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challenges in conducting community-driven research created by differing ways of talking and thinking about science: a researcher's perspective.increasingly, health scientists are becoming aware that research collaborations that include community partnerships can be an effective way to broaden the scope and enhance the impact of research aimed at improving public health. such collaborations extend the reach of academic scientists by integrating a variety of perspectives and thus strengthening the applicability of the research. communication challenges can arise, however, when attempting to address specific research questions in these co ...201323986884
community-driven research on environmental sources of h. pylori infection in arctic canada.the role of environmental reservoirs in h. pylori transmission remains uncertain due to technical difficulties in detecting living organisms in sources outside the stomach. residents of some canadian arctic communities worry that contamination of the natural environment is responsible for the high prevalence of h. pylori infection in the region. this analysis aims to estimate associations between exposure to potential environmental sources of biological contamination and prevalence of h. pylori ...201425483330
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