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the northern ireland experience of growth hormone therapy for short 1967 the first patient in northern ireland commenced growth hormone treatment for short stature. by the end of december 1988 a total of 89 patients had been treated. thirty-two had idiopathic isolated growth hormone deficiency, an incidence of 1.5 new cases per year (in a population of 1.5 million with approximately 30,000 births per year). since 1967 the mean age at starting treatment has fallen from 18 years to 10 years and the height standard deviation score has fallen from -4.7 +/- 0.6 to ...19892603265
creutzfeldt-jakob disease in scotland and northern ireland 1980-1989.the epidemiological and clinical features of creutzfeldt-jakob disease have never before been studied in scotland and northern ireland. case records for those dying with this diagnosis were obtained for the period 1980-89. over the ten year period, 25 definite or probable cases were identified, giving an annual incidence of 0.37 cases/million. there were more cases in the second half of the decade, and this was most likely due to increased ascertainment. one pair of cases occurred in close proxi ...19921492215
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