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use of disophenol for the control of haemonchus contortus in sheep in west java, indonesia.the result of a field trial investigating the anthelmintic effect of disophenol against h. contortus in sheep raised under asian small farming practice is reported. it was clearly shown that a single injection of disophenol suppressed the numbers of h. contortus to very low levels for periods up to 3 months despite the presence of large populations of h. contortus infective larvae available on pasture and herbage grasses.19807456119
comparative in vitro cytotoxicity of volcanic ashes from mount st. helens, el chichon, and galunggung.dry sedimented volcanic ash samples from each of three widely separated volcanoes of the "circum pacific" region have been subjected to mineralogic analysis and in vitro tests for cytotoxicity. the ash samples from the three different volcanoes varied in particle size, surface area, and concentration of silica. total crystalline silica in the respirable fraction of ashes was 1.5% (mount st. helens, moses lake); 1.36% (galunggung, bandung-1); 1.95% (gallunggung, bandung-2); and 1.72% (el chichon, ...19846097694
photosensitisation and crystal-associated cholangiohepatopathy in sheep grazing brachiaria decumbens.two outbreaks of photosensitivity and jaundice in sheep grazing the grass, brachiaria decumbens. in west java in 1983 and 1983 and 1990 are described. aggregates of acicular clefts and crystals were present in bile canaliculi, bile ducts, kupffer cells, hepatocytes and in kidney tubules. the number of crystals increased with the length of exposure to the plant and sheep that died had the largest accumulations. these crystalline structures have been reported before in this syndrome, but are simil ...19911929990
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