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oral health promotion: knowledge, confidence, and practices in preventing early-severe childhood caries of virginia wic program personnel.this study assessed the oral health knowledge, confidence and practices of virginia personnel in the special supplemental food program for women, infants and children (wic).201424771777
expanding perceptions of subsistence fish consumption: evidence of high commercial fish consumption and dietary mercury exposure in an urban coastal community.through collaborative partnerships established between current researchers and the moton community house (a local community center), african american women (ages 16-49yrs) from the southeast community of newport news, virginia, usa were surveyed to assess the reproducibility and consistency of fish consumption patterns (ingestion rates, exposure frequencies, weight, and fish consumption rates) derived from a community-specific fish consumption survey. women were also surveyed to assess the relia ...201222225823
a community-based assessment of seafood consumption along the lower james river, virginia, usa: potential sources of dietary mercury exposure.the use of community-based participatory research (cbpr) methods to conduct environmental exposure assessments provides valuable insight about disparities in seafood consumption and contaminant exposure. ninety-five community-specific seafood consumption surveys were administered to low-income african-american women (ages 16-49) residing in the southeast community of newport news, va, usa, for the purpose of assessing potential dietary mercury exposure. only the results of the seafood consumptio ...201020129605
fish and shellfish consumption estimates and perceptions of risk in a cohort of occupational and recreational fishers of the chesapeake bay.exposure to persistent, bioaccumulating substances, through the consumption of contaminated fish is of concern in human populations. consumption may be particularly high for subsistence, commercial, and recreational fishers, so it is important to obtain accurate consumption estimates to assess risks in these groups. the objectives of the work reported here were: to obtain estimates of fish and shellfish consumption (meals and portion size) in an occupational cohort; to determine what percentage ...200918930456
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