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[psoas abscess: difficult initial clinical impression]. 200010974773
reduction of endogenous bacteria associated with catfish fillets using the grovac process.fresh catfish (ictalurus punctatus) fillets are known to be contaminated with a large number of spoilage and pathogenic bacteria. the grovac method, a new patented (u.s. 5,543,163) process, was evaluated for its efficacy in reducing the number of pathogens and spoilage microorganisms associated with food. this process involves using a processing solution containing ascorbic acid (aa) and sodium chloride (nacl), vacuum, and tumbling. a total of 51 bacterial isolates were isolated and identified f ...200010983798
macrodactyly: report of eight cases and review of the literature.congenital enlargement of one or several digits of the hands or feet (macrodactyly) is a rare disorder. a considerable proportion of the patients with this condition are referred to dermatology departments. the majority of the cases reported in the literature represent hamartomas with combined hypertrophy of several, predominantly lipomatous, soft tissue components and overgrowth of bone. the differential diagnosis includes klippel-trenaunay-weber syndrome, neurofibromatosis, milroy disease, and ...200010990574
lymphopenia in lymphatic malformations. 200010991755
effect of subinhibitory concentrations of macrolides on expression of flagellin in pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus the present study we showed by molecular analysis that the inhibition of motility by macrolides in proteus mirabilis and pseudomonas aeruginosa was well correlated with the loss of the expression of flagellin. erythromycin, clarithromycin, and azithromycin at subinhibitory concentrations (sub-mics) suppressed the expression of flagellin dose dependently. azithromycin had the strongest inhibitory effect on the expression of p. aeruginosa flagellin, whereas 16-membered rokitamycin had only a we ...200010991876
genetic characterization of dna region containing the trh and ure genes of vibrio parahaemolyticus.we have demonstrated that possession of the gene for thermostable direct hemolysin-related hemolysin (trh) coincides with the presence of the urease gene among clinical vibrio parahaemolyticus strains and that the location of the two genes are in close proximity on the chromosome. here, we cloned and sequenced the 15,754-bp dna region containing the trh gene and the gene cluster for urease production from the chromosome of clinical v. parahaemolyticus (th3996). we found 16 open reading frames (o ...200010992480
in-vitro antimicrobial activity of cefpirome: a new fourth-generation cephalosporin against clinically significant study the in-vitro antimicrobial activity of cefpirome: a new fourth generation cephalosporin in comparison with other agents against clinically significant gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria.200010992706
capillary electrophoretic analysis of wild type and mutant proteus penneri outer membrane this study the virulence factors, outer membrane proteins (omp), lipopolysaccharides (lps), hemolysin, and the in vivo and in vitro virulence of wild-type proteus penneri 357 and its two isogenic mutant variants--a transposon and a spontaneous mutant--were examined. the omps of these variants were analyzed by a new and fast technique, "dynamic sieving" capillary electrophoresis (ce). the omp profiles were dominated by two peaks (39 and 43 kda). in the p. penneri clone examined, both the trans ...200011001319
effects of nonpolar mutations in each of the seven bacillus subtilis mrp genes suggest complex interactions among the gene products in support of na(+) and alkali but not cholate resistance.the bacillus subtilis mrp (multiple resistance and ph) operon supports na(+) and alkali resistance via an na(+)/h(+) antiport, as well as cholate efflux and resistance. among the individual mutants with nonpolar mutations in each of the seven mrp genes, only the mrpf mutant exhibited cholate sensitivity and a cholate efflux defect that were complemented by expression of the deleted gene in trans. expression of mrpf in the mrp null (vkn1) strain also restored cholate transport and increased na(+) ...200011004162
evaluation of the intestinal microflora in the rat model for esophageal adenocarcinoma.surgically induced duodenal reflux results in cancer development in the rat esophagus. one proposed mechanism of carcinogenesis relies on the production of carcinogens in the presence of bacterial overgrowth. against this background, intestinal microflora in the rat jejunum was analyzed before and after reflux-inducing surgery. total gastrectomy and esophagojejunostomy were performed on sprague-dawley rats to produce esophageal reflux of duodenal juice (n = 12). three days before surgery they we ...200011005330
reversible changes in size of cell nuclei isolated from amoeba proteus: role of the cytoskeleton.micrurgically isolated interphasal nuclei of amoeba proteus, which preserve f-actin cytoskeletal shells on their surface, shrink after perfusion with imidazole buffer without atp, and expand to about 200% of their cross-sectional area upon addition of pyrophosphate. these changes in size may be reproduced several times with the same nucleus. the shrunken nuclei are insensitive to the osmotic effects of sugars and distilled water, whereas the expanded ones react only to the distilled water, showi ...200011012088
dna sequence analysis of the tellurite-resistance determinant from clinical strain of escherichia coli and identification of essential genes.the tellurite-resistant escherichia coli strain kl53 was found during testing of the group of clinical isolates for antibiotics and heavy metal ion resistance (burian et al. 1990). determinant of the tellurite resistance of the strain was located on the large conjugative plasmid pte53 and cloned into pacyc184. three different ter clones harboring plk2, plk18 and plk20 were isolated (burian et al. 1998). the smallest functional ter clone harboring plk18 was chosen for further analysis. plasmid pl ...200011016400
evaluation of the role of two conserved active-site residues in beta class glutathione s-transferases.glutathione s-transferases (gsts) normally use hydroxy-group-containing residues in the n-terminal domain of the enzyme for stabilizing the activated form of the co-substrate, glutathione. however, previous mutagenesis studies have shown that this is not true for beta class gsts and thus the origin of the stabilization remains a mystery. the recently determined crystal structure of proteus mirabilis gst b1-1 (pmgst b1-1) suggested that the stabilizing role might be fulfilled in beta class gsts b ...200011023819
classification, identification, and clinical significance of proteus, providencia, and morganella.this review presents the current taxonomy of the genera proteus, providencia, and morganella, along with the current methods for the identification of each species within the three genera, incorporating both conventional biochemical and commercial methods. while all of these organisms are ubiquitous in the environment, individual case reports and nosocomial outbreak reports that demonstrate their ability to cause major infectious disease problems are presented. lastly, anticipated antimicrobial ...200011023955
virulence of a proteus mirabilis atf isogenic mutant is not impaired in a mouse model of ascending urinary tract infection.proteus mirabilis, a common cause of urinary tract infection, produces a number of different fimbriae, including ambient temperature fimbriae (atf). these fimbriae are optimally expressed at 23 degrees c and their contribution to urinary tract infection has so far remained unknown. in the present study, a clinical isolate of p. mirabilis and an isogenic allelic replacement mutant unable to express atf were tested for their ability to cause infection in the ascending urinary tract infection model ...200011024353
structure of an o-acetylated acidic o-specific polysaccharide of proteus vulgaris acidic o-specific polysaccharide was obtained by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide of proteus vulgaris o46 and studied by chemical methods (o-deacetylation, sugar and methylation analyses, partial solvolysis) and 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy. solvolysis of the o-deacetylated polysaccharide with trifluoromethanesulfonic acid resulted in a alpha-d-glcpnac-(1 --> 3)-d-glca disaccharide that demonstrated the usefulness of this reagent for selective cleavage of heteropolysaccharides. ...200011028790
endotoxins stimulate generation of superoxide radicals and lipid peroxidation in blood platelets.lipopolysaccharide (lps, endotoxin) is an important structural constituent of the membrane of gram-negative bacteria with a wide range of biological effects. it can activate blood platelets. the purpose of present study was to determine the direct effect of endotoxins from proteus mirabilis, differing significantly in their composition, on the generation of superoxide radicals and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (tbars) in blood platelets. superoxide radicals were measured by means of su ...200011034442
classification of proteus vulgaris biogroup 3 with recognition of proteus hauseri sp. nov., nom. rev. and unnamed proteus genomospecies 4, 5 and 6.strains traditionally identified as proteus vulgaris formed three biogroups. biogroup 1, characterized by negative reactions for indole production, salicin fermentation and aesculin hydrolysis, is now known as proteus penneri. biogroup 2, characterized by positive reactions for indole, salicin and aesculin, was shown by dna hybridization (hydroxyapatite method) to be a genetic species separate from biogroup 1 and from biogroup 3 which is positive for indole production and negative for salicin an ...200011034498
a novel action of the proton pump inhibitor rabeprazole and its thioether derivative against the motility of helicobacter pylori.the motility of helicobacter pylori was maximum at 37 degrees c and at ph 6. a newly developed proton pump inhibitor, rabeprazole (rpz), and its thioether derivative (rpz-th) markedly inhibited the motility of h. pylori. the concentrations of the drug necessary to inhibit 50% of the motility were 0.25, 16, 16, and >64 microgram/ml for rpz-th, rpz, lansoprazole, and omeprazole, respectively. no such inhibitory effects were observed with h(2) blockers or anti-h. pylori agents. the motilities of ca ...200011036024
structure of the o-specific polysaccharide of the bacterium proteus vulgaris acidic o-specific polysaccharide was obtained by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide of the bacterium proteus vulgaris o23 (strain prk 44/57) and found to contain 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-galactose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucose, and d-galacturonic acid. based on 1h- and 13c-nmr spectroscopic studies, including two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy (cosy), total correlation spectroscopy (tocsy), nuclear overhauser effect spectroscopy (noesy), and 1h,13c heteronuclear multiple-quan ...200011042498
proteus syndrome. 200011044199
anaesthesia for proteus syndrome.a 4-month-old boy with proteus syndrome underwent a successful operation for a left abdominal mass due to hydroureter and hydronephrosis with left ureterovesical stenosis. the operation lasted 4.5 h under general anaesthesia; there were no anaesthetic complications. there is only one previous report on anaesthesia in a patient with proteus syndrome.200011050524
complement activation by proteus mirabilis negatively charged lipopolysaccharides.proteus mirabilis strains are human pathogens responsible for urinary tract infections and bacteremias and may be involved in rheumatoid arthritis. lipopolysaccharide (lps, bacterial endotoxin), the major component of the cell wall, is one of the virulence factors of proteus. in the presented studies, we have investigated complement activation by lpss isolated from p. mirabilis o10, o23, o30, and o43 strains, which differ in the number of negative coo- groups on their polysaccharide components. ...200011052177
functions of the subunits in the flhd(2)c(2) transcriptional master regulator of bacterial flagellum biogenesis and enterobacteria like salmonella, biogenesis of cell surface flagella needed for motility is dependent upon the master operon flhdc at the apex of the flagellar gene hierarchy. the operon products flhd and flhc act together in a flhd(2)c(2 )heterotetramer to induce flagellar gene transcription, while flhd also represses cell septation. the flhdc operon is pivotal to differentiation into elongated hyperflagellated swarm cells that undergo multicellular migration, most strikingly in proteus. we s ...200011054284
cerebriform plantar hyperplasia: ultrastructural study of two the present work we report the histopathological features of the cerebriform plantar hyperplasia observed in two patients with a mild form of the proteus syndrome. light microscopy revealed increased fibro-adipose tissue and adnexal structures in the dermis. ultrastructurally, densely packed collagen fibrils variable in diameter and configuration, described as composite fibrils and unraveled fibrils, as well as a few fragmented elastic fibrils presenting an altered ratio between the elastin a ...200011056430
proteus virulence: involvement of the pore forming alpha-hemolysin (a short review).the genus proteus belongs to the tribe of proteae in the family of enterobacteriaceae, and consists of five species: p. mirabilis, p. vulgaris, p. morganii, p. penneri and p. myxofaciens. they are distinguished from the rest of enterobacteriaceae by their ability to deaminate phenylalanine and tryptophane. they hydrolyze urea and gelatin and fail to ferment lactose, mannose, dulcitol and malonate; and do not form lysine and arginine decarboxylase or beta-galactosidase [1]. colonies produce disti ...200011056765
[proteus syndrome]. 200011057145
integron-located veb-1 extended-spectrum beta-lactamase gene in a proteus mirabilis clinical isolate from vietnam.a clinical isolate of proteus mirabilis lil-1 was obtained from a vietnamese patient hospitalized in paris, france. this isolate was resistant to cephalosporins, and there was marked synergy between cephalosporins and clavulanic acid together with unusual synergy between cefoxitin and cefuroxime. pcr analysis revealed the presence of blaveb-1, an integron-located gene coding for an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) identified previously in an escherichia coli isolate mg-1 from vietnam. usi ...200011062188
the binding of proteus mirabilis nonagglutinating fimbriae to ganglio-series asialoglycolipids and lactosyl ceramide.proteus mirabilis is a common opportunistic gram-negative uropathogen that infects the upper urinary tract. we have examined the role of the nonagglutinating fimbriae (naf) of p. mirabilis in mediating bacterial adhesion to cell surface receptors. purified naf of p. mirabilis were demonstrated to bind to a number of glycolipids, including asialo-gm1, asialo-gm2, and lactosyl ceramide (laccer) in solid-phase binding assays and in thin layer chromatography (tlc) overlay assays. furthermore, preinc ...200011068685
isolation using triflic acid solvolysis and identification of n(epsilon)-[(r)-1-carboxyethyl]-n(alpha)-(d-galacturonoyl)-l-lysine as a component of the o-specific polysaccharide of proteus mirabilis amino acid was released from the o-specific polysaccharide of proteus mirabilis o13 by acid hydrolysis and identified as n(epsilon)-[(r)-1-carboxyethyl]-l-lysine by comparison with the authentic sample. an amide of this amino acid with d-galacturonic acid was isolated from the polysaccharide by solvolysis with anhydrous trifluoromethanesulfonic (triflic) acid and characterised by 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy. these and published data enabled determination of the full structure of the repeating ...200011072853
[bacterial flora of the urinary tract and its drug sensitivity in children with vesico-ureteral reflux].the authors of the following publication present the results of a research which has been made on the presence of bacterial flora in children with vesico-ureteral reflux. as a first step, an analysis of the bacterial flora was made. then, two pathogens occurring most often were selected their drug-sensitivity was tested. the assessment of the bacterial flora and its drug-sensitivity ware based on urine inoculations. clinical material was provided by 184 children suffering from urinary tract infe ...200011081344
periplasmic localization of a groes homologue in escherichia coli transformed with groesx cloned from legionella-like endosymbionts in amoeba proteus.escherichia coli mc4100 transformed with a groe homologous operon cloned from x-bacteria accumulated large amounts of the gene product when cultured at 30 or 37 degrees c. heat shock for 10-30 min at 42 degrees c or ethanol (5%) shock for 2 h increased groesx levels to about twice that in e. coli grown at 30 degrees c. the subcellular localization of groesx in transformed e. coli was determined by several subcellular fractionation methods, by the analysis of extracted proteins in sds polyacrylam ...200011081576
successful in situ treatment of an infected ascending aortic graft.infection of an ascending aortic prosthesis is a grave complication associated with a high mortality. in most cases, extraanatomic bypass and removal of the infected vascular graft are not possible. furthermore, the standard approach to this problem, which includes excision and replacement or debridement and repair of infected thoracic aortic grafts, carries a high early mortality. we report the successful treatment of this life-threatening complication using a conservative strategy in which the ...200011081915
structural and serological studies of the related o-specific polysaccharides of proteus vulgaris o21 and proteus mirabilis o48 having oligosaccharide-phosphate repeating units.the o-specific polysaccharide chains (o-antigens) of the lipopolysaccharides (lpss) of proteus mirabilis o48 and proteus vulgaris o21 were found to have tetrasaccharide and pentasaccharide repeating units, respectively, interlinked by a glycosidic phosphate. polysaccharides and an oligosaccharide were derived from the lpss by various degradation procedures and studied by 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy, including 2d cosy, tocsy, noesy, h-detected 1h,13c and 1h,31p hmqc experiments. the following rel ...200011082201
in vitro activity of gatifloxacin compared with gemifloxacin, moxifloxacin, trovafloxacin, ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin against uropathogens cultured from patients with complicated urinary tract infections.minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) of gatifloxacin were compared with those of gemifloxacin, moxifloxacin, trovafloxacin, ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin using an agar dilution method for 400 uropathogens cultured from the urine of urological patients with complicated and/or hospital-acquired urinary tract infections (uti). the collection of strains was made up of enterobacteriaceae (34.5%), enterococci (31.5%), staphylococci (21.2%) and non-fermenting bacteria (12.8%). the antibacterial activ ...200011091042
the structure of the carbohydrate backbone of the core-lipid a region of the lipopolysaccharide from proteus vulgaris serotype o25.the following structure of the lipid a-core region of the lipopolysaccharide (lps) from proteus vulgaris serotype o25 was determined by using nmr and chemical analysis of the core oligosaccharide, obtained by mild acid hydrolysis of lps, of the products of alkaline deacylation of the lps, and of the products of lps deamination: [structure: see text] terminal residues of beta-glcnac and beta-kdo (indicated by bold italics) are present alternatively in approximately 3:2 amount, leaving no unsubsti ...200011093709
gender differences in response to the multitest cmi skin test in the general population.previous studies of gender differences in response to the multitest cmi skin test have produced conflicting results.200010795654
[descriptive study of infectious ear disease in relation to summer].a descriptive study was made of infectious ear disease (including diffuse otitis externa, otomycosis, acute-on-chronic otitis media, and superinfection of a radical mastoidectomy cavity) in relation to changes of weather and habits in summer. during the months of june, july, and august 1996, 179 patients were evaluated in the emergency room of the alicante general university hospital, spain. average patient age at presentation was 30.52 (+/- 20.08) years and 56% were men. the most frequent disea ...200010799927
pathological case of the month. proteus syndrome. 200010807308
alpha1-microglobulin as a marker of proximal tubular damage in urinary tract infection in children.the urinary alpha1-microglobulin (alpha1-m) as a marker of proximal tubular damage was measured in 86 children, aged 3/12 to 12 years, with a diagnosis of urinary tract infection (uti) and fever. all patients had normal glomerular filtration rates (gfr). they were divided into 2 groups: a: with uti and etiological factor e. coli, b: with uti and etiological factor proteus sp. similar measurements of alpha1-m were obtained for a control group of healthy children. an increased mean level serum alp ...200010809416
paronychia and excess granulation tissue of the toes and finger in a patient treated with indinavir. 200010809885
elisa for bovine interleukin-1 receptor antagonist and its application to mastitic sera and whey.a sandwich elisa for the bovine il-1 receptor antagonist (bil-1ra) was developed using recombinant (r) bil-1ra produced by escherichia coli, anti-rbil-1ra rabbit igg, its biotinylated one and avidin-peroxidase. this elisa system enabled detection of rbil-1ra at a concentration of more than 2 ng/ml. this elisa was applied to quantitation of bil-1ra in sera and whey of mastitic and healthy cows. the results indicate that although il-1ra levels in healthy and mastitic sera and whey were comparable, ...200010907698
[enterobacterial native valve endocarditis in the intensive care unit: report of two cases]. 200010909160
molecular mimicry between hla-dr alleles associated with rheumatoid arthritis and proteus mirabilis as the aetiological basis for autoimmunity.molecular mimicry is one of the pathological mechanisms proposed to explain the association between microorganisms and autoimmune diseases. this review deals with the association between bacteria and rheumatic diseases with a special emphasis on rheumatoid arthritis where upper urinary tract infection by proteus mirabilis is the possible cause of this severe, arthritic condition. prospective trials involving anti-proteus therapy should be carried out.200011099935
pathogenesis of proteus mirabilis urinary tract infection.proteus mirabilis is a causative agent of cystitis and pyelonephritis primarily in individuals with indwelling catheters or structural abnormalities of the urinary tract. the organism produces a variety of unique virulence factors that contribute to its pathogenicity and persistence in the human host.200011099936
cost-effective and rapid presumptive identification of gram-negative bacilli in routine urine, pus, and stool cultures: evaluation of the use of chromagar orientation medium in conjunction with simple biochemical tests.the algorithm for a new identification system was designed on the basis of colony color and morphology on chromagar orientation medium in conjunction with simple biochemical tests such as indole (ind), lysine decarboxylase (ldc), and ornithine decarboxylase (odc) utilization tests with gram-negative bacilli isolated from urine samples as well as pus, stool, and other clinical specimens by the following colony characteristics, biochemical reactions, and serological results: pinkish to red, ind po ...200011101600
[infectivity and resistance to antibiotics of uropathogenic gram-negative rods].the nature of bacterial isolates from children with clinically suspected urinary tract infections (uti) was studied. the susceptibility of urinary pathogens to selected antibiotics was determined. the results clearly show that e. coli was identified as the main causative agent of uti children (67% of isolates). the second commonest pathogen was p. mirabilis (10%). over half e. coli isolates were resistant to amino-penicilins but almost all isolates (over 80%) were sensitive to antimicrobial agen ...200011107786
effect of spontaneous and induced mutations on outer membrane proteins and lipopolysaccharides of proteus penneri strain 357. 200011109104
epitope specificity of polyclonal rabbit antisera against proteus vulgaris o-antigens. 200011109112
determination of genetic diversity of proteus penneri strains using rep-pcr. 200011109122
use of randomly amplified polymorphic dna (rapd) analysis for identification of proteus penneri. 200011109123
new serogroups of the genus proteus consisting of proteus penneri strains only. determination of some lps epitopes responsible for specificity. 200011109127
the structure of the carbohydrate backbone of core-lipid a region ofthe lipopolysaccharides from proteus mirabilis wild-type strain s1959 (serotype o3) and its ra mutant r110/1959.the following structure of core-lipid a region of the lipopolysaccharide (lps) from proteus mirabilis strain 1959 (serotype o3) and its rough mutant r110/1959 (proteus type ii core) was determined using nmr and chemical analysis of the core oligosaccharide, obtained by mild acid hydrolysis of lps, and of the products of alkaline deacylation of the lps: incomplete substitutions are indicated by italics. all sugars are in pyranose form, alpha-hep is the residue lglycero-alpha-dmanno-hep, alpha-dd- ...200010601875
production of a tem-24 plasmid-mediated extended-spectrum beta-lactamase by a clinical isolate of pseudomonas aeruginosa.several pseudomonas aeruginosa strains, including one urinary isolate producing an extended-spectrum beta-lactamase tem-24, were isolated from a long-term-hospitalized woman. three tem-24-producing enterobacterial species (enterobacter aerogenes, escherichia coli, and proteus mirabilis) were isolated from the same patient. tem-24 and the resistance markers for aminoglycosides, chloramphenicol, and sulfonamide were encoded by a 180-kb plasmid transferred by conjugation into e. coli hb101.200010602754
convenient test for screening metallo-beta-lactamase-producing gram-negative bacteria by using thiol compounds.a simple disk diffusion test was constructed for detection of imp-1-type metallo-beta-lactamase-producing gram-negative bacteria. two kirby-bauer disks containing ceftazidime (caz) and a filter disk containing a metallo-beta-lactamase inhibitor were used in this test. several imp-1 inhibitors such as thiol compounds including 2-mercaptopropionic acid, heavy metal salts, and edta were evaluated for this test. two caz disks were placed on a mueller-hinton agar plate on which a bacterial suspension ...200010618060
immediate and long-term galvanotactic responses of amoeba proteus to dc electric fields.the long-term and immediate galvanotactic responses of amoeba proteus to the direct current electric fields (dcefs) were studied with the methods of computer-aided image analysis. it was found that in contrast to earlier reports, amoebae continued locomotion towards cathode (the negative pole) for hours and the increase in the field strength in the range 300-600 mv/mm caused the straightening of cell trajectories accompanied by the decreased frequency of the lateral pseudopods formation and less ...200010618163
introduction of a mini-gene encoding a five-amino acid peptide confers erythromycin resistance on bacillus subtilis and provides temporary erythromycin protection in proteus mirabilis.a 15-bp mini-gene was introduced into bacillus subtilis and into stable protoplast-like l-forms of proteus mirabilis. this mini-gene encoded the peptide mvlfv and modeled a fragment of escherichia coli 23s rrna responsible for e. coli erythromycin (ery) resistance. expression of the introduced mini-gene conferred permanent ery resistance on b. subtilis. in l-forms of p. mirabilis, the ery-protective effect was maintained in the course of several generations. herewith, the mechanism of ery resist ...200010620668
synthesis of cefminox by cell-free extracts of streptomyces vitro synthesis of cefminox by cell-free extracts of streptomyces clavuligerus was investigated using alpha-ketoglutarate, l-ascorbic acid, feso(4), s-adenosyl-l-methionine, and 7alpha-demethoxycefminox as the substrates. the formation of cefminox was detected both by a biological assay with proteus vulgaris gn 76/c-1 and by high performance liquid chromatography. although the conversion rate of 7alpha-demethoxycefminox to cefminox was observed to be quite low, it still demonstrated the poten ...200010620685
aortic ring abscess and aortoatrial fistula complicating fulminant prosthetic valve endocarditis due to proteus mirabilis. 200010625192
insertional transposon mutagenesis by electroporation of released tn5 transposition complexes.dna transposition is an important biological phenomenon that mediates genome rearrangements, inheritance of antibiotic resistance determinants, and integration of retroviral dna. transposition has also become a powerful tool in genetic analysis, with applications in creating insertional knockout mutations, generating gene-operon fusions to reporter functions, providing physical or genetic landmarks for the cloning of adjacent dnas, and locating primer binding sites for dna sequence analysis. dna ...200010625401
dynamic aspects of the structured cell population in a swarming colony of proteus mirabilis.proteus mirabilis forms a concentric-ring colony by undergoing periodic swarming. a colony in the process of such synchronized expansion was examined for its internal population structure. in alternating phases, i.e., swarming (active migration) and consolidation (growth without colony perimeter expansion), phase-specific distribution of cells differing in length, in situ mobility, and migration ability on an agar medium were recognized. in the consolidation phase, the distribution of mobile cel ...200010629184
role and mechanism of action of c. pvuii, a regulatory protein conserved among restriction-modification systems.the pvuii restriction-modification system is a type ii system, which means that its restriction endonuclease and modification methyltransferase are independently active proteins. the pvuii system is carried on a plasmid, and its movement into a new host cell is expected to be followed initially by expression of the methyltransferase gene alone so that the new host's dna is protected before endonuclease activity appears. previous studies have identified a regulatory gene (pvuiic) between the dive ...200010629196
structure of a 2-aminoethyl phosphate-containing o-specific polysaccharide of proteus penneri 63 from a new serogroup o68.lipopolysaccharide of proteus penneri strain 63 was degraded by mild acid to give a high molecular mass o-specific polysaccharide that was isolated by gel-permeation chromatography. sugar and methylation analyses and nmr spectroscopic studies, including two-dimensional 1h, 1h cosy, tocsy rotating-frame noe spectroscopy, h-detected 1h,13c and 1h,31p heteronuclear multiple-quantum coherence (hmqc), and 1h, 13c hmqc-tocsy experiments, demonstrated the following structure of the polysaccharide: wher ...200010632731
rapid turnover of flhd and flhc, the flagellar regulon transcriptional activator proteins, during proteus swarming.the enterobacterial flhdc master operon activates expression of the flagellar biogenesis gene hierarchy and also represses cell division. during proteus mirabilis differentiation into elongated hyperflagellated swarm cells, flhdc transcription is strongly but transiently increased. we show that concentration of the flhd and flhc proteins is also tightly controlled at the posttranslational level. this is achieved by protein degradation, which is most severe after differentiation when the half-lif ...200010633123
how do intestinal t cells sense the dietary and microbial environment? 200010648476
fragmentation of 23s rrna in strains of proteus and providencia results from intervening sequences in the rrn (rrna) genes.intervening sequences (ivss) were originally identified in the rrl genes for 23s rrna (rrl genes, for large ribosomal subunit, part of rrn operon encoding rrna) of salmonella enterica serovars typhimurium lt2 and arizonae. these sequences are transcribed but later removed during rnase iii processing of the rrna, resulting in fragmentation of the 23s species; ivss are uncommon, but have been reported in at least 10 bacterial genera. through pcr amplification of ivs-containing regions of the rrl g ...200010648538
biosynthetically diverse compounds from a saltwater culture of sponge-derived aspergillus niger.the new compound, asperic acid (1), and the known compounds hexylitaconic acid (2), malformin c (3), pyrophen (4), and asperazine (5) were isolated from the saltwater culture of aspergillus niger derived from a caribbean sponge, hyrtios proteus. the structure elucidation of asperic acid is presented.200010650076
structure of a glycerol teichoic acid-like o-specific polysaccharide of proteus vulgaris o12.a phosphorylated o-specific polysaccharide (o-antigen) was obtained by mild acid degradation of proteus vulgaris o12 lipopolysaccharide and studied by sugar and methylation analyses, 1h-, 13c- and 31p-nmr spectroscopy, including two-dimensional cosy, tocsy, noesy, h-detected 1h, 13c and 1h, 31p heteronuclear multiple-quantum coherence experiments. it was found that the polysaccharide consists of pentasaccharide repeating units connected via a glycerol phosphate group, and has the following struc ...200010651815
structure of the o-specific polysaccharide of proteus penneri 71 and classification of cross-reactive p. penneri strains to a new proposed serogroup o64.a neutral o-specific polysaccharide (o-antigen) was isolated from the lipopolysaccharide (lps) of the bacterium proteus penneri 71. on the basis of sugar analysis and 1h- and 13c-nmr spectroscopic studies, including two-dimensional cosy, 13c,1h heteronuclear cosy and roesy, the following structure of the trisaccharide repeating unit of the polysaccharide was established: -->3)-beta-d-glcpnac-(1-->4)-beta-d-glcpnac-(1-->3)-alpha-d-galp-(1-- > the polysaccharide has the same carbohydrate backbone ...200010651818
structure of a 2-aminoethyl phosphate-containing o-specific polysaccharide of proteus penneri 8 from a new serogroup acidic o-specific polysaccharide was obtained by mild acid degradation of the proteus penneri 8 lipopolysaccharide and found to contain d-glucose, d-galacturonic acid, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-glucose, 2-acetamido-2-deoxy-d-galactose, 2-acetamido-2,6-dideoxy-l-galactose (l-fucnac) and 2-aminoethyl phosphate (petn) in the ratios 2 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 1 : 1. 1h and 13c nmr spectroscopy was applied to the intact and dephosphorylated polysaccharides, and the following structure of the hexasaccharide repea ...200010651819
functional morphology of the inner ear and underwater audiograms of proteus anguinus (amphibia, urodela).octavolateral sensory organs (auditory and lateral line organs) of cave salamander proteus anguinus are highly differentiated. in the saccular macula of the inner ear the complex pattern of hair cell orientation and the large otoconial mass enable particle displacement direction detection. additionally, the same organ, through air cavities within the body, enables detection of underwater sound pressure changes thus acting as a hearing organ. the cavities in the lungs and mouth of proteus are a r ...200010653179
the ultrastructure of photoreceptor cells in the pineal organ of the blind cave salamander, proteus anguinus (amphibia, urodela).we studied ultrastructure of the photoreceptor cells in the pineal organ of blind, depigmented, neotenic cave salamander, proteus anguinus. unlike in epigean vertebrates the outer segments of most photoreceptor cells consists of concentrically arranged lamellae, however; in few cells, the outer segments contain 7-9 plasma membrane disks. in both types of photoreceptor cells the outer segments enclose lumps of vesicles of different sizes. the photoreceptor cells of proteus anguinus are similar to ...200010653183
problems related to determination of mics of oximino-type expanded-spectrum cephems for proteus vulgaris.during in vitro susceptibility testing of clinical isolates of proteus vulgaris, we noted that the mics of several expanded-spectrum cephems were much higher in the broth microdilution method than in the agar dilution method (termed the mic gap phenomenon). here we investigated the mechanism of the mic gap phenomenon. cephems with the mic gap phenomenon were of the oximino type, such as cefotaxime, cefteram, and cefpodoxime, which serve as good substrates for inducible class a beta-lactamase (cu ...200010655366
biological activities of lipopolysaccharides of proteus spp. and their interactions with polymyxin b and an 18-kda cationic antimicrobial protein (cap18)-derived peptide.the saccharide constituents of lipopolysaccharides (lps) of proteus spp. vary with the strain and contain unique components about which little is known. the biological activities of lps and lipid a from s- and r-forms of 10 proteus strains were examined. lps from all s-form proteus strains was lethal to d-(+)-galactosamine (galn)-loaded, lps-responsive, c3h/hen mice, but not to lps-hypo-responsive c3h/hej mice. p. vulgaris 025 lps evoked strong anaphylactoid reactions in n-acetylmuramyl-l-alanyl ...200010670563
proteus, a technical and management model for aquatic risk assessment of industrial spills.the assessment of risks to the aquatic environment related to industrial installations is a priority in environmental pollution control in the netherlands. major accidents to the surface water such as the sandoz incident, but also the high number of smaller accidents that occur every year has invoked the need for an effective method to assess these risks. two different models have been used in this field in the netherlands over several years. these two software applications, veris and risam were ...200010677674
microbiologic survey of long-term care facilities.we undertook a microbiologic survey of long-term care facilities to categorize bacteria found in cultures of residents. culture and sensitivity data were collected on 566 samples from indwelling bladder catheters, percutaneous gastrostomy tubes, nares, stool, wounds, pressure ulcers, and tracheostomies in 25 nebraska and iowa facilities. information was also collected on resident factors (eg, presence of indwelling urinary catheter, prior antibiotic administration) and institutional variables (e ...200010679131
biochemical sequence analyses of ges-1, a novel class a extended-spectrum beta-lactamase, and the class 1 integron in52 from klebsiella pneumoniae.klebsiella pneumoniae ori-1 was isolated in 1998 in france from a rectal swab of a 1-month-old girl who was previously hospitalized in cayenne hospital, cayenne, french guiana. this strain harbored a ca. 140-kb nontransferable plasmid, ptk1, that conferred an extended-spectrum cephalosporin resistance profile antagonized by the addition of clavulanic acid, tazobactam, or imipenem. the gene for ges-1 (guiana extended-spectrum beta-lactamase) was cloned, and its protein was expressed in escherichi ...200010681329
proteus syndrome and immunodeficiency.a 10 year old boy with proteus syndrome presented with a pericardial effusion of unknown aetiology. immunological investigation revealed low serum igg and iga, accompanied by low levels of specific antibodies to pneumococcal and haemophilus type b polysaccharides. circulating lymphocyte surface marker profile revealed t and b cell lymphopenia. this is the first report of hypogammaglobulinaemia occurring in the proteus syndrome.200010685928
occurrence and antibiotic sensitivity of enterobacteriaceae isolated from a group of jordanian patients with community acquired urinary tract infections.the type and antibiotic sensitivity of urinary tract pathogens may differ in various communities. of 207 isolates recovered from midstream urine specimens collected from a group of patients with community acquired urinary tract infections (uti), 86% were species of enterobacteriaceae. the most frequently recovered pathogens were escherichia coli (82%), klebsiella spp. (7.3%), proteus spp. (6.2%), enterobacter spp. (3.4%) and citrobacter spp. (1.1%). high rates of resistance were found against am ...200010697742
mixed infection in adult bacterial meningitis.12 adult patients suffering from bacterial meningitis caused by mixed infection were identified at kaohsiung chang gung memorial hospital over a period of 13 years (1986-1998), and they accounted for 6.5% (12/184) of our culture-proven adult bacterial meningitis. the 12 cases included seven males and five females, aged 17-74 years. six of the 12 cases had community-acquired infections and the other six had nosocomially-acquired infections. ten of the 12 cases had associated underlying diseases, ...200010697784
evaluation of the discriminatory powers of the dienes test and ribotyping as typing methods for proteus mirabilis.a total of 63 clinical isolates of proteus mirabilis collected over a 19-month period were typed by the dienes test and ribotyping. ribotyping was performed using the fully automated riboprinter microbial characterization system (qualicon, wilmington, del.). isolates that were indistinguishable by the dienes test and/or ribotyping were characterized further by pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). most of the isolates represented unique strains as judged by the dienes test and ribotyping. for ...200010699000
trends in the susceptibilities of proteus mirabilis isolates to quinolones. 200010702570
ctx-m-type beta-lactamases: an emerging group of extended-spectrum enzymes.ctx-m-type beta-lactamases constitute a novel group of class a beta-lactamases with extended-spectrum properties. they are encoded by transferable plasmids and found in various enterobacteria, mostly salmonella typhimurium, escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis. ctx-m enzymes share extensive sequence similarity with the chromosomal beta-lactamases of klebsiella oxytoca. they efficiently hydrolyze many newer broad-spectrum oximino-beta-lactams including cefotaxime, ceftria ...200010720804
ciprofloxacin in the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis: a prospective, non-comparative multicentre clinical trial with long-term follow-up. the german prostatitis study group.the efficacy and safety of ciprofloxacin 500 mg bd for 28 days were assessed in 65 adult males with symptomatic bacterial prostatitis, from eight centres in germany. urine and prostatic secretions were obtained for culture. clinical signs and symptoms were evaluated at 12-18 days during treatment, end of treatment (4-9 days post-treatment), and 1, 3, 6 and 9 months post-treatment. safety was monitored during and at the end of treatment. e. coli was the most frequent pathogen causing infection (3 ...200010720805
nucleotide sequence of the bla(rtg-2) (carb-5) gene and phylogeny of a new group of carbenicillinases.we determined the nucleotide sequence of the bla gene for the acinetobacter calcoaceticus beta-lactamase previously described as carb-5. alignment of the deduced amino acid sequence with those of known beta-lactamases revealed that carb-5 possesses an rtg triad in box vii, as described for the proteus mirabilis gn79 enzyme, instead of the rsg consensus characteristic of the other carbenicillinases. phylogenetic studies showed that these rtg enzymes constitute a new, separate group, possibly ance ...200010722515
comparable endotoxic properties of lipopolysaccharides are manifest in diverse clinical isolates of gram-negative general there is a poor correlation between serum lipopolysaccharide (lps; the biologically active constituent of endotoxin) levels and mortality in septic patients. the objective of this study was to determine if chemical, structural, or biological differences among lps from different clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria might explain this discrepancy. lps preparations were made using the hot phenol-water extraction method from eight clinical isolates of gram-negative bacteria. as a p ...200010722580
microbial populations and volatile compounds in the 'bone taint' spoilage of dry cured ham.'bone taint' is one of the most important causes of spoilage of dry cured ham. this alteration is characterized by a foul-smelling odour. the microbial population and volatile compounds associated with incipient 'bone taint' were evaluated. enterobacteriaceae species were found at levels of 7.94 x 10(5) cfu g(-1) in spoiled hams and were not detected in unspoiled hams. serratia sp. and proteus sp. are the main organisms characterized. the volatile compounds from the spoiled hams give rise to hig ...200010728563
treatment of gram-negative bacterial meningitis in term neonates with third generation cephalosporins plus amikacin.the aim of this retrospective study was to evaluate the clinical efficacy in terms of mortality and long-term morbidity of third generation cephalosporins and amikacin in combination for the treatment of gram-negative bacterial meningitis in a homogeneous group of neonates. a 15-year experience (1983-1997) with 72 term neonates without central nervous system anomalies and with gram-negative organisms grown in their cerebrospinal fluid treated with the above combination of antibiotics is presente ...200010729716
minimum inhibitory concentration determinations for various antimicrobial agents against 1570 bacterial isolates from turkey poults.minimum inhibitory concentrations (mics) were determined for 1570 bacteria from eight geographic locations (1204 escherichia coli, 231 other enteric gram-negative bacilli [including citrobacter spp., enterobacter spp., klebsiella spp., proteus spp., and salmonella spp.], 31 pseudomonas spp., 18 coagulase-positive staphylococci, 26 coagulase-negative staphylococci, and 55 streptococci and enterococci) by the national committee for clinical laboratory standards broth microdilution procedure. antim ...200010737648
three-year surveillance study of nosocomial bacterial resistance in argentina. the antimicrobial committee; and the national surveillance program (sir) participants group.a national surveillance program (sir) was introduced in 1996 in argentina by the antimicrobial committee of the argentinean society for microbiology to assess bacterial resistance. the present study reports the rates of nosocomial bacterial resistance found by this program.200010737844
proteus syndrome: mri characteristics of plantar cerebriform hyperplasia.proteus syndrome is a rare congenital hamartomatous syndrome with a variety of abnormalities. it shares many features with other congenital hamartomatous disorders, but cerebriform hyperplasia of the soles and the palms is known as a quite distinctive characteristic in the dermatologic literature. the purpose of this case report is to demonstrate the mri features of plantar cerebriform hyperplasia in a 9-year-old boy with known proteus syndrome.200010741500
is rheumatoid arthritis a form of reactive arthritis? 200010743787
infection and rheumatoid arthritis: guilt by association? 200010743788
antimicrobial activity and spectrum of the new glycylcycline, gar-936 tested against 1,203 recent clinical bacterial isolates.the in vitro activity of gar-936, a new semisynthetic glycylcycline, was evaluated in comparison with two tetracyclines and several other antimicrobial agents. a total of 1,203 recent clinical isolates were tested by reference broth or agar dilution methods. among the members of the family enterobacteriaceae, gar-936 was generally two- to four-fold more active than minocycline, and two- to 16-fold more active than tetracycline. all enteric bacilli mic90 results were < or = 4 microg/ml; the excep ...200010744364
antibiotic susceptibility of bacterial strains isolated from patients with community-acquired urinary tract infections in france. multicentre study group.the aim of this study was to determine the distribution and antibiotic susceptibility patterns of bacterial strains isolated from adults with community-acquired urinary tract infections (uti) in france. from december 1996 to march 1997, each of 15 private laboratories in france consecutively collected about 80 non-duplicate strains isolated from adult outpatients with uti, including patients receiving care at home, and tested their susceptibility by the disk diffusion test. a total of 1160 strai ...200010746497
in vitro antibacterial spectrum of a new broad-spectrum 8-methoxy fluoroquinolone, gatifloxacin.the in vitro antibacterial spectrum of gatifloxacin was compared with those of ciprofloxacin and ofloxacin. gatifloxacin was two- to four-fold more potent than comparator quinolones against staphylococci, streptococci, pneumococci and enterococci (gatifloxacin mic90s, < or =1 mg/l, except 4 mg/l against methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus and enterococcus faecium). gatifloxacin was two-fold less potent than ciprofloxacin, and the same as or two-fold more potent than ofloxacin against ent ...200010747819
clinical relevance of proteus mirabilis in hospital patients: a two year survey.a retrospective study was performed on 1072 non-duplicate isolates of proteus mirabilis, taken in the period april 1996 to march 1998, and on 100 patient charts randomly selected during the same period. p. mirabilis isolates accounted for 7.7% of enterobacteriaceae. the isolates were predominantly from urine (70.2%); of the total, 38.0% were penicillinase-producing isolates, 6.9% were extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing isolates and 3.6% produced inhibitor-resistant beta-lactamase ...200010747835
germline and germline mosaic pten mutations associated with a proteus-like syndrome of hemihypertrophy, lower limb asymmetry, arteriovenous malformations and lipomatosis.germline pten mutations cause cowden syndrome (cs) and bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome (brr), two hamartoma-tumour syndromes, and somatic pten alterations have been shown to participate, to a greater or lesser extent, in a wide variety of sporadic neoplasia. pten is a tumour suppressor and dual-specificity phosphatase which affects apoptosis via its lipid phosphatase activity in the phosphoinositol-3-kinase and akt pathway as well as inhibiting cell spreading via the focal adhesion kinase path ...200010749983
antibacterial activity of some folklore medicinal plants used by tribals in western ghats of india.a series of 30 indian folklore medicinal plants used by tribal healers to treat infections, were screened for antibacterial properties at 10 mg/ml concentration by using disc diffusion method against bacillus subtilis, escherichia coli, klebsiella aerogenes, proteus vulgaris, pseudomonas aerogenes and staphylococcus aureus. twenty plant species showed activity against one or more species of bacteria used in this assay; among them the leaf extracts of cassia occidentalis and cassia auriculata exh ...200010661885
trends of antimicrobial resistance in bacterial isolates from a small animal referral hospital.a longitudinal, retrospective investigation was made of antimicrobial resistance in bacterial isolates obtained from clinical cases in a small animal hospital between 1989 and 1997. isolates of escherichia coli and staphylococcus species were used as gram-negative and gram-positive indicator organisms, respectively, and the annual prevalence of antimicrobial resistance was calculated for each organism to each of nine (for e coli) and 11 (for staphylococcus species) appropriate antimicrobials, in ...200010706308
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