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the geographic distribution and host range of capillaria hepatica (bancroft) (nematoda) in australia.the geographic distribution, host range and prevalence of capillaria hepatica were recorded in 4629 house mice, mus domesticus, 263 black rats, rattus rattus, and 58 norway rats, r. norvegicus. the parasite was found at five localities, all in or near large towns along the coast. the two rattus species appeared to be the primary hosts of c. hepatica in australia. published and unpublished data on helminth infections of australian native mammals from 1162 murids (26 species), 3018 marsupials (67 ...19911787037
novel cryptosporidium genotype in wild australian mice (mus domesticus).a total of 250 mouse fecal specimens collected from crop farms in queensland, australia, were screened for the presence of cryptosporidium spp. using pcr. of these, 19 positives were detected and characterized at a number of loci, including the 18s rrna gene, the acetyl coenzyme a gene, and the actin gene. sequence and phylogenetic analyses identified two genotypes: mouse genotype i and a novel genotype (mouse genotype ii), which is likely to be a valid species. cryptosporidium parvum, which is ...200717921267
comparison of population estimators and indices for monitoring house mice in sorghum mice (mus musculus domesticus schwarz & schwarz, 1943) are monitored in australia and china to track changes in mouse population densities and forecast their potential damage to cereal crops. the present study compared population indices based on the number of different mice caught and overall trap success from live-trapping with an oil card index (oc) and a tracking index (t) for monitoring mice in sorghum crops immediately before crop maturation. t was measured as the percentage of track ...201021392322
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