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tularaemia in minnesota: case report and brief epidemiology.the 2008 case presented here of tularaemia in a cat and its owner occurred in an urban setting and was associated with animal contact, a relatively rare mode of transmission in minnesota in recent years. response to this case exemplified a 'one health' approach involving pre-existing relationships, cooperation between multiple disciplines and laboratory infrastructure that facilitated information sharing.201020163576
notes from the field: francisella tularensis type b infection from a fish hook injury - minnesota, 2016.on june 27, 2016, the minnesota department of health (mdh) public health laboratory (phl) was notified of a suspected francisella tularensis isolate cultured at a hospital laboratory. the isolate was confirmed as f. tularensis type b at mdh phl by reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction, culture, and direct fluorescent antibody testing. francisella tularensis subspecies tularensis (type a) and holarctica (type b) bacteria are the causative agents of tularemia.201728231234
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