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african swine fever in the north caucasus region and the russian federation in years 2007-2012.since the introduction of the virus into the republic of georgia in 2007 african swine fever (asf) has become a large-scale epidemic involving the domestic pig population but wild boars are involved as well. from 2008 to 2009 the asf epidemic affected wild and domestic pigs in all the southern regions of the russian federation (rf). the driving force of the epidemic in its initial stages was direct contact between infected wild boars and between wild boars and traditionally free-ranging domestic ...201223266725
[continuous cell subline a4c2/9k and its application to the african swine fever virus study].a new continuous cell subline a4c2/9k highly sensitive to the african swine fever virus (asfv) was prepared. all the tested asfv strains isolated in the russian federation in 2008-2013 proliferated in this cell culture exhibiting hemadsorption and accumulated at a titer of up to 6.5 ig hau50/cm3. the cell culture a4c2/9k can be used for asfv isolation or determination of its infectious activity and serotype identity. the culture versions of the asfv strain stavropol 01/08 at passages 24 and 33 i ...201526182658
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