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disseminated aspergillosis in a dog with diskospondylitis and neurologic deficits.a german shepherd dog was treated initially for signs of urinary tract infection; subsequently, signs of spinal pain and neurologic deficits developed. fungal hyphae were found in the urine sediment, and spinal radiography revealed changes in the vertebrae and intervertebral disks at the levels of t3 to t8, t12 to t13, l3-4, and l5-6, consistent with diskospondylitis. fungal cultures of urine and specimens from spinal lesions yielded aspergillus terreus. itraconazole (5 mg/kg of body weight, po, ...19921559889
aspergillus terreus as a possible cause of mycetoma on the foot of a dog. 19873587279
the pathology of disseminated aspergillus terreus infection in dogs.disseminated aspergillus terreus infection was diagnosed in ten previously healthy adult dogs--nine german shepherds and one dalmatian. the disease was characterized by the presence of multiple granulomas and infarcts in a wide range of organs. the kidney, spleen, and skeletal system were most commonly and severely affected. fungal hyphae were demonstrated in large numbers within granulomas and thrombi, and a. terreus was readily isolated by culture. this disseminated mycosis appears unique; in ...19854082379
acute-phase reactants in experimental inhalation lung investigation on the occurrence and role of acute-phase reactants in experimental inhalation lung disease (ild) was undertaken. using an experimental model of ild in which rabbits are exposed to aerosols of appropriate fungal spores, haptoglobin analysis was compared with depressions in arterial oxygen tension (pao2) with time following challenge. haptoglobin values of rabbits exposed to single 30-min aerosol challenges of aspergillus terreus, demonstrated a significant (two- to three fold) i ...19817323066
disseminated opportunistic fungal disease in dogs: 10 cases (1982-1990).medical records of 10 dogs in which fungal infection was diagnosed between 1982 and 1990 were reviewed. in each dog, infection was determined to be caused by a single species of fungus, either aspergillus terreus, penicillium sp, paecilomyces sp, chrysosporium sp, or pseudallescheria boydii. nine dogs were german shepherd dogs; 1 was a german shepherd dog cross, and 9 were females. the most common clinical signs were signs of neck or back pain (9 dogs), weight loss (7 dogs), anorexia (6 dogs), p ...19957601696
multifocal aspergillus terreus discospondylitis in two german shepherd dogs.multifocal fungal (aspergillus terreus) discospondylitis was diagnosed in 2 german shepherd dogs. in one dog, the aetiology was established by means of fluoroscopic-guided disc aspiration, cytology and culture of disc material and urine. disseminated aspergillosis was confirmed at necropsy and a. terreus cultured from numerous organs in this dog. the aetiology in the other dog was not established until therapeutic failure forced surgical curettage of disc material from which the fungus was cultu ...19969284036
mycoflora in commercial pet foods.this article reports on the identification of mycoflora of 21 dry pet foods (12 belonging to dogs and 9 to cats) that corresponded to 8 commercial brands made in argentina and imported. the isolation frequency and relative density of the prevalent fungal genera are compared too. ten genera and fungi classified as mycelia sterilia were identified. the predominant genera were aspergillus (62%), rhizopus (48%), and mucor (38%). the most prevalent among aspergillus was aspergillus flavus followed by ...200111348013
disseminated aspergillosis in two dogs in israel.aspergillus terreus, normally a soil or plant saprophyte, causes disseminated systemic infection, involving primarily the skeletal and the cardiopulmonary system in humans and dogs.(1, 2) we describe two cases of german shepherd dogs that were referred to koret school of veterinary medicine teaching hospital with a history of anorexia and weakness. case 1 suffered from neurological deficits, paraparesis and lumbar pain whereas case 2 suffered from unilateral uveitis and exophthalmus. both dogs w ...200616466447
transuterine transmission of aspergillus terreus in a case of disseminated canine aspergillosis.aspergillus terreus was isolated from the organs of a german shepherd pup removed from the bitch by cesarean intervention. in the following days, the bitch developed signs of canine disseminated aspergillosis and was euthanized. the fungus was isolated from a necrotic lesion in the uterus and other organs. to the best of our knowledge, this is the first report of the transuterine transmission of a. terreus during a case of canine disseminated aspergillosis.200818324497
clinicopathologic and diagnostic imaging characteristics of systemic aspergillosis in 30 dogs.systemic aspergillosis is a serious disease of dogs for which the clinical characteristics are poorly described.200818647155
Aspergillus versicolor, a New Causative Agent of Canine Disseminated Aspergillosis.Disseminated aspergillosis in dogs has been associated with Aspergillus terreus or A. deflectus infection. We report a case of disseminated A. versicolor infection presenting as diskospondylitis, osteomyelitis, and pyelonephritis. The diagnosis was made based on clinical, radiographic, and pathological findings. The etiologic agent was identified by fungal culture and internal transcribed spacer (ITS) ribosomal DNA (rDNA) sequencing. This is the first description of canine aspergillosis caused b ...201222031699
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