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world incidence of hydatid disease in general and pulmonary hydatid disease in particular with special reference to india. 19705533669
effect of animal husbandry on herbivore-carrying capacity at a regional scale.all significant properties of the herbivore trophic level, including biomass, consumption and productivity, are significantly correlated with primary productivity across a broad range of terrestrial ecosystems. here we show that livestock biomass in south american agricultural ecosystems across a 25-fold gradient of primary productivity exhibited a relationship with a slope essentially identical to unmanaged ecosystems, but with a substantially greater y-intercept. therefore the biomass of herbi ...19921552941
the prevalence of anthelmintic resistance in nematode parasites of sheep in southern latin america: argentina.sixty-five sheep farms in the northern provinces of buenos aires, entre rios, corrientes, cordoba and sante fe were used in this survey on anthelmintic resistance. anthelmintic groups tested were the benzimidazoles, levamisole, the combination levamisole + benzimidazole product and the avermectins. the overall level of resistance was 46% of properties, with resistance to the individual drug groups being 40%, 22%, 11% and 6%, respectively. on a large proportion of farms the resistance recorded wa ...19968686164
[molecular study of argentine strains of bacillus anthracis].bacillus anthracis is one of the most monomorphic bacteria known and epidemiological studies of this microorganism have been hampered by the lack of molecular markers. for the genotyping of fourteen argentine field strains and the vaccine strain steme 34f2 the presence or absence of the virulence plasmids as well as vrra locus containing a variable-number tandem repeat (vntr) and presenting a polymorphism involving five variants, were analyzed. strains were isolated from cows, sheep and pigs dur ...200717702250
the efficacy of monepantel, an amino-acetonitrile derivative, against gastrointestinal nematodes of sheep in three countries of southern latin america.the efficacy of the novel anthelmintic, monepantel (an amino-acetonitrile derivative), was investigated in sheep naturally infected with gastrointestinal nematodes in five studies in argentina, brazil, and uruguay. monepantel, administered at 2.5 mg/kg liveweight, was highly effective (>99.7%) against haemonchus contortus, teladorsagia (ostertagia) circumcincta, trichostrongylus axei, trichostrongylus colubriformis, cooperia curticei, cooperia mcmasteri, cooperia oncophora, cooperia pectinata, c ...200919789895
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