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effect of keratin-gelatin and bfgf-gelatin composite film as a sandwich layer for full-thickness skin mesh graft in experimental grafts are indicated when there is a major loss of skin. full-thickness skin graft is an ideal choice to reconstruct defect of irregular surface that is difficult to immobilize. full-thickness mesh grafts can be applied to patch large skin defect when there is less donor site in extensively traumatized and burned surgical patients. the concept of using natural biomaterials such as keratin, basic fibroblast growth factor is slowly gaining popularity in the field of medical research to achiev ...200918161832
susceptibility of community gram-negative urinary tract isolates to mecillinam and other oral determine the susceptibility of community outpatient gram-negative urinary tract isolates to mecillinam and other commonly used oral agents.200118159352
occurrence of proteus mirabilis associated with two species of venezuelan oysters.the fecal contamination of raw seafood by indicators and opportunistic pathogenic microorganisms represents a public health concern. the objective of this study was to investigate the presence of enteric bacteria colonizing oysters collected from a venezuelan touristic area. oyster samples were collected at the northwestern coast of venezuela and local salinity, ph, temperature, and dissolved oxygen of seawater were recorded. total and fecal coliforms were measured for the assessment of the micr ...200718157401
production and characterization of a bioflocculant by proteus mirabilis tj-1.a bioflocculant tj-f1 with high flocculating activity, produced by strain tj-1 from a mixed activated sludge, was investigated with regard to its production and characterization. by 16s rdna sequence and biochemical and physiological characteristics, strain tj-1 was identified as proteus mirabilis. the most preferred carbon source, nitrogen source and c/n ratio (w/w) for strain tj-1 to produce the bioflocculant were found to be glucose, peptone and 10, respectively. tj-f1 production could be gre ...200818155905
antibiotic policy and prescribing strategies for therapy of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing enterobacteriaceae: the role of piperacillin-tazobactam.therapy of infections caused by extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing bacteria with an antimicrobial to which they are resistant results in treatment failure, higher cost and increased mortality. the clsi recommends reporting esbl-producing strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella spp. and proteus spp. as resistant to all penicillin, true cephalosporin and monobactam antimicrobials, but as susceptible to beta-lactam-beta-lactamase inhibitor combinations, including piperacillin-tazobac ...200818154544
the effect of temperature upon bacteriostasis. 194918144231
[not available]. 194918142686
[not available]. 194918142685
[not available]. 194918138962
[not available]. 194918138466
streptomycin in acute hematogenous mastoiditis due to bacillus preteus. 194918138009
the development of proteus cultures in the presence of penicillin. 194918129479
studies on the so-called x-factor common to proteus ox19, rickettsia prowazeki and rickettsia mooseri, especially on the relation of the factor to blood group b specific substance. 194918128656
[not available]. 194918127668
the control of the swarming of proteus vulgaris by boric acid. 194918126513
clinical observations on the use of dibromopropamidine for surface infections, with particular reference to b. proteus vulgaris and ps. pyocyanea. 194918119790
proteus vulgaris meningitis. 194918119697
[not available]. 194918118940
studies of the life-cycle of proteus hauser. 194918117518
[not available]. 194918113892
a new selective medium for the quantitative determination of members of the genus proteus in milk. 194918113435
a serological study of proteus rettgeri and similar organisms. 194918113434
urease and other biochemical reactions of the proteus group. 194818110929
[not available]. 194818103906
effect of penicillin on proteus vulgaris. 194818102526
rapid identification of proteus. 194818099655
[not available]. 194818099353
antibacterial activity of plants used in traditional medicines of ghana with particular reference to mrsa.: in an ethno botanical survey carried out in the akwapim-north district of the republic of ghana, 25 plant species, used in traditional medicine to treat skin disease and/or to treat antimicrobial (viral, bacterial or protozoan) infections were identified.200818096337
microorganisms present in discharging otitis media in a group of patients in kathmandu.discharge from the ear is one of the commonest symptoms of infections of the ear. to study the major strains of bacteria encountered in ear discharges, this study was conducted from july 1999, to june 2001 in the microbiology laboratory of om hospital. a total of 115 patients, of 6-35 years of age clinically diagnosed as discharging otitis media were studied. in 60.9% single organism and in 26.08% two organisms were isolated. results revealed that, staphylococcus aureus (34.3%), klebsiella pneum ...200718092440
fournier's gangrene: ten-year experience in a medical center in northern taiwan.fournier's gangrene is a life-threatening infection. the mortality is still high despite the rapid advancement of modern intensive care and surgical technique. in this study, we present our institution's recent experience with a large series of patients with fournier's gangrene.200718087630
isolation and purification of enterocin e-760 with broad antimicrobial activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria.strain nrrl b-30745, isolated from chicken ceca and identified as enterococcus durans, enterococcus faecium, or enterococcus hirae, was initially identified as antagonistic to campylobacter jejuni. the isolate produced a 5,362-da bacteriocin (enterocin) that inhibits the growth of salmonella enterica serovar enteritidis, s. enterica serovar choleraesuis, s. enterica serovar typhimurium, s. enterica serovar gallinarum, escherichia coli o157:h7, yersinia enterocolitica, citrobacter freundii, klebs ...200818086839
experimental supratrigonal cystectomy: ii--evaluation of urinary calculi, infection, and bladder dysfunction in the pathogenesis of renal failure.the objective of this study was to evaluate the role of urolithiasis, infection, and bladder dysfunction in the pathogenesis of renal failure in rats subjected to supratrigonal cystectomy. one group of sprague-dawley rats was submitted to supratrigonal cystectomy, a second to cystectomy during which a suspension of proteus mirabilis was injected into the bladder stump, and a third to sham surgery (controls). the animals were sacrificed two months after surgery. blood pressure and serum urea and ...200818085427
hydrogen and polyhydroxybutyrate producing abilities of microbes from diverse habitats by dark fermentative process.thirty five bacterial isolates from diverse environmental sources such as contaminated food, nitrogen rich soil, activated sludges from pesticide and oil refineries effluent treatment plants were found to belong to bacillus, bordetella, enterobacter, proteus, and pseudomonas sp. on the basis of 16s rrna gene sequence analysis. under dark fermentative conditions, maximum hydrogen (h(2)) yields (mol/mol of glucose added) were recorded to be 0.68 with enterobacter aerogenes egu16 followed by 0.63 w ...200818083024
proteus syndrome associated with hemimegalencephaly and ohtahara syndrome: report of two cases.the authors report two cases of brazilian children with most of the common syndromic features of proteus syndrome, such as asymmetric overgrowth of tissues, skin abnormalities, hypotonia and mental retardation. in both patients, a refractory epilepsy, compatible with ohtahara syndrome, as well as hemimegalencephaly, with asymmetric distribution of facial fat, were also diagnosed.200818082431
characterization of antarctic psychrotrophic bacteria with antibacterial activities against terrestrial microorganisms.five-hundreds and eighty bacterial strains, isolated from various antarctic marine sources and locations, were screened for antimicrobial activity against terrestrial microorganisms. twenty-two antarctic isolates (3.8%), mainly retrieved from the water column at terra nova bay (ross sea), expressed antagonistic activity against one to three indicator organisms. escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis resulted as the more susceptible, followed by micrococcus luteus and bacillus subtilis. none of t ...200718072250
in vitro activities of doripenem and six comparator drugs against 423 aerobic and anaerobic bacterial isolates from infected diabetic foot wounds.against 182 anaerobe and 241 aerobe strains obtained from diabetic foot infections, doripenem was the most active carbapenem against pseudomonas aeruginosa (mic(90), 2 microg/ml), more active than imipenem against proteus mirabilis, and ertapenem was more active against escherichia coli and klebsiella spp. the mic(50) and mic(90) values were < or =0.125 microg/ml for methicillin-sensitive staphylococcus aureus and all streptococci and 0.25/1 for bacteroides fragilis.200818070958
[attention-getting cross infections: extended-spectrum beta-lactamase-producing bacterial infections]. 200718069300
activities of the frog skin peptide, ascaphin-8 and its lysine-substituted analogs against clinical isolates of extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl) producing bacteria.extended-spectrum beta-lactamase (esbl)-producing gram-negative bacteria are becoming increasingly prevalent and their antibiotic resistance necessitates novel therapeutic intervention. ascaphin-8 is a cationic alpha-helical peptide that shows broad-spectrum antibacterial activity but is also toxic to human erythrocytes (lc(50)= 55 microm). this study assesses the activity of ascaphin-8, and a series of l-lysine-substituted analogs, against a range of clinical isolates of esbl-producing bacteria ...200818068868
biological activity of phenylpropionic acid isolated from a terrestrial streptomycetes.the strain anu 6277 was isolated from laterite soil and identified as streptomyces sp. closely related to streptomyces albidoflavus cluster by 16s rrna analysis. the cultural, morphological and physiological characters of the strain were recorded. the strain exhibited resistance to chloramphenicol, penicillin and streptomycin. it had the ability to produce enzymes such as amylase and chitinase. a bioactive compound was isolated from the strain at stationary phase of culture and identified as 3-p ...200718062653
antibiotic susceptibility and molecular characterisation of proteus mirabilis isolates in hospitals from the west pomeranian area of poland.proteus mirabilis isolates (n = 177), collected between 1996 and 2000 in four hospitals in the west pomeranian area of poland, were characterized by antibiotype and pulsed-field gel electrophoresis (pfge). the selected isolates were collected from different wards (intensive care unit, surgery, internal medicine, and urology). the strains were cultured from various specimen types, mostly from urine, wound samples, bronchial exudates and sputa. the identification was done by biochemical test id 32 ...200718062650
detection of plasmid-mediated ampc in escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis.this study investigated the prevalence of plasmid-mediated ampc production in selected clinical isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella species and proteus mirabilis, and compared the results of boronic acid disc screening with conventional susceptibility testing for the detection of ampc-positive isolates.200818057079
antimicrobial activities of the bromophenols from the red alga odonthalia corymbifera and some synthetic derivatives.a series of bromophenols was obtained by isolation from red alga odonthalia corymbifera and by reactions of bis(hydroxyphenyl)methanes with bromine. new bromophenols including 3,3',5,5'-tetrabromo-2,2',4,4'-tetrahydroxydiphenylmethane (10), a regioisomer of the potent antimicrobial natural product, together with known derivatives were synthesized in high yield. all of the isolated and synthesized compounds were tested for antimicrobial activity against gram-negative, gram-positive bacteria and f ...200818053715
drug sensitivity patterns of bacterial isolates from septic post-operative wounds in a regional referral hospital in uganda.wound infections have been a problem in the field of surgery for a long time. advances in control of infections have not completely eradicated this problem because of development of drug resistance. antimicrobial resistance can increase complications and costs associated with procedures and treatment.200718052868
preliminary report of nad+-dependent amino acid dehydrogenase producing bacteria isolated from soil.amino acid dehydrogenases (l-amino acid: oxidoreductase deaminating; ec 1.4.1.x) are members of the wider superfamily of oxidoreductases that catalyze the reversible oxidative deamination of an amino acid to its keto acid and ammonia with the concomitant reduction of either nad+, nadp+ or fad. these enzymes have been received much attention as biocatalysts for use in biosensors or diagnostic kits to screen amino acid metabolism disorders such as phenylketonuria (pku), maple syrup urine disease ( ...200718051956
identification and antimicrobial susceptibility of bacteria and yeasts isolated from healthy dogs and dogs with otitis externa.the bacterial and fungal flora of the external ear canal of dogs with otitis externa and of healthy dogs were studied. the most frequently isolated microorganism from otitic ears was staphylococcus intermedius (58.8%), followed by malassezia pachydermatis (30.9%), streptococcus canis (29.9%), proteus spp. (14.4%) and escherichia coli (10.3%). a statistical analysis of our results showed that the prevalence of these microorganisms is significant in dogs with otitis externa. furthermore, the antim ...200718045339
proteus syndrome: 2 case reports and a review of the literature.proteus syndrome is a rare condition that has a variable clinical presentation. the syndrome is characterized by asymmetric disproportionate enlargement of the limbs, skull, or vertebrae, associated with a number of cutaneous lesions. herein, the clinical findings of 2 patients with proteus syndrome are presented and the current clinical diagnostic criteria are reviewed.200718038691
a mild form of proteus syndrome.proteus syndrome is a multisystem disorder and diagnosis has been difficult because of the variability of the syndrome's manifestations. dermatologists have an important role as cutaneous findings could provide clues for the early diagnosis of the disease. herein we report a case who had cerebriform connective tissue nevus and lipoma as the sole manifestations of the disease.200718035995
antimicrobial resistance in 11 hospitals in puerto rico: results of an antimicrobial resistance management (arm) program.the antimicrobial resistance management program (armp) was established in 1997 at the university of florida as an ongoing project to document trends in antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in inpatient/outpatient isolates and track resistance that may occur with specific antibiotic use.200718035809
an iron-regulated outer-membrane protein of proteus mirabilis is a haem receptor that plays an important role in urinary tract infection and in in vivo growth.proteus mirabilis, a common cause of urinary tract infections, expresses iron-regulated outer-membrane proteins (omps) in response to iron restriction. it has been suggested that a 64 kda omp is involved in haemoprotein uptake and that this might have a role in pathogenesis. in order to confirm this hypothesis, this study generated a p. mirabilis mutant strain (p7) that did not express the 64 kda omp, by insertion of the tnphoa transposon. the nucleotide sequence of the interrupted gene revealed ...200718033826
in vitro activities of tigecycline combined with other antimicrobials against multiresistant gram-positive and gram-negative test the activity of tigecycline combined with 16 antimicrobials in vitro against 22 gram-positive and 55 gram-negative clinical isolates.200818033780
congenital hand lesion. 200718032962
gram-negative bacillary community acquired meningitis is not a rare entity in last two decades.the aim of this short note is to assess gram-negative bacillary community acquired meningitis (cbm) and nosocomial meningitis (nm) within 17 years nationwide survey. all cases of gram-negative bacillary cbm within 1990-2007 were assessed in national database of 372 patients with bacterial meningitis: 69 of gram-negative cases were nosocomial and 24 of gram-negative meningitis cases were cbm. those 24 cases were compared with all cbm (201 cases) for risk factors and outcome. among nosocomial gram ...200718030268
salmonella genomic island 1 (sgi1), variant sgi1-i, and new variant sgi1-o in proteus mirabilis clinical and food isolates from china.salmonella genomic island 1 (sgi1) and variants (sgi1-i and the new variant sgi1-o) were mapped in five strains of proteus mirabilis isolated from humans and food in china. sequencing showed that sgi1 and variants were integrated at the 3' end of the chromosomal thdf gene as previously described for salmonella strains.200818025121
rmtc 16s rrna methyltransferase in australia. 200818025117
[fundamental study on the selection of antimicrobial prophylactic agents in abdominal surgery].most infections after abdominal operations are endogenous and occur by disseminating bacteria present in the intestinal tract during operation. the risk of developing surgical site infection after abdominal operations is related to the extent of intestinal contamination during operation and to the density and type of bacteria in the intestinal tract. although antimicrobial prophylactic agents must be active against contaminating bacteria during operation, it should not cover all contaminating ba ...200718018416
implication of proteus mirabilis in an outbreak of gastroenteritis. 194618016352
pleo-antigenicity of proteus x19. 193418014082
presence of aquaporin and v-atpase on the contractile vacuole of amoeba proteus.the results of water permeability measurements suggest the presence of an aqp (aquaporin) in the membrane of the cv (contractile vacuole) in amoeba proteus [nishihara, shimmen and sonobe (2004) cell struct. funct. 29, 85-90].200818004980
brief assessment of motor function: content validity and reliability of the fine motor scale.the brief assessment of motor function fine motor scale (fms) allows rapid assessment, independent of age. this study was done to establish content validity of the fms and to demonstrate fms reliability.200718004200
type 2 segmental cowden disease vs. proteus syndrome: reply from authors. 200817999697
the clinical development and launch of amoxicillin/clavulanate for the treatment of a range of community-acquired the 1960s and 1970s, problems in the antibacterial treatment of infections had begun to emerge. previously active antibacterials were being compromised by the development of resistance. beta-lactamase production was identified in isolates of staphylococci, and, amongst others, in escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, haemophilus influenzae and moraxella catarrhalis. the discovery of the potent beta-lactamase inhibitor clavulanic acid, and its protective effect on amoxicillin, a semi-synthetic ...200717997283
[integrons and their relationship with resistance phenotype in gram negative bacilli isolated in the hospital torres galdames, iquique, chile].the antimicrobial resistance is coded in genetic elements which generate a horizontal flow of information, particularly in conditions that are under strong selective pressure like the nosocomial environment. in that sense, in the last decades, gram negative bacilli have become important agents of nosocomial infection. in order to investigate the presence of integrons among clinical isolates of gram negative bacilli and their relationship with their resistance profile, we studied 88 strains isola ...200717989843
preoperative diagnosis of xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis.the aim of this study was to evaluate the possibility of differentiating xanthogranulomatous pyelonephritis (xgpn) preoperatively from chronic pyelonephritis on the basis of demographic data, clinical parameters, and biochemical, microbiological, and radiological workups.200717987581
multiple antimicrobial resistance in enterobacteriaceae isolates from pristine freshwater.a freshwater enterobacterial population (n = 111) was studied for antimicrobial and mercury resistance patterns, and for its possible association with biotic and abiotic factors in that environment. conventional biochemical tests identified klebsiella sp, morganella sp, serratia sp, escherichia sp, enterobacter sp, edwarsiella sp, proteus sp, citrobacter sp, providencia sp, and kluyvera sp. there was no correlation between antimicrobial resistance patterns of isolates and bacterial genera, but r ...200717985304
detection of hiv-1 sequences in intestinal bacteria of hiv/aids patients.bacterial dna isolated from the intestinal tract of 11 american and 30 slovak hiv/aids patients were analyzed by colony and dot blot hybridization assay for hiv-1 specific sequences. secondly, pcr using primers specific for the hiv-1 gag, pol and env genes for detection of hiv-1 sequences in these dna were performed.200717984947
hematozoa in endemic subspecies of common kestrel in the cape verde islands.we examined 130 common kestrel (falco tinnunculus) representing two endemic subspecies and nine resident island populations on the cape verde archipelago between 1996 and 1999 to study diversity, prevalence, and intensity of hematozoa. hematozoan diversity was very low; we detected only plasmodium fallax, a species that is rarely found in falconoformes, and, possibly, haemoproteus brachiatus. moreover, prevalence of plasmodium fallax was low (1.5%) with a mean intensity of infection of 0.05 prot ...200717984275
rheumatoid arthritis in smokers could be linked to proteus urinary tract infections.there is an interplay between genetic and environmental factors in the induction and development of rheumatoid arthritis (ra). the ra-associated hla-drb1 alleles which contain the shared epitope moiety as well as microbial triggers such as proteus are involved in the aetiopathogenesis of this disease. increased association between proteus urinary tract infections (utis) and ra on one hand and the link between smoking and utis on the other hand could explain the increased frequency of ra among sm ...200817983708
the phakomatoses: dermatologic clues to neurologic anomalies.the phakomatoses of particular interest to neurologists including sturge-weber syndrome, neurofibromatosis type 1, neurofibromatosis type 2, bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome, and proteus syndrome are presented. the physical manifestations required for clinical diagnosis, the neurologic features, and recommendations for management are given. the molecular etiology and genetic aspects of these disorders are briefly discussed as well as future implications of on-going research.200717980311
developing a strategy to reduce the high morbidity of patients with long-term urinary catheters: the biomed catheter research assess the idea of managing patients having problems with long-term catheterization (ltc, normally used when all other methods of bladder management have failed or are unsuitable) in a dedicated clinic, to present a prospective analysis of consecutive new patients attending between february 2002 and october 2006, and to establish the incidence of bladder stones in patients who have recurrent catheter encrustation and blockage.200717979927
[urinary infection in patients with obstructive uropathies].obstructive uropathies are among the most frequent predisposing factors in urinary infection. we have reviewed the frequency of pathogenes causin urinary infection in obstructive uropathies. we have exmined 259 patients with prostatic adenoma and urinary calculosis prior and after the operation during the years 1986 and 1987. the most frequent are bacteria: proteus, pseudomonas, klebsiella and e. colli. proteus was the most frequent (35.2 p.c.), and then pseudomonas (24.5 p.c.) and e. coli (10 p ...199017977397
[epidemiology and treatment of acute prostatitis after prostatic biopsy].acute prostatitis is the main complication of prostatic biopsies (pb) and sometimes requires hospitalisation and appropriate antibiotic therapy. this study evaluated the pathogens responsible and proposes a statistically adapted empirical antibiotic therapy.200717969797
polyamines in bacteria: pleiotropic effects yet specific mechanisms.extensive data in a wide range of organisms point to the importance of polyamine homeostasis for growth. the two most common polyamines found in bacteria are putrescine and spermidine. the investigation of polyamine function in bacteria has revealed that they are involved in a number of functions other than growth, which include incorporation into the cell wall and biosynthesis of siderophores. they are also important in acid resistance and can act as a free radical ion scavenger. more recently ...200717966408
species interactions in mixed-community crystalline biofilms on urinary catheters.previous experimental investigations of the crystalline biofilms that colonize and block urinary catheters have focussed on their formation by pure cultures of proteus mirabilis. in the urine of patients undergoing long-term catheterization, p. mirabilis is commonly found in mixed communities with other urinary tract pathogens. little is known about the effect that the other species have on the rate at which p. mirabilis encrusts catheters. in the present study, a set of data on the nature of th ...200717965358
newly delineated syndrome of congenital lipomatous overgrowth, vascular malformations, and epidermal nevi (clove syndrome) in seven patients.we present a series of seven patients who were previously diagnosed with proteus syndrome, but who do not meet published diagnostic criteria for this disorder and whose natural history is distinct from that of proteus syndrome. this newly recognized phenotype comprises progressive, complex, and mixed truncal vascular malformations, dysregulated adipose tissue, varying degrees of scoliosis, and enlarged bony structures without progressive bony overgrowth. we have named this condition congenital l ...200717963221
use of in vitro susceptibility and pathogen prevalence data to model the expected clinical success rates of tigecycline and other commonly used antimicrobials for empirical treatment of complicated skin and skin-structure infections.the overall expected coverage for tigecycline and selected antimicrobial regimens based upon prevailing susceptibility rates was evaluated for the empirical therapy of complicated skin and skin-structure infections (csssis). consecutive, non-duplicate bacterial isolates collected from 2000-2005 from patients with documented csssi in 57 medical centres located in the usa (38 centres), france (6 centres), germany (7 centres), italy (3 centres) and spain (3 centres) were used to evaluate the freque ...200717959359
synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of cobalt(iii) complexes with pyridine-amide ligands.the ligands 2-(n-(x-pyridyl)carbamoyl)pyridine (x=2, 3 or 4 for hl1-hl3, respectively) and 2,6-bis(n-(y-pyridyl)carbamoyl)pyridine (y=2, 3 or 4 for h2l4-h2l6, respectively) in their mono- and di-deprotonated forms have been used to synthesize kinetically stable cobalt(iii) compounds [co(l1-3)3] (1-3) and na[co(l4-6)2] (4-6), respectively. the co(iii) ion is in octahedral environment and is surrounded by three bidentate ligands in complexes 1-3 and two tridentate ligands in complexes 4-6. ligands ...200817959275
an unusual case of a ureteric hernia into the sciatic foramen causing urinary sepsis: successfully treated laparoscopically.we present the rare case of a ureteric hernia into the sciatic foramen. the presentation was that of a 59-year-old woman with urinary tract sepsis associated with an acute deterioration of renal function. the hernia was successfully repaired laparoscopically.200717958996
in vitro antimicrobial activity of a novel propolis formulation (actichelated propolis).this study compared in vitro activities of actichelated propolis (a multicomposite material obtained with mechano-chemichal activation) and of a hydroalcoholic extract of propolis.200717953601
stereospecific hydrogenations with immobilized microbial cells or enzymes.stereospecific hydrogenations according to the general scheme [formula: see text] are of interest from a preparative and mechanistic point of view. proteus mirabilis is suitable for the hydrogenation of a-keto-acids to r-hydroxy-acids, and a clostridium strain for the reduction of enoates. both have been immobilized in formaldehyde crosslinked gelatin and the latter also in polyacrylamide. immobilized as well as free cells showed usually half lives of 100-200 h. the immobilized cells could be se ...198017941440
anti-amebic antibody activity in patients, determined with antigens prepared from virulent parasites (indirect hemagglutination assay and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay).the serology of amebiasis is affected by low sensitivity and specificity.200717939629
proteus syndrome in the aetiology of carpal tunnel syndrome. 200717939492
antimicrobial susceptibility of klebsiella spp. and proteus spp. from various organ systems of horses, dogs and cats as determined in the bft-germvet monitoring program 2004-2006.a total of 120 isolates of klebsiella spp. and proteus spp. collected from horses and small animals (dogs and cats) were screened for their susceptibility to 24 different antimicrobial agents. klebsiella spp. were included from infections of the genital tract (gt) of horses (36 isolates) and the urinary/genital tract (ugt) from dogs and cats (17 isolates), while proteus spp. were from small animal (dogs and cats) infections of the ugt (37 strains) and the skin (incl. ear/mouth) (30 isolates). in ...200717939455
structure of a glucosyl phosphate-containing o-polysaccharide of proteus vulgaris o-polysaccharide was isolated by mild acid degradation of the lipopolysaccharide of proteus vulgaris o42 and studied by sugar and methylation analyses along with 1h, 13c and 31p nmr spectroscopy. the following structure of the polysaccharide having a linear pentasaccharide phosphate repeating unit was established: -->3)-alpha-l-fucpnac4ac-(1-->4)-alpha-d-glcp-1-p-(o-->4)-alpha-d-glcpnac-(1-->3)-alpha-l-fucpnac4ac-(1-->3))-alpha-d-glcpnac6ac-(1--> where the degree of o-acetylation is approxima ...200717936254
structure and mode of action of the antimicrobial peptide arenicin.the solution structure and the mode of action of arenicin isoform 1, an antimicrobial peptide with a unique 18-residue loop structure, from the lugworm arenicola marina were elucidated here. arenicin folds into a two-stranded antiparallel beta-sheet. it exhibits high antibacterial activity at 37 and 4 degrees c against gram-negative bacteria, including polymyxin b-resistant proteus mirabilis. bacterial killing occurs within minutes and is accompanied by membrane permeabilization, membrane detach ...200817935487
regulatory circuit based on autogenous activation-repression: roles of c-boxes and spacer sequences in control of the pvuii restriction-modification system.type ii restriction-modification (r-m) systems comprise a restriction endonuclease (rease) and a protective methyltransferase (mtase). after r-m genes enter a new cell, mtase must appear before rease or the chromosome will be cleaved. pvuii and some other r-m systems achieve this delay by cotranscribing the rease gene with the gene for an autogenous transcription activator (the controlling or 'c' protein c.pvuii). this study reveals, through in vivo titration, that c.pvuii is not only an activat ...200717933763
[phosphatase activity in amoeba proteus at ph 9.0].in the free-living amoeba amoeba proteus (strain b), after paag disk-electrophoresis of the homogenate supernatant, at using 1-naphthyl phosphate as a substrate and ph 9.0, three forms of phosphatase activity were revealed; they were arbitrarily called "fast", "intermediate", and "slow" phosphatases. the fast phosphatase has been established to be a fraction of lysosomal acid phosphatase that preserves some low activity at alkaline ph. the question as to which particular class the intermediate p ...200717933343
brain abscess in infants and children: a retrospective study of 107 patients in northeast review the clinical manifestation, predisposing factor location of abscess, causative organism, treatment, and outcome of brain abscess.200717926990
bacterial contaminations of informally marketed raw milk in ghana.summary200717925843
cowden syndrome.cowden syndrome (cs), due to germline mutations of the pten tumor-suppressor gene, is an often overlooked cancer predisposition syndrome associated with an increased risk of breast, thyroid, and endometrial cancers, as well as benign manifestations. germline pten mutations also are associated with syndromes that have not been historically connected to an increase in risk for malignancy. these disorders include bannayan-riley-ruvalcaba syndrome (brrs), proteus syndrome (ps), and proteus-like synd ...200717920899
effect of natural preservatives on the growth of histamine producing bacteria.present study deals with the hampering of the growth of histamine producing bacteria (hpb), by using nacl and spices which are easily available and cheaper cost wise. for this experiment, four strains of hpb viz. vibrio parahaemolyticus, bacillus cereus, pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteus mirabilis were tested against 1 to 10% concentrations of nacl and 1 to 5% concentrations of natural preservatives (turmeric, ginger and garlic) in a basal medium. hpb showed different growth rates at different ...200717915763
prevalence of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases in proteus mirabilis in a taiwanese university hospital, 1999 to 2005: identification of a novel ctx-m enzyme (ctx-m-66).a total of 1574 nonduplicate proteus mirabilis isolates collected at a taiwanese hospital during 1999 to 2005 were analyzed for production of extended-spectrum beta-lactamases (esbls). forty-four esbl-producing isolates including 22 ctx-m-14, 18 ctx-m-3, 2 ctx-m-24, and 2 ctx-m-66 producers were detected, and the proportion of esbl producers increased from 0.7% in 1999 to approximately 6% after 2002. ctx-m-66 is a novel variant of ctx-m esbls that differs from ctx-m-3 by a ser to asn change at a ...200817913434
antimicrobial activity of extracts of the lichen parmelia sulcata and its salazinic acid constituent.the antimicrobial activity of the acetone, chloroform, diethyl ether, methanol, and petroleum ether extracts of the lichen parmelia sulcata and its salazinic acid constituent have been screened against twenty eight food-borne bacteria and fungi. all of the extracts with the exception of the petroleum ether extract showed antimicrobial activity against aeromonas hydrophila, bacillus cereus, bacillus subtilis, listeria monocytogenes, proteus vulgaris, yersinia enterocolitica, staphylococcus aureus ...200717913083
production of l-carnitine by secondary metabolism of bacteria.abstract: the increasing commercial demand for l-carnitine has led to a multiplication of efforts to improve its production with bacteria. the use of different cell environments, such as growing, resting, permeabilized, dried, osmotically stressed, freely suspended and immobilized cells, to maintain enzymes sufficiently active for l-carnitine production is discussed in the text. the different cell states of enterobacteria, such as escherichia coli and proteus sp., which can be used to produce l- ...200717910757
septic postpartum uterine inversion.puerperal uterine inversion is an uncommon but life threatening obstetrical emergency. a 26-year-old woman, para six, was referred from a peripheral hospital seven days after delivery, with a mass protruding per vaginum. complete uterine inversion had occurred after delivery of baby and placenta. she was resuscitated and her genital infection was treated. she had a vaginal hysterectomy upon request. her postoperative recovery was uneventful. poor management of the third stage of labour is a comm ...200717909681
purification, crystallization, x-ray diffraction analysis and phasing of an engineered single-chain pvuii restriction endonuclease.the restriction endonuclease pvuii from proteus vulgaris has been converted from its wild-type homodimeric form into the enzymatically active single-chain variant scpvuii by tandemly joining the two subunits through the peptide linker gly-ser-gly-gly. scpvuii, which is suitable for the development of programmed restriction endonucleases for highly specific dna cleavage, was purified and crystallized. the crystals diffract to a resolution of 2.35 a and belong to space group p4(2), with unit-cell ...200717909283
pattern of pathogens in ear discharge of hiv-infected children in nnewi, southeast nigeria.this is a descriptive, prospective, hospital-based study designed to determine the prevalent organisms in ear infections and their antimicrobial susceptibility patterns in hiv-infected children compared to age-and sex-matched hiv sero-negative patients.200717902505
bacterial defluorination of 4-fluoroglutamic acid.fluorinated amino acids are used as enzyme inhibitors, mechanistic probes and in the production of pharmacologically active peptides. because enantiomerically pure 4-fluoroglutamate is difficult to prepare, the selective degradation of the l-isomer is a potentially convenient method of obtaining d-4-fluoroglutamate from the racemate. in this paper, we describe our investigations on the degradation of 4-fluoroglutamate by bacteria. fluoride ion was detected in resting-cell cultures of a number of ...200717901951
endoscopic treatment of pituitary abscess: two case reports and literature review.pituitary abscess is a rare entity and the correct diagnosis is still difficult before surgery. more than 210 cases have been reported in the medical literature, mostly in the form of isolated case reports. we report two cases of pituitary abscess treated endoscopically and we review the literature. a 30-year-old woman and a 35-year-old man were admitted with a history of pituitary dysfunction. patient 1 presented with polyuria, polydipsia, amenorrhea, headache, and visual impairment. magnetic r ...200817899232
the type iii secretion system of proteus mirabilis hi4320 does not contribute to virulence in the mouse model of ascending urinary tract infection.the gram-negative enteric bacterium proteus mirabilis is a frequent cause of urinary tract infections (utis) in individuals with long-term indwelling catheters or with complicated urinary tracts. the recent release of the p. mirabilis strain hi4320 genome sequence has facilitated identification of potential virulence factors in this organism. genes appearing to encode a type iii secretion system (ttss) were found in a low gc-content pathogenicity island in the p. mirabilis chromosome. this islan ...200717893161
breast abscess bacteriologic features in the era of community-acquired methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus epidemics.increasing rates of community-acquired methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (mrsa) infections have also affected the microbial profile of breast abscesses.200717891866
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