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pancreatitis in wild zinc-poisoned waterfowl.four waterfowl were collected in the tri-state mining district (oklahoma, kansas and missouri, usa), an area known to be contaminated with lead, cadmium and zinc (zn). they were part of a larger group of 20 waterfowl collected to determine the exposure of birds to metal contamination at the site. the four waterfowl (three branta canadensis, one anas platyrhynchos) had mild to severe degenerative abnormalities of the exocrine pancreas, as well as tissue (pancreas, liver) concentrations of zn that ...200314676018
adverse health effects in canada geese (branta canadensis) associated with waste from zinc and lead mines in the tri-state mining district (kansas, oklahoma, and missouri, usa).lead and zinc poisoning have been recorded in a variety of bird species, including migrating waterfowl such as canada geese (branta canadensis), at sites contaminated with mine waste from lead and zinc mines in the tri-state mining district, kansas, oklahoma, and missouri, usa. the adverse health impacts from mine waste on these birds may, however, be more extensive than is apparent from incidental reports of clinical disease. to characterize health impacts from mine waste on canada geese that d ...201121719830
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