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rotavirus infection in hospitalised children: incidence and impact on healthcare anticipation of vaccine development this study sought to determine the incidence, disease burden and associated financial burden of rotavirus (rv) infection, in hospitalised children.200312760462
detection and characterization of group c rotaviruses in asymptomatic piglets in c rotaviruses are important human enteric pathogens that have also been detected in a variety of mammalian species, including pigs. group c rotaviruses have been identified in piglets with diarrhea, but their ecology remains to be elucidated. by screening of 292 fecal samples collected from 4- to 5-week-old asymptomatic pigs from four herds in ireland between 2005 and 2007, 13 (4.4%) samples tested positive by reverse transcription-pcr for group c rotavirus. group a rotaviruses were also d ...200818632912
molecular characterization of equine rotavirus in a rotaviruses are important causative agents of severe, acute dehydrating diarrhea in foals. a total of 86 rotavirus-positive fecal samples, collected from diarrheic foals from 11 counties in three of the four provinces of ireland, were obtained from the irish equine centre in kildare during a 7-year (1999 to 2005) passive surveillance study and were characterized molecularly to establish the vp7 (g type) and vp4 (p type) antigenic specificities. fifty-eight samples (67.5%) were found to c ...200818716232
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