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prevalence and diversity of babesia, hepatozoon, ehrlichia, and bartonella in wild and domestic carnivores from zambia, africa.a molecular survey was conducted for several hemoparasites of domestic dogs and three species of wild carnivores from two sites in zambia. three babesia spp. were detected including babesia felis and babesia leo in lions (panthera leo) and a babesia sp. (similar to babesia lengau) in spotted hyenas (crocuta crocuta) and a single lion. all wild dogs (lycaon pictus) and domestic dogs were negative for babesia. high prevalences for hepatozoon were noted in all three wild carnivores (38-61%) and in ...201424363181
occurrence of babesia felis and babesia leo in various wild felid species and domestic cats in southern africa, based on reverse line blot analysis.reverse line blot (rlb) is a hybridization assay that can be used to detect various blood parasites and differentiate between them. results, using the rlb, showed that babesia felis and babesia leo occurred as single or mixed infections in various felid species, but most frequently in domestic cats and lions, respectively. prevalence of infection in free-ranging cheetahs in namibia was low (7, 5%), whereas 50% of free-ranging lions in south africa and swaziland were infected. a large number (52, ...200717084029
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