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trianchoratus longianchoratus sp. n. (monogenea: ancyrocephalidae: heteronchocleidinae) from channa lucius (osteichthyes: channidae) in peninsular new and three previously described species of trianchoratus price et berry, 1966 were collected from the gills of channa lucius (cuvier) and channa striata (bloch) from the bukit merah reservoir, perak and endau-rompin, pahang, peninsular malaysia. they are trianchoratus longianchoratus sp.n., t. malayensis lim, 1986 and t. pahangensis lim, 1986 from c. lucius, and t. ophicephali lim, 1986 from c. striata. the new species differs from the trianchoratus species hitherto described from channid ...200919827361
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