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seasonal morphometry of the vomeronasal organ in the marsupial mouse, antechinus subtropicus.the vomeronasal system consists of a peripheral organ and the connected central neuronal networks. the central connections are sexually dimorphic in rodents, and in some species, parameters of the vomeronasal organ (vno) vary with sex, hormonal exposure, body size and seasonality. the vno of the dasyurid marsupial mouse, antechinus subtropicus is presumed to be functional. the unusual life history (male semelparity) is marked by distinct seasonality with differences in hormonal environments both ...201627641160
discovered and disappearing? conservation genetics of a recently named australian carnivorous marsupial.five new species within the australian carnivorous marsupial genus antechinus have recently been named, at least two of which are threatened. important facets of the habitat use and extinction risk of one of these new species, the buff-footed antechinus, a. mysticus, are not well understood. previous research has suggested that the species utilizes a broad range of inter-connected forest habitats in southeast queensland (qld), australia. based on this potentially connected habitat, we predicted ...201830377511
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