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ultrastructural study on the extrusion of multivesicular bodies from cardiac cells.cardiac conducting fibers taken from 12 dogs were studied in the electron microscope. the majority of samples contained a moderate number of multivesicular bodies (mvb's) and an extremely high number occurred in one dog. single mvb's were found in the perinuclear region and in the cytoplasm separating myofibrils. a high accumulation of mvb's occurred at the cell periphery within cytoplasmic stalks extending into the extracellular space, in the intercalated disc, and also outside of the cell. the ...197898908
cell proliferation in dimethylhydrazine-induced colonic adenocarcinomata following cytotoxic drug treatment.a stathmokinetic technique was used to study cell proliferation in dimethylhydrazine-induced adenocarcinomata of rat colon following treatment with cytotoxic drugs. the rate of cell division was significantly increased three days after treatment with 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine and seven days after treatment with 5-fluorouracil. acceleration of tumour cell proliferation following 5,7-dihydroxytryptamine treatment was inhibited by treating animals with the antiseritoninergic drug xylamidine tosylate. ...197898910
abnormalities of the nuclear envelope in porcine muscle affected with congenital myofibrillar hypoplasia.the nuclear ultrastructure of muscle fibres in congenital myofibrillar hypoplasia of piglets was studied in order to provide more information on the pathological changes present. in the initial stages of the disease, muscle fibres with a small reduction of myofibrils often had an increased number of nuclear pores. in the more advanced stages of the disease, the following nuclear abnormalities were observed in muscle fibres showing an extensive disintegration of myofibrils: 1) large dilations of ...197898911
long-term survival in multiple myeloma. 199898920
[long-term treatment of glomerulonephritis with indomethacin with special regard to quantity and selectivity of proteinuria].in 53 patients (19 women, 34 men), of them 41 patients with an intracapillary proliferative glomerulonephritis, 9 with membranous proliferative and 3 with a membranous glomerulonephritis under an indometacin therapy examinations concerning proteinuria were carried out, partly with determination of the index of selectivity and representation of the protein clearance. in patients with a moderate proteinuria of less than 3 g a day this treatment achieved a smaller antiproteinurie effect than in pat ...199898929
age-associated changes in the blood picture of the goat. 197898936
enzymic profile of the semen of bovines (bubalus bubalis and bos taurus). ii. parallelism between acid and alkaline phosphatases and various measures of semen quality. 197898938
'classic' and 'acute' myelofibrosis. a retrospective a retrospective study of 38 patients with histologically proven myelofibrosis, 5 parameters (recorded on the first admission) were investigated as to their usefulness to predict the course of the disease. in 9 patients the development of 'acute' myelofibrosis could be predicted by the finding of pancytopenia, low reticulocyte counts (median 20,500/mul), extremely elevated sre (median 125 mm) and normal serum levels of ldh and uric acid on the first admission. in 28 patients the development of ...199898950
metabolism of histamine during anaphylactic shock in guinea-pigs [proceedings]. 197898974
systemic air embolism secondary to respiratory therapy in the neonate: six cases including one survivor.systemic air embolism has been described as a complication of respiratory therapy using positive pressure ventilation. this is usually a dire, if not fatal occurrence. the incidence of this severe complication will likely increase with the advent of more vigorous and aggressive respiratory therapy of the respiratory distress syndrome in neonates. it is important for both the clinician and the radiologist to be aware of this entity, its etiology, and its probable increasing frequency. this paper ...200098984
angiographic demonstration of complications resulting from the waterston procedure.the ascending aorta--right pulmonary artery anastomosis, originally introduced by waterston as a palliative shunt to increase pulmonary blood flow in certain cyanotic congenital heart diseases, has been found to be associated with late complications in a significant number of cases. these complications include preferential distribution of most or all shunt flow to the right lung, narrowing or obstruction of the right pulmonary artery at the anastomotic site, increasing stenosis or atresia of the ...200098985
computed tomographic evaluation of the breast.experience with a dedicated breast ct scanner (general electric ct/m) using a contrast medium enhancement technique indicates that ct is superior to mammography, thermography, or physical examination for diagnosing both benign and malignant mammary disease especially in dense, thick, or fibrocystic breasts. ct is capable of diagnosing totally unsuspected early miniature carcinomas. it can identify and differentiate potential precancerous lesions from benign fibrocystic disease, and is the diagno ...200098990
mesonephric duct remnants (gartner's duct).in a review of 820 hysterosalpingograms, unilateral opacification of the mesonephric duct (gartner's duct) was observed in five individuals. no associated anomalies of the genitourinary tract or definite evidence of pelvic inflammatory disease was found in any of these patients. the embryology of the genitourinary tract is discussed in some detail, and histologic studies of the uterine cervix are reviewed to explain the radiographic observations.200098997
microradiographic demonstration of pyelolymphatic backflow in the porcine kidney.pyelolymphatic backflow occurs when intrapelvic pressure rises acutely. although peripelvic and hilar lymphatics have occasionally been demonstrated during intravenous urography and retrograde pyelography, the patterns of intrarenal microlymphatic filling have not previously been studied radiographically in multipapillary kidneys. microradiography was performed after retrograde ureteral injections of barium sulfate suspension in recently excised pig kidneys. contrast filled the ducts of bellini ...197898998
echocardiography: pericardial tickening and constrictive evaluate the relation between mitral valve motion and left ventricular end-diastolic pressure, the pr-ac interval, an index derived from the electrocardiogram and mitral echogram, and the left ventricular endodiastolic pressure were determined simultaneously in 22 patients undergoing diagnostic cardiac catheterization. intravenous infusion of dextran or administration of nitroglycerin was used to alter left ventricular end-diastolic pressure to determine if there was a predictive relation bet ...200199019
jaundice and breast-feeding among alaskan eskimo newborns.the course, incidence, and severity of neonatal jaundice was studied in 95 alaskan eskimo infants. breast-fed infants had higher bilirubin concentrations than bottle-fed babies. both groups experienced high bilirubin levels, similar to those previously reported in navajo and oriental infants but greater than those observed in whites and blacks. a marked capacity to inhibit hepatic glucuronyl transferase was observed in breast-milk specimens but only partly accounted for the bilirubin differences ...197899026
long-term outpatient vasodilator therapy of congestive heart failure. consideration of agents at rest and during exercise.increased left ventricular filling pressure and reduced cardiac output are two major hemodynamic deficits in pump failure. in patients with chronic heart failure, consequences of these hemodynamic deficits and diminished cardiac reserve are manifested initially during stress and eventually at rest. the purpose of therapeutic interventions include reduction of ventricular filling pressure increase in cardiac output and improvement in cardiac reserve. to achieve these goals, the hemodynamic effect ...200199031
multiple myeloma (light chain disease) with rheumatoid-like amyloid arthropathy and mu-heavy chain fragment in the serum.a 52 year old man presented with multiple myeloma and widespread amyloidosis involving joints, bursae- carpal tunnels, lymph nodes and subcutaneous tissue. osteolytic bone lesions and pathologic fracture of the neck of the left femur were found. bone marrow was infiltrated with both plasmacytes and lymphocytes. the majority of plasma cells contained large cytoplasmic vacuoles. free kappa ii type light chains and mu-heavy chain fragment were detected in the serum, and kappa ii type bence jones pr ...197899035
maternal-fetal hemorrhage: its incidence and sensitizing effects.although anti-rh-immune globulin is highly effective in preventing hemolytic diseases of the newborn, there are some failures. the causes for these failures often are unknown and it has been postulated that some of them are caused by the transfer of maternal rh-positive red cells into the rh-negative infant at the time of birth. a study of 107 rh-negative newborn infants born of rh-positive mothers has demonstrated that maternal-fetal hemorrhage is rare (approximately 2 per cent) and that rh ant ...200199038
pars plana vitrectomy as a primary treatment for acute bacterial endophthalmitis.we successfully treated six patients with culture-proven acute bacterial endophthalmitis by a combination of emergency pars plana vitrectomy and the instillation of intravitreal antibiotics. all six patients regained satisfactory vision.197899040
catheter infection factors affecting total parenteral nutrition.during the five-year interval from january 1, 1971 to january 1, 1976 118 seriously ill adults received 2916 patient days of tpn therapy with an average infection rate of 7.6%. all patients received the benefit of a well-defined tpn catheter care protocol which emphasized regular (every 48 hours) catheter dressing changes. the lowest risk of infection, 2.7%, was seen in 73 patients who received an amino acid-glucose solution through a silicone elastomer catheter protected by an iodophor dressing ...197899066
[congenital spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia. apropos of a case].the present paper describes a case of spondyloepiphyseal dysplasia congenita (s.d.c.), a heritable bone dysplasia manifested at birth and characterized by short stature and retarded ossification of vertebral bodies, pelvis and extremities. differential diagnosis which is important for genetic counselling purposes is established between s.d.c. and morqu's disease, diastrophic dwarfism, metatropic dwarfism, psuedoachondroplasia and hypoachondroplasia.200299148
antagonistic interaction of rifampicin and trimethoprim. 197899420
susceptibility of noxythiolin resistant organisms to povidone iodine. 197899421
immunological abnormalities and hla antigen frequencies in iga deficient patients with epilepsy.twenty-three epileptics with constitutional factors for seizures and low iga serum concentrations were studied. imbalance of the igg subclasses was often observed, the igg4 being undetectable in 13 (65%) patients. the percentage of circulating lymphocytes positive for surface immunoglobulins was normal except for slightly increased values for iga in six (28.5%) patients. of the epileptics, 48% showed subnormal proportions of lymphocytes forming spontaneous rosettes. there was a distinct trend fo ...200199491
evaluation of urinary excretion of riboflavin as an index of riboflavin deficiency. 200199532
[salmonella infections]. 197899539
[successful exclusively tube feeding over a period of 21 months in a cranio-cerebral injury with the apallic syndrome]. 200199629
chinese hamster purine nucleoside phosphorylase. 200199640
studies on delayed hypersensitivity to protein antigen. induction of delayed hypersensitivity by chemically modified was shown in our previous paper that mice primed with chemically modified bacterial alpha-amylase (baa), which was neither cross-reactive with anti-baa antibody nor able to induce a humoral anti-baa response, developed enhanced responses to a subsequent challenge with native baa and that the magnitude of the immunological memory was closely related to the priming dose of modified baa. this paper describes the experimental conditions for induction of delayed hypersensitivity (dh) by modified b ...197899645
evidence for an essential dna component in the scrapie agent. 197899663
development of leucocytozoon caulleryi in chick embryos infected by biting of culicoides arakawae through shell membrane.chick embryos were infected with leucocytozoon caulleryi by biting of the midge, culicoides arakawae, through the shell membrane. schizonts of l. caulleryi were detected in the chorioallantoic membrane and most of the internal organs of embryos and of chicks after hatching. the development of schizonts was slower in embryos than in chickens. soluble antigens of l. caulleryi were demonstrated by the precipitation test in the allantoic fluid and blood from the embryos and chicks. no erythrocytic s ...197899671
behavioral measurement measurements of excitability changes in reward sites in the dog: a frequency dependent effect. 197899757
[proteins of human body--clinical and diagnostic aspects. practical clinical aspects of studies on protein metabolism]. 197899770
modified peptidoglycan transpeptidase activity in a carbenicillin-resistant mutant of pseudomonas aeruginosa 18s.a carbenicillin-resistant mutant of pseudomonas aeruginosa 18s was found to possess peptidoglycan transpeptidase activity significantly more resistant to inhibition by benzyl penicillin, ampicillin, carbenicillin, and cephaloridine than that of the parent strain. the mutant was more resistant than the parent strain to all of the beta-lactam antibiotics tested, and 50% inhibition values for these compounds against membrane-bound model transpeptidase activity paralleled this increase. the resistan ...1978100051
morphology of freeze-etched treponema refringens (nichols).the freeze-etch technique was used to study the morphology of treponema refringens (nichols). there is a single band of cytoplasmic fibrils which follows a path in the form of a right-handed helix with a periodicity of 1500 nm around the body of the treponeme just below the cytoplasmic membrane. there are two major fracture planes, one located in the interior of the outer envelope and the second in the interior of the cytoplasmic membrane. the "blebs" or "surface protuberances", which are quite ...1978100069
obituary: robin. 2001100091
a protein-glucan intermediate during paramylon synthesis.a sodium deoxycholate extract containing glucosyltransferase activity was obtained from a particulate preparation from euglena gracilis. it transferred glucose from udp-[14c]glucose into material that was precipitated by trichloroacetic acid. this material released beta-(1 leads to 3)-glucan oligosaccharides into solution on incubation with weak acid, weak alkali and beta-(1 leads to 3)-glucosidase. the products of the incubation of the deoxycholate extract with udp-[14c]glucose were analysed by ...2001100105
effects of 5-hydroxylysine on acetylene reduction and nh4+-assimilation in the cyanobacterium anabaena cylindrica. 1978100112
increased sensitivity for detection of carcinogen-induced dna repair with the chain terminator dideoxythymidine. 1978100116
control of cell multiplication: preparation and immunological comparison of inhibitory factors in the homogenate and perfusate of the adult rat liver.the control of organ cell multiplication by a negative feed-back mechanism implies that factors of the inhibitory mechanism are present in the blood and are produced by the target organ itself. we have examined the inhibitors which are present in the cytosol of adult rat liver as well as in efferent fluid from an isolated perfused organ. these two materials yielded predominantly protein molecules having in common a molecular weight of approximately 80 000 daltons and an isoelectric point between ...1978100149
fat loading tests in haemorrhagic hyperlipidaemia in rabbits. 1978100328
environmental contaminants. 1978100350
inhalation anthrax in a home craftsman.inhalation anthrax with complicating subarachnoid hemorrhage due to simultaneous infection with two capsular biotypes of bacillus anthracis of different virulence for the mouse is reported. the patient, a home craftsman, acquired his infection from imported animal-origin yarn.1978101438
immediate results of weekly fractionation in external radiotherapy. 2000101487
rifampicin plus nalidixic acid: a rational combination for the treatment of urinary infection. 1978101503
characterization of the bacillus subtilis bacteriophage pbs2-induced dna polymerase and its associated exonuclease activity.the dna polymerase induced by bacillus subtilis bacteriophage pbs2 has a stokes radius of 7.2 in buffers of high ioninc strength, suggesting a molecular weight in the range 145,000 to 195,000. the polypeptide bands observed on gel electrophoresis in dodecyl sulfate have apparent molecular weights of 78,000 and 69,000 (and possibly another 27,000) in equimolar amounts. in buffers of low ionic strength, the enzyme appears to form large aggregates and even precipitates, with about 90% loss of activ ...1978101539
a study of plasma-lipid concentrations in diabetic children. 2000101588
[studies of antibody against shigella in bacillary dysentery patients and carriers. report 4. comparison of the results obtained from igg antibody absorption with protein a-sepharose cl-4b and from those with indirect radioimmunoassay (author's transl)]. 1977101599
[studies on moraxella. i. a new selective medium for moraxella sp. (author's transl)]. 1977101603
[salmonellosis]. 1978101617
[epidemiological study on beta hemolytic streptococci among healthy school children in toda city, saitama (author's transl)]. 1978101618
[clinical studies of childhood empyema experienced for the past 12 years (author's transl)]. 1978101626
effect of hypotension induced by sodium nitrocyanoferrate (iii) on the release of arginine-vasopressin in the unanaesthetized monkey. 1978101639
the showdown seventies. 2000101645
transmission of hepatitis b to the rhesus monkey. studies on the humoral and cell-mediated immune response.the susceptibility of the rhesus monkey (macaca mulatta) to hepatitis b virus was enhanced by the induction of chronic infection with plasmodium inuei.1978101663
obesity and the risks of surgery. 2000101683
clinical studies on pipemidic acid. 1978101691
[association between hla and disease susceptibility (author's transl)]. 2000101696
[intracavitary transillumination during surgery on the biliary system]. 2000101710
effect of certain sulphydryl compounds and dimethyl sulphoxide on potassium release by certain amines and proteins from pseudomonas aeruginosa.dithiothreitol, cysteine, and mercapto-ethanol inhibit k+ release from cells of pseudomonas aeruginosa by amines and nh4cl incubated at ph 8.5. the inhibitions are competitive for the monamines and nh4cl but non-competitive for the diamines and spermidine. the percent inhibition is largest for tryptamine, least for spermidine and ethylene diamine. dmso inhibits k+ release by monamines and certain proteins but not significantly by diamines and histamine. the inhibitions are competitive.1977101739
testing the trh hypothesis of pineal the syrian hamster gonadal involution may be induced by exposure of the animal to darkness, short photoperiod, or blindness for several weeks. these conditions also influence body metabolism by inducing a substantial decrease in thyroxin concentrations. the role of the pineal gland in these phenomena has been demonstrated by experiments showing that if pinealectomized hamsters are subjected to darkness, short photoperiod, or blindness, their gonads do not involute and plasma thyroxin levels r ...1978101748
primum non nocere and the sydney funnel-web spider (continued). 1978101753
drug seeking: a behavioral analysis in animals and humans. 2000101859
phencyclidine use among youth: history, epidemiology, and acute and chronic intoxication.phencyclidine use appears to be in a growth phase nationally. factors contributing to the increasing popularity include the user's ability to control the dosage, an understanding of the immediate effects, and its availability. those most at risk appear to be young caucasian males. phencyclidine-related problems are often like tips of icebergs, the underlying causes of which are hidden from public view. the problems often surface in the form of speech difficulties, memory loss, thinking disorders ...2000101877
quantitative structure-activity relationships in the 2,4,5-ring substituted phenylisopropylamines.the potency of a series of 2,4,5-ring substituted phenylisopropylamines was examined using the rabbit hyperthermia assay. an excellent correlation (r = 0.99) was found between the rabbit hyperthermic and human psychotomimetic potencies. in the hyperthermic model, the 4-x-substituted-2,5-dimethoxyphenylisopropylamines were found to be one to two orders of magnitude more potent than the 2-x- or 5-x-substituted positional isomers (x = -h, -ch3, -sch3, -br). conformational perturbations induced by s ...1978101881
conformational study of lysergic acid derivatives in relation to their hallucinogenic and antiserotonin activities. 2000101885
[heterogeneity of epileptic seizures involving one half of the body in children]. 2000101894
mandatory continuing medical education: a liability. 2000101934
self-directed social workers: continuing education in the health care setting. 2000101940
continuing education: theory and practice. 2000101941
special delivery: cesarean section in management of primigravidas with breech presentations. 2000101944
[the effect of prolonged irradiation and of certain radioprotective agents on glycosaminoglycans in the rat]. 1978101997
[mathematical model of the transformation of viral hepatitis into chronic disease. preliminary results. i. specification of global descriptive parameters of hepatic inflammation]. 1978101998
accuracy of chest film screening by technologists in the new york early lung cancer detection program.a study of the feasibility of using specially trained radiologic technologists to screen chest radiographs was undertaken as part of an early lung cancer detection program. in their initial examination, 8,000 men had posteroanterior and lateral chest films which were prepared and evaluated by two specially trained technologists prior to interpretation by a radiologist. the technologists' accuracy in screening was subsequently assessed by comparison with the radiologist's interpretation and with ...2000102146
quantitative assessment of bactericidal activities of beta-lactam antibiotics by agar plate method.quantitative bactericidal activities of beta-lactam antibiotics were determined by the agar plate method. broth cultures, of which the colony-forming units were counted before the study, were inoculated on antibiotic-containing agar plates, utilizing a 10(-3), 10(-2), or 10(-1) dilution or undiluted culture plated with each 0.001-ml calibrated loop. these plates were incubated at 37 degrees c overnight, and the minimal drug concentration at which no bacterial growth was observed on the plates wa ...1978102246
clinicopathological conference. two cases of drug-induced disease. demonstration at the royal college of physicians of london. 2000102404
in vitro activity of hr 756, a new cephalosporin compound.the in vitro activity of hr 756, a new cephalosporin, has been determined against recent clinical isolates and compared with that of other beta-lactam antibiotics. the geometric means of the minimum inhibitory concentrations (mic) for different isolates of escherichia coli (100 isolates), klebsiella pneumoniae (84), pseudomonas aeruginosa (121), proteus mirabilis (52), indole-positive proteus species (9), salmonella species (19), staphylococcus aureus penicillin-sensitive (29) and penicillin-res ...1978102631
changing concepts of pelvic inflammatory disease. 1978102712
susceptibility of the anaerobic bacteria, group d streptococci, enterobacteriaceae, and pseudomonas to semisynthetic penicillins: carbenicillin, piperacillin, and ticarcillin.sodium piperacillin t-1220, a new semisynthetic penicillin, was tested in vitro against 297 clinical isolates of anaerobic bacteria and 669 aerobic bacteria by the conventional agar dilution method and compared with carbenicillin and ticarcillin. at a 100-mug/ml concentration the three drugs showed comparable effectiveness against the anaerobes tested. however, at 20 mug/ml, piperacillin was the most effective drug against bacteroides fragilis, peptostreptococci, and group d streptococci. at thi ...1978103491
effect of two cancer chemotherapeutic agents on the antibacterial activity of three antimicrobial agents.cancer chemotherapeutic agents and antibacterial antibiotics are often given concomitantly. daunorubicin, cytosine arabinoside, and three antibiotics (gentamicin, amikacin, and ticarcillin) were tested individually and in combinations to determine their antimicrobial activity against pseudomonas aeruginosa, klebsiella pneumoniae, and escherichia coli. these cytotoxic agents are commonly employed in the therapy of acute nonlymphocytic leukemia for remission induction therapy, and these antimicrob ...1978103494
comparative disposition of sulindac and metabolites in five species. 1978103551
inhibition of acetylcholinesterase from foetal and maternal tissues after oral intake of carbaryl (1-naphthyl-n-methyl-carbamate) by pregnant rats. 1978103555
effects of microsomal enzyme inducers in vivo and inhibitors in vitro on the covalent binding of benzo[a]pyrene metabolites to dna catalyzed by liver microsomes from genetically responsive and nonresponsive mice. 1999103557
significance of serum c-reactive protein elevation in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus.serum c-reactive protein (crp) concentration was determined by a radial immunodiffusion method in serum samples collected over a mean period of 19 months from a group of 17 patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (sle). thirty-two episodes of crp elevation were detected. twenty of these were associated with active sle, and 9 with proven or possible infection or bone fracture. in 3 cases no explanation for crp elevation was readily apparent. there were 8 instances of onset or exacerbation of l ...1999103559
k chain variable regions from three galactan binding myeloma proteins.a series of seven balb/c myeloma proteins has been identified with binding specificity for antigens containing beta(1 leads to 6)-d-galactopyranosyl moieties. we have determined the primary amino acid sequence of the first 108 residues from the light chains of three of these proteins. the framework portions of the variable regions of these three light chains are identical with residue 100 at which position three different amino acids are found in the three chains. an additional interchange was f ...1999103573
afferent and efferent subcortical projections of behaviorally defined sectors of prefrontal granular cortex.although the functional significance of the midprincipalis region is well known, the afferent and efferent connections of this zone, in comparison to the anterior and posterior portions of the cortex lining the principal sulcus, are poorly understood. in 3 animals the retrograde tracer hrp and the anterograde tracers, tritiated proline, lysine and leucine, were injected into the sulcal cortex lining the principal sulcus. the cortex forming the banks of the principal sulcus was divided into anter ...1999103596
single-unit activity in the auditory cortex of monkeys selectively attending left vs. right ear stimuli.single-unit responses were recorded from the auditory cortex of rhesus monkeys that were performing an auditory selective attention task. acoustic stimuli were presented randomly to either the left or right ear through headphones. in a given block of trials one ear was selected as the ear to be attended, and was indicated by lighting either a left or right response key. the animal's task was to press the lighted key whenever stimuli were presented to the attended ear, but to make no response to ...1978103597
innervation and cytochemistry of the neuroepithelial bodies in the ciliated epithelium of the toad lung (bufo marinus).neuroepithelial bodies (neb) were identified in the lung of bufo marinus. the characteristics of the cells and their innervation were studied with electron and fluorescence microscopy before and after close vagosympathetic denervation. the bodies consist of low columnar cells which rest on the epithelial basal lamina. the majority of the cells do not reach the lumen of the lung (basal cells); the few which do (apical cells) are bordered by microvilli and possess a single cilium. the neuroepithel ...1999103623
[effect of lymphokines produced in a grafted system on production of prostaglandins by macrophages].mice peritoneal macrophages cultured in vitro release a prostaglandin-like activity as evaluated by a bio-assay using rat stomach fundus. the prostaglandin release is greatly increased when macrophages are incubated with the supernatant of mixed lymphocyte cultures between recipient and donor of a skin allograft. this phenomenon was found in all strains of mice tested except c3h/hej mice, a strain already known for its defective responsiveness to bacterial lipopolysaccharide (lps).1978103646
[role of the infundibular complex and its neural afferents in the photosexual reflex in the quail].the photosexual reflex was suppressed in quail after bilateral preoptic lesions. however an anterior-lateral de-afferentation of the hypothalamus of previously preoptic-lesioned quail resulted in partial photo-induced testis growth. as a working hypothesis, it is suggested that the preoptic area may control some unknown extrahypothalamic influences in order to modulate the gonadotropin controlling function of the infundibular area.1999103653
common bile duct obstruction caused by a duodenal diverticulum. 1999103681
evaluation of polymer flock and metal alloy intra-tubal device in pigtail monkeys.two intratubal devices, one covered with a flock made from ethylene vinyl acetate and the other constructed of titanium-aluminum-vanadium alloy with an etched surface were evaluated after being placed in the fallopian tubes of pigtail monkeys. in some instances, the devices were medicated with 10% silver nitrate or 50% quinacrine hydrochloride. the microflock device anchored in the tube mechanically, but there is no evidence that either the polymeric or metal alloy device formed an actual attach ...1978103682
[maintenance of air turbines]. 1999103690
[high sexual selectivity of hydrazine derivatives potentiating the antitumor effect of cytostatics]. 1999103698
[disconjugation and spiralization effect of para-aminobenzoic acid on the giant chromosomes of drosophila]. 1999103699
[rate of nutrient absorption during active digestion and the possibility of using these data in the conduct of parenteral feeding]. 1978103700
influence of chenodeoxycholic acid on the kinetics of endogenous triglyceride transport in man.plasma lipids and triglycerides kinetics were studied in ten subjects before and after 6-8 weeks treatment with 1 g/day chenodeoxycholic acid for radiolucent gallstones. plasma triglyceride concentration fell by 20% and phospholipid concentration rose by 5% on average; there was no change in cholesterol or free fatty acids. body weight remained constant. triglyceride kinetics, studied by a precursor-labelling technique, revealed a reduction both of triglyceride plasma pool and turnover rate, acc ...1978103719
focal penicillin epilepsy in an isolated cerebral hemisphere. 1978103744
toxoplasma gondii: penetration into differentiating friend erythroleukemia cells. 1978103745
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