladder by suprapubic cystotomy under ether anaesthesia. the ph of the urine rises from 6.9 to 8 or 9 and calculi develop in the bladder within a few days of infection. the bladder and ureters become swollen, distended and inflamed, and renal abscesses de ...196213964160
[the importance of drug associations in the treatment of diarrhea]. 196213964418
[relation between the in vivo and in vitro sensitivity of bacteria to penbritine and their production of penicillinase]. 196213966890
pseudopod initiation and membrane depolarisation in amoeba proteus. 196213968349
[research on the phago-bacterial systems in the proteus group. i. manifestations of lysosensitivity and lysogeny in bacteria of the proteus group]. 196213972289
cytoplasmic dna synthesis in amoeba proteus. ii. on the behavior and possible nature of the dna-containing elements.nucleic acid-containing particles in the cytoplasm of amoeba proteus (cf. reference 1) were counted after acridine orange staining. the number of particles per ameba was found to be correlated with cell age and size. fresh daughters had a mean particle number of 5400, whereas predivision amebae contained around 11,000 particles. amebae from two other strains contained similar particles. the particles were found to be clustered in fasted cells and redispersed after feeding. a marked increase in t ...196213972869
cytoplasmic dna synthesis in amoeba proteus. i. on the particulate nature of the dna-containing elements.the incorporation of tritiated thymidine in amoeba proteus was reinvestigated in order to see if it could be associated with microscopically detectable structures. staining experiments with basic dyes, including the fluorochrome acridine orange, revealed the presence of large numbers of 0.3 to 0.5 micro particles in the cytoplasm of all cells studied. the effect of nuclease digestion on the dye affinity of the particles suggests that they contain dna as well as rna. centrifugation of living cell ...196213972870
antibiotic sensitivity of clinically important bacteria. a nine-year study. 196213973035
[on the presence of cholesterol in the the l forms derived from proteus]. 196213973424
a simple quantitative test for bacteriuria. 196213975775
[studies on germicides for use on food utensils. 1. on the bacterial action and the influence of ph of amphoteric surface-active agents (amphoteric soap, bis(octylaminoethyl)-glycine hcl]. 196213940521
[shock states in sepsis with gram-negative pathogens]. 196213939479
drug sensitivity in urinary tract infections. 196213939691
[research on the resistance of l forms of bacteria. i. resistance to drying and heat]. 196213942503
[repression of the biosynthesis of thiosulfate reductase in proteus vulgaris by oxygen]. 196213943283
[inhibition by oxygen of the biosynthesis and activity of hydrogenase and hydrogenlyase in some anaerobic bacteria]. 196213943284
[practical process for the identification of enterobacteria]. 196213943682
[on the oxidative phosphorylation of normal and pathologically changed bacterial cells]. 196213944717
a simple phenylalanine paper strip method for identification of protesus strains. 196213948734
bacterial meningitis. ii. infections caused by certain gram-negative enteric organisms. 196213949305
[effect of the semisynthetic penicillin 6-aapk on various microorganisms in vitro]. 196213953529
a rapid test for proteus species. 196213907343
studies on feeding and digestion in protozoa. iv. acid phosphatase and nonspecific esterase activity of food vacuoles in amoeba proteus. 196213936517
[d-(-)-alpha-amino-alpha-phenylacetamido.]-penicillanic acid. antibacterial activity and active concentrations in vivo]. 196213937744
[comparative electron microscope study of a proteus and corresponding l forms of a and b types]. 196213923040
the micromorphology of amoeba proteus during pressure-induced changes in the sol-gel cycle. 196213928434
[on the problem of present-day sensitivity of frequent pathogens in urinary tract infections to antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs]. 196213929313
synergistic action of kanamycin and tetracycline on proteus rettgeri infections of the urinary tract. 196213931384
[serological properties of proteus pyogenes]. 196213933925
phenylalanine metabolism: the production of phenylacetaldehyde by a proteus species. 196213910294
fimbriae and haemagglutinating activity in strains of proteus hauseri. 196213911547
the newer penicillins.the newer penicillins give high promise of overcoming some of the few disadvantages of penicillin-g. they fall into three groups: the alpha-phenoxy-penicillins; the penicillinase resistant penicillins; and the penicillins with enhanced activity against gram-negative bacteria. the newer alpha-phenoxy-penicillins offer little over alpha-phenoxy methyl penicillin (penicillin-v). as the length of the side chain is increased, absorption and attainable serum concentration is also increased, but these ...196213913108
comparison of lipid composition of pleuropneumonia-like and l-type organisms.smith, paul f. (university of pennsylvania, philadelphia) and george h. rothblat. comparison of pleuropneumonia-like and l-type organisms. j. bacteriol. 83:500-506. 1962.-the content of total lipid and nonsaponifiable lipid depended upon the type of organism; the greatest amounts were found in pleuropneumonia-like organisms that required cholesterol for growth and in l-1, the l-form of streptobacillus moniliformis. decreasing amounts were found in nonsterol-requiring strains of pleuropneumonia-l ...196213914380
a simplified chemical test for the differentiation of proteus. 196213914418
biochemical characteristics of lactose-fermenting proteus rettgeri from clinical specimens. 196213918554
actinospectacin: an in vitro study of effectiveness against pathogenic bacteria. 196213903877
urease activity of proteus species in filtered compared with autoclaved urea media.hatch, m. h. (brown university, providence, r.i.) and c. a. stuart. urease activity of proteus species in filtered compared with autoclaved urea media. j. bacteriol. 83:1119-1123. 1962.-urease activity of a number of strains of four proteus species was compared in a filtered medium and an autoclaved medium. various amounts of saline suspensions of the organisms were used as inocula for the two media. in some experiments seitz-filtered yeast extract was added to autoclaved basal urea medium. all ...196213905316
[treatment of combined wound processes by metacyl associated with mycerin]. 196213902565
[the present antibiotic sensitivity of bact, coli, bact. proteus, bact. pyocyaneum and enterococci]. 196213902081
bacterial growth in urine. 196213863300
[simple controls of foodstuffs for salmonella, shigella, proteus and coli]. 196213890732
deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of proteus and providence organisms.falkow, stanley (walter reed army institute of research, washington d.c.), i. r. ryman, and o. washington. deoxyribonucleic acid base composition of proteus and providence organisms. j. bacteriol. 83:1318-1321. 1962.-deoxyribonucleic acids (dna) from various species of proteus and of providence bacteria have been examined for their guanine + cytosine (gc) content. p. vulgaris, p. mirabilis, and p. rettgeri possess essentially identical mean gc contents of 39%, and providence dna has a gc content ...196213891463
[study of the specific inhibitory action of antisera on l cultures of bacteria. iii. localization of the h antigen by the immuno-fluorescence technic]. 196213893458
[role of the association of enterococcus and proteus in the development of suppurative-inflammatory processes (experimental studies)]. 196213893838
the effect of starvation on the nucleotide composition of the ribonucleic acid in amoeba proteus. 196213882626
limits of transplantation tolerance in large amoebae. i. microfusion studies using amoeba proteus, pelomyxa illinoisensis, and three strains of pelomyxa carolinensis. 196213883405
[meningo-encephalitis caused by bacterium proteus in a neonate]. 196213884255
[on the simultaneous action of cl. perfringens hemotoxin and b. proteus centrifugates in the presence of a specific anti-gangrene serum]. 196213887206
[observations on the simultaneous activity of c. perfringens toxin and proteus culture centrifugates in animal experiments]. 196213887207
fimbriae and haemagglutinating properties in strains of proteus. 196214021946
sucrose fermentation by proteus hauseri. 196214021948
[antibacterial activity of diphenhydramine hci]. 196214022427
effect of teflon in the urinary bladder of the rat. 196214026135
studies on the synthesis of new antimicrobials. ii. syntheses of 3-(5-nitro-2-thienvl)acrvlic acid derivatives and thers ome antibacterial activities. 196214032778
effect of sodium chloride concentration on the swarming tendency of proteus. 196214034713
[observations on lysogenic strains of proteus]. 196214039666
[on the problem of reversion of stabile l-forms into their original bacteria]. 196214039667
[comparison of the mode of action of aureomycin and mexocine in proteus mirabilis]. 196213963406
production of l phase variants of bacteria with cycloserine. 196213998855
occurrence of catalase in pleuropneumonia-like organisms and bacterial l forms.weibull, c. (central bacteriological laboratory of stockholm city, stockholm, sweden) and kerstin hammarberg. occurrence of catalase in pleuropneumonia-like organisms and bacterial l forms. j. bacteriol. 84:520-525. 1962.-the catalase activity of six pleuropneumonia-like organisms (pplo), four stable proteus l forms, and four normal strains of proteus mirabilis was determined quantitatively. the pplo (strains of the species mycoplasma agalactiae, hominis, laidlawii, mycoides, and strains isolate ...196213999516
growth of elements of various sizes found in cultures of a stable proteus l form. 196214005594
[pyrazinamide derivatives with broad-spectrum antibacterial action]. 196214010273
[on indications for autoplasty of the skin and features of the course of trophic ulcers infected with pseudomonas pyocyanea and proteus vulgaris]. 196214013428
[radiographic and clinical observations on a case of vertebral osteomyelitis caused by a rare pathogenic agent (proteus vulgaris)]. 196214019568
[an interesting case: proteus septicemia]. 196213970052
infection due to proteus mirabilis in newborn nursery. 196213970093
growth, cell and nuclear divisions in some bacteria. 196213976593
effect of bromidehypochlorite bactericides on microorganisms.a new principle in compounding stable, granular bactericidal products led to unique combinations of a water-soluble inorganic bromide salt with a hypochlorite-type disinfectant of either inorganic or organic type. microbiological results are shown for an inorganic bactericide composed of chlorinated trisodium phosphate containing 3.1% "available chlorine" and 2% potassium bromide, and for an organic bactericide formulated from sodium dichloroisocyanurate so as to contain 13.4% "available chlorin ...196213977149
[study of the metabolism of normal and pathological bacterial forms by warburg's "2-vessel method"]. 196213980678
[antibiotic therapy of severe proteus mirabilis infections]. 196213981655
bacteriological findings in the mid-cycle endocervical mucus in infertile women. 196213989792
ameboid movement, i. reactivation of glycerinated models of amoeba proteus with adenosinetriphosphate. 196213992984
ameboid movement. ii. research of contractile proteins in amoeba proteus. 196213992985
susceptibility of proteus mirabilis and its stable l-forms to erythromycin and other macrolides. 196213993473
the urethral catheter and urinary tract infection. 196213994829
chemotherapeutic nitrofurans. viii. the synthesis of certain 3,4-dichloro-5-nitrofurans. 196214056428
1,8-naphthyridine derivatives. a new class of chemotherapeutic agents. 196214056431
5-benzyl-2,4-diaminopyrimidines as antibacterial agents. i. synthesis and antibacterial activity in vitro. 196214056446
successful treatment of a case of proteus septicaemia. 196220789534
amoeba proteus: studying the contractile vacuole by measurements of the freezing point depression of the protoplasm and of the fluid from the contractile vacuole of fresh-water amoebae showed that the fluid in the vacuole is distinctly hypoosmotic to the protoplasm. fourteen samples of protoplasm from amoebae, placed in a medium with a milliosmolality of 7, had an average osmolality of 101 milliosmoles with a range of 73 to 116. eleven samples of vacuolar fluid had an average osmolality of 32 milliosmoles, with a range of 24 to 38. it is s ...196317788304
[on the anti-bacterial activity "in vitro" of a new chemotherapeutic agent: 2-acetamido-4-(5-nitro-2-furyl)-thiazole]. 196314056616
[first clinical results of the use in urology of a new nitrofuran derivative]. 196314056617
[a further contribution to the therapy of urinary infections: furium]. 196314056623
myocardial abscesses. 196314056778
ampicillin in treatment of certain gram-negative bacterial infections. 196314056923
[clinical observations on the activity of aerosol colimycin and of endobronchial instillations of colimycin in patients with pulmonary suppurations]. 196314057933
nalidixic acid in infections of urinary tract. laboratory and clinical investigations. 196314058206
nalidixic acid in urinary infections. 196314058207
purulent meningitis in the neonatal period. 196314058814
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