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molecular characterisation of beak and feather disease virus (bfdv) in new zealand and its implications for managing an infectious disease.beak and feather disease virus (bfdv) infections are often fatal to both captive and wild parrot populations. its recent discovery in a wild population of native red-fronted parakeets has raised concerns for the conservation of native parrots, all of which are threatened or endangered. the question of a recent introduction versus a native genotype of the virus poses different conservation-management challenges, and thus, a clear understanding of the molecular phylogeny of bdfv is a crucial step ...201222638639
clinical beak and feather disease virus infection in wild juvenile eastern rosellas of new zealand; biosecurity implications for wildlife care facilities.four juvenile eastern rosellas (platycercus eximius) were admitted to two separate wildlife care facilities in the auckland region by members of the public. they had missing or dystrophic wing and tail feathers that rendered them flightless, suggestive of beak and feather disease virus (bfdv) infection. two were subject to euthanasia after failing to re-grow their feathers, with samples taken for histopathology and pcr analysis. blood samples were obtained from the other two birds at the time of ...201424916448
emerging infectious disease or evidence of endemicity? a multi-season study of beak and feather disease virus in wild red-crowned parakeets (cyanoramphus novaezelandiae).beak and feather disease virus (bfdv) is a single-stranded dna virus that is the etiological agent of beak and feather disease in both wild and captive parrots. given that bfdv is globally recognized as a conservation threat for wild parrots, between 2011-2013, red-crowned parakeets (cyanoramphus novaezelandiae, n = 229), which are endemic to new zealand, were captured in mist nets on tiritiri matangi island and hauturu-o-toi/little barrier island (lbi), new zealand, for disease surveillance. bl ...201526138559
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