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serologic survey for selected microbial agents in mammals from alberta, 1976.blood samples were taken from humans and several species of free-ranging wild mammals from five different geographic areas of alberta, canada. sera were tested for antibody to eastern equine encephalitis (eee) virus, western equine encephalitis (wee) virus, st. louis encephalitis (sle) virus, powassan (pow) virus, the snowshoe hare (ssh) strain of the california group (cal) of viruses, northway (nor) virus, klamath (kla) virus, infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (ibr) virus, and two bacteria, bru ...19816273600
effects of killed brucella abortus strain 45/20 vaccine on reindeer later challenge exposed with brucella suis type 4.six seronegative pregnant reindeer (rangifer tarandus l) were vaccinated with killed brucella abortus strain 45/20 with added adjuvant. these were challenge exposed with b suis type 4 after 90 days; at the same time, 4 seronegative, nonvaccinated, pregnant reindeer (controls) were given the challenge inoculum. humoral antibodies were detected in the vaccinated reindeer by postvaccination day 14. a marked increase in antibody levels also occurred after they were challenge exposed, but did not rea ...19816784617
the existing and potential importance of brucellosis and tuberculosis in canadian wildlife: a the campaign to eradicate bovine brucellosis (brucella abortus) and tuberculosis (mycobacterium bovis) in canadian livestock nears completion, the importance of extraneous sources of these diseases increases. this review summarizes the literature on brucellosis and tuberculosis in canadian wildlife species to determine existing and potential hosts. canadian caribou (rangifer tarandus) are reservoirs of brucella suis biotype 4 which is pathogenic in caribou, humans and muskoxen but reportedly ...198617422637
a screening elisa for brucellosis in enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (elisa) for the screening of brucellosis in reindeer was developed. the assay, which utilizes s-lps from brucella abortus as antigen and biotin-labelled rabbit antibody to reindeer immunoglobulin as detecting antibody, has a high specificity and sensitivity, as indicated in a validation with sera from reindeer cultured positive for brucella suis biovar 4 and sera from reindeer free of brucellosis.199910605375
evaluation of the fluorescence polarization assay and comparison to other serological assays for detection of brucellosis in cervids.the complement fixation test (cft), competitive enzyme immunoassay (celisa), indirect enzyme immunoassay (ielisa) and fluorescence polarization assay (fpa) were evaluated for the detection of antibodies to brucella abortus and brucella suis biotype 4 in caribou (rangifer tarandus caribou), elk (cervus elapus), red deer (cervus elapus), and reindeer (rangifer tarandus tarandus). when combining the data the fpa and the celisa were determined to be the most suitable tests for serodiagnosis of cervi ...200111272484
brucella vaccines in wildlife.brucellosis has been known to exist in populations of wildlife since the early part of the 20th century. at the beginning of this century in the us, brucella abortus is a problem in elk and bison in the greater yellowstone area, b. suis is prevalent in millions of feral swine in most of the southern states, and caribou/reindeer in alaska are infected with b. suis biovar 4. brucellosis has been virtually eliminated in domestic livestock in the us after decades of expensive governmental disease pr ...200212414169
enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay to differentiate the antibody responses of animals infected with brucella species from those of animals infected with yersinia enterocolitica o9.enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays using antigens extracted from brucella abortus with n-lauroylsarcosine differentiated natural brucella-infected animals from brucella-vaccinated or yersinia enterocolitica o9-infected animals. a field trial in mongolia showed cattle, sheep, goat, reindeer, camel, and human sera without infection could be distinguished from brucella-infected animals by conventional serological tests.200312853409
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