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a serologic survey for viruses and mycoplasma pulmonis among wild house mice (mus domesticus) in southeastern australia.plasma samples from 267 wild house mice (mus domesticus) trapped at 14 sites in southeastern australia were screened for antibody to 14 viruses normally associated with laboratory-reared rodents and to mycoplasma pulmonis. serologic prevalence was high for murine cytomegalovirus (99%, n = 94), murine coronavirus (95%), and murine rotavirus (74%). samples from mice collected at all sites contained antibody to these viruses. the serologic prevalence was lower for mouse adenovirus, strain k87 (37%) ...19938487371
aspects of the life history of muspicea borreli (nematoda: muspiceidae), parasite of the house mouse (mus domesticus) in australia.prevalence of muspicea borreli (nematoda) infection in wild populations of mus domesticus in forests in southeastern new south wales and in rural canberra, australia was variable, relatively low and the parasite occurred predominantly in male mice. experimental infection of balb/c mice occurred only via subcutaneous inoculation but was achieved using i) adults containing embryonating eggs, ii) adults containing active larvae and iii) active larvae dissected from the uterus of female worms. exper ...200212375362
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