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concentration and subcellular distribution of trace elements in liver of small cetaceans incidentally caught along the brazilian coast.concentrations of trace elements (v, cr, mn, fe, co, cu, zn, ga, as, se, rb, sr, mo, ag, cd, sb, cs, ba, t-hg, org-hg, tl and pb) were determined in liver samples of estuarine dolphin (sotalia guianensis; n = 20), franciscana dolphin (pontoporia blainvillei; n = 23), atlantic spotted dolphin (stenella frontalis; n = 2), common dolphin (delphinus capensis; n = 1) and striped dolphin (stenella coeruleoalba; n = 1) incidentally caught along the coast of sao paulo state and parana state, brazil, fro ...200415476836
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