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concentration of selected metals in muscle of various fish species.the purpose of this study was to assess concentration of selected metals (fe, mn, zn, cu, ni, co, cr, pb, cd, and hg) in the muscle of four common slovak fish species (chub--leuciscus cephalus, barbel--barbus barbus, roach--rutilus rutilus, and perch--perca fluviatilis). furthermore, correlations among the selected metals and order of metal accumulation in the fish muscle were determined. an electrofishing technique was used for collecting the fish from the nitra river (slovakia) in september 20 ...200515792307
content of selected metals in muscle of cyprinid fish species from the nitra river, slovakia.this study presents a rate of bioaccumulation of some metal concentrations in the muscle of five common cyprinid fish species (gudgeon - gobio gobio, europen chub - leuciscus cephalus, barbel - barbus barbus, roach - rutilus rutilus, and nase - chondrostoma nasus).201223353849
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