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molecular characterisation of mycobacterium bovis isolated from african buffaloes (syncerus caffer) in hluhluwe-imfolozi park in kwazulu-natal, south africa.bovine tuberculosis (btb), a chronic disease of mammals caused by mycobacterium bovis, is a threat to south african wildlife. it has been reported that african buffaloes (syncerus caffer) are reservoir hosts of btb in south african wildlife populations. this study reports on the molecular identification and typing of 31 m. bovis isolates collected between 1993 and 2008, mainly from buffaloes but also from two lions and a bush pig, in the hluhluwe-imfolozi park (hip) in kwazulu-natal. to study th ...201123327208
creating larger and better connected protected areas enhances the persistence of big game species in the maputaland-pondoland-albany biodiversity hotspot.the ideal conservation planning approach would enable decision-makers to use population viability analysis to assess the effects of management strategies and threats on all species at the landscape level. however, the lack of high-quality data derived from long-term studies, and uncertainty in model parameters and/or structure, often limit the use of population models to only a few species of conservation concern. we used spatially explicit metapopulation models in conjunction with multi-criteri ...201323977144
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