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major surface protein 1a effects tick infection and transmission of anaplasma marginale.anaplasma marginale, an ehrlichial pathogen of cattle and wild ruminants, is transmitted biologically by ticks. a developmental cycle of a. marginale occurs in a tick that begins in gut cells followed by infection of salivary glands, which are the site of transmission to cattle. geographic isolates of a. marginale vary in their ability to be transmitted by ticks. in these experiments we studied transmission of two recent field isolates of a. marginale, an oklahoma isolate from wetumka, ok, and a ...200111730800
vaccination of cattle with anaplasma marginale derived from tick cell culture and bovine erythrocytes followed by challenge-exposure with infected ticks.anaplasmosis, a hemolytic disease of cattle caused by the tick-borne pathogen anaplasma marginale (rickettsiales: anaplasmataceae) has been controlled using killed vaccines made with antigen harvested from infected bovine erythrocytes. we recently developed a cell culture system for propagation of a. marginale in a continuous tick cell line. in this study, we performed a cattle trial to compare the bovine response to vaccination with a. marginale harvested from tick cell culture or bovine erythr ...200212243900
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