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coyotes and canine heartworm in dirofilaria immitis were found in the hearts of 43 of 115 coyotes (canis latrans) trapped within a 50 km radius of the el dorado county seat. of mature coyotes, 45% were positive, with worm numbers averaging 9.0 in females and 16.2 in males. d. immitis microfilariae occurred in the peripheral blood and in lung smears. microfilariae of dipetalonema reconditum were present in 14 of the coyotes examined (12%). several coyotes showed enlarged hearts with gross pathological changes.19807431518
canine heartworm in the domestic and wild canids of southeastern nebraska.the prevalence of canine heartworm (dirofilaria immitis) was examined in the domestic dog, coyote (canis latrans), and red fox (vulpes fulva) populations of southeastern nebraska. microfilariae were detected in 21.4% (22 of 103) of the domestic dogs. the average age of infection for dogs was 5.8 yr. nine of the 22 infected dogs also were positive for dipetalonema reconditum. thirty-nine of 443 (8.9%) coyotes were found to have adult heartworms. the average number of male and female worms per hea ...19854093815
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