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the vector competence of culex annulirostris, aedes sagax and aedes alboannulatus for murray valley encephalitis virus at different temperatures.culex annulirostris skuse, colonized from brisbane, queensland, and mildura, victoria, australia, were effective vectors of murray valley encephalitis virus at 20, 27 and 32-35 degrees c with full extrinsic incubation periods of 15, 10 and 4 days respectively. at 20 degrees c, 7-11 days post-infection, transmission by the mildura colony (0-20%) was less efficient than the brisbane colony (30-70%) but both were capable of 75-100% transmission after longer extrinsic incubation periods. discriminan ...19892562418
the roles of predators, competitors, and secondary salinization in structuring mosquito (diptera: culicidae) assemblages in ephemeral water bodies of the wheatbelt of western australia.studies that consider both biotic and abiotic determinants of organisms are rare, but critical to delineate underlying determinants of community richness (number of taxa) and abundance (number of larvae per water body). in this study, we consider the importance of disturbance (salinity) and predator and competitor variables on mosquitoes (diptera: culicidae) in small ephemeral water bodies across the wheatbelt of western australia. similar to mosquitoes, and contrary to general perceptions, nonc ...201020550792
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