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diagnostic and therapeutic vitrectomy for endophthalmitis.the introduction of a compact portable vitreous suction cutter enables the aspiration and resection of infected ocular tissues for diagnostic and therapeutic purposes. four cases of postoperative bacterial endophthalmitis are presented in which mechanical anterior vitrectomy was performed in addition to conventional antimicrobial therapy. three of these eyes were saved and 2 retained the possibility of useful vision. a rationale for the aggressive managements of endophthalmitis is presented.19761082287
total excision of the sternum and thoracic pedicle transposition of the greater omentum; useful strategems in managing severe mediastinal infection following open heart surgery.mediastinal sepsis following open heart surgery is a significant cause of death. open drainage of the mediastinumalone was employed originally in management of this problem. more recently, debridement, drainage, and reclosure have been used. various irrigation solutions, such as antibiotics and betadine, have been advocated to control severe mediastinal sepsis. three principles of management in patients unresponsiveness to the above techniques have proved successful in two patients with life-thr ...19761085994
benurestat, a urease inhibitor for the therapy of infected ureolysis.a single oral administration of the urease inhibitor benurestat (2-(p-chlorobenz-amido)acetohydroxamic acid) to the human at 15 or 25 mg per kg produced, for 4 hr, mean urinary levels of inhibitory activity that were 700 to 1900 times that equivalent concentration of benurestat required to inhibit proteus mirabilis urease by 90 per cent. in the rat these same dosage levels produced urinary inhibitory activity equivalent to 16 to 140 fold that required for 90 per cent urease inhibition. benuresta ...19751089613
chromosome transfer in proteus mirabilis mediated by hybrid plasmid.a previously-described fused plasmid, p-lacridrd19, was found to mediate chromosomal transfer between cells of proteus mirabilis strain pm5006; pm5006-(p-lacridrd19) was usually the donor and various auxotrophs of pm5006 resistant to nalidixic acid and/or streptomycin were recipients. the donor was usually counterselected with nalidixic acid and/or high concentrations of streptomycin. recombination experiments with single markers indicated a 40-fold variation in recombination frequencies for dif ...19751089751
septic complications following endoscopic retrograde four patients, septic complications developed following endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography which required surgical intervention. the pathogenesis involves stasis in the pancreatic or biliary tree, but the source of infection is unclear. prompt recognition and early surgical intervention should decrease the seriousness of these complications.19751090018
treatment of meningitis and septicemia in infancy with a sulphamethoxazole/trimethorpim combination.ten infants, 8 days to 10 months old, with meningitis and/or septicemia were considered therapeutic failures after conventional antibiotic treatment (i.e. kanamycin, ampicillin and sulfonamides) and given sulphamethoxazole and trimethoprim parenterally. nine patients recovered, 8 of them rapidly, and one after prolonged treatment for 34 days when kanamycin was added to the combination. one infant improved but later died of complications not related to the treatment. high concentrations in serum ...19751090107
determining antibiotic levels in the blood.methods for the rapid determination of antibiotic blood levels require particular organisms or special conditions or long incubation. a method was developed for the rapid determination of antibiotic blood levels which requires no special equipment and is rapid. special stains are not required. utilizing bacteria from standard kirby-bauer sensitivity plates, a suspension is prepared and a pour plate made. organisms which are sensitive to the questioned antibiotic and resistant to other antibiotic ...19751090163
infections with mycoplasma and bacteria in induced midtrimester abortion and fetal loss.placentas and fetuses from cases of induced midtrimester abortion and fetal loss (13 weeks of pregnancy or more) were examined microbiologically. in the series of midtrimester fetal loss, bacteria were isolated in 14 per cent and genital mycoplasma in 37 per cent of the placentas. in induced abortion, 18 per cent of the placentas grew bacteria and in only one case out of 27 was a mycoplasma strain isolated. fetal organs yielded cultures positive for bacteria in 16 per cent and for genital mycopl ...19751090173
variations in pulmonary antibacterial defenses among experimental animals.intrapulmonary killing of staphylococcus aureus proceeded at equal rates in guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and mice. in the lung of guinea pigs and hamsters, proteus mirabilis was killed at virtually the same rate as s. aureus as compared with half the rate of inactivation in the lungs of rats and mice.19751090537
inhibition of swarming in proteus spp. by tannic acid. 19751090566
interference of anti-allotype antisera with antigen-antibody binding.rabbit anti-b4 antisera are capable of inhibiting the antigen-binding ability of antibodies carrying b4 allotype. the data support the hypothesis of the localization of at least one b group allotypic determinant in the v region.19751090678
scrotal gangrene treated with oxygen under high pressure. 19751090761
[bacterial element in the etiology of diarrhea in children in the lublin province]. 19751090911
the outer membrane of proteus mirabilis. i. isolation and characterization of the outer and cytoplasmic membrane fractions.1. the crude envelope preparation obtained by sonication of proteus mirabilis cells in the presence of lysozyme was separated into outer and cytoplasmic membrane fractions by sucrose density gradient centrifugation. the outer membrane fraction accounted for about two thirds of the dry weight of the envelope preparation. 2. in thin sections, the outer and cytoplasmic membrane fractions were shown to consist of vesicles bounded by a single trilaminar membrane, but those of the outer membrane were ...19751091289
the inhibiting effect of indomethacin on the disruption of the blood-aqueous barrier in the rabbit eye.the aqueous flare (af) of an intact rabbit eye was measured by a photoelectric instrument. local application of prostaglandin e2 (pge2) and its precursor arachidonic acid (aa) gave an almost identical increase of the af. the response to aa but not to pge2 was inhibited by pretreating the eye locally with a solution of indomethacin. the ability of indomethacin to inhibit the aqueous flare response (afr) to an agent is assumed to indicate that a kind of prostaglandin is the effector of the af. ind ...19751091592
comparison of different media for bacteriocine typing of proteus mirabilis.the effect of a variety of nutrient bases on the production of bacteriocines by 10 standard cradock-watson types of proteus mirabilis has been investigated. differences in yield of greater than 10,000 fold were observed. maximum yields were obtained with proteose peptone no. 3 (difco) and a medium containing this with oxgall (difco) as an antiswarming agent was developed for routine typing.19751091661
colitis cystica profunda in rhesus monkeys.spontaneously occurring colitis cystica profunda, characterized by the presence of non-neoplastic glands and mucin-containing cysts in the submucosa of the large intestine, was observed post mortem in 4 of 28 rhesus monkeys (macaca mulatta) but in none of 20 squirrel monkeys (saimiri sciuresu) necropsied during the same period of time. an analogous lesion in the stomach was present in 2 of the monkeys with the colonic condition. the submucosal glands and cysts resulted from extension of the muco ...19751091777
specific inhibition of ribosomal rna synthesis in vitro by guanosine 3' diphosphate, 5' diphosphate. 19751091863
[importance of bacteriological and serological studies in proteus infections]. 19751092067
[microbial antagonism and its role in the development of infection (literature review)]. 19751092099
[the ultrastructure of l-forms. iii. the l-forms of s. typhi and pr. vulgaris].a marked polymorphism was revealed in the colonies of 5--7 day l-forms of s. typhi and pr. vulgaris: among different types of the cells there prevailed spherical or oval forms with a distinct nucleoid. three-layer cytoplasmic membranes--the site of formazan tnbt deposition in the reaction for succinic dehydrogenase--were detected on the greater part of the cell surface. sometimes there were revealed on the surface of the membrane residues of the cell wall in the form of structureless material of ...19751092106
stereoselective reduction of cobalt(iii) complexes by bacteria.a strain of enterobacter cloacae, isolated from soil, reduces racemic abdtriglycinatocobalt(iii), triglycinatocobalt(iii), stereoselectively under anaerobic conditions; washed suspensions oc cells, grown anaerobically in the absence of triglycinatocobalt(iii) initially reduce the l-enantiomer stereospecifically under argon yielding a labile co(ii) chelate. an approximately 5-fold increase in the rate of reduction of the complex occurs using cells disrupted by 2-phenylethanol; decomposition now p ...19751092371
mechanisms of macrophage activation by corynebacterium parvum. i. in vitro experiments. 19751092470
electron microscope heteroduplex studies of sequence relations among bacterial plasmids: identification and mapping of the insertion sequences is1 and is2 in f and r plasmids.heteroduplex experiments between the plasmid r6 and one strand of the deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) of a lambda phage carrying the insertion sequence is1 show that is1 occurs on r6 at the two previously mapped junctions of resistance transfer factor (rtf) dna with r-determinant dna. from previous heteroduplex experiments, it then follows that is1 occurs at the same junctions in r6-5, r100-1, and r1 plasmids. heteroduplex experiments with the dna from a lambda phage carrying the insertion sequence ...19751092668
the diffusion and concentration of trimethoprim in human vaginal fluid.colonization of the vaginal introitus with enterobacteriaceae was cleared dramatically in women receiving trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for recurrent urinary tract infections. vaginal fluid was collected from seven women; five of the seven had two vaginal fluid collections each while on full-dose therapy (total, 10 samples), and five had two or more collections each while on prophylactic, low-dose therapy (total, 14 samples). bactericidal concentrations of trimethoprim were found in all samples ...19751092766
pigment production by bacteroides species with reference to sub-classification.all six reference strains of bacteroides species, 36 laboratory isolates conforming to this group, and individual strains of escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, salmonella typhimurium and clostridum welchii produced a dense black pigment, identified as ferrus sulphide, when grown in cooked-meat media containing cystine and ferrous sulphate. this was an indicator effect resulting from the production of h2s by the bacteria in the presence of ferrous ions and was unrelated to the characteristic pi ...19751092861
hand infections secondary to human bites. 19751092876
[on flucloxacillin sensitivity determination by the disc method (author's transl)]. 19751092891
effects of gentamicin on the intestinal bacterial flora of rats.1) normal intestinal microbial flora (nf) in feces of rats were examined before and after administration of gentamicin (gm). although gm caused no influence on nf after 6 hours, the number of nf decreased markedly 24 hours after gm, viz., the count of coliforms, enterococci and lactobacilli was reduced to 1/10-1/100 of the control value while proteus and fusobacteria declines in number down to 1/100-1/1,000 times as low as the control value. 2) the decreased count of nf tended to recover to some ...19751092892
treatment of chronic prostatitis. comparison of minocycline and doxycycline.the results of minocycline and doxycycline therapy in 41 patients with chronic prostatitis and minocycline therapy in 6 patients with acute prostatitis were evaluated. in the comparative study of chronic prostatitis, minocycline and doxycycline were given on the same dosage schedule, milligram for milligram: a loading dose of 200 mg. followed by 100 mg. twicd daily. over-all clinical responses to therapy with either agent were generally satisfactory, and no statistically significant difference ...19751093309
transient bacteremia associated with barium enema.a group of 175 patients had barium enema. pour-plate blood cultures were obtained immediately before and after the procedure and 5, 10, 15, and 30 minutes later. bacteremia was demonstrable in 20 (11.4%) patients. in some, blood cultures were positive for as long as 15 minutes after barium enema; all were negative at 30 minutes. among the bacteria associated with the 20 episodes of bacteremia were escherichia coli, klebsiella, enterococci, proteus morganii, bacteroides, and veillonella. the inci ...19751093504
prophylactic chemotherapy with low-dosage trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole following acute urinary tract infections in children.the cases of 10 children with acute and recurrent infection of the urinary tract are presented. their ages were between 7 weeks and 9 years. five of the children had been previously treated with a combination of sulfisoxazole, ampicillin, mandelamine and nitrofurantion and four of these children had "breakthrough" infections. when trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole was administered twice weekly no further infections were noted in four of these five patients. the second group of five children were sta ...19751093647
trimethoprim-resistant enterobacteriaceae in urinary tract infection.the incidence of trimethoprim-resistant enterobacteriaceae has not increased since the introduction of the combination trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (tmp-smx) into the clinical use at our centre in 1973. using the minimum inhibitory concentration (mic) as the index of trimethoprim resistance, this ranged from 1.6 to 800 mug/ml; for the majority of isolates it lay between 1.6 and 12.5 mug/ml. about half of these trimethoprim-resistant organisms were sensitive to sulfonamide. in vitro data suggest ...19751093652
pharmacokinetics of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole in children.the present report extends experience with the use of trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (tmp-smx) in children aged 3 months to 10 years. the regimen was tmp (200 mg)--smx (1000 mg)/m-2d given in two equal doses. the drug was easily administered, well tolerated and efficacious in the treatment of a variety of infections in 12 children. a steady state had been achieved by the third dose of medication and accumulation of either component during days 1 through 4 did not occur. serum concentrations of tm ...19751093656
a comparison of trimethorprim-sulfamethoxazole with sulfamethoxazole alone in infections localized to the kidneys.ninety patients with urinary tract infections were treated in a randomized double-blind study with either a combination of trimethoprim and sulfamethoxazole (tmp-smx) or sulfamethoxazole alone (smx). thirty of 42 patients treated with tmp-smx were cured by the time of follow-up compared with 26 of 48 treated with smx alone. of the 29 patients infected with smx-resistent organisms, the combination tmp-smx cured 12 of 17, whereas smx alone cured 2 of 12. of the 61 patients infected with smx-sensit ...19751093658
[effect of iodine iontophoresis on the bacterial flora of the root canals]. 19751093822
beta-n-acetylhexosaminidase active on dermatan sulfate.the dodecasaccharide obtained by treating dermatan sulfate with testicular hyaluronidase, chondroitinase ac, and beta-glucuronidase was incubated with diluted, normal human serum at ph 4.5 or 7.0 followed by chondro-4-sulfatase at ph 7.0. analyses of the reaction products indicate release of hexosamine but not further degradation of the substrate. it is concluded that normal human serum possesses an exo-beta-n-acetylhexosaminidase active on dermatan sulfate.19751093849
high frequency transduction of resistance to ampicillin and kanamycin in proteus mirabilis. 19751094093
[microbiological characteristics of bacteria of the genera proteus and morganella isolated from ill and healthy children]. 19751094728
cinoxacin: in vitro antibacterial studies of a new synthetic organic acid.cinoxacin (compound 64716) is a synthetic organic acid with antibacterial activity against most aerobic gram-negative bacilli. minimal inhibitory concentrations of cinoxacin (agar-dilution method) were determined for 419 strains. escherichia coli was the most susceptible group of organisms. the majority of klebsiella sp., enterobacter sp., proteus sp., and serratia marcescens were inhibited by 8 mug of cinoxacin per ml. pseudomonas aeruginosa and all gram-positive isolates tested were resistant ...19751094949
[treatment of inflammatory complications of permanent implanted pacemakers].the authors report an experience of 165 patients who underwent to implantation of artificial pacemaker from january 1973 to december 1974 and report 16 cases of infection. they consider many surgical and biologic factors that can have caused uprinsing of infection. the authors report the therapeutic treatment the patients underwent and conclude that the best treatment is the implantation, to another seat, of new pacemaker.19751095025
ribosomal and non-ribosomal rna synthesis in vitro.the synthesis of total and ribosomal rna using nucleoids of escherichia coli as template was measured; of the total rna synthesized by endogenous rna polymerase which only completes chains, and added rna polymerase which initiates new chains, 50-70 and 3-5%, repectively, was rrna. total rna synthesis by added enzyme, however, was 10-20 times higher than endogenous rna synthesis; thus rrna was synthesized at the same rate by the endogenous and the added enzyme. we conclude that the percentage rrn ...19751095071
ampicillin, carbenicillin indanyl ester, and nifuratel in the treatment of urinary infection in domiciliary practice.a total of 120 patients, including 53 pregnant women with significant bacteriuria, received 163 7-day courses of oral antimicrobial agents allocated in a randomised manner. the cure rates after 6 weeks' follow-up ranged from 73% to 86%, and there was no statistical difference between preparations of ampicillin, carbenicillin indanyl easter, and 2 different formulations of nifuratel. side-effects occurred in 30% to 40% of the courses of penicillin drugs, but in under 15% of the course of nifurate ...19751095107
selective deficiency of the second component of complement in a patient with anaphylactoid purpura. 19751095265
[aminoglycoside antibiotics from clinical viewpoint].indications, side effects, dosage and several pharmacokinetic properties of gentamicin, tobramycin, sisomicin, kanamycin, amikacin, and streptomycin are delt with in the first part. hereafter, some aspects are briefly mentioned concerning combinations of antibiotics with aminoglycosides, as well as indications for the evaluation and analysis of the aminoglycoside concentration in the serum.19751095500
[aminopenicillins from microbiological viewpoint].in this report it was tried to emphasize several microbiological aspects of the amino-penicillin. hereby it turns out that the activity differences of all the substances are very similar on microbiological part. a break of the cross-resistance does not happen with all the amino-penicillins. with regard to the appearance of resistant strains, it can be told that the conditions still are advantageous on non-hospitalized patients in the totality. in the clinic a high part of resistant strains are f ...19751095501
aminopenicillins - clinical pharmacology and use in disease states.ampicillin introduced in 1961 has been administered in the treatment of diverse infections by both oral and parenteral means. oral infections of the upper airways such as otitis media, bronchitis, and pneumonia have responded with high success rates since the microorganisms involved have remained sensitive to ampicillin. similarly, out-patient urinary tract infections caused by escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, and enterococci are cured. typhoid fever may yet be treated with ampicillin, but s ...19751095502
[cephalosporin antibiotics from microbiologic viewpoint. a comparison of antibacterial and pharmacokinetic properties].with the necessity not only of differentiating between effectiveness and non-effectiveness, as in the earlier phases of chemotherapy, but also of detecting graduated differences in effect quantitatively, animal experiment and clinical trial have been shown to be no longer adequate. in a correlating comparison of antibacterial activity with the drug level in vivo as the two decisive basic elements of chemotherapeutic effect, new and interesting possibilities arise for the evaluation of antibiotic ...19751095503
variation in expression of sex factor genes in the proteus-providencia group relative to escherichia coli.several instances of anomalous expression of genes introduced from escherichia coli k-12 into proteus mirabilis have been described. it is shown here that control of sex pilus synthesis directed by the f-like r factor r1 and its depressed derivatives r1-16 (o-c) and r1-19 (i-minus) is also anomalous in p. mirabilis. piliation in cells bearing the depressed plasmids is expressed at a lower level than in e. coli k-12, and repression is absent in r1-carrying cells. preliminary results show a simila ...19751095557
transition of the r factor nr1 and proteus mirabilis: level of drug resistance of nontransitioned and transitioned cells.when proteus mirabilis harboring the r factor nr1 is cultured in penassay broth containing 100 mug of chloramphenicol (cm) per ml, there is an amplification in the number of copies of the r-determinants per cell. under these conditions, r factors harboring multiple tandem sequences of r-determinants are formed. autonomous poly-f-determinants consisting of multiple copies of r-determinants are also formed. this phenomenon has been referred to as the "transition". transitioned cells have considera ...19751095563
measurement of redox potential changes in anaerobic culture media caused by addition of blood.a method has been described whereby the redox potential of unsealed and manipulated samples of solution can be determined. this method includes treating the platinum electrode with strong cleaning solution, adjusting the electrode with a culture of proteus vulgaris in tryptic soy broth, and doing all manipulations inside a glove box that is continuously flushed with oxygen-free gas. this study has shown that prereduced media are much more reduced than media which have been dispensed only under a ...19751095669
r factors from proteus mirabilis and p. vulgaris.eighty-nine r factors were transmitted by conjugation to escherichia coli k12 from isolates of proteus hauseri (p. mirabilis plus p vulgaris). more than half were non-selftranmissible. the remainder included plasmids assigned to the previously defined groups fii,a-c complex, j, n and p, as well as some not belonging to any knwon compatibility groups. r factors from strains isolated in india, thailand and japan carried plasmids whose inheritance was extremely unstable in e. coli k12. all belonge ...19751095684
self-mutilation in mice associated with otitis media.mutilation of the external ear and adjacent tissues was an enzootic problem in outbred mcr:(icr) breeder mice in a commercial colony. necropsy examination of affected and randomly selected, nonaffected adult breeder mice revealed a probable association of the cutaneous lesions with suppurative otitis media. several microorganisms, including mycoplasma pulmonis and pasteurella pneumotropica, were isolated from the tympanic bullae.19751095819
myocardial performance in clinical septic shock: effects of isoproterenol and glucose potassium insulin. 19751095826
[phagocytosis of cell wall defective bacteria by human macrophages (author's transl)].statistically significant better phagocytosis of spheroplasts was found by comparing the rate of phagocytosis of normal and penicillin-g induced cell wall defective bacterial (spheroplasts) by human macrophages in isotonic media using a proteus mirabilis strain as test organism. this provides additional information concerning the minor role of cell wall defective bacteria as persisters in chronic infections.19751095903
decrease in ribosomal density of proteus mirabilis exposed to subinhibitory concentrations of ampicillin or cephalothin.the finding of reduced ribosomal densities at lower concentrations than those required to stop growth or cause visible defects in the cell wall is in contrast to the current view that the initial lesion produced by penicillins or cephalosporins is a defect in murein synthesis (11). this reduction in ribosomal density could be a primary or secondary effect and might be due to a decreased rate of growth, which has been shown to be associated with a lower ribosome frequency (12, 13) or to less stab ...19751096166
regional differences in patterns of urinary tract infections.the identity of 693 pathogenic bacilli isolated from 2,175 urine specimens cultured during a two-year period in southeastern new mexico is presented along with results of sensitivity testing by kirby-bauer technique. the pattern of infections and sensitivity studies in hospitalized patients is compared with that of office patients and contrasted with results noted in other areas.19751096400
urinary tract infections in black female has been demonstrated in several studies that prepubertal black females have a lower incidence of urinary tract infection than do white females of the same age. other racial differences in the natural history of urinary tract infection have been suggested, but thus far very few young black girls with urinary tract infection have been thoroughly studied. the records of 56 black female children with urinary tract infections were reviewed and the clinical, laboratory, and radiologic manifestatio ...19751096401
effect of microorganisms isolated from the upper gut of malnourished children on intestinal sugar absorption in vivo.the effect of microorganisms isolated from the upper gastrointestinal tract of malnourished children on intestinal sugar absorption was studied in rats in vivo. pure cultures of organisms were grown overnight in a nutrient broth and the resultant supernatant fluid which contained microorganisms in similar numbers to those found in the patients was used as the basic solution for jejunal perfusions which were done in anesthetized adult wistar rats. the substrate used was arbutin (p-hydroxphenyl-be ...19751096588
the pulmonary response to a bacteremic challenge.the pulmonary response to a bacteremic challenge was studied in a mouse model. the distribution of intravenously injected radiotracer-labeled proteus mirabilis and staphylococcus aureus in the lungs, liver, spleen, kidney, and blood was examined at 0, 5 30, 60, and 240 min. pulmonary killing of these organisms was studied at 0, 30, and 240 min; 0.8 plus or minus 0.1 per cent of the p. mirabilis and 1.5 plus or minus 0.2 per cent of the s. aureus remained within the lungs after 4 hours. although ...19751096694
antibacterial activity of cinoxacin in vitro.cinoxacin is a new synthetic compound similar chemically and in antimicrobial activity to oxolonic acid and nalidixic acid. it is most effective against escherichia coli and proteus mirabilis, but at concentrations expected in the urine it is inhibitory for all species of enterobacteriaceae. relative to nalidixic acid, cinoxacin has slightly greater inhibitory and bactericidal activity, less inoculum effect probably due to less heterogeneity in the susceptibility of bacterial cells, and less inh ...19751096811
microbiological characteristics of dungeness crab (cancer magister).aerobic, heterotropic microorganisms of dungeness crab (cancer magister) were isolated from raw crab, cooked crab, crab meats obtained during commercial processing, and from retail crab meat samples. each microbial isolate was then identified to the genus level employing the revised replica plating procedure. microbial groups most commonly isolated from crab meat were, in the order of predominance, moraxella, pseudomonas, acinetobacter, arthrobacter, micrococcus, flavobacterium-cytophaga, and ba ...19751096824
[purification of beta-lactamases by affinity chromatography].affinity columns able to purifie beta-lactamases have been prepared either by linking covalently reversible inhibitors or substrates to agarose beds. the enzyme is eluted with a gradient of sodium chloride or released with the substrate. this method is a pertinent one for the purification of these enzymes and for the study of bacteria harbouring more than one beta-lactamase.19751096966
the natural history of renal and ureteric a prolonged follow-up of a series of 416 patients at the london hospital stone clinic it was found that recurrence could still occur even as long as 10 years after the first stone, though this risk decrease slowly year by year. recurrence is seldom related to hypercalciuria or urinary infection except when infection is caused by or associated with b. proteus in women. claims for the value of any form of therapy for stone disease must be evaluated against the background of the natural history ...19751097021
[physical and chemical properties of tryptophenases of five species of enterobacteriaceae].the molecular weight, sedimentation coefficient, and amino acids composition were determined on five tryptophanases (tpases) from escherichia coli b and e. aurescens, shigella alkalescens, and proteus vulgaris and p. morganii. these tpases have identical sedimentation profile and coefficient (9.6 s), and the same molecular weight (220 000). each enzyme is constituted of four identical subunits having a molecular weight of 55 000. the amino acids composition of these tpases is very similar, with ...19751097068
[differentiation of tryptophanases of five species of enterobacteriaceae by sulfhydryl groups].we have studied the sulfhydryl groups (-sh) on the tryptophanases (tpases) from escherichia coli b. and e. aurescens, shigella alkalescens, and proteus vulgaris and p. morganii. the coli group and the p. morganii apo tpases have 20 -sh groups per mole of enzyme, where as p. vulgaris apotpase has 16. in coli group tpases, there are 16 -sh groups on the mole surface and they are all implicated in the activity and the enzyme-substrate bond. proteus morganii tpase has 8 surface -sh groups, 4 of whic ...19751097069
cephradine in urinary tract infections: a double-blind comparison with ampicillin.a double-blind trial was carried out comparing cephradine and ampicillin in the treatment of urinary tract infections in 42 females attending a hospital department of obstetrics and gynaecology. results showed that patients did better in the cephradine group than the ampicillin group, both bacteriologically and clinically. the numbers in each group were small, however, and did not reach statistical significance.19751097196
comparative in vitro acitvity of chloramphenicol and thiamphenicol on common aerobic and anaerobic gram-negative bacilli(salmonella and shigella excluded).the antibacterial activity of thiamphenicol was compared to that of chloramphenicol against 313 strains of gram-negative bacilli isolated from various clinical specimens. these two antiboitics were equally active against the 106 isolates of haemophilus mic equals 0.1 minus 1.56 mu g/ml) and against 40 strains of bacteroides fragilis (almost all strains being inhibited by 12.5 mug/ml of the two drugs). in contrast, when compared with chloramphenicol, 2-16 times as much of thiamphenicol was requir ...19751097209
evaluation of antibacterial activities of cephalosporin antibiotics: cefazolin, cephaloridine, cephalothin, and cephalexin.the antibacterial activities of 4 cephalosporin antibiotics, cefazolin, cephaloridine, cephalothin and cephalexin, against 330 isolates of bacteria from patients at national taiwan university hospital, were determined by an agar plate dilution technique. cephalosporins possess strong antibacterial activity against gram-positive bacteria except enterococci. staphylococcus aureus is the most susceptible among the organisms tested. more than 90% of staphylococcus aureus strains are suppressed by ce ...19751097210
bacterial studies of clindamycin-associated colitis. a preliminary report.the cause of pseudomembraneous colitis is not known but has been attributed to an alteration in the microbial flora of the colon. to test this hypothesis, a blind, prospective study was undertaken in which fecal samples were cultured quantitatively for aerobic and anaerobic organisms. the patients from which these samples were taken were all receiving clindamycin and had diarrhea secondary to the use of the drug. we were able to show definite differences in the colonic microflora which correlate ...19751097297
indirect evidence for cell wall and membrane differences between filamentous swarming cells and short non-swarming cells of proteus mirabilis. 19751097593
7-n-amidinocephalosporins.7-aminocephalosporanic acid tert-butyl ester reacts quantitatively at--20 degrees with iminium chlorides to give amidino derivatives. removal of the tert-butyl protecting group with trifluoroacetic acid and treatment with 1 equiv of triethylamine yield the corresponding zwitterions. these compounds were less active than their penicillin analogs.19751097691
comparative studies on generalized transducing bacteriophages of proteus mirabilis, phim and pi1.comparative studies were made on the generalized transducing bacteriophages of proteus mirabilis phim (nakaya and rownd), pi1(böhme), and a clear plaque-forming mutant phim-c, derived from phim. electron microscopic observations revealed that these phages were morphologically identical, indicating that they belonged to the group c of bradley's classification, or to the type c1 of ackermann's classification. phages phim and pi1 formed characteristic turbid plaques different from each other, and t ...19751097767
accumulation of replicating bacterial plasmid dna during thymine limitation or hydroxyurea treatment.the rate of dna chain elongation of a thymine auxotroph of proteus mirabilis harboring an r factor was reduced by either thymine limitation or treatment with hydroxyurea. using cscl density gradient centrifugation, sedimentation in sucrose gradients, and electron microscopy, it has been shown that the fraction of total r factor dna which is in the process of replication is greatly increased when the rate of dna chain elongation is reduced while the initiation of plasmid replication continues at ...19751097888
proteus vulgaris osteomyelitis of the mandible. report of a case. 19751097982
a preliminary report on cephradine.plasma cephradine levels were measured after parenteral and oral administration to healthy adults. plasma cephradine contrations of 7 - 15 mug/ml were measured after 0.5 g had been administered by mouth, and concentrations of 12 - 57 mug/ml were measured after parenteral administration; they fell to 3 mug/ml within 240 minutes except after intramuscular administration. the results of an open clinical trial conducted among 10 patients suffering from urinary tract infections were satisfactory.19751098181
microbial growth on agar surfaces studied by incident light differential interference contrast microscopy.microbial surface growth on routine opaque agar media was examined by various incident light microscopical techniques. only differential interference contrast regularly gave good resolution and contrast. the arrangement of units approaching the size of individual bacteria may be judged by low power dry objectives.19751098392
colonization of intensive care unit patients with gram-negative bacilli.a prospective study of 64 patients admitted to a medical intensive care unit and 86 patients admitted to a surgical intensive care unit was done to determine the frequency of pharyngeal, intestinal, and tube site colonization with gram-negative bacilli. studies were carried out over a 13-week period. the pharyngeal carrier rate among the surgical patients increased by a total of 34 strains compared to 14 strains among medical patients. similarly, the intestinal carrier rate increased by 35 strai ...19751098452
bactericidal and opsonic activities of normal sheep serum against gram-negative bacteria.the bactericidal and opsonic activities of normal sheep serum against 9 smooth and 4 rough strains of gram-negative bacteria were measured. three smooth strains-escherichia coli 3662, salmonella typhimurium, and salmonella gallinarum-were resistant to the bactericidal action of normal sheep serum with or without complement. six smooth strains-e coli o78:k80(b), salmonella arizonae, proteus inconstans, klebsiella pneumoniae, salmonella stanley, and salmonella abortus-equi-were moderately sensitiv ...19751098532
influence of rofenaid-40 feed medication on an experimental salmonella infection in chickens.rofenaid-40 administered at 0.02% in feed to chickens experimentally infected with salmonella typhimurium resulted in less colonization and shedding of s. typhimurium than in unmedicated chickens. the antibacterial sensitivity pattern of s. typhimurium isolated from infected birds had not changed after exposure to rofenaid for 56 days.19751098638
the kinetic of degradation of chondroitin of sulphates and hyaluronic acid by chondroitinase form proteus and vmax. were determined for the degradation by chondroitinase of chondroitin 4-sulphate, 4-sulphate-proteoglycna, chondroitin 6-sulphate, dermatan sulphate and hyaluronic acid. degradation of chondroitin 4-sulphate was inhibited by hyaluronic acid but not by keratan sulphate. the results are discussed with regard to the use to the use of chondroitinase as a sleective reagent for the degradation of tissue glycosaminoglycans.19751098655
determination of ammonia inhibition in fabric impregnated with antimicrobials.a new method is described for determining the presence or absence of ammonia produced by urealytic microorganisms, using fabric which has been treated with an antimicrobial. circular disks of fabric treated with various concentrations of an antimicrobial are placed in the bottoms of snap-on lid petri dishes. nutrient medium containing urea, an indicator, and a dilution of an overnight culture of proteus mirabilis is applied to the fabric disks. the lids are snapped on and the dishes are incubate ...19751099065
transition of r factor nr1 in proteus mirabilis: molecular structure and replication of nr1 deoxyribonucleic acid.the structure of r factor nr1 dna in proteus mirabilis has been studied by using the techniques of cscl density gradient centrifugation, sedimentation in neutral and alkaline sucrose gradients, and electron microscopy. it has been shown that the nontransitioned form of nr1 dna isolated from p. mirabilis cultured in drug-free medium is a37-mum circular deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) with a density of 1.712 g/ml in a neutral cscl gradient. this circular molecule is a composite structure consisting of ...19751099069
denaturation mapping of r factor deoxyribonucleic acid.the r factor nr1 consists of two components: a resistance transfer factor which harbors the tetracycline resistance genes (rtf-tc) and the r-determinants component which harbors the other drug resistance genes. using partial denaturation mapping it is possible to distinguish the rtf-tc region from the r-determinants region of the composite r factor nr1 dna which has a contour length of 37 mum and a density of 1.712 g/ml. the r-determinants region was a relatively undenatured 8.5-mum segment of t ...19751099070
crystallographic studies on l-asparaginase from proteus vulgaris. ii. symmetry and location of the tetrameric molecule.analyses of the x-ray diffraction intensity data by the patterson synthesis and rotation function techniques show that the true space group of the monoclinic crystals of l-asparaginase (l-asparagine amidohydrolase, ec from proteus vulgaris is p21, that the molecular centers lie at x = 0.054, y = 0, z = 0.256, and its symmetry related positions, and that the tetramer molecules possess three approximate, mutually perpendicular 2-fold rotational symmetries, the axes of which run along the ...19751099088
synthesis and antibacterial evaluation of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-4-oxo-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxylic acid esters, carbonitriles, and carboxamides.a series of 1,2,3,4-tetrahydro-4-oxo-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxylic acid esters, carbonitriles, and carboxamides (2a-k) was synthesized and initially evaluated (dose range 50-400 mg/kg) in mice infected with escherichia coli. only two derivatives, the ethyl and butyl esters of 1-ethyl-1,2-dihydro-4-hydroxy-7-methyl-1,8-naphthyridine-3-carboxylic acid, protected the animals against e. coli and several other gram-negative bacterial pathogenic infections. a pro-drug type of mechanism appears to be ...19751099201
arginine gene cluster of serratia marcescens.biochemical and genetic studies on the arginine-requiring auxotrophs derived from a serratia marcescens strain were carried out. the arg mutants were classified into seven biochemical groups based on their growth response to five precursors of arginine biosynthesis and enzyme deficiency. reciprocal transduction tests among these arg mutants divided them into three linkage groups, and the fine mapping in each of the groups by two- or three-point crosses revealed the following arrangement of loci. ...19751099287
[phage typing of proteus mirabilis]. 19751099367
evaluation of the usefulness of nitroblue tetrazolium reduction test (nbt test) for detection of bacterial infection in cancer patients.false positivity of the nbt test in neoplastic diseases described by some authose may be a limitation in the use of the test for infection screening in cancer patients. for explaining this problem studies were performed in a group of 30 patients with various untreated malignancies without infection and in 20 of these with bacteriologically confirmed infections. the obtained results were compared with those in groups of normal persons without and with infection. slightly modified park method for ...19751099471
editorial: a clinical classification of urinary tract infections based upon origin. 19751099658
effective selection of proteus mirabilis clones producing mirabilicin d-52.from a defective-lysogenic proteus mirabilis strain we isolated several clones differing in the pattern of their growth on agar plates. using electron microscopy we have shown some of the selected clones to be efficient in producing mirabilicin d-52 after uv induction, while other clones produced defective mirabilicin polysheaths and polycores. clones producing polysheaths and polycores can be detected electron microscopically only, since these defective particles are biologically inactive.19751100207
cephalexin in the management of bacteriuria.this report evaluates the effectiveness of cephalexin in the treatment of bacteriuria in 93 children. cephalexin therapy eradicated sensitive organisms in 97 per cent of the cases regardless of recurrence, structural abnormality, or status of renal function. nevertheless, recurrences with a new, resistant organism occurred significantly in certain patients, expecially those with major anatomic abnormalities, during a six-week follow-up period. the incidence of drug reactions was low.19751100295
amino-acid composition of the covalent rigid-layer lipoprotein in cell walls of proteus mirabilis.cell walls of proteus mirabilis in the stationary phase of growth contain a lipoprotein in covalent linkage to peptidoglycan and probably also in free form in the outer membrane. the protein moiety of this lipoprotein is composed of about 50 amino acids and has an approximate molecular weight of 5500. the proteus lipoprotein has glycine and phenylalanine as specific components which are not present in lipoproteins of other enteric bacteria. treatment of the peptidoglycan-lipoprotein complex of p ...19751100405
rapid identification of swarming proteus using the pathotec ornithine decarboxylase test strip.the pathotec ornithine decarboxylase test strip was evaluated for use in identification of swarming proteus. all 181 strains tested were accurately identified within 4 h.19751100667
transduction of a proteus vulgaris strain by a proteus mirabilis bacteriophage.only proteus vulgaris strain pv127 out of many p. vulgaris, p. morganii and providence strains was transduced to kanamycin resistance by high-frequency transducing variants, 5006mhftk and 5006mhftak, of phage 5006m, a general transducing phage for p. mirabilis strain pm5006. the phages adsorbed poorly to strain pv127 and did not form plaques. the transduction frequency of pv127 by these phages was 5 x 10(-8)/p.f.u. adsorbed. phage 5006m increased the transduction frequencies. abortive transducta ...19751100773
extensive segments of the escherichia coli k12 chromosome in proteus mirabilis diploids.various escherichia coli k12 hfr donors transfer at low frequency portions of the e. coli genome to proteus mirabilis. by remating such proteus hybrids with the same or a different e. coli hfr strain, other genetic characters could be added to yield diploid proteus hybrids which contained more than 30 percent of the e. coli genome. the extent of the e. coli genetic material in these unstable proteus diploid hybrids included segments with the following selected markers: gal, lac, ara, mel, mtl, a ...19751101034
septic arthritis in children.when septic arthritis involves the hip, the prognosis is much worse than with any other joint. approximately 50 per cent of the results were unsatisfactory with hip involvement compared to 12 per cent unsatisfactory results with involvement of the other joints. the erythrocyte sedimentation rate is a much more helpful diagnostic test than the leukocyte count or differential cell count. the most important prognostic factors are the duration of symptoms prior to treatment, a penicillinase-producin ...19751101133
bacteremia in a general hospital. a prospective study of 102 consecutive cases.a prospective clinical-bacteriological study of 102 consecutive cases of confirmed bacteremia at a copenhagen city general hospital was carried out during 5 months of 1973 with special concern given to focus of infection and acquisition of microorganisms. valid positive cultures were obtained from 7.2 patients per 1000 admissions. 50 of the 102 bacteremias were by all probability acquired in the hospital, mainly due to transurethral manipulations or intravenous lines. pneumonia and hepatobiliary ...19751101372
[swarming phenomenon of an aeromonas spec (author's transl)].a genuine swarming phenomenon, such as has previously been known to occur in proteus, bacillus and clostridium species only, was observed in an aeromonas species. fig. 1 shows the terraced swarming zones of the aeromonas species on nutrient agar. the swarming rate, expressed as the growth of the swarming zone per time unit, was measured to be 70-120 mum/min on blood agar at 30 degrees c. the swarming could be inhibited by incubation at 37 degrees c (table 2), by low saline concentrations (table ...19751101579
effect of surfactants on antibiotic resistance.the effectiveness of surfactants as potentiators of antibiotic activity on several resistant strains of bacteria, selected from clinical sources and laboratory collections, was studied using a tube dilution assay. bacterial strains included members of the enterobacteriaceae and staphylococci. cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (ctab), tween 80 (tw80), a mixture of n-alkyldimethyl betaines (l14), and alpha-(2,4,5-trichlorophenoxy) propionic acid (tcp) were tested in combination with pencillin g (peng ...19751101823
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