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paediatric campylobacter diarrhoea from household exposure to live chickens in lima, peru.although campylobacter jejuni is a frequent enteropathogen in cases of paediatric diarrhoea in developing countries, its route of transmission is not well understood. an age-matched, case-control study of children with c. jejuni diarrhoea was therefore carried out in lima, peru, from january 1983 to april 1986 to identify the risk factors and vehicles of transmissions. as cases, 104 children less than 3 years of age were selected and compared with controls of the same age with non-gastrointestin ...19883262442
incidence and etiology of infantile diarrhea and major routes of transmission in huascar, studies of diarrhea etiology and epidemiology were carried out from july 1982-june 1984 in 153 infants residing in a poor peri-urban community near lima, peru. study infants had nearly 10 episodes of diarrhea in their first year of life. diarrhea episodes were associated with organisms such as campylobacter jejuni, enterotoxigenic and enteropathogenic escherichia coli, shigella, rotavirus, and cryptosporidium. these organisms appeared to be transmitted to infants in the home thro ...19892646919
fecal contamination of shanty town toddlers in households with non-corralled poultry, lima, peru.we used direct observer techniques to measure the frequency with which toddler-aged children were contaminated by poultry feces in homes in a peri-urban shanty town in lima, peru. the mean number of fowl was 5.4 (sd 3.1), with 10.0 (sd 10.7) poultry defecations per 12 hours. toddlers' hand contact with poultry feces occurred a mean of 2.9 (sd 3.0) times/12 hours. a mean of 3.9 (sd 4.6) feces-to-mouth episodes per household/12 hours occurred both by direct hand-to-mouth contamination and indirect ...19902297055
measles-associated diarrhea in hospitalized children in lima, peru: pathogenic agents and impact on growth.because the causes of measles-associated diarrhea are not well known, 0- to 5-year-old children presenting to the hospital with measles-associated diarrhea (cases, n = 77) or acute diarrhea only (controls, n = 77) were compared. growth and diarrheal morbidity were evaluated for 1 month after acute illness. campylobacter jejuni was more frequently isolated from cases (31%) than controls (16%; p = .03). rotavirus was absent in all cases versus 28% of controls (p less than .001). incidence density ...19911995722
isolation and molecular identification of potentially pathogenic escherichia coli and campylobacter jejuni in feral pigeons from an urban area in the city of lima, peru.feral pigeons (columbia livia) live in close contact with humans and other animals. they can transmit potentially pathogenic and zoonotic agents. the objective of this study was to isolate and detect strains of diarrheagenic escherichia coli and campylobacter jejuni of urban feral pigeons from an area of lima, peru. fresh dropping samples from urban parks were collected for microbiological isolation of e. coli strains in selective agar, and campylobacter by filtration method. molecular identific ...201526603225
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