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new genus of blood fluke (digenea: schistosomatoidea) from malaysian freshwater turtles (geoemydidae) and its phylogenetic position within schistosomatoidea.:  baracktrema obamai n. gen., n. sp. infects the lung of geoemydid turtles (black marsh turtle, siebenrockiella crassicollis [type host] and southeast asian box turtle, cuora amboinensis ) in the malaysian states of perak, perlis, and selangor. baracktrema and unicaecum stunkard, 1925 are the only accepted turtle blood fluke genera having the combination of a single cecum, single testis, oviducal seminal receptacle, and uterine pouch. baracktrema differs from unicaecum by having a thread-like b ...201627042972
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