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potent combinations of beta-lactam antibiotics using the beta-lactamase inhibition principle.several penicillins known to be stable to enterobacterial beta-lactamases were tested in combination with beta-lactamase-sensitive penicillins and cephalosporins in a turbidimetric system. nafcillin was found to be the best beta-lactamase inhibitor amongst agents presently available commercially, but the related, new semi-synthetic penicillin brl 1437 (2-isopropoxy-1-naphthylpenicillin) was consistently found to be superior. using 103 ampicillin-resistant coliform bacilli and antibiotic levels a ...19751102266
the isolation of two different lipopolysaccharide fractions from various proteus mirabilis strains.four distinct proteus mirabilis strains were extracted by the phenol/water procedure. after ultracentrifugation of the dialyzed water phase, the pelleted lipopolysaccharide was purified and analyzed. the sugar composition of this lipopolysaccharide fraction i was similar for all four strains, containing only small amounts of strain-specific constituents. a second lipopolysaccharide fraction was isolated from the supernatant above (termed l1 fraction) after removal of nucleic acids. deae-cellulos ...19751102309
identification of ribitol phosphate as a constituent of the lipopolysaccharide from proteus mirabilis, strain d52.a polyol was released from the lipopolysaccharide of proteus mirabilis, strain d52, during alkaline hydrolysis and its phosphate ester was isolated after acid hydrolysis. this polyol has been identified as ribitol by comparison of the free polyol, its phosphate ester and its anhydro derivative formed after acid treatment with authentic xylitol, d- and l-arabitol, ribitol and their corresponding derivatives on paper and gas-liquid chromatography.19751102310
[studies on the in vitro effects of cephalothin and gentamicin, alone and in combination, on proteus mirabilis and enterococci (author's transl)].a combined antibiotic therapy is only useful in a few precisely defined clinical pictures where testing of the chemotherapeutics administered is required to determine their characteristics of action (antagonism, indifference, synergism) on the isolated organism. for the initial therapy of critical acute infections, simultaneous administration of cephalothin and gentamicin proved to be valuable. in the present study, the efficiency of these chemotherapeutics alone and in combination was investiga ...19751102455
the significance of cardiac arrhythmias in the septic patient. 19751102867
susceptibility of a hybrid plasmid to excision of genetic material.a 5 megadalton segment of dna carrying a gene for kanamycin resistance from r447 b (a plasmid of group n of molecular weight 33 megadaltons) has been inserted into plac (a plasmid of the a--c complex of molecular weight 101 megadaltons) to produce the recombinant plasmid plac-r447 b (coetzee, 1974). the recombinant plasmid is a typical member of the a--c complex except that entry of an n group plasmid into a plac-r447 b+ recipient frequently leads to the loss of 5 megadaltons of dna (including t ...19751102953
therapeutic guidelines in the management of urinary tract infections and pyelonephritis. 19751103409
bacteremia arising from the urinary tract. 19751103413
reduction of azo food dyes in cultures of proteus vulgaris.1. rates of reduction of a number of azo food dyes were measured in anaerobic cultures of proteus vulgaris. the rates of colour loss were found to be zero order under conditions in which the concentration of viable cells remained constant. 2. a significant increase in the rate of reduction followed the onset of cell mortality. 3. the zero-order rates correlate with the redox potentials of the dyes. a mechanism consistent with these observations involes an extracellular non-enzymic reducing agent ...19751103488
[dependence of various antigen formation of proteus mirabilis strain 1095/67 growing on minimal nutrient media].proteus mirabilis strain 1095/67 has been cultivated in surface culture on different minimal media, which were composed either of single amino acids or combinations of several amino acids without or with stepwise addition of other c-sources up to the complete medium. we found a direct dependence of the formation of the various antigens (moving to the cathode, to the anode, or not moving) on the composition of the medium. certain amino acids (ala, glu, asp. ser) elicit only parts of the antigenic ...19751103489
[modification of problem pathogens in chronically infected bladders through irrigation and instillation agents]. 19751103518
bacterial flora in relation to cataract extraction. iii. postoperative flora.the conjunctival flora of 499 patients operated for cataract was studied on the 4th and 7th postoperative days and compared with the flora examined previously on admission to the hospital and at the time of surgery (fahmy et al. 1975b, c). antibiotics had been administered approximately 18 hours before operation, at the conclusion of surgery, and then on the 4th postoperative day after the cultures had been taken. after a significant fall in incidence, including all kinds of bacteria at the time ...19751103562
resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics proteus strains.a total of 218 proteus strains isolated from clinical sources were tested for their susceptibility to three penicillins and two cephalosporins. the ability to beta-lactamase production was examined in 36 of these strains. proteus mirabilis strains were generally more susceptible to cephalosporins than to penicillins, whereas indole-positive protei were almost uniformely resistant to cephalosporins as well as to ampicillin and benzylpenicillin but susceptible to carbenicillin. fairly good correla ...19751103580
enumeration of high numbers of bacteria using hydrophobic grid-membrane filters.printing a wax grid on a conventional membrane filter yields a device functioning as a most probable number apparatus (mpn), used at a single dilution but with a very large number of growth compartments (e.g., 3,650). by restraining the lateral spread and confluence of colonies, the hydrophobic grid-membrane filter (hgmf) allows growth- or colony-forming units (gu) to be resolved at levels far above those which produce an uncountable lawn on a conventional membrane filter. it also eliminates the ...19751103728
matrix calculi.matrix calculi are an uncommon form of urinary tract concretion. they must be considered in the differential diagnosis of a radiolucent mass within the renal collecting system or ureter. the clinical and radiographic features of three cases are presented and the literature of matrix calculi is reviewed.19751104035
septic shock.the problems associated with septic shock are highlighted, including those which arose during a 3-year prospective study. mortality in the first year of the study was 71 per cent, falling to 38 per cent in the third year. the reasons for this fall are detailed. the pattern of survival times changed over the 3 years, giving rise to the longer term complications such as stress bleeding, multiple organ failure and superadded infection.19751104040
further investigations of proteus mirabilis lipopolysaccharides. 19751104102
attempt to enhance resistance to infection in 6-mercaptopurine treated mice by lysozyme administration and immunization with escherichia coli o86 antigen.long-term immunosuppressive therapy of mice with 6-mercaptopurine (6-mp) for 2 and/or 3 weeks results in partial lethality, decrease of total leukocyte count, of serum lysozyme level and in bacteremia. the adverse effect of 6-mp treatment could not be prevented by lysozyme administration; immunization with escherichia coli o86 antigen further increased the lethality of 6-mp in mice. the results stress the potential danger of immunization with bacterial antigens during immunosuppressive therapy.19751104427
classification of cephalosporins by their antibacterial activity and pharmacokinetic properties. 19751104556
selective medium for growth of proteus.a medium containing heart infusion agar supplemented with bile salts, lithium chloride, sodium thiosulfate, and sodium citrate was developed for the selective growth of proteus.19751104657
specialized transduction of a leucine marker by proteus mirabilis phage 5006m. 19751104770
[studies on the disc method for the determination of bacterial sensitivity to sulfobenzylpenicillin (author's transl)].the mic''s of sulfobenzylpenicillin (sb-pc) were determined by the two-fold serial agar-dilution method for 108 bacterial strains of 21 species. the diameters of inhibition zones of these bacterial strains by the 30 mug and 200 mug sb-pc discs were also measured. the relation between the mic and the diameter of the inhibition zone was found to be expressed as a primary regression line in all cases of the conventional method (cultured for about 16 hours), delayed assay method (cultured for about ...19751104912
[in vitro examination on antibacterial activities of broad-spectrum antibiotics against gram-negative clinical isolates (author's transl)].in vitro studies were undertaken on clinically isolated strains of various bacteria to examine the antibacterial activity of ampicillin (ab-pc), carbenicillin (cb-pc), sulbenicillin (sb-pc) cephalothin (cet), cefazolin (cez) and gentamicin (gm). fifty three % of escherichia coli strains 53.3% of citrobacter sp., 80% of proteus mirabilis, 42.9% of morganella and 80% of bacteroides sp. were susceptible (mic being not higher than 12.5 mug/ml) to ab-pc. the eight other species were not so susceptibl ...19751104913
[sensitivity of bacteria inducing urinary infections to 3 drugs (amoxicillin, ampicillin and cephalexin) and clinical efficacy of amoxicillin (author's transl)].mic of amoxicillin (ampc), ampicillin (abpc) and cephalexin (cex) against bacteria detected from the patients suffering from urinary infections was determined and the clinical efficacy of ampc was examined. as the result of determining mic of ampc against the detected escherichia coli, 85.4% showed the value of less than 6.25 mcg/ml. ampc and abpc seem to be well correlated with each other regarding mic, and ampc showed 1 approximately to 2 stage lower concentration than cex. in connection to cl ...19751104914
morbidity, age and sex distribution, recurrences and renal scarring in symptomatic urinary tract infection in childhood. 19751104973
r-factors in urinary tract infection. 19751104976
transformation of lymphocytes in patients with certain bacterial infections.the state of cell-mediated immunity was measured by the morphological method of lymphocyte transformation with and without pha, in a group of 56 patients with bacterial infections and in a group of healthy controls. the patients were divided into three subgroups according to the aetiology: 1. patients with gram-positive infections, 2. patients with gram-negative infections, and 3. mixed infections. the transformation values with pha were significantly (t-test) higher in the gram-positive subgrou ...19751105129
characterization of a stable spheroplast type l-form of proteus mirabilis d 52 as cell envelope mutant. i. isolation, growth characteristics, biochemical activities, and sensitivity to bacteriophages.a stable spheroplast type l-form could be isolated by transferring 627 single colonies and 195 agar blocks with several colonies of unstable l-forms of proteus mirabilis d 52 on agar media without supplements of penicillin. the l-form grows well on complex and synthetic agar media, however, it failed to grow in any of the liquid media which have been proved. with one exception (formation of acid from maltose) the l-form shows the same bioche mical activities like the parent rod-shaped bacterium. ...19751105990
[some problems of nomenclature and taxonomy of the enterobacteriaceae]. 19751106093
reduction of tetrathionate, trithionate and thiosulphate, and oxidation of sulphide in proteus mirabilis.the reductase catalyzing the reduction of tetrathionate and thiosulphate in proteus mirabilis is also concerned with the reduction of trithionate and the oxidation of sulphide. tetrathionate is reduced to thiosulphate, thiosulphate to sulphite and sulphide, and trithionate is reduced to thiosulphate plus sulphite. the oxidation of sulphide in cell-free extracts proceeds most likely to polysulphanes or to elemental sulphur, depending on the conditions. the kinetics of the reduction of tetrathiona ...19751106343
[synergism of colistin and sulfonamide in proteus species (author's transl)].in agar diffusion testing of proteus mirabilis strains sensitive to sulfonamide a synergistic effect of colistine (c) and sulfonamide (s) was demonstrated. by quantitative evaluation these results were confirmed in 100 strains of proteus mirabilis and 100 strains of indol-positive proteus spp. using broth dilution method. combining 1 part c with 10 parts s the mean increase in sulfonamide sensitivity was enhanced fourfold. increasing the inoculum sensitivity of proteus against the combination of ...19751106440
[peritonitis in infants, small children and childhood]. 19751106963
significance of anaerobic bacteria isolated from the urinary tract. ii. experimental attempt to cause retrograde urinary tract infection with bacteroides fragilis (a strain subcultured in artificial media) failed to produce any significant renal infection in rats. intravenous inoculation with fusobacterium (a strain subcultured in artificial media) also did not cause demonstrable renal infection in rats. nor could the anaerobic organism be demonstrated in the kidneys of these animals. animals receiving bacteroides (a strain subcultured in artificial media) inoculated directly ...19761107257
plasmid-determined beta-lactamase indistinguishable from the chromosomal beta-lactamase of escherichia coli.a plasmid, derived from a naturally occurring strain of proteus mirabilis, conferred resistance to cephalosporins, apparently mediated by a beta-lactamase indistinguishable from that determined by the chromosomal gene of escherichia coli k-12. there was evidence for a recombination event between the wild-type plasmid and a defective f factor (fsp) in the escherichia coli k-12 culture in which it was stored.19761107303
extrachromosomal deoxyribonucleic acid in r factor-harboring enterobacteriaceae.extrachromosomal deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) from 24 different r factor-harboring enterobacteriaceae was isolated and characterized by analytical ultracentrifugation and electron microscopy. the r factors represented 15 different patterns of transferable drug resistance found in enterobacteria from an enclosed geographic area. all of the strains contained extrachromosomal, circular dna molecules within the range of 0.4 to 52 mum. more than one size class of circular dna molecules was observed in ...19761107322
physical properties of l-asparaginase from serratia marcescens.purified l-asparaginase from serratia marcescens had an apparent-weight average molecular weight of 171,000 to 180,000 as determined by electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels and by sedimentation equilibrium at low speed in an analytical ultracentrifuge. a subunit molecular weight of 31,500 +/- 1,500 was estimated for the enzyme after treatment with sodium dodecyl sulfate and urea and electrophoresis on polyacrylamide gels; a similar value was obtained by high-speed sedimentation equilibrium in ...19761107330
the elimination of urease activity in streptococcus faecium as evidence for plasmid-coded urease.a strain of streptococcus faecium from the sheep rumen showed spontaneous loss of urease activity when subcultured at the normal rumen temperature of 38 degrees c, although in mixed cultures in vivo or in vitro loss of urease was not apparent. the rate of loss of urease in pure cultures was increased at incubation temperatures above 38 degrees c, but loss was never complete. however, at temperatures below 38 degrees c loss was greater, and at 22 or 18 degrees c the urease was completely eliminat ...19761107485
marked suppression of thyroid function in rats with gram-negative septicemia.gram-negative septicemia was induced in rats by two daily injections of fecal mixture into the thigh, after which the thyroid function was markedly suppressed for 2 days. iodine metabolism was studied by organ radioassay and by imaging with a multiwire proportional chamber (mwpc) at various time intervals after intravenous injection of 125i. plasma t3, t4, and tsh, measured by radioimmunoassays, were suppressed, as were the t3-resin uptakes. fractional blood supply to the thyroid glands of the i ...19761107490
control of microflora in stallion semen with a semen extender.sterile equipment was used to collect ten ejaculates from each of ten normal stallions and quantitative and qualitative bacterial counts were made within 15 min after collection. the mean bacterial population in undiluted semen was found to be 573,000 +/- 374,000 organisms/ml. the bacterial content of semen diluted with two parts sterile physiological saline, or with two parts of a cream-gelatin extender, was measured within 15 min after collection and again after 2 hr at 25 degrees c. the numbe ...19751107540
the phylogenetic status of pasteurella pestis.yersinia pestis has been characterized in terms of fingerprints of digests (pancreatic and/or t1 ribonuclease) of its 16s and 5s ribosomal rnas. these show clearly that y. pestis is a member of the enterobacteriaceae and suggest that within the family it is most closely related to serratia and/or proteus.19751107566
[studies of correlative relations between virulence and other biological properties of proteus]. 19751107766
properties of plasmids produced by recombination between r factors of groups j and fii.recombinant plasmids have been produced both by transduction of genetic material from fiir factors into proteus mirabilis strains carrying plasmids of group j and by insertion of a transposon conferring streptomycin and trimethoprim resistances into a j group r factor. the transposon-carrying derivative and one of the transductants were shown to be members of group j whereas another transductant was shown to be compatible with members of this group. this recombinant plasmid was able to eliminate ...19751107800
dna repair in proteus mirabilis. iii.survival, dimer excision, and uv reactivation in comparison with escherichia coli k12.measurements of uv sensitivity of wildtype cells (wt) and uv senistive mutants of e. coli and p. mirabilis suggest that the increased sensitivity of p. mirabilis (wt) is due either to incomplete repair of dna lesions or to additive lethality probably as a result of uv induction of defective phage(s) present in p. mitabilis (taubeneck, 1967). direct estimates of the rate of pyrimidine dimer excision and a comparison of the uv reactivation capacity of e. coli and p. mirabilis for the temperate pha ...19751107808
infected total hip replacement after dental procedures.three cases are reported in which there was a worrisome association between dental work and an infected total hip replacement. the patients had long asymptomatic intervals subsequent to implantation of prosthetic hip joints. after dental procedures, infections became apparent in these hips. such infections carry an enormous and crippling morbidity. the potential complications of transient bacteremia in the patient with a cardiac valvular prosthesis are appreciated and the importance of prophylac ...19761107928
[ulcerative enterocolitis in infants]. 19751107951
[study of the antibacterial activity of ftorlon threads].the study concerned antibacterial properties of the ftorlon threads obtained from acetone or dimethylformamide polymer solution containing antibacterial derivatives of 5-nitrofuran added which were known to be active against the germs most commonly causing the postoperative infection including staphylococci, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus vulgaris and candida type fungi. basing of the laboratory test following the method of infected medium and suspension method it was found th ...19751107978
[bactericidal properties of volatile fractions of garlic phytoncids].changes in the bactericidal effect of volatile fractions of garlic were examined during storage. b. coli communis, proteus vulgaris and staph. pyogenes aureus 209 were used as test-organisms. bactericidal properties of volatile fractions of garlic phytoncids were most pronounced prior to storage. during storage they reduced. at higher temperature (16 degrees) the decline in the bactericidal properties was much more significant than at low temperature of storage (2 degrees).19751107992
twenty-eight-day courses of antibiotics for urinary tract infection.a prospective double-blind study was performed in which 30 adult patients with recurrent urinary tract infections due to escherichia coli, and proteus mirabilis organisms were treated by twenty-eight-day courses of either ampicillin, 500 mg. four times a day, or trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole, 2 tablets twice a day. in terms of freedom from infection fifty-six days after the cessation of treatment in both complicated and uncomplicated infections, trimethoprim-sulphamethoxazole yielded results su ...19761108350
[influence of the storage of slaughtered birds at low temperature on the viability of some microorganisms].studied was the effect of the period of storing slaughtered broiler birds at low temperatures on the activity of pathogenic staphylococci, enteropathogenic escherichia coli organisms and pathogenic species of the proteus genus. it was found that freezing at minus 34 degrees c and storage of the slaughtered birds at minus 18 degrees c contribute to the considerable decrease in the bacterial count of the investigated test organisms, this being observed to a highest extent during the first fifteen ...19751108407
[amino acid decarboxylases in bacteria of the genus proteus]. 19751108516
evaluation of amniotic fluid for aerobic and anaerobic bacteria.studies of 117 pregnant women, 83 at term, were instituted to determine the bacteriologic state of amniotic fluid, utilizing both standard aerobic and anaerobic technics. a high association of postpartum infection was found in women who had long periods of premature reptured membranes and many vaginal examinations. significant organisms including anaerobes, were isolated in many of these instances. based on the findings of these studies, it is recommended that amniocentesis for aerobic and anaer ...19761108641
[study of the transferable factors of antibiotic resistance in the enterobacteria isolated at the regional hospital center of nantes].characteristics of transferable resistance of 72 entero-bacteriaceae resistant to one more antibiotic, isolated from february to september 1972, showed that this was common. multi-resistant strains permit one to obtain transfer of various characteristics either alone or together in 76 per cent of cases, whereas strains with less than three characteristics, transferred in only 9 per cent of cases. the transfers were uncommon in the case of proteus compared with other enterobacteriaceae and, in pa ...19751108714
sex-related incidence in proteus infection of the urinary tract in childhood.over a 2-year period 80% of children found to have significant proteus bacteriuria were boys. the organism was isolated from the prepuce in 30% of normal boys and 32% of those with balanitis. proteus urinary tract infection should be carefully confirmed and proved cases thoroughly investigated.19751108808
[recent studies on the in vivo and in vitro activity of gentamicin].the effect of gentamycin was investigated at the university of modena phthisiology and respiratory diseases department. in vitro activity against most pathological gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria was observed. a dose of 4-5 mg/kg proved very effective in cases of bacteria-induced bronchopneumopathy. the drug was also active against penicillin-resistant staphylococci and gram-negative bacteria with a known resistance to ordinary antibiotics.19751113913
antibiotics in surgery. 19751115614
tryptophan biosynthetic pathway in the enterobacteriaceae: some physical properties of the enzymes.several physical properties of the first four enzymatic activities of the tryptophan pathway were examined using gel filtration and ion exchange chromatography. five different patterns were noted. differences in the anthranilate synthetase (as) and phosphoribosylanthranilate transferase (prt) defined these patterns. in all the organisms studied phosphoribosylanthranilate isomerase and indoleglycerol phosphate synthetase co-eluted from both diethylaminoethyl-cellulose and g-200 and thus probably ...19751116988
a transvesical approach to total seminal vesiculectomy: a case report. 19751117507
[necrotic and infected tubal cancer. ileo-sigmoid fistula]. 19751118696
effects of procedural variations on the activity of aminoglycosides in j clin pathol 63:438-445, 1975. the effects of procedural variations on the activities of gentamicin, tobramycin, sisomicin, kanamycin, and amikacin in vitro were evaluated using 134 clinical isolates. in broth dilution studies, a change in assay medium from brain-heart infusion broth to mueller-hinton broth resulted in significant changes in minimal inhibitory concentrations in 36% (242 of 670) of assays. a change in the bacterial population size utilized in broth dilution studies resulted i ...19751119441
[effect of carbenicillin and its combination with prodigiozan and lysozyme on the course of an experimental inflammatory process of proteus etiology].biological properties of 142 proteus strains isolated from patients were studied. sensitivity of proteus to ii antibiotics was tested. the isolates were resistant to most of the antibiotics. the highest number of the isolates was sensitive to ampicillin (77.1 minus or plus 7.16) and especially to carbenicillin (82.6 plus or minus 6.16). this provided the use of carbenicillin for the treatment of experimental septicemia in albino mice and wound processes in rabbits with proteus complications. the ...19751119792
the tryptophanase from proteus rettgeri: sulfhydryl groups in the holo- and apo-enzyme preparations. 19751123078
[intrageneric o-antigenic relations of providencia bacteria].the authors present literature and personal data on the intragenera o-antigenic relations of the strains of a collection of bacteria belonging to providencia genus, including standard strains of 53 serological o-groups whose antigenic interrelations were studied serologically in the tests of agglutination and adsorption of agglutinins. experimental results confirmed the presence of unilateral relations by the o-antigen between the serological groups 01-021, 03-021 and bilateral relations between ...19751124619
infections in total hips secondary to a primary source elsewhere.this is a report of 3 cases in which a primary infection in a site other than a total hip led to infection in the hip itself. one hip infection appeared to arise in a tooth abscess, a second in the urinary tract, and one from the respiratory tract. all infections resulted in the necessity of removing the components of the total hip. it is suggested that patients who have had previous total hip replacement should be warned to consult their physician when the possibility of an infection is present ...19751126095
in vitro antibacterial activity of amikacin, a new aminoglycoside, against clinical bacterial isolates from children.four hundred and fifty-eight clinical bacterial isolates from a children's hospital were examined for antibiotic susceptibility to amikacin (bb-ks) in comparison with a number of other antibiotics by the disk diffusion and agar dilution methods. the wide spectrum of activity of amikacin against gram-negative bacteria was confirmed; it included e. coli, proteus species, enterobacter species, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. staphylococci were highly sensitive, but other gram-positive bacteria tested w ...19751127131
experience with detailed surveillance of nosocomial infection.infection rates have been determined in a 332 bed university hospital using an efficient surveillance program. this computerized program analyzed, summarized and returned infection reports in six days. the efficiency rate of this system was 80 per cent as determined by prevalence survey. the mean nosocomial infection rate for the 12 month study period was 10.8 per cent. neurology, medicine, neurosurgery, surgery and urology ahd the highest attack rates. urinary tract infections composed 44 per c ...19751129686
nephrotoxicity of combined cephalothin-gentamicin regimen.two patients developed acute tubular necrosis, characterized clinically by acute oliguric renal failure, while they were receiving a combination of cephalothin sodium and gentamicin sulfate therapy. patients who are given this drug regimen should be observed very carefully for early signs of nephrotoxicity. high doses of this antibiotic combination should be avoided especially in elderly patients. patients with renal insufficiency should not be given this regimen.19751130930
effects of induced pinocytotic activity and extreme temperatures on the morphology of golgi bodies in amoeba proteus.the morphology of the golgi apparatus of amoeba proteus can be influenced by substances inducing pinocytotic activity as well as by extreme temperatures. during the ingestion of a solution of 0.5% egg white the number of golgi bodies decreases from 100% measured in control cells to 82% measured in cells showing induced pinocytosis. simultaneously the ratio of the surface area of the cisternae at the proximal face to that of the vesicles at the distal face of single dictyosomes remains constant ...19751131858
microfibrillar structures in the nucleus and cytoplasm of amoeba proteus.the presence of microfibrillar structures in the nucleus and cytoplasm of amoeba proteus has been described after glutaraldehyde and osmium fixation. the possible roles of cytoplasmic microfibrils in the contraction process of amoeba and nuclear microfibrils in the formation of the honeycomb nuclear lamina are discussed.19751133571
activity of three aminoglycosides and two penicillins against four species of gram-negative bacilli.three aminoglycoside antibiotics and two penicillins were compared for their in vitro activity against 60 isolates of serratia, pseudomonas, proteus mirabilis, and indole-positive proteus sp. testing was done by the agar dilution method using mueller-hinton broth solidified with 1.5% agar. the activity of amikacin, aminodeoxybutirosin, and gentamicin against proteus and pseudomonas, as related to their peak blood levels, showed no significant differences. amikacin was the most active against ser ...19751137369
bl-s 640, a cephalosporin with a broad spectrum of antibacterial activity: properties in 640 was evaluated in vitro by comparison with cephalothin, cephaloridine, cefazolin, and cephalexin. the new compound was more active than the control cephalosporins against most major gram-negative and some gram-positive species. moreover, its antibacterial spectrum included strains of enterobacter, proteus morganii, p. rettgeri, and providencia stuartii, species generally resistant to the other cephalosporins. bl-s 640 was an effective bactericidal agent for strains of various species of ...19751137381
susceptibility of clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae to bl-s640, a new oral cephalosporin.the in vitro activity of bl-s640, a 7-(2-aryl-2-aminoacetamido)-3-(heterocyclic-thiomethyl) cephalosporin, was evaluated against 338 clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae in comparison with ampicillin, cephalothin, cefazolin, and cephalexin. against escherichia coli, bl-s640 was as active as cefazolin and more active than ampicillin, cephalothin, and cephalexin. bl-s640 was as effective as the other cephalosporins tested and far more active than ampicillin against klebsiella and was more activ ...19751137392
trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole in chronic bronchitis.authenic tracheobronchial secretions/exudates (tbse) were aspirated under direct vision via a sterile catheter passed through a fiberoptic bronchoscope from patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease complicated by chronic bronchitis. tbse, saliva and blood were obtained during long-term administration of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (tmp-smx) and were assayed for drug content. before and during treatment tbse were cultured qualitatively and quantitatively for aerobic and anaerobic bac ...19751137833
amoeba proteus: the nuclear periphery.this study extends previous work on the nuclear envelope and associated structures. it illustrates that the cylindrical structures of the honeycomb lattice are not attached to the nuclear envelope, although generally perpendicular and closely apposed to it, and that there is a complex arrangement of fibrillar material between the cylinders of the lattice. the relationship of nuclear helices to these structures is described and the possible mode of their transfer from nucleus to cytoplasm is disc ...19751137851
canine polypoid cystitis.the clinical, laboratory, and radiographic characteristics of polypoid cystitis in 2 dogs were similar to those commonly associated with neoplasms of the urinary bladder. gross appearance of the polyps did not permit differentiation between inflammation and neoplasia; microscopic examination of excised tissue was required to establish a definitive diagnosis. following surgical extirpation of the polyps, remission of clinical signs was induced by prolonged antibacterial therapy.19751141031
oriented thick and thin filaments in amoeba proteus.actin and myosin filaments as a foundation of contractile systems are well established from ameba to man (3). wolpert et al. (19) isolated by differential centrifugation from amoeba proteus a motile fraction composed of filaments which moved upon the addition of atp. actin filaments are found in amebas (1, 12, 13) which react with vertebrate heavy meromyosin (hmm), forming arrowhead complexes as vertebrate actin (3, 9), and are prominent within the ectoplasmic tube where some of them are attache ...19751141376
[change of the hereditary properties of amoeba proteus during micrurgic intervention at the time of mitosis (metaphase ane early anaphase)].studies have been made on viability and hereditary properties of the progeny of amoebae after micrurgical coercions (sectioning of cells, suction of cytoplasm) during metaphase and early anaphase. the progeny of the fragments as well as of the cells with the reduced bulk of the cytoplasm exhibits unusual methionine resistance. possible mechanism of the observed phenomemon are discussed.19751145767
faecal stasis and bacteriuria: experimental research in rats. 19751145908
acute postoperative wound complications after gastric surgery for morbid obesity.the acute postoperative wound complications of 225 morbidly obese patients undergoing gastric bypass were compared against the complications observed in 225 normal-sized individuals who underwent elective gastric resection for peptic ulcer disease. not only were there more wound infections (8.9 percent to 5.3 percent) in the obese population, but these infections inflicted more serious complications and a significantly increased hospital stay. while the exact cause of the increase in infections ...19751147403
the tryptophanase from proteus rettgeri, improved purification and properties of crystalline holotryptophanase.the inducible tryptophanase (l-tryptophan indole-lyase (deaminating) ec was crystallized in holoenzyme from the cell extract of proteus rettgeri. the purification procedure included ammonium sulfate fractionation, heat treatment at 60 degrees c, deae-sephadex and hydroxylapatite column chromatographies. crystallization was performed by the addition of ammonium sulfate to the purified enzyme solution containing 20% (v/v) glycerol, 0.1 mm pyridoxal phosphate and 10 mm mercaptoethanol. th ...19751148216
proceedings: bacteriology of ileal conduits. 19751148640
specialized transduction of kanamycin resistance in a providence of a transducing system with a phage able to transduce a kanamycin-resistance marker of the t compatibility group plasmid r394 at a frequency of 2 times 10(-2)/plaque-forming unit adsorbed are described. the phage was detected in providence strain p29 transduced to kanamycin resistance by providence phage pl25 grown on this strain harbouring the r factor. four p29 transductants, specially selected at the lowest multiplicities of infection of the high frequency transducing (hft) phage, ...19751151340
experimental bacterial endocarditis. iv. structure and evolution of very early lesions.the vegetations of experimental sterile and bacterial endocarditis in rabbits were studied using light, immunofluorescent and electron microscopy. at an early stage, both lesions were composed chiefly of masses of platelets supported in a scaffolding of fibrin strands. in previous studies, this structure has often been described merely as "fibrin". after i.v. injection of thorotrast, sterile vegetations showed remarkable accumulations of mononuclear phagocytes containing this substance, on surfa ...19751151519
the sex variable in childhood urinary-tract differences in childhood urinary-tract infection have been looked for by reviewing the medical records of all patients who were admitted to one medical centre during a certain time period. there were 240 patients; 26 males and 214 females, all under 14 years of age. the disease in boys-as compared with that in girls-was found to be characterized by an earlier onset, a shorter delay in diagnosis, and a shorter duration; but a higher frequency of malformations, a greater number of rehospitaliz ...19751155077
new serotypes of morganella morganii.on the basis of 8 new o and 11 new h antigens determined in 22 strains, the morganella morganii antigenic schema was supplemented with 8 serogroups (o35-o42) and 13 serotypes. four strains belonged to o groups described earlier and 2 strains contained new o antigens in combination with known o antigens. known h antigens were present in one strain as a single factor and in one strain as combination of two factors. new h antigens were demonstrated in 5 serotypes in combination with known h antigen ...19751155231
[bacteriology and serology of pyelonephritis in children (author's transl)].a short review is made on the bacterial pathogenicity factors related with urinary-tract invasion and renal damage in pyelonephritis. microbiological findings obtained after a revision of 14,181 quantitative cultures carried our in the last nine years on children under 7 years old are discussed. "e. coli" is implicated in almost a half of positive cultures; "k pneumoniae" seems to be specially related with urinary infections of premature and newborn infants (20-30% of the bacterial positivities ...19751155866
selective effects of enucleation and transfer of heterologous nuclei on cytoplasmic organelles in amoeba proteus.the ultrastructural changes in the cytoplasm of lethal hybrids obtained by nuclear transplantation between different strains of amoeba proteus were compared with those of enucleated amebae. it was found that, whereas the golgi complex and glycocalyx degenerated first in enucleated cells, mitochondria and endosymbiotes became abnormal first in the hybrids. the selective effects are attributed to the presence of nucleic acids in the mitochondria and endosymbiotes and hence to the different inter ...19751159642
in vitro evaluation of bl-s640, a new oral cephalosporin, a new oral cephalosporin analogue, was evaluated in vitro against 102 gram-negative and 80 gram-positive bacteria. the antimicrobial spectrum was similar to that of previous cephalosporin analogues. good antimicrobial activity against strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella, staphylococci, and streptococci was demonstrated. relatively poor activity and/or resistance was noted among most strains of proteus, providencia, pseudomonas, and serratia. in comparative studies bl-s640 had better ...19751167042
characterization of hydrogen sulfide-producing bacteria isolated from meat and poultry plants.a survey of the types of aerobic organisms able to produce h2s on peptone iron agar (levin, 1968), and commonly occurring in meat and poultry plants, revealed that these could be divided into four distinct groups. the ability of representative strains of each type to grow at low temperatures and cause off-odors on chicken muscle was examined. the results are discussed in relation to the role of these organisms in the psychrophilic spoilage of meat and meat products.19751167774
antimicrobial activities of 81.723 hfu, a new pleuromutilin derivative.the new pleuromutilin derivative 81.723 hfu is extremely active against gram-positive organisms such as streptococci, staphylococci, and against mycoplasmas. a number of shigella, klebsiella, and escherichia coli strains were also found to be quite susceptible to this new agent, whereas other gram-negative organisms like pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus species, and alcaligenes faecalis proved to be naturally resistant to 81.723 hfu. the new compound acts bacteriostatically. bactericidal effects ...19751170807
anicteric carbenicillin hepatitis. eight episodes in four patients.carbenicillin disodium was temporally associated with eight episodes of a mild reversible anicteric hepatitis characterized by nausea, vomiting, and a tender, somewhat enlarged liver. serum glutamic and oxaloacetic transaminase as well as alkaline phosphatase levels rose, but serum bilirubin values remained normal. there usually were no signs of concomitant allergy to penicillin, and other penicillins could be given subsequently without ill effects. biopsy specimens of the liver showed spotty li ...19751173185
cytoplasmic filaments and cellular wound healing in amoeba proteus.the flexibility and self-healing properties of animal cell surface membranes are well known. these properties have been best exploited in various micrurgical studies on living cells (2, 3), especially in amoebae (7, 20). during nuclear transplantation in amoebae, the hole in the membrane through which a nucleus passes can have a diameter of 20-30 mum, and yet such holes are quickly sealed, although some cytoplasm usually escapes during the transfer. while enucleating amoebae in previous studies, ...19751176533
isolation and characterization of a lactose-positive strain of proteus morganii.the characterization of a lactose-positive proteus morganii is presented. the increased incidence of such atypical microorganisms emphasizes the need for a thorough examination of escherichia coli-like colonies by clinical microbiologists.19751176589
biotypes of proteus rettgeri.examination of 729 isolates of proteus rettgeri showed that 674 reacted positively in tests for phenylalanine deamination, indole production, growth on citrate, and acid production from meso-inositol, and negatively for l-ornithine decarboxylation and acid production from lactose, maltose, d-xylose, and l-arabinose. only 51 isolates differed in one, and four differed in two of these ten reactions, which were taken as the core characteristics of the species. on the basis of additional tests (acid ...19751176597
use of bile-esculin agar for rapid differentiation of enterobacteriaceae.bile-esculin agar has been used for several years for the presumptive identification of group d streptococci. all members of the enterobacteriaceae family will also grow on this medium, but only certain ones can hydrolyze esculin to 6,7-dihydroxycoumarin, which reacts with iron to produce a characteristic blackening of the medium. one thousand and six cultures from clinical specimens representing 20 genera were isolated and identified. heavy inocula from fresh pure culture isolates on heart infu ...19751176613
evaluation of tyrosine medium for the identification of enterobacteriaceae.use of the tyrosine medium in the identification of members of the family enterobacteriaceae form the basis of this paper. six hundred and twenty-three strains were tested for their property of tyrosine degradation. three hundred and seventy-two strains were positive in 24 h and an additional eight strains were positive in 48 to 72 h. these positive strains consisted of all 344 strains of the proteus-providencia group, all 25 strains of citrobacter diversus, and three strains of atypical c. freu ...19751176617
motility-indole-lysine-sulfide medium.a medium designed for the detection of motility, indole, lysine decarboxylase and deaminase reactions, and h2s production was devised and evaluated. results, using 157 strains of enteric pathogens, were in agreement with reference methods. when 300 isolates from fecal cultures were screened using this medium, shigella was easily differentiated from escherichia and more of the proteus species, especially p. morganii, could be eliminated from further study.19751176633
clinical observations of scrub typhus on penghu (the pescadores islands).between may and september 1973, 68 cases of scrub typhus in chinese military personnel on the pescadores islands were studied. the common symptoms and signs were fever, chills, headache, eschar, myalgia, and lymph node enlargement. most eschars were located in the axilla, waist, groin and genitals, and neck. these lesions were painless and not noticed by the patients themselves. regional lymph node enlargement at the site of eschar drainage was common. relative bradycardia with fever was observe ...19751179479
accuracy of kirby-bauer susceptibility tests read at 4, 8, and 12 hours of incubation: comparison with readings at 18 to 20 hours.disk diffusion antibiotic susceptibility tests as performed by the hospital diagnostic microbiology laboratory were read at 4, 8, and 12 h of incubation and compared to the traditional 18-h readings. both the zone size in millimeters and a judgement of susceptible or resistant were recorded by the investigator at each time interval for each drug tested against the various clinical isolates. considerable variation of zone sizes existed for certain organisms (e.g., staphylococci and proteus) and c ...19751180540
septic arthritis in systemic lupus erythematosus.five patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle) developed septic arthritis. neisseria gonorrheae, staphyloccocus aureus, proteus and escherichia coli were the offending bacterial organisms. predisposing factors included systemic and local corticosteroids, aseptic necrosis of bone and synovitis due to sle. the diagnosis was made by culture of the organisms from the synovial fluid. three patients recovered without residual joint damage, one required corrective arthroplasty and one died from ...19751185738
comparative in vitro activity and clinical pharmacology of ticarcillin and carbenicillin.the in vitro activity and human pharmacology of ticarcillin, a semisynthetic penicillin more active than carbenicillin against pseudomonas, were compared. there has been no increase in resistance to ticarcillin of pseudomonas strains over the past 5 years, but resistance of indole-positive proteus and serratia strains has been documented. after intramuscular (i.m.) injection of 1 g of ticarcillin, mean peak levels occurred at 1 h (26.9 mug/ml) with a decline over 6 h (6.8 mug/ml). serum half-lif ...19751190752
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