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[research on microbial diastases; rate of the gelatinolytic action of filtrates of proteus and pseudomonas aeruginosa cultures at different temperatures]. 195313116489
observations on the l forms of proteus and salmonella. 195313122007
[presence of anti-proteus agglutinins in the serum of patients treated with antibiotics]. 195313127302
effect of dysentery-prevention by b proteus vulgaris: heterogenous bacilli. 195313137070
[method of rapid differentiation of o colonies of proteus and of enterobacteriaceae]. 195313138009
the substituted-sucrose structure of melezitose. 195313138388
[a method for simultaneous colimetry and proteometry]. 195313145105
[inhibitory properties of different sugars on the growth of certain microorganisms]. 195313148778
the heterogenetic antigen in proteus ox-19 with reference to the mammalian erythrocytes. 195313162651
[studies on bacterial l-forms]. 195313170589
[course of infection of louse with proteus ox 19]. 195313182559
[methods of inhibiting of growth of proteus]. 195313209639
[biochemical characteristics of the genus providencia]. 195313268928
evidence of the existence of mitochondria in proteus. 195313142657
treatment with large doses of penicillin in a case of severe bacteremia due to proteus. 195313007225
studies on the formic hydrogenlyase system of bacteria. 195413143000
quantitative aspects of inhibition of thermal panting by pyrogen. 195413143483
antibiotic sensitivity of the genus proteus. 195413286355
non-lipoic pyruvate systems: acetate formation by proteus and acetyl phosphate formation by clostridium. 195413210468
a synthetic medium for the l type colonies of proteus. 195413211552
the bacterial synthesis of alpha-acetolactate. 195413211682
proteus infections in hospital. 195413212555
the leucocyte response in the rabbit to pyrogen from proteus vulgaris. ii. neutrophil and temperature responses. 195413212678
chloromycetin and gantrisin in the treatment of urinary infections. 195413212947
[furadantin in the infection of the urinary tract with proteus]. 195413215310
[the characteristic biochemical properties of the genus proteus; desirable inclusion of the providencia in this group]. 195413218374
[antibiotic therapy in proteus infections]. 195413218957
temperature-pressure experiments on amoeba proteus; plasmagel structure in relation to form and movement. 195413221608
the effect of incubation temperature on the growth requirements of proteus vulgaris and salmonella typhi. 195413221760
capsulated strain of proteus vulgaris. 195413221831
[effects of osmotic pressure on the upkeep of a proteus strain of the l type in a liquid penicillin medium]. 195413225709
[increase of proteus infections of the urinary tract]. 195413226459
[effect of aureomycin on swarming and growth of proteus vulgaris]. 195413227147
the role of the nucleus in the maintenance of ribonucleic acid in amoeba proteus. 195413230075
reduction of nitrate with molecular hydrogen by proteus vulgaris. 195413183898
the reversion of the l form of proteus mirabilis into the rod form. 195413183906
experimental urolithiasis. viii. furadantin in treatment of experimental proteus infection with stone formation. 195413184560
[influence of the temperature of the culture on the production of gelatinolytic and fibrinolytic diastases by proteus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and bacillus prodigiousus]. 195413190720
a method for the isolation of an organism from a mixed growth of b. proteus vulgaris. 195413192449
glutathione breakdown and transpeptidation reactions in proteus vulgaris. 195413194028
[various bacteriological considerations and antibiogram of proteus and pseudomonas]. 195413195182
[biological research on gelatinolytic, fibrinolytic and antidotal enzymes present in culture filtrates of certain microorganisms and in particular in penicillium notatum, actinomyces griseus, bacillus subtilis, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus, chromobacterium prodigiosum and staphylococcus pyogenes]. 195413195286
[treatment of urological proteus infections]. 195413196103
[a simple method for inhibition of swarming of bacterium proteus]. 195413196536
sensitivity of proteus and providencia to eight antibiotics and sulfathiazole; tested by the tablet method. 195413197048
the activation of hydrogen by bacteria. 195413198837
in vitro susceptibility of recently isolated strains of proteus to ten antibiotics. 195413201856
[variability of biochemical properties of cultures of proteus]. 195413203078
evaluation of a single medium for detecting production of urease and indole. 195413207064
the effects of antibacterial agents in combination with an intestinal adsorbent. 195413171459
partial disintegration of cytoplasmic structures of amoeba proteus after fixation with osmium tetroxide. 195413173442
the influence of several kinds of anti-swarming agents upon the bacterial body substances of proteus x19. 195413179555
[electronmicroscopical findings in the change of l forms of bacillus proteus to normal forms]. 195413179871
the inhibition of growth and cozymase synthesis in bacteria by halogen-substituted nicotinic acids. 195413181865
studies on susceptibility to infection following ionizing radiation. i. the time of onset and duration of the endogenous bacteremias in mice.daily cultures of blood obtained from the tail were made on mice from the 7th day to the 17th or 22nd days after exposure to 550 r total body x-irradiation. seven mice with negative blood cultures survived to the 27th day when they were sacrificed and found to have negative heart's blood cultures. every mouse with bacteremia died. heart's blood cultures post mortem always confirmed the bacteriological findings in the serial cultures. most of the bacteremias occurred between the 7th and 15th days ...195413163317
the leucocyte response in the rabbit to pyrogen from proteus vulgaris. i. mononuclear and temperature responses. 195413163856
rabbit responses to human threshold doses of a bacterial pyrogen. 195413163857
[sepsis caused by proteus mirabilis]. 195413166305
[experimental mutation of proteus vulgaris to weil-felix proteus x]. 195413150612
biochemical investigation of providence strains and their relationship to the proteus group. 195413152359
bacteremia owing to proteus organisms; a method of treatment. 195413155610
the proteolytic enzymes of proteus vulgaris. 195413159278
deamination of aspartic acid by proteus x-19. iii. effect of k+, na+ and ph on deamination by whole cells. 195413159766
the permeability of nucleated and enucleated fragments of amoeba proteus to d2o. 195413141989
cortico-thalamic connections from gyrus proteus and first and second somatic sensory areas of the cat. 195413130706
[studies on morphology and multiplication of pleuropneumonia-like organisms and on bacterial l-phase, i. light microscopy]. 195414350641
[studies on morphology and multiplication of pleuropneumonia-like organisms and on bacterial l-phase. ii. electron microscopy]. 195414350642
[investigations on directed variability of proteus hauseri effect of extracts and autolysates produced from proteus x19 and from serologically heterogenous strains of the species]. 195414355624
[effect of penicillin on chromatin substance of proteus vulgaris]. 195414360523
[studies on penicillin-induced pleomorphia in proteus vulgaris]. 195414360524
[research on flagella in pleiomorph bacteria]. 195414363410
[l-form bacteria. i. modification of the form of proteus vulgaris produced by penicillin]. 195414364655
[evolutive forms of bacteria in hemocultures; experimental data]. 195414379583
[dermal lesions obtained in the rabbit after inoculation of l forms]. 195414379597
[pyocephaly caused by proteus mirabilis in a month and a half old infant]. 195414370614
[sensitivity of proteus on synthomycin]. 195514375282
immunological studies on purified flagella from proteus x 19. 195514375922
chlortetracycline and proteus diarrhea. 195514381620
[properties of the bacterial growth of proteus mirabilis after passage through l-phase]. 195514385365
[phase contrast microscopy of the l-cycle of bacterium proteus induced by penicillin]. 195514387166
[divergence of action of antibiotic agents, exemplified by the effect of aureomycin on proteus bacteria]. 195514388694
aspartic acid deamination by intact proteus x-19. 195514389175
a microincinerative study of normal and starving amoeba proteus. 195514391306
the experimental pathogenicity in mice of strains of proteus of animal origin. 195514392318
[splitting of urea by bacteria as the intracellular process]. 195514393583
[degrees of sensitivity and resistance of bacilli of the genuses proteus and providence to some antibiotics]. 195514395949
[septicemia caused by proteus; streptomycin and sulfamide (sulfafurazol) therapy; recovery]. 195514398598
an improved ferric chloride test for differentiating proteus-providence group from other enterobacteriaceae. 195514367277
phosphorylation of pantothenic acid and pantethine by an enzyme from proteus morganii. 195514367347
furadantin in proteus bacilluria: preliminary communication. 195514367543
the differences in antibiotic sensitivity of closely related single cells of proteus vulgaris. 195514367752
in vitro studies on proteus organisms of animal origin. 195514367800
blood-stream infection due to proteus vulgaris and causing thrombocytopenic purpura; recovery with the use of chloramphenicol. 195514370451
[light microscopical and elctron microscopical studies on the l-forms in pseudomonas fluorescens, b. proteus and rhizobium]. 195514360541
[hemolytic escherichiae and proteae]. 195514360543
[the l-forms and their role in genesis of penicillin resistance of bacteria]. 195514360559
slide hemagglutination tests with o antigens of enteric organisms and brucella. 195514361328
cytochemical reactions of normal and starving amoeba proteus. i. localization of thiols, dna, rna and other organic phosphates. 195514353104
culturing of amoeba proteus on tetrahymena. 195514353128
[antibacterial effect in vitro of chlortetracycline and tetracycline (acromycin) on s. typhi, micrococcus pyogenes, b. proteus, n. gonorrhoeae and the culture of intestinal content flora]. 195514355363
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