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a review of 105 necropsies in captive baboons (papio cynocephalus).in contrast to the findings in newly caught babboons in africa, the leading cause of death in captivity in america was a pneumonia and enteritis complex. bacterial species such as proteus morgani, proteus mirabilis, clostridium sp., pseudomonas paracolon, pathogenic escherichia coli and cocci have been isolated in association with a pneumoenteric syndrome of 35 newborn baboons, including neonates. the majority of these animals died with pulmonary factors such as anoxia and pneumonia.1975808667
[bacteriological detection of asymptomatic urinary tract infections]. 1975808673
detection of bacteriuria in pediatric outpatients. a new culture device.urine samples from 1,003 pediatric patients were examined for bacteriuria with a culture-nitrite strip test, along with microscopic assessment of pyruia and conventional chemical analysis. the latter two methods proved of little value in reliably detecting or excluding substantial bacteriuria. an overall prevalence of 5.2% was shown. using microstix reagent strips, 92 urine samples with substantial colony counts were detected. subculture from the strips disclosed that 52 of these involved single ...1975808961
intermittent neutrophil-monocyte bactericidal defects in a patient with sarcoidosis.reccurrent abnormalities of polymorphonuclear leukocyte and monocyte bactericidal activity were demonstrated in a patient with sarcoidosis. defective function occurred during hypercalcemia complicating recovery from listeria meningitis, and during separate, unrelated episodes of erythema nodosum, staphylococcal cellulitis, and pneumococcal pneumonia. leukocyte morphology, oxidative metabolism, degranulation, and content of myeloperoxidase and lysozyme were normal, but low leukocyte alkaline phos ...1975808991
physiological and environmental control of gram negative bacteria on skin.the relative importance of the environment versus the physiology of the host in the control of gram negative bacteria on skin has been examined by two experimental designs. (i) the changes in incidence of gram negative carriage from three skin sites in a climate controlled chamber at 35 degrees c and 90% humidity for 64 h were determined. following 2 weeks of tetracycline treatment the above experiment was repeated. high temperatures and humidity increased the overall frequency of isolation of g ...1975809052
antibacterial activity of human cervical mucus.the antimicrobial property of human uterine cervical mucus was tested in three groups of women. healthy women, using no contraception, women using an intrauterine device and women receiving hormonal treatment for contraception. cervical mucus was taken on the 10th, 14th, 18th and 22nd day of the menstrual cycle. cervical mucus had a strong inhibitory effect on the growth of micrococcus lysodeicticus in all three groups. the strength of the inhibitory effect on the other microorganisms were in t ...1975809320
the antibacterial activity of a new cephalosporin, defamandole. 1975809407
clinical, pharmacokinetic and laboratory study of penicillin v in the treatment of acute urinary infection. 1975809408
cholesterol incorporation into bacterial membranes.the wall-covered bacteria micrococcus lysodeikticus, bacillus megaterium, and proteus mirabilis incorporated exogenous cholesterol into their cytoplasmic membrane in quantities resembling those incorporated by sterol-nonrequiring mycoplasmas. cholesterol incorporation into the outer membrane of p. mirabilis was much more restricted than into the cytoplasmic membrane.1975809427
endemic infection in surgical wards.endemic infection in male surgical wards has been studied during three periods. there was some infection due to gram-negative bacilli, though staphylococcus aureus remained as the single most important pathogen even in the absence of epidemic spread. beta haemolytic streptococci were isolated in large numbers from the lesions of four patients with deep wound infection. changes introduced in the pattern of post-operative care reduced sepsis due to staph. aureus, reduced the severity of wound infe ...1975809499
[proceedings: septicemia and menigitis in the newborn]. 1975809746
effect of consecutive antibacterial therapy on bacteriuria in hospitalized geriatric patients.the effects of treatment with a consecutive series of different antibacterial drugs, most of them commonly used in urinary tract infections, were studied in 36 hospitalized geriatric patients with bacteriuria. most of the patients had advanced handicaps and all had urinary incontinence. urinary acidifying drugs, penicillin v, sulfonamide, nitrofurantoin, nalidixic acid, and trimethoprim/sulfamethoxazole were used as antibacterial agents. the general conclusion was that even the administration of ...1975809837
antimicrobial activity of alkaloids from amphibian venoms and effects on the ultrastructure of yeast cells. 1975809864
endophthalmitis following cataract extraction. a study of 24 cases in 4,498 operations.the incidence of postoperative endophthalmitis in a series of 4,498 consecutive cataract operations, performed in a period of 10 years, was examined and found to equal 0.533%. paracentesis of the anterior chamber was done in two cases and revealed staphylococcus albus to be the causative organism in both instances. conjunctival cultures were recovered in a further 17 cases, and showed s. albus in pure culture in eight cases and in combination with pseudomonas aeruginosa and proteous morgani in t ...1975809983
prevalence of gram-negative rods in the normal pharyngeal flora.we obtained throat cultures from 100 randomly selected people free from any chronic upper or lower respiratory disease who did not work in a hospital and who had not experienced any acute illness or received any antibacterial therapy in the 4 weeks preceding culture. eighteen percent harbored either a species of enterobacteriaceae or pseudomonas aeruginosa in their pharynx. in all cases, colony counts were low, the majority being detected in broth media selective for gram-negative rods. there we ...1975810051
susceptibilities of gram-negative bacteria to combinations of antimicrobial agents in vitro.combinations of either clindamycin or erythromycin with gentamicin, colimycin, or carbenicillin were studied for their antimicrobial effects on clinical isolates of escherichia coli, klebsiella sp., proteus mirabilis, serratia marcescens, enterobacter aerogenes, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. no antagonistic effects of the antibiotic combinations were observed. synergistic effects of the antibiotic combinations were noted against most strains of e. coli tested, especially when either clindamycin or ...1975810077
disk diffusion and serial dilution tests of susceptibility of some pathogenic gram-negative bacilli and enterococci to carbenicillin and ampicillin.tests for susceptibility to ampicillin and carbenicillin were performed with 35 strains each of klebsiella, enterobacter, serratia, and proteus, 71 strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa, and 68 strains of enterococci by serial dilution and disk-diffusion tests employing 10(-3) dilutions of overnight cultures as inocula for both. commercial 10-mug ampicillin and 50- and 100-mug carbenicillin disks, and freshly prepared 10-, 50-, and 75-mug ampicillin and 10- and 50-mug carbenicillin disks were used. ...1975810078
antibacterial activity of nitropyrroles, nitrothiphenes, and aminothiophenes in vitro.the antibacterial activities of nitropyrroles, nitrothiophenes, and aminothiophenes were studied. replacement of the nitro group with an amino group enhanced the activity of the thiophene compounds.1975810079
[new development on the field of antibiotic therapy]. 1975810448
the antibacterial and pharmacological activity of oxolinic acid (prodoxol). 1975810473
[the antibiotic effect of the madder root (rubia tinctorium)]. 1975810813
a theoretical approach of disinfectant testing.the purpose of this study is to compare six methods of disinfectant testing, currently applied in europe. the testing techniques are analysed into the separate elements, which can influence the activity of the disinfectant. the differences observed in these components allow to explain why in each method other parameters are evaluated and consequently, why the interpretation of the results varies from method to method. the six tests examined are (1) the suspension test of the dghm, (2) the suspen ...1975811003
[occurrence and function of a proteinase inhibitor in the hemolymph of insects].the presence of proteinase inhibitor has been proved in the hemolymph of a number of insect species from seven different insect orders. the amount of proteinase inhibitor in the hemolymph significantly increases after injection of inactivated bacteria into the hemocoelom of galleria mellonella-larvae. moreover the larvae show an increased resistance against normally lethal concentrations of trypsin, chymotrypsin, pronase p and extracellular proteinase produced by pseudomonas aeruginosa. it is di ...1975811027
attempted reversal of oxytetracycline resistance of proteus mirabilis by edta-tromethamine lavage in experimentally induced canine and feline attempt was made to reverse the antibiotic resistance of proteus mirabilis used to induce experimental cystitis in cats and dogs. results of in vitro studies on an oxytetracycline-resistant strain of p mirabilis, utilizing standard plate counts, indicated the organism became susceptible to oxytetracycline when it was treated with a solution of edta-tromethamine. in vivo experiments were conducted with cats and dogs in which 50% of the experimentally infected animals were treated with bladder ...1975811139
bacteriophage typing of gram-negative rod-shaped bacteria. 1975811424
in vitro activity of ticarcillin, carbenicillin and ampicillin against some gram-negative bacilli.alpha-carboxy-3-thienylmethyl penicillin (ticarcillin) is a relatively new semisynthetic penicillin which is more active than carbenillin against pseudomonas aeruginosa. among the strains tested, those isolated from the respiratory tract showed an increased susceptibility to carbenicillin and ticarcillin. as with carbenicillin, synergistic activity against p. aeruginosa could be demonstrated with ticarcillin in combination with gentamicin. like other penicillins, the antibacterial activity was i ...1975811636
thin-layer chromatographic technique for rapid detection of bacterial phospholipases.silica gel thin-layer chromatography was employed to detect lecithinase activity induced from bacterial resting cell preparations induced from bacterial resting cell preparations incubated at 37 c for 4 h in the presence of purified egg yolk lecithin. bacillus subtilis, bacillus cereus, serratia marcescens, and pseudomonas aeruginosa hydrolyzed lecithin with the formation of free fatty acids as the sole lipid-soluble product. in none of the escherichia coli and citrobacter freundii strains teste ...1975811682
ecological studies of the microbial flora of the female lower genital tract. 1975812101
[results of swimming-pool-filter examination]. 1975812177
nationwide survey of antibiotic resistance by means of a computer. an introduction into the analysis of multiple antibiotic surveillance of single and multiple antibiotic resistance of 8 species of so-called "problem bacteria" by computer analysis of data obtained from 18 public health laboratories in slovakia in 1973 enables to establish the most frequently occuring spectra of multiple drug resistance which would point to the spread of typical r plasmids among the problem bacteria investigated. as an introduction, we surveyed the mode of testing of problem bacteria in individual phls against antibiotics - d ...1975812292
nation-wide survey of antibiotic resistance by means of a computer: bacterial strains from the urine, stool, and upper respiratory tract.all-nation data of antibiotic resistance of about 200 000 bacterial strains isolated in the slovak socialist republic in 1973 have been grouped, and compared, by means of a computer, into resistances of strains isolated from the urine, from upper respiratory tract (urt), from stool and from other pathological materials. in general, urine strains of all species investigated were found to be more resistant to "main antibiotics", and, suprisingly, to septrin, than strains from other sources. strain ...1975812295
[test methods for surgical hand disinfection (author's transl)].as exemplified by a test preparation, methods for assessing the effect of hand disinfection on the resident flora are put up for discussion. the test of a method for hand disinfection must make allowance for conditions prevailing in practice. accordingly, the following steps should be taken into consideration: a. single use 1. immediate disinfecting effect 2. duration of the disinfecting effect b. repeated use 3. course of the initial colony count 4. immediate disinfecting effect 5. behaviour o ...1975812297
[microflora and immunity in surgical patients. i. some microfloral indices in the pre- and postoperative periods].surgical treatment can lead to the appearance of a purulent staphylococcus infection of endogenous etiology. endogenous infection originates as a result of the patient's diminished resistance, indicated by an increase in the number of pathogenic staphylococci, the appearance of representatives of the intestinal flora in the oral cavity and on the surface of the skin. no iogenous purulent infection.1975812300
[biocenotic dynamics of liquid sewage in the process of its biological purification at aeration stations].a study was made of biological purification of sewage at the aeration stations on the quantitative composition of the main indicator microbes--of bacteria of the coliform group and of the fecal coliform bacilli, enterococci, proteus, and also pathogenic enterobacteria. there was found a difference in the behaviour of different species of proteus, i.e. reduction in the process of purification in the numbers of pr. mirabilis, and a sharp elevation of pr. morganii content. there was noted an insign ...1975812301
combined activity of clindamycin and gentamicin on bacteroides fragilis and other bacteria. 1975812858
chronic granulomatous disease in an adult male: a proposed x-linked defect.a 25-year old patient with chronic granulomatous disease of somewhat unusual history is described. the diagnosis of cgd was based on increased susceptibility to infection, granulomatous appearance of tissues, and diminished bactericidal and metabolic response of leukocytes during phagocytosis: the clinical and cellular features considered phenotypic of cgd. a 16-year-old female sibling had bactericidal and metabolic abnormalities of leukocyte function similar to those of the patient's leukocytes ...1976812972
chemistry and antibacterial activity of nitrobenzofurans.thirteen 2-methylbenzofurans were synthesized and their antibacterial activity was investigated. 2-methyl-3-nitrobenzofuran and analogs containing 7-no2, 5-no2, 7-br, 7-conh2, and 7-cf3 substituents are bacteriostatic. the spectrum of activity of these compounds is similar to nitrofurazone; however, a strain of e. coli br which has increased resistance to nitrofurazone did not show increased resistance to 3,7-dinitro-2-methylbenzofuran (1). the 3-nitro-2-methylbenzofurans are labile in solution ...1976812994
enterobacterial chelators of iron: their occurrence, detection, and relation to or on agar media, low-density seedings of enterobacteria fail to grow in the presence of certain concentrations of ethylene diamine-di-orthohydroxyphenyl acetic acid (edda); on the other hand, high-density seedings not only grow but secrete iron chelators which release the iron bound by the edda in the medium and stimulate the growth of low-density seedings. plates of media containing edda with low-density seedings of indicator organisms were used to survey iron-chelator production in seven e ...1975812996
[some data from studying and using aminoglycoside antibiotics in reconstructive surgery].effectiveness of antibacterial drugs from the group of aminoglycoside antibiotics,i.e. kanamycin, gentamycin and tobramycin with respect to the main causative agents of surgical infections, i.e. staphylococcus, coli bacteria, proteus and ps. aeruginosa was shown. the highest activity against ps. aeruginosa was registered to tobramycin. the aminoglycoside antibiotics were satisfactorily absorbed after their intramuscular administration providing therapeutic levels of the antibiotics in the blood. ...1975813564
response of neisseria gonorrhoeae to bdellovibrio species.bdellovibrio species are small, highly motile bacteria that are predators upon other bacteria in nature. bdellovibrios attach to, penetrate, replicate within, and destroy prey that share the general characteristic of gram negativity. the lipopolysaccharide moiety of the cell membrane of target microorganisms appears to contain the principal receptor site for bdellovibrio attachment. since gonococci also contain lipopolysaccharide that is similar in many respects to that contained within gram-neg ...1976814101
beta-lactam antibiotics with n-oxide side chains. 1. quinoxaline n-oxides.a series of penicillin derivatives of quinoxaline di-n-oxide carboxylic acids was prepared. these compounds were prepared from the acid chlorides and mixed anhydrides of the quinoxaline di-n-oxides. the compounds prepared exhibited minimal antibacterial activity against gram-negative organisms.1976814237
products from furans. 1. sunthesis and anticoccidial and antimicrobial activity of 5-amino-5,6-dihydro-6-methoxy-2-methyl-2-(4'-biphenylyl)-2h-pyran-3(4h)-ones and related compounds.a michael type addition of an amine to 6-methoxy-2-methyl-2-(4'-biphenylyl)-2h-pyran-3(6h)-one (1) dissolved in ether, benzene, or thf gave 5-amino derivatives of 5,6-dihydro-6-methoxy-2-methyl-2-(4'-biphenylyl)-2h-pyran-3(4h)-one (2). these by subsequent reduction with lialh4 were converted to 5-amino derivatives of 6-methoxy-2-methyl-2-(4'-biphenylyl)tetrahydro-2h-pyran-3-ol (3). both isomers a and b of 1 (in regard to the methoxy group at c6) were used for the synthesis of 2 and 3. the in vit ...1976814239
microstix-a reagent strip for urine culture.microstix is a simple and convenient reagent strip for obtaining a semi-quantitative bacterial count on urine specimens. this method correctly predicted over 10(5) gram-negative organisms per ml in 84 percent of samples and over 10(5) gram-positive organisms per ml in 72 percent. urine specimens containing 10(4) per ml or more of any organism should be recultured using fully quantitative methods. if this criterion had been used 89 percent of urine samples with over 10(5) organisms per ml would h ...1975814509
topical chemoprophylaxis with silver sulphadiazine and silver nitrate chlorhexidine creams: emergence of sulphonamide-resistant gram-negative bacilli.controlled trials of 0.5% silver nitrate compresses (sn), 1% silver sulphadiazine cream (ssd), and a cream containing 0.5% silver nitrate and 0.2% chlorhexidine digluconate (snc) showed that all were comparably effective in protecting burns from infection. sn compresses were much less active against miscellaneous gram-negative bacilli than the other preparations, and the mean morning and evening temperatures and respiration rates in the patients treated with sn compresses were higher then those ...1976814955
urease. the primary cause of infection-induced urinary stones.previous reports have suggested that urease-producing bacteria play a prominent role in the formation of infection-induced urinary stones. we have carried out crystalization experiments in vitro which show that bacterial urease alkalinizes urine, thereby causing: (i) supersaturation with respect to struvite and calcium phosphate; and (ii) formation of struvite and apatite crystals. growth of proteus in urea-free urine or in urine which contained a urease inhibitor did not cause alkalinization, s ...1976815197
accelerated healing in infected wounds.the effect of a standardized infection of pure and mixed cultures of gram-negative bacteria and a gram-positive coccus was studied in laparotomy wounds of rats. the infections were significantly stronger than in the control group wounds in 14 of 15 comparisons. this increased strength could not be correlated with an increased wound content of collagen. results of histologic studies showed a vigorous inflammatory response which probably was responsible for the increased strength. there was a sugg ...1976816018
[the application of actihaemyl in chronically inflamed and dystrophic urinary bladder (author's transl)].the effect of automated continuous irrigation treatment with actihaemyl on bacterial growth in the infected urinary bladder was tested using an experimental model. the result was that instillation alone of this preparation promoted growth of escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, and pseudomonas aeruginosa in the infected bladder. with simultaneous application of framycetinsulfate or kanamycin the growth of pr. mirabilis and ps. aeruginosa was totally suppressed in the "urine", and the growth of e ...1976816047
sepsis of urological origin: microbiological aspects. 1976816246
[aerobic bacterial flora in the bile (author's transl)].bacteriological investigation was carried out on bile samples obtained during surgery from patients with multiple diseases of the biliary tract. this study, aimed only at the aerobic biliary flora, showed that the highest incidence of gacteria in the bile was found in repeat surgery for post-operative stenosis of the hepatic bile duct; second in order was lithiasis of the common bile duct. the antibiogram results on the bacterial species isolated are reported.1975816359
[resistance patterns of certain enterobacteriaceae in hospital and outpatients, with particular reference to trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole (author's transl)].the relative sensitivities of certain enterobacteriaceae strains obtained from impatient and outpatient material for investigation against trimethoprim-sulf-amethoxazole, ampicillin, cephalothin, gentamicin and tetracycline are reported. the efficacy of the substances tested was very varied, the resistance rates to gentamicin and trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole being most favorable. differences in sensitivity could be established between strains from inpatient and outpatient material. resistance r ...1976817195
["in vitro" determination of bacterial sensitivity to tobramycin (author's transl)].the authors report the tobramycin minimal inhibitory concentration (mic) of 264 strains (dilution in mueller-hinton agar). staphylococcus aureus (96 strains) have a mic of 0.02 mcg/ml, 80 % being inhibited by 0.07 mcg/ml. most enterobacteriaceae (70 strains) are sensitive to 0.7 mcg/ml ; providencia are the most resistant (mic 11.88 mcg/ml). among pseudomonas aeruginosa (98 strains, mic : 11.57 mcg/ml) 50 % are inhibited by 0.30 mcg/ml, 80 % by 18.8 mcg/ml. relationships of mic to zone diameters ...1976817253
diversity of beta-lactamase activity among clinical isolates of gram-negative bacilli.various properties (specific activity, inducibility, substrate profile, and susceptibility to inhibitors) of the beta-lactamase activity present in 39 strains of enterobacteriaceae and pseudomonas aeruginosa isolated during a two-month period in the bacteriology laboratory of a large general hospital were investigated. among the 39 strains there appeared to be at least 16 distinct enzymes. most enzymes from escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, proteus mirabilis, and proteus morganii were act ...1976817594
studies on the antimicrobial activity of amniotic fluid.sixty-one amniotic fluid samples from women in their second and third trimesters of pregnancy were examined for antimicrobial activity. seventy per cent of the fluids were found to be active. the factor or factors responsible for this activity were present in low concentrations. the presence of spermine in the fluids accounted for some of the antimicrobial activity.1976817602
[metacycline, its chemotherapeutic activity and pharmacokinetic characteristics].methacycline prepared at the all-union research institute of antibiotics was characterized by high activity against staphylococci and gramnegative bacteria. a somewhat higher antistaphylococcal activity of methacycline as compared to oxytetracycline was found. the concentrations of methacycline in the kidneys, liver and lungs corresponded to its levels in the blood and were 3 times higher than those of oxytetracycline administered in close doses. methacycline was characterized by a higher chemot ...1975817646
bactericidal efficacy of sch 20569 and amikacin against gentamicin-sensitive and -resistant organisms.sch 20569 is a semisynthetic derivative of gentamicin with activity against many gentamicin-resistant gram-negative bacilli. we compared its bactericidal action with that of gentamicin and amikacin against 171 clinical isolates of enterobacteriaceae, staphylococcus aureus, and pseudomonas aeruginosa. sch 20569 and amikacin showed markedly greater activity than gentamicin against escherichia coli, klebsiella, enterobacter, citrobacter, and indole-positive proteus, primarily by virtue of their let ...1976817661
pirbenicillin, a new semisynthetic penicillin with broad-spectrum activity.pirbenicillin is a new semisynthetic penicillin which inhibited 67% of isolates of proteus aeruginosa tested in our laboratory, 93% of p. mirabilis, 31% of enterobacter spp., 41% of serratia spp., and 58% of escherichia coli at a concentration of 6.25 mug/ml. its activity appeared to be inoculum dependent and it was virtually inactive against 10(7) inocula of p. aeruginosa. it was more active than carbenicillin or ticarcillin, but less active than bl-p1654 against p. aeruginosa. carbenicillin an ...1976817665
urinary pathogens in the male.evidence is presented that the pathogens causing urinary infection in boys differ significantly from those causing infection in girls and in adult males. studies of the prepuce floria in boys known to have had urinary infection and in matched controls suggest that the focus of infection is in the preputial sac or urethra rather than the bowel as in girls. it is suggested that the difference in infecting organisms in boys and in adult males may be related to prostatic secretion.1975817760
polymicrobic bacteriuria: significant association with bacteremia.current clinical practice states that a urine culture yielding three or more isolates must be considered a contaminated specimen and discarded. the validity of this practice was tested by reviewing all patients at the west haven veterans administration hospital with positive blood cultures for 1 year to determine how many were associated with polymicrobic bacteriuria (two or more urine isolates each present at greater than 10(5) colonies/ml). during 1973 there were 18 patients who had bacteremia ...1976818108
[clinical studies on gentamicin (author's transl)].gentamicin (gm) was studied for on its antibacterial activity, absorption, and excretion, effect on the kidney and clinical effects. the results obtained are as follows: 1. antibacterial activity: the susceptibility of e. coli, klebsiella, proteus mirabilis to gm was almost the same between the periods of 1964 to 1966 and 1972 to 1974: no tendency of increase of resistance by year was noted. however, against pseudomonas aeruginosa, strains showing sensitivity to a concentration of more than 25 m ...1976818417
[change of pathogen in infections since 1958 (author's transl)].infections with proteus, pseudomonas, klebsiella and enterococci have increased significantly in the period of this report. the question of hospital hygiene, especially in intensive care wards, must therefore be given increased attention. uncritical prophylaxis and treatment with antibiotics must be rejected. attempts to improve the cellular and humoral defense of patients with reduced resistance would be worth while. to achieve progress, there must be a close co-operation between specialists in ...1976818523
effect of lanthanum on pinocytosis induced by cations in amoeba proteus.lanthanum chloride (greater than or equal to 10(-5) m) induced pinocytosis in normal and at greater than or equal to 10(-4) m in ca++-deficient amoeba. with respect to the ca++-requirement of the pinocytotic response low and high concentrations of la+++ had effects like na+ and k+, respectively. the concentration of la+++ stimulated or inhibited other types of pinocytosis. thus all concentrations of la+++ inhibited sodium induced pinocytosis while high concentrations (greater than 10(-3) m) stim ...1976818877
[species makeup, biological activity and antibiotic sensitivity of the microbes isolated from patients with a surgical infection].specimens from 227 patients with purulent surgical infections of various localization were tested. the microbial growth was observed in 87.6 per cent of the patients, staphylococci being found in 80.8 per cent of them. the plasma coagulating properties were detected in the staphylococci from 84.2 per cent of the patients among the total number of the staphylococcal isolates. staphylococci were mostly isolated from the patients with osteomyelitis, infected wounds. monocultures of the microbes and ...1976818943
[experimental study of an aerosol preparation containing gentamicin (gentasol)].composition of a suspension aerosol drug, gentasol for local application was developed. it contained gentamycin and prednisolon. the antimicrobial properties of the drug were studied in vitro. it was found that gentasol had a pronounced antimicrobiol effect and inhibited the growth of many microorganisms including cultures resistant to other antibiotics. the drug was active against ps. aeruginosa and proteus, which is an advantage of it as compared to other antibiotic aerosol drugs. the study sh ...1976818945
[antibiotic and chemopreparation sensitivity of the microflora isolated from the bile in inflammatory diseases of the biliary excretory system].the study of sensitivity to some antibiotics and chemotherapeutics of 250 cultures of the main causative agents of the inflammatory diseases of the bile secretion system, i. e. coli bacteria, proteus, ps. aeruginosa and staphylococcus showed that the above microorganisms were in most cases highly resistant to the antibacterial drugs widely used in the clinical practice. the exclusion presented the drugs of the aminoglycoside group and especially gentamycin which had the highest activity. the ana ...1976818947
[experimental study of the antibacterial action of levomycatin in a 40% solution of hexamethylenetetramine].antimicrobial and chemotherapeutic activity of 2 per cent solution of levomycetin in 40 per cent solution of hexamethylentetramine was studied. the preparation was proposed as a new extemporal pharmaceutical form of levomycetin for intravenous administration. it was shown that the bacteriostatic activity of levomycetin in the above pharmaceutical form against microbial cultures sensitive to the antibiotic did not differ from that of levomycetin in the form of an aqueous solution. however, the ba ...1976818951
laboratory evaluation of fr10612, a new oral cephalosporin derivative.fr10612, like cephalexin, is a broad-spectrum oral cephalosporin derivative. the antimicrobial activity of fr10612 against clinical isolates was similar to cephalexin; however, at a low inoculum size its activity was greater than cephalexin against klebsiella pneumonia and proteus mirabilis strains. like cephalexin, the in vitro bactericidal activity of fr10612 was more influenced by the duration of contact with the test organism than by drug concentration. the bactericidal activity of fr10612 a ...1976819411
destruction of ossicles in chronic otitis media.the purpose of this study is to investigate the differences in the destruction of ossicles in chronic ear disease caused solely (monoinfection) by one of the most common three bacteria, namely staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa or proteus strain. material included 337 cases from 1,093 radically operated ears both with cholesteatoma and without cholesteatoma and in addition cholesteatomatous ears without signs of infection since diagnosed. in 190 ears with cholesteatoma but without dis ...1976819605
identification of beta-lactamases by analytical isoelectric focusing: correlation with bacterial taxonomy.beta-lactamases (ec. can be directly compared by analytical isoelectric focusing. using this technique, 242 strains from five gram-positive and 16 gram-negative genera were examined. a preparation of each strain focused as a single group of bands which did not match the pattern of any r factor-associated beta-lactamase. none of the strains was known to carry an r factor and resistance transfer experiments were unsuccessful. the enzymes studied were therefore thought to be chromosomally ...1976819625
case of anterior urethral diverticulum in male quadriplegic. 1976819659
co-trimoxazole in cases of gram-negative septicaemia. 1976819991
clinical experience with tobramycin in the treatment of infections due to gram-negative bacilli.tobramycin, a new aminocyclitol antimicrobial agent, was administered parenterally to 28 patients infected with gram-negative bacilli. the dosage was 1.5 mg/kg every 8 hours, except in patients with renal insufficiency in whom the dosage interval was 10 times the serum creatinine in hours. serum levels after intramuscular administration were 3.9 +/- 1.6 mug/ml and 1.0 +/- 0.7 mug/ml at 2 and 8 hours, respectively. serum levels after intravenous administration were 4.6 +/- 0.5 mug/ml, 2.3 +/- 0.6 ...1976820195
tobramycin: in vitro and clinical evaluation in 30 patients.clinical evaluation of intramuscular tobramycin was accomplished in 30 patients with respiratory, soft tissue, urinary tract, bone or septicemic infections due to gram negative bacilli. median sensitivity to tobramycin of pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates (19 strains) was 0.62 mug/ml and range 0.31-2.5 mug/ml; less activity was observed for escherichia coli, proteus mirabilis, klebsiella pneumoniae and enterobacter species isolates but median minimum inhibitory concentrations were less than or equ ...1976820196
postoperative bacterial endophthalmitis: section i. 1976820235
in vitro evaluation of cefoxitin and cefamandole.cefoxitin and cefamandole were evaluated in vitro against 263 organisms. studies were performed in mueller-hinton and nutrient broth and agar employing inoculum sizes of 10(6) and 10(8) organisms per ml. at obtainable serum levels both antibiotics were bactericidal for nearly all strains of escherichia coli, klebsiella, proteus mirabilis, and staphylococcus aureus but were inactive against pseudomonas aeruginosa and enterococcus. in agar, cefamandole appeared to be active against most strains of ...1976820241
[antibacterial activity of antibiotics in human bile (author's transl)].marked differences exist between antibacterial activity in human bile and broth. whereas penicillins and cephalosporines exhibit virtually the same activity in broth and bile, tetracycline shows a great lose, and the activity of the aminoglykosides is increased in bile. minimal inhibitory concentrations of chlorampenicol and co-trimoxazole are also different in broth and human bile. the differences in activity are related to the ph although not all deviations can be attributed to the effect of t ...1976820649
comparative evaluation of five aminoglycosides for treatment.gentamicin, tobramycin, sisomicin, amikacin and kanamycin are compared for therapeutic use by correlating the in vitro minimal inhibitory concentration with the in vivo concentration of the antibiotic attainable in the serum at half the time intervall between two administrations of the drugs. using this method of evaluation, e. coli, enterobacter and sensitive strains of the klebsiella and pseudomonas species can be treated in principle equally well with gentamicin, tobramycin and sisomicin, and ...1976820656
[a microbiological survey of stool samples from normal and diarrheic persons in 2 districts of ankara]. 1975820946
[increased growth of chemotherapy-resistant hospital organisms through disinfection (author's transl)].in addition to determinants of resistance to chemtoherapy, a resistance plasmid of the hospital strain of prtoeus rettgeri from the munich hospital area also carries information on resistance to mercury ions. at the same time strains with this r-factor are more insensitive to phenylmercuric borate, the active principle of the widely used disinfectant merfer. this significance of the widely used disinfectant merfer. this significance of this resistance to disinfectants for the appearance of the l ...1976820967
[antibacterial activity of a carbenicillin-cephaloridin combination].the effectiveness of the combination of carbenicilline and cephaloridine in the ratio of 4:1 was studied. the antibacterial activity of the association whether in vitro or in vivo is sinergic, that is, superior to the simply addition by the individual components. the hematic levels of the combination remain high up to 5 hours after the administration and are greater than those obtained with carbenicilline alone. levels in the urine are high, therefore the species judged to be resistent in vitro ...1975821404
in vitro studies with sisomicin and gentamicin.sisomicin and gentamicin were tested in vitro against 222 clinical isolates of pathogenic bacteria using the ics agar dilution procedure. the two drugs were comparable in terms of overall activity although statistical analyses of the data revealed significant differences in their activity against several genera. sisomicin was significantly more active against pseudomonas aeruginosa (p less than 0.001), proteus mirabilis (p less than 0.005), and escherichia coli (p less than 0.01); gentamicin was ...1976821725
therapy of infections with cefazolin.16 patients with acute urinary tract infections, 6 with acute lower respiratory tract infections and 3 with miscellaneous infections were treated with 1 g cefazolin parenterally 3 times daily. all patients, except one in whom therapy was discontinued, were cured. both intramuscular and intravenous administration resulted in high-peak serum levels, and concentrations after 8 h were still inhibitory to relevant pathogens. the drug was well tolerated and caused, after intramuscular injection, proba ...1976821726
[cortisone and liquemin therapy of septic shock in peritonitis]. 1976821728
[studies on the distribution of thienylcarbenicillin in the human tissue].thienylcarbenicillin is another semisynthetic penicillin with a wide range of antibacterial activity including most of gram-negative bacterias, even such as pseudomonas aeruginosa. to investigate penetration activities into bone and another tissues, 120 specimens of serum and 120 specimens of tissue were obtained from 20 patients, after i.v. injection of a single doses of 150 mg thienylcarbenicillin per kg body weight. the evaluation of concentration showed that thienylcarbenicillin was eliminat ...1976821729
[qualitative and quantitative studies of the problem of prosthesis disinfection]. 1976821741
the aerobic flora of the perivaginal area: its relation to contraception and deodorant sprays. 1976821908
identification of the antibiotic determined by the scp1 plasmid of streptomyces coelicolor a3(2).the antibiotic whose biosynthesis is determined by the scp1 plasmid of streptomyces coelicolor a3(2) has been characterized as the recently described methylenomycin a (2-methylene-cyclopentan-3-one-4,5-epoxy-4,5-dimethyl-1-carboxylic acid).1976822125
[indwelling catheter after laparotomy with special reference to retrograde urinary tract infections (author transl)]. 1976822188
[significance of antibody titers in recurrent urinary tract infection in children (author's transl)].2254 antibody titers have been measured by the indirect hemagglutination method in 84 children with recurrent urinary tract infection using single organisms as homologous or several strains from one species (e. coli, proteus, klebsiella, pseudomonas) as polyvalent antigens. increase of homologous antibody titers within 3 weeks following a significant bacteriuria (65% of all cases) has been found to be a more reliable parameter for diagnosis of infection than leukocyturia or clinical symptoms. de ...1976822268
bacterial isolations from canine and feline urine. 1976822272
the role of bacteria in the metabolism of rumen entodiniomorphid protozoa. 1975822530
[interaction between aminoacyl-trna synthetases (aas) and cell division in a temperature sensitive filamentous mutant of bacillus subtilis sb 19. ii. activator of aas]. 1976822599
[contributions of studies on experimental pyelonephritis to the problems of human urinary tract infections]. 1976822604
oral vaccination against porteus mirabilis.mice given a single dose of proteus vaccine orally were protected against 1 mld (minimum lethal dose) of autologous proteus mirabilis by the fourth day after vaccination. three doses of oral vaccine induced protection against 1 mld autologous challenge for 7 days after vaccination and partial protection for a further 8 weeks. cross-protection against different strains of pr. mirabilis and against some strains of pseudomonas aeruginosa, serratia marcescens and providencia species was found in mic ...1976822863
use of droplet plating method and cystine-lactose-lactng electrolyte-deficient medium in routine quantitative urine culturing procedure.droplet plating of 0.01 ml of 10(-2) dilutions of mixed sonically treated urines onto cystine-lactose electrolyte-deficient agar permits formation of discrete, easily counted colonies within a small circumscribed area without interference by proteus overswarm. each colony is considered as arising from a single viable cell. the single dilution permits precise reproducible quantitation of urine bacteria population within the range 10(4) to 10(6) cells/ml of sample. droplet-plated counts were found ...1976823176
susceptibility of "enterobacteria" to penicillins, cephalosporins, lincomycins, erythromycin, and rifampin.agar dilution tests for susceptibility of gram-negative rods and enterococci were done with a number of penicillins, cephalosporins, lincomycin analogues, erythromycin, and rifampin. many in the first three categories were investigational drugs. all were generally less active than aminoglycoside and tetracycline antibiotics against gram-negative rods and more active against enterococci. cephalosporins as a group were more active than penicillins against klebsiella pneumoniae and escherichia coli ...1976823280
home urine cultures by the dip-strip method: results in 289 cultures.bacteriuria screening on 289 children was performed by their parents by means of a self-administered dip-strip culture which was inoculated, incubated, and interpreted in the home. simultaneous pour-plate quantitative cultures and laboratory-tested dip-strip cultures were done on the same urine specimen which had been tested at home. the dip-strip culture was reliable (89%) in detecting significant bacteriuria with home administration and interpretation. only 1.6% false-positive results occurred ...1976823523
[factors and mechanisms affecting the urinary microbial load]. 1975823533
[testing a disinfectant used for chemothermic disinfection (author's transl)].experiments were carried out to test the bacteriological effectiveness of an aldehyde-based disinfectant used for the chemothermic disinfection of instruments. the product is designed to be added to instrument washing machines whereby the temperature should be 65 degrees c. the death rate by means of heat (65 degrees c) of 4 different species of bacteria (staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli, pseudomonas aeruginosa, proteus vulgaris), which were all suspended in four different media, was dete ...1975823538
[gram-negative infections in severe thermal injury].among 78 patients with persistant bacteriemia the latter was induced by staphylococci in 59 and by gram-negative microflora in 19 patients. in 14 of 19 patients gram-negative septicemia was preceded by staphylococcic one. gram-negative septicemia would condition in patients the development of pyemic foci not only in the wound area but also in some portions of the body and in internal organs as well. among 19 patients with gram-negative septicemia 12 patients died, while among 59 patients with st ...1976823688
[comparative studies on the effectiveness of 2 frequently-used elective culture media for enterococci]. 1976823722
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