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the bacterial flora of the female rat genital tract.a study of the genital microflora in virgin female rats of reproductive age has demonstrated that alpha and nonhemolytic streptococci, pasteurella pneumotropica, diphtheroid bacilli, staphylococcus epidermidis, and proteus mirabilis are the predominant genital organisms. the ph of the rat vagina was demonstrated to be near neutrality. it is suggested that the higher ph in the rat vagina as compared to the human vagina may account for some of the differences between human and rat genital microflo ...1976768992
nonstaphylococcal bacteria in renal cortical abcess.five cases of renal cortical abscess are presented, of which four yielded gram-negative pathogens. along with a review of the recent literature, this suggests that nonstaphylococcal bacteria are a more common cause of this disease.1976769286
[study of rapid methods for determining the biochemical properties of microorganisms. i].some express methods were tested comparatively in determining the biochemical properties of certain microorganisms in order to recommend the most effective of them to be used in the laboratory. described is a disk method with which the term of cultivation is shortened by one to 5 hours, and the results obtained are clear and well distinctive. the data obtained are almost comparable with the results achieved using the methods provided in the bulgarian state standard. it is suggested to adopt the ...1976769305
[lipid composition of cellular systems following viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. i. study of lipid composition on the model of different types of bacteria]. 1975769342
[clostridial and non-clostridial gas gangrene. apropos of 31 cases]. 1975769461
acute infectious arthritis. a review of patients with nongonococcal joint infections (with emphasis on therapy and prognosis).the clinical course of 59 patients with acute nongonococcal septic arthritis has been reviewed with special emphasis on the changing bacterial spectrum in recent years. the results of treatment were dependent on various factors, including the specific microbial agent and host defenses. treatment should include parenteral antibiotics and drainage with needle aspiration, except in hips which should be surgically drained. successful therapy requires rapid initiation of treatment and ongoing assessm ...1976769545
tobramycin in chronic recurrent urinary tract infections.a total of 32 adult patients of both sexes with chronic recurring urinary tract infections were treated with tobramycin in a daily dose of 1.2 mg/kg of body weight. they were randomly allocated to receive the drug at 8 or 12 hour intervals by intramuscular injection. the overall immediate disappearance of bacteriuria after therapy was 78.1 per cent; 15 days later, the cure rate dropped to 60 per cent. there was no difference between the two schedules tested. tolerance to tobramycin was excellent ...1976769550
effect of resistance possessed by certain enteric microorganisms upon orally inoculated salmonella.mice shedding aerobic gram-negative microorganisms with high levels of resistance to tetracycline were orally inoculated with salmonella typhimurium. levels of resistance of salmonella isolated from tissue were shown not to be increased and, in most instances, were lower than preinoculation levels.1976769613
in vitro studies of cefamandole.cefamandole is a new cephalosporin antibiotic that was tested in vitro against 540 clinical isolates of gram-positive cocci and gram-negative bacilli. a concentration of 0.39 mug/ml inhibited 95% of the isolates of staphylococcus aureus. a concentration of 6.25 mug/ml inhibited over 90% of the isolates of proteus mirabilis and escherichia coli, 69% of the isolates of klebsiella pneumoniae, and 31% of the isolates of indole-positive proteus spp. and enterobacter spp. it was active against most ce ...1976769679
comparative study of the 16s rna's of escherichia coli and proteus vulgaris.we have studied the primary structure of 16s ribosomal rna from proteus vulgaris. the oligonucleotides containing methylated bases appeared to be the same as those of escherichia coli, with one exception. we have also studied the base composition of the oligonucleotides obtained after t1 ribonuclease digestion of 16s rna. on the basis both of their position on the fingerprint and of their pancreatic ribonuclease analyses, approximately 25 appeared to differ from those found in the e. coli t1 fin ...1975769841
sequence studies on the 5s rna of proteus vulgaris: comparison with 5s rna of escherichia coli.we have studied the sequence of 5s ribosomal rna of proteus vulgaris. although several doubts remain, it seems that no more than 8 per cent of the nucleotides differ from those of escherichia coli 5s rna. of the ten bases differing from escherichia coli 5s rna sequence, three changes take place in one of the six positions which are known as intercistronic mutation points in escherichia coli 5s rna. we can conclude that they are "hot spots" of mutation.1975769842
the effect of imidazole on the disruption of the blood-aqueous barrier in the rabbit eye.the aqueous flare (af) of an intact rabbit eye was measured by a photoelectrical instrument and the intraocular pressure by vibration tonometry. prior treatment with imidazole given intraperitoneally noticeably inhibited the disruption of the blood-aqueous barrier in rabbit eyes induced by topical prostaglandin e2 (pge)2, topical arachidonic acid (aa), infrared irradiation of the iris, endotoxin of proteus mirabilis given intravenously, and alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone (alpha-msh) given ...1976770385
tryptophan operon regulation in interspecific hybrids of enteric bacteria.we examined tryptophan regulation in merodiploid hybrids in which a plasmid carrying the trp operon of escherichia was introduced into trp mutants of other enteric genera, or in which a plasmid carrying the trpr+ (repressor) gene of e. coli was transfered into fully constitutive trpr mutants of other genera. in these hybrids the trp operon of one species is controlled by the repressor of a different species. similar investigations were possible in transduction hybrids in which either the trp ope ...1976770450
derivation and properties of f-prime factors in escherichia coli carrying nitrogen fixation genes from klebsiella pneumoniae.a his+ nif+ escherichia coli k12, hfr strain (unf43) was constructed by an intergeneric mating between a klebsiella pneumoniae donor strain (hf3) and a his-hfr e. coli strain (sbi824) which transfers his as an early marker. an f-prime nif plasmid, fn39, carrying genes which correspond to the e. coli chromosomal region, metg gnd his shia, but excluding purf and arod, was isolated from unf43. translocation of carbenicillin resistance genes from a p-type r-factor, r68, to fn39 increased the stabili ...1976772161
intra-species tranduction with proteus mirabilis high frequency transducing phages.the properties of three additional proteus mirabilis hosts for the high frequency transducing (het) phages 5006mhftkappa and 5006mhftak are described. the phages transduce resistance to kanamycin and to ampicillin plus kanamycin, respectively, and were produced by ultraviolet induction of derivatives of p. mirabilis strain pm5006. strain pm804 could not be shown to adsorb the phages although it yielded a few transductants. all transductants, even those produced at low multiplicities of phage inp ...1976772163
[experience in use of amoxicillin for treatment of acute cystitis (author's transl)].seventeen cases of acute simple cystitis were treated by oral administration of amoxicillin at a daily dose of 1.0 g (250 mg x 4 in a day) for consecutive 7 days, and the following results were obtained. 1. amoxicillin was remarkably effective in 11 of total 17 cases, effective in 2, slightly effective in 2 and non-effective in 2. 2. in terms of effect against isolated bacteria, amoxicillin was remarkably effective against 6 of 11 strains of e. coli, effective against 2, slightly effective again ...1976772243
the prevalence of ampicillin, cephalosporin and sulphonamide resistance amongst urinary tract pathogens.a total of 2,031 clinical isolates of gram negative bacilli was obtained from hospitals in 4 centres and these cultures were tested for resistance to ampicillin, cephazolin and sulphonamide. ampicillin and sulphonamide resistance in outpatients ranged from 15 to 28 per cent of e. coli strains and 4 to 11 per cent of proteus mirabilis strains. resistance to cephazolin in outpatients ranged from 0 to 3 per cent of e. coli and 0 to 6 per cent of proteus mirabilis. resistance patterns for e. coli, p ...1976772807
cephazolin: a comparison to ampicillin in respiratory and urinary infections with dosage regulation by a nomogram.cephazolin sodium was shown to be as effective as ampicillin in the treatment of respiratory and urinary system infections in patients who were infected with susceptible organisms and had a much less troublesome side reaction rate of hypersensitivity type. in addition, it was found that predictable blood levels of cephazolin could be obtained in patients with renal failure when dosage was regulated according to a nomogram calculated from the patient's serum half-life based on clearance of creati ...1976772809
beta-lactam antibiotics alone or in combination with gentamicin for therapy of gram-negative bacillary infections in neutropenic patients.this study was initiated to determine whether antibiotic combinations are superior to single antibiotics for the treatment of gram-negative bacillary infections in neutropenic patients. twenty-six patients with pseudomonas and proteus infections received either carbenicillin or carbenicillin, plus gentamicin. the cure rates were 83 and 93 per cent, respectively. twenty-three patients with infections caused by other gram-negative bacilli received either cephalothin plus gentamicin. the cure rates ...1976773180
proteus species isolated from human eyes.of 34 species of proteus isolated from human eyes, 29 (85%) were p. mirabilis and five (15%) were p. morganii. in vitro antibiotic sensitivity studies showed that gentamicin best controlled both p. mirabilis and p. morganii of all the antibiotics tested. in vivo tests on experimental proteus infections of rabbit coreas, treated with gentamicin and tobramycin, yielded comparable clinical results, but gentamicin was more effective in eliminating the organism from the experimental lesions.1976773185
[microflora of the pus of lactation mastitis patients and its sensitivity to a series of antibiotics].the etiological picture of lactation mastitis and sensitivity of its causative agent to some antibiotics were studied. mostly microbial associations were isolated from the patients. pathogenic staphylococci typed mainly by the phages of group i predominated among the isolates. in addition the strains of proteus, pseudomonas, e. coli and others were isolated from the pus of the mastitis cases. sensitivity of the microflora to some antibiotics was studied. it was found that most of the causative a ...1975773286
differentiation of proteus mirabilis by bacteriophage typing and the dienes reaction.a provisional typing schema based on sensitivity to 23 bacteriophages has been established for proteus mirabilis. seventy-three bacteriophages were isolated on strains of p. mirabilis (64), p. vulgaris (1), p. morganii (7), and p. rettgeri (1), but those isolated on p. mirabilis were the most useful in differentiating other strains of . mirabilis. from the 73 phages studied, the best 23 were chosen by computer analysis for the provisional system, which was then used to study p. mirabilis infecti ...1976773962
[revaluation of gentamicin in laboratory and clinical studies (author's transl)].the mic of gentamicin and other antibiotics against clinical isolates was determined, and the following sensitivity distribution was obtained. a) against 54 strains of staphylococcus aureus, gm had the lowest mic, followed by tob, dkb, bb-k8 in order. the distribution range of 0.1-6.25 mug/ml was noted with gm. the peak of mic was 1.56 mug/ml. b) against 54 strains of e. coli, the lowest mic was obtained with gm, and 53 strains (98%) were in the range of 0.4-6.25 mug/ml. the peak of mic was 3.12 ...1976775143
clinical experience with gentamicin in complicated urinary tract infections (author's transl)].gentamicin 40 mg was intramuscularly admininistered two times daily to 15 patients with complicated urinary tract infections. the results are as follows 1. the clinical efficacy of gentamicin was excellent in 12 cases (80.0%), good in 2 cases (13.3%) and null in 1 case (6.7%). the effective rate was 93.3%. 2. bacteria disappeared in 16 strains (84.2%), colonized in 3 strains (15.8%) out of 19 isolates. 3. bun, got and gpt values were determined before and after gm administration, and no signific ...1976775144
bacterial mastitis in guinea pigs.necropsy of 37 guinea pigs revealed mastitis to be the primary cause of death in 70% of these animals. epidemiologic study failed to establish correlation between age, parity, or litter size and the onset of mastitis. the disease did not appear to be contagious. although mastitis frequently developed during lactation, survivability of offspring was unaffected. the agent most consistently isolated from affected mammary glands was escherichia coli (17 of 37). other isolates in decreasing order of ...1976775191
[new data on the karyology of formation of l forms of proteus vulgaris].the growth and development of the proteus vulgaris culture as well as the process of formation of its l-forms were studied following the pitzurra method on slides covered with an agar layer. the latter were kept upon inoculation in a vertical position in a moist chamber at 37 degrees c. on fixed and stained after giemza preparations, it was possible to follow the consecutive stages of the cytoplasmic "hernia" formation due to the local disruption of the bacillary cell wall. it was easy to disern ...1975775258
[proticin types of proteus mirabilis strains isolated from various environments]. 1976775565
transferable and non-transferable drug resistance in enteric bacteria from hospital and from general practice.drug resistance to 8 different antibiotics in enterobacteriaceae isolated from different hospitals and two groups of general practitioners was studied. escherichia coli dominated among the 632 strains investigated. drug resistance was found in 62% of the 512 hospital strains and in 38% of the 120 strains from general practice. multiple resistance was common especially in strains from hospital. r factors was found in 23% of the 317 drug-resistant strains from hospital and in 11% of the 46 drug-re ...1976775619
[efficacy of the carbenicillin-cephaloridine association]. 1975776102
[inhibition of bacterial agmatinase by several aliphatic diamines].about 10 amino derivatives, capable to inhibit agmatinase of proteus vulgaris, are found. hexamethylenediamine was found to possess the highest inhibitory effect among diamines, the inhibitory constant being 2.5 mm. the substitution of an amino group for methyl one in a diamine increased its inhibitory effect. the presence of carboxyl group in the molecule of a reagent resulted in a complete elimination of the inhibitory effect (putrescine-ornithine and cadaverine-lysine pairs were tested). the ...1976776236
[effect of cephalothin and cephalexin on various bacterial species isolated from biological material in the regional hygienic station bratislava]. 1976776399
activation of the complement system during infections due to gram-negative bacteria. 1976776471
clinical experience with indanyl carbenicillin in urinary tract infections.a trial was carried out in 30 patients to assess the effectiveness of indanyl carbenicillin in acute or chronic urinary tract infections, many of which were complicated by a pathological urological or medical condition. in all patients, infection was due to a single species of pathogen: e. coli (19), proteus (6), and pseudomonas (5). oral doses of 1 g indanyl carbenicillin were given 6-hourly for an average of 10 days. results showed a clinical and bacteriological cure in 13 (43.8%) patients. in ...1976776540
relationship between antibiotic consumption and frequency of antibiotic resistance of four pathogens--a seven-year survey. 1976776921
evidence against the involvement of chemotaxis in swarming of proteus mirabilis.nonswarming and nonchemotactic mutants of proteus mirabilis were isolated after mutagenesis with n-methyl-n'-nitro-n-nitrosoguanidine or ultraviolet light. these mutants were used in experiments to determine if chemotaxis is involved in the swarming of p. mirabilis. nonchemotactic mutants failed to form chemotactic bands in a semisolid casein hydrolysate medium, yet they swarmed on the same medium containing 1.5% agar. nonswarming mutants were attracted towards individual amino acids and compone ...1976776927
ecori restriction endonuclease map of the composite r plasmid nr1.a physical map of the composite r plasmid nr1 has been constructed using specific cleavage of deoxyribonucleic acid (dna) by the restriction endonuclease ecor-. digestion of composite nr1 dna by ecori yields thirteen fragments. the six largest fragments (designated a to f) are from the resistance transfer factor component that harbors the tetracycline resistance genes (rtf-tc). the seven smallest fragments (designated g to m) are from the r-determinants component that harbors the chloramphenicol ...1976776943
purification and properties of the alpha2beta2 complex of tryptophan synthetase of proteus mirabilis.a procedure is described for the purification of the tryptophan synthetase alpha2beta2 complex from cell extracts of proteus mirabilis. a 30-fold purification was achieved with an overall yield of about 23% and a specific activity of 1,600. the complex can be dissociated and the subunits isolated in a pure form. the complex can be reconstituted from the isolated subunits to regain the initial activity. the alpha and beta2 subunits of the tryptophan synthetase complex of p. mirabilis are not sign ...1976776977
the importance of prolonged incubation for the synthesis of dimethylnitrosamine by enterobacteria.tests with 140 strains representing escherichia coli, klebsiella aerogenes, k. ozaenae, proteus mirabilis, p. vulgaris, p. rettgeri and p. morganii in a defined medium supplemented with 0-09m dimethylamine (dma) and 0-1m potassium nitrate showed that at least 89% of the 136 strains able to reduce nitrates produced up to 9mm dimethylnitrosamine (dmn) in 70h at 37 degrees c. four nitratase-negative strains produced dmn from dma in the presence of sodium nitrate. prolonged incubation was the most i ...1976778390
a continuous study of morphological phase in the swarm of proteus.continuous study, at intervals of 1 h, on the advancing edge of the swarm of proteus vulgaris confirms that this is almost permanently composed of elongated swarmers, and that short, non-swarming forms arise in the interior of the culture where motion has already ceased. previous errors have probably arisen from inaccurate sampling.1976778391
[elimination of multiple resistance of enteric bacteria by acriflavine and experiments with trimethoprim for the same purpose]. 1975778555
[treatment with gentamicin in 22 cases of epidemic acute enteritis due to gram-negative germs in a neonatal intensive care department]. 1975778577
[resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics and aminoglycosides in gram negative bacteria. 1. molecular and genetic characterization of r-factors (author's transl)].with frequent use of aminoglycoside antimicrobials and beta-lactam antibiotics in hospitals in the last few years, the number of bacterial strains resistant to these chemotherapeutics increased. lately, strains of e. coli, klebsiella, enterobacter, serratia, proteus and pseudomonas resistant to many antimicrobials (ampicillin, carbenicillin, cephalothin, chloramphenicol, gentamycin, tobramycin, sisomycin, neomycin, paromomycin, kanamycin, streptomycin, spectinomycin, tetracycline, sulphonamides) ...1976779353
inhibition of gill cilial activity and of proteus vulgaris motility as tests for aspirin idiosyncrasy.aspirin ingestion is likely to result in severe asthmatic attacks in patients with aspirin idiosyncrasy. there is no in vitro test for the condition. gill cilia and proteus vulgaris motility studies showed no differences between asthmatics with aspirin idiosyncrasy and control patients.1976779534
clinical evaluation of commercial reagent strips for detection of significant bacteriuria in dogs and cats.the reagent strip technique of quantitative urine culture was a satisfactory screening test for the detection of significant bacteriuria in dogs and cats. the reagent strip technique was found to be of almost equal sensitivity as the calibrated loop technique in identifying significant bacteriuria. significant bacteriuria was detected in 38 of 148 urine samples evaluated by the calibrated loop technique. of these 38 urine samples, significant bacteriuria was detected in 35 by the commercial test ...1976779543
[in vitro effect of cephacetril and colistin combinations on klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus strains (author's transl)].in 14 out of 43 klebsiella pneumoniae strains (33%) the combination cephacetril-colistin showed a synergistic, in 11 strains (25%) an additive effect. in proteus strains no synergistic action was found. the combination was more likely to be synergistic or additive in strains requiring higher minimal inhibitory concentrations of cephacetril and colistin. most highly resistant klebsiella pneumoniae strains were synergistically inhibited by concentrations of both drugs, which can easily be obtained ...1976779799
antibacterial activity of ribostamycin on enterobacteriaceae.the study of the inhibitory activity of ribostamvcin (vistamycin), an antibiotic derived from streptomyces ribosidificus, on 161 strains of gram-negative bacilli shows that the antibacterial spectrum of this antibiotic is identical to that of kanamycin. if controlled clinical studies confirm that ribostamycin is less toxic than kanamycin on the otovestibular system, this antibiotic will constitute a real therapeutic advance.1976779802
imidazo(1,2-c)pyrimidine nucleosides. synthesis and biological evaluation of certain 1-(beta-d-arabinofuranosyl)imidazo(1,2-c)pyrimidines.the first chemical syntheses of the arabinosylhypoxanthine and arabinosylguanine analogues of the imidazo-[1,2-c]pyrimsdine series are described. condensation of trimethylsilyl-7-chloroimidazo[1,2-c]pyrimidin-5-one (1) with 2,3,5-tri-o-benzyl-alpha-d-arabinofuranosyl chloride (2) gave 7-chloro-1-(2,3,5-tri-o-benzyl-beta-arabinofuranosyl)imidazo[1,2-c]pyrimidin-5-one (3) which on catalytic dehalogenation furnished 1-(2,3,5-tri-o-benzyl-beta-d-arabinofuranosyl)imidazo[1,2-c]pyrimidin-5-one (4). am ...1976781243
[formation of l-asparagine and l-glutamine deamidases by bacterial cultures].among studied 40 bacterial cultures, 17 strains catalysed hydroxylaminolysis of i.-asparagine and l-glutamine, and among these cultures seven strains belonged to the pseudomonas genus. extracts of the cells of ps. boreopolis 526 (mgu), ps. aurantiaca ibfm b-14, and ps. septica ibfm b-40 had the maximum deamidase activity during the stage of decelerated growth. the activity of l-asparaginase 2 was practically the same upon various ways of disintegration of the cells of ps. aurantiaca ibfm b-14: b ...1976781474
[comparative characteristics of the biological properties of proteus varieties]. 1976781487
[proteus l-cycle in flow microcultures]. 1976781488
functional modifications and nuclear analogues of beta-lactam antibiotics--part i. 1975781739
[central venous long-term catheter as potential source of infection in the intensive therapy]. 1976782053
[progress in the prevention and control of urologic complications of the cervix carcinoma. i. urinary tract infections].an investigation was made on patients with cervical carcinoma to test the efficiency of a general administration of antibiotics and chemotherapeutic drugs which are commonly used in urology. the study has been made to analyze the frequency of pathological findings in the urinary tract, in general, and, in particular, the pattern of bacteriological findings as well as antibiogramms at different times of carcinoma therapy. additionally, consideration was given to the bacteriological situation befo ...1976782093
[bacteria of the genus morganella]. 1976782106
[clinical trial of the antibacterial combination sulfamoxole/trimethoprin (cn 3123). fifth communication: comparison of two double-blind studies with cn 3123 undertaken for demonstration of its efficacy (author's transl)].two double-blind trials which, independently, revealed the same conclusion that there is no significant difference between the therapeutic effect of n1-(4,5-dimethyl-2-oxazolyl)-sulfanilamide (sulfamoxole) and 2,4-diamino-5-(3,4,5-trimethoxy-benzyl)-pyrimidine (trimethoprim) (cn 3123, neven, supristol) and a reference preparation, were compared with each other in respect of rating the therapeutic result. the authors discuss the greater occurrence of proteus pathogens at one trial centre, and its ...1976782477
[treatment of peritonitis within the scope septic shock with antibiotics]. 1976782801
[sisomicin versus gentamicin. a comparison of antibacterial and pharmacokinetic properties (author's transl)].in a comparison of the antibacterial in-vitro activity of sisomicin, gentamicin, and tobramycine, sisomicin showed a higher activity against e. coli, indole-positive proteus spp. and organisms of the klebsiella-enterobacter-serratia group, whereas tobramycine was superior against pseudomonas spp. however, the differences in activity between sisomicin and gentamicin were only within one step of dilution which is hardly sufficient to guarantee a basic superiority of one or the other preparation fo ...1976782808
[evaluation of diagnostic parameters in chronic recurrent urinary tract infection in children. iii. pyuria, hematuria, and proteinuria (author's transl)].pyuria, proteinuria and haematuria have been shown to be unreliable parameters for the diagnosis of bacteriuria in 171 children with 455 recurrences of chronic urinary tract infection. bacteriuria caused haematuria in 5%, proteinuria in 18% and even pyuria in only 47% of all instances. pyuria has been also found in 11% of sterile urines. the incidence of pyuria increases with the age of the children and depends on the type of the organisms, but the latter was true mainly in children with obstruc ...1976782812
infections in the surgical departments of a teaching hospital in jerusalem.surveillance of hospital-associated infections at the hadassah university hospital has been carried out since 1970. criteria for infection were defined and were monitored by trained nurse-epidemiologists, with the cooperation of the surgical staff. this report deals with the results of a prospective study of infections present on admission, and those acquired during hospitalization, in six surgical departments between january 1972 and june 1973. of the 7,339 patients discharged, 7.5% acquired an ...1976783080
a rationale for intraperitoneally administered antibiotic therapy.a satisfactory clinical response occurred in 96.7 per cent of 210 patients with proved bacterial peritonitis following appropriate surgical intervention and an antimicrobial regimen of 1 per cent cephalothin administered intraperitoneally, with supplementary antibiotics as indicated. instillation of cephalothin achieves the therapeutic benefits of high intraperitoneal levels with an antibiotic of broad activity and minimum toxicity and permits flexibility in the choice of additional antimicrobia ...1976785645
[study of bacterial allergy in acute appendicitis by the method of leukocyte migration inhibition in vitro].under study was the effect of various bacterial allergens on the migration of blood leucocytes from capillaries in vitro in 23 patients with acute appendicitis and in 18 healthy individuals. bacterial allergens wound suppress leucocytes migration in all patients. most frequently, sensibilization to allergens of hemolytic staphylococcus and hemolytic streptococcus was found. in 4 healthy persons this methods indicated sensibilization to some allergens. the interaction of activity sensibilized ly ...1976785785
[sensitivity of the compensatory hyperthrophic rat-kidney against hematogenous bacterial damage]. 1976785868
[current hospitalismus. contribution to the causal factors of problem infection from the bacteriological view point]. 1976785871
[results in the treatment of anal fistula]. 1976785872
a rapid and sensitive determination of bacterial rrna by means of hybridization-competition. 1976786069
[plasmid determined lactose positive character in (enterobacter hafniae) and (proteus morganii) (author's transl)].the atypical lactose positive characters have been found to be plasmidmediated in 6 strains of enterobacter hafniae and 2 strains of proteus morganii. one of the p. morganii plasmid possesses the fi+ character, all the other plasmids belonging to the fi-group. both plasmids of p. morganii could be transduced and remained then readily transferably by conjugation. two of the e. hafniae plasmids were found unstable when harboured in salmonella typhi grown at 40 degrees centigrade, when they were st ...1976786102
studies of neonatal calf diarrhorea, v. water balances in calves with mixed infections. 1976786441
phospholipid and lipopolysaccharide in proteus mirabilis and its stable protoplast l-form. difference in content and fatty acid composition.cells of the stable protoplast l-form of proteus mirabilis contain 1.5 to 2 times more extractable lipid, mostly phospholipid, per dry weight than cells of the bacterial form. under identical conditions of cultivation the qualitative and quantitiative composition of the phospholipid is very similar in both cell forms. the range of mole percentages of individual phospholipid species is 78-80 for phosphatidylethanolamine, 10-13 for phosphatidylglycerol, 3.9-5.5 for diphosphatidylglycerol and 1.0-2 ...1976786631
[amikacin in urinary tract infections with so-called problem pathogens].amikacin (biklin) was applied in 33 patients with and without renal insufficiency, suffering of non-obstructive inflammations of the urinary tract, caused by multiple resistant hospital germs. the dosage was 125.0--1000.0 mg/die, injected as short infusion and solved in dextrose 5%. the serum and urine concentrations were measured simultaneously. in 18 cases an infection could not be seen after a control period of 8 days up to 4 weeks. persistence of bacteria happened in five cases. reinfection ...1976786834
formation of crystalline deposits by several genera of the family enterobacteriaceae.several species of bacteria from the family enterobacteriaceae formed crystalline materials containing calcium when grown in a defined culture medium. enterobacter aerogenes, proteus vulgaris, citrobacter freundii, and c. intermedius produced calcium pyrophosphate crystals. edwardsiella tarda and escherichia coli formed calcite iii crystals, whereas proteus mirabilis, klebsiella pneumoniae, providencia stuartii, and serratia marcescens produced hydroxyapatite crystals. several of these bacteria ...1976786887
transcription of escherichia coli ribosomal dna in proteus mirabilis.transcription of escherichia coli ribosomal dna introduced into proteus mirabilis on f14 is described. we have developed an assay for e. coli coded ribosomal rna involving fingerprinting of ribonuclease t1 digests of rna isolated from ribosomal subunits. sequence differences in the ribosomal rna of the two species have allowed us to detect e. coli coded 16s, 23s, and 5s ribosomal rna in ribosomal subunits of the e. coli-p. mirabilis hybrid. the proportion of e. coli coded rrna in the hybrid is f ...1976787756
properties of plasmids constructed by the in vitro insertion of dna from rhizobium leguminosarum or proteus mirabilis into rp4.plasmids have been constructed by insertion of dna from rhizobium leguminosarum or proteus mirabilis into rp4 (an r factor of group p). such recombinant plasmids retain the wide host range of the parental plasmid, being as efficiently transmissible as the unmodified rp4 and are stably maintained in rapidly growing cultures. the recombinant plasmids, even though each contained a dna sequence absolutely identical with that of the host strain, are no more efficient at mobilizing the transfer of chr ...1976787766
sensitivity patterns of urinary pathogens in the southland community and a study of sewage flora.the overall sensitivity pattern of the three main urinary pathogens to the commonly used oral antibodies exceeded 80 percent. the incidence of multiple resistant escherichia coli was 8 percent. the resistant patterns of the sewage e. coli resembled that of the resistant urinary e. coli. however only one-third of the resistant urinary e. coli showed multiple resistance whereas two-thirds of the resistant e. coli in the sewage showed this feature. the resistance transfer was low in organisms isola ...1976787846
[post-partum infectious sacro-iliitis caused by "commonplace bacteria" (proteus mirabilis?)]. 1975788081
the anodically-moving thermolabile antigen (ata) of gram-negative bacteria: its function as the receptor for f pili. 1976788356
[the anodically moving thermolabile antigen (ata) of gram-negative bacteria: its molecular heterogeneity and its chemical composition].the anodically-moving thermolabile antigen (ata) of gram-negative bacteria represents a glycolipoprote in. in aqueous solution ata exhibits heterogeneity of the molecular size, the range varying between 2.10(4) and 8.10(5) daltons. in the molecular range between 5.10(4) and 8.10(5) all the molecular states give precipitation lines with the corresponding antisera. it could be shown that all the molecular states of ata are formed by different aggregation of the same subunit with a molecular weight ...1976788362
[clinical study on the assessment of bladder puncture in the diagnosis of urinary tract infections]. 1976788367
long-term study of humoral immune response in patients with chronic pyelonephritis.indirect immunofluorescence was used for the measurement of serum antibody titers against the hemologous urinary strain of infecting organism in patients with a clinical diagnosis of chronic pyelonephritis. the passive hemagglutination technique was employed for comparison. the antibody response of the patients was followed-up for a period of two to four years. in contrast to titers determined by hemagglutination, antibody titers determined by immunofluorescence were found to be persistently ele ...1976788977
[bacteriological studies in outpatients with acute urinary tract infections with particular reference to the resistance spectrum (author's transl)].bacteriological investigation of urinary samples from 1,926 non-hospitalised patients with documented or suspected acute urinary tract infection revealed organisms pathogenic for the urinary tract in 56.4% of the patients, who came from various parts of west germany. prevalent pathogens were e. coli (69%) and proteus mirabilis (14%). e. coli and p. mirabilis demonstrated a low rate of resistance against ampicillin, the cephalosporines, gentamicin, tobramycin, and also against nitrofurantoin, nal ...1976789245
[antimicrobial effectiveness of sisomicin. i: in vitro activity of sisomicin compared with gentamicin, tobramycin, amikacin and kanamycin (author's transl)].the aminoglycosides sisomicin, gentamicin, tobramycin, amikacin and kanamycin are highly active against staphylococci including the penicillinase-positive strains. sisomicin is more effective than amikacin and kanamycin. mixed infections with staphylococci and enterobacteriaceae or pseudomonas aeruginosa are thus on indication for treatment with sisomicin or other aminoglycosides. infections with e. coli, enterobacter, susceptible klebsiella, and susceptible pseudomonas strains can be treated wi ...1976789246
[the liver concentration of cephradin and cephacetril and their elimination in the bile].liver biopsies and serum samples were collected after intravenous application of 2 g cephradin (n = 13) or 2 g cephacetril (n = 11) during surgery. there was no difference in the serum levels of cephradin and cephacetril. 30 min. after i.v. application of cephradin the liver tissue concentration was 72.62 mcg/g. 30 min. after i.v. cephacetril the liver tissue concentration was 5.83 mcg/g. the quotient of liver tissue concentration to serum concentration for cephradin was between 0.36 and 0.83, a ...1976789253
variation in urease activity of endemic hospital strains of proteus rettgeri and providencia stuartii.both urease-positive and urease-negative proteeae isolated from cross-infected patients in the same hospitals and, in three cases, from the same patients were examined for their biochemical reactions and somatic (o-) antigens. all isolates gave the same reactions in 17 biochemical tests and possessed o-antigens characteristic of providenic o-type strains 4 or 17. study of the isolates indicated that endemic strains are capable of undergoing variation in urease activity. in the current classifica ...1976789790
derivation and properties of proteus mirabilis systems for high frequency transduction of streptomycin--sulphonamide and streptomycin-sulphonamide--kanamycin of two transducing systems with phages capable of high frequency transduction (hft) of streptomycin and sulphonamide resistance markers of the v group plasmid r905, and of these markers plus the kanamycin resistance marker derived from a previously described hft phage 5006mhftak, are described. transducing particles of the former phage, named 5006mhftsus, were detected using the replica-plate technique in an ultraviolet-induced lysate of proteus mirabilis strain pm5006 transduced to s ...1976789816
dienes typing of proteus strains isolated from barrier-maintained animals.the possible use of dienes' phenomenon for typing proteus strains as an aid to bacteriological monitoring of barrier-maintained animal units was investigated. it was rare for more than 1 dienes' type to be isolated from an individual animal. a persistent relationship between 1 or 2 diene's types and each strain of animal was demonstrated, although these same types were shown to be capable of causing clinical disease in their normal host. the findings suggest that dienes' phenomenon may be of val ...1976790014
[control of cross infection in intensive care units].quantitative determinations of antibiotic susceptibility established that infections occurring in intensive care units were predominantly exogenous cross infections. the most frequently isolated strains were: klebsiella, enterobacteriaceae, serratia marcescens and proteus mirabilis. the majority of the strains showed multiple resistance. despite adequate antibiotic therapy a number of patients died of the infection. many of the methods of disinfection were found to be inadequate, especially as r ...1976790370
[treatment of wounds after episiotomy. bacteriological findings]. 1976790596
animal models of peritonitis.a reproducible animal model of peritonitis has been developed. it uses standard animals, standardized cultures of bacteria and simple techniques. use of this model would facilitate comparison of data from workers in this field. the use of small rodents permits the use of comparatively large populations for statistical evaluation. the method is cheap and economic of laboratory space and does not require surgical expertise.1976790613
infected aortic bifurcation grafts: experience with fourteen patients.the experience with 14 patients with infected aortic bifurcation grafts has been reviewed. factors which appeared to predispose to infection in 11 patients included "re-do" operations, concomitant cholecystectomy or gastrostomy, and ruptured abdominal aneurysm. a mixture of gastrointestinal organisms was responsible for the infections. the pathogenesis, presentation, and treatment varied according to whether the proximal or distal anastomosis was involved or not. aortoduodenal communications wer ...1976790620
five-day course of antibacterials for uncomplicated urinary infections.fifty-six patients with uncomplicated urinary infections were treated with a five-day course of antimicrobials. fifty-four patients had sterile urine two weeks after termination of the drugs. over a two-year period 8 patients were found to become reinfected.1976790745
[comparative studies with the rapid kcn-test for enterobacteriaceae according to cahan, sechter and ohad (author's transl)].581 strains of enterobacteriaceae (184 of salmonella, 100 of shigella, 31 of citrobacter freundii, 61 of escherichia coli, 40 of klebsiella, 165 of proteus) were investigated in comparison with the kcn-test according to møller and with the rapid kcn-test according to cahan, sechter and ohad. there was found that the results obtained with both methods were identical to 99 percent. in both tests there could be observed that inexplicable differences occur only in two strains of proteus mirabilis. t ...1976790855
neotal mastitis due to proteus mirabilis. 1976790942
human oral defenses against gram-negative rods.gram-negative rods are unusual pharyngeal isolates in normal man, which suggests the presence of effective oral defense mechanisms against these organisms. to understand this protection better, we studied the elimination of gram-negative rods from the mouth after gargle challenge. suspensions of escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, and proteus mirabilis (108 organisms per ml) were gargled by normal volunteers, and pharyngeal swabs for serial quantitative cultures were taken for 3 hours. init ...1976791034
genetic relatedness in the family enterobacteriaceae.five criteria of genetic relatedness are considered. the first, transfer of plasmids between groups, is frequently not a good criterion, because transfer is possible between all genera of the enterobacteriaceae and also to genera in other families. though transfer to closely related groups is most frequent, host restriction and the properties of the plasmid may influence the transfer frequency as much as the relatedness of the donor and recipient. the second criterion is interspecies recombinati ...1976791071
susceptibility of acinetobacter calcoaceticus var. anitratus (herellea vaginicola) to minocycline.the in vitro activity of minocycline against acinetobacter calcoaceticus var. anitratus (herellea vaginicola) was examined. all strains of a. anitratus were inhibited by minocycline at concentrations of 0.4 mug/ml or less. the strains studied were considerably more susceptible to minocycline than tetracycline. no difference between the susceptibility to minocycline and tetracycline was seen with escherichia coli, klebsiella pneumoniae, enterobacter and proteus sp. a regression line of the log mi ...1976791084
extended monod equation. 1976791389
control of replication and segregation of r plasmid rts1.a mutant plasmid, ptw2, which was derived from the integrated rst1 genome in the escherichia coli chromosome, was studied as to its mode of replication at 30 degrees c. when proteus mirabilis pm17 harboring ptw2 was grown in broth at 30 degrees c, a considerable number of r- segregants (approximately 40%) were consistently observed. this indicates that ptw2 is unstable even at the permissive temperature for the replication of rts1. the ptw2+ cells in a culture were heterogeneous with respect to ...1976791923
diploidy for a structural gene specifying a major protein of the outer cell envelope membrane from escherichia coli k-12.homogenotes, heterogenotes, and intergeneric hybrids have been studied that are diploid for the structural gene of a major outer cell envelope membrane protein (protein ii) from escherichia coli. this protein can act as a phage receptor. in wild-type homogenotes, diploidy for the gene did not cause a gene dosage effect. it could be shown with two heterogenotes that both the chromosomal mutant and the episomal wild-type genes are expressed, and in each case more of the mutant than the wild-type p ...1976791936
clinical evaluation of the minitek differential system for identification of enterobacteriaceae.forty-one stock organisms and 581 fresh clinical isolates were used in comparing the minitek system to conventional tubed media to determine if this system is feasible and accurate for a high-volume clinical microbiology laboratory. in addition to comparison with tubed media, the following parameters were tested: (i) reproducibility of disks, (ii) the effect of variation in inoculum size, (iii) the effect of the age of culture, and (iv) the effect of predispensing disks. a total of 5,947 disks w ...1976791964
reduction in c3 conversion in patients with severe thermal injury.serum opsonic activity for e. coli 075, concentration of native c3 and c3 conversion by inulin were determined in the sera of five patients with burns involving 45% to 80% total body surface during 3 weeks postburn. in all patients, opsonic activity, c3 concentration, and c3 conversion were reduced during the first week following the injury. c3 was restored to normal or elevated levels by the end of the first week postburn and remained normal or elevated thereafter for the duration of the study. ...1976792466
effect of cephalothin on growth patterns of micro-organisms.isolates of staphylococcus aureus, escherichia coli. klebsiella pneumoniae and proteus mirabilis were incubated in the presence of inhibitory concentrations of cephalothin. after destruction of the antibiotic, there was a lag phase before s. aureus began to proliferate again. when similar experiments were conducted with e. coli, k. pneumoniae, and p. mirabilis, no lag phase was observed. this data suggests that the inhibitory activity of cephalosporins may be different for gram-positive cocci an ...1976792494
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