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seasonal incidence of helminths in sheep and goats in south mozambique.the seasonal fluctuations in faecal worm egg counts were studied at monthly intervals for over a year in 20 male sheep and goats on extensive grazing tracts at a farm near maputo, mozambique. larval differentiation from faecal cultures showed that haemonchus contortus and oesophagostomum columbianum were the most prevalent worm species. trichostrongylus colubriformis, cooperia spp., strongyloides papillosus, moniezia spp., paramphistomum spp. and trichuris spp. also occurred. after the onset of ...19826892176
the effect of double infections with trypanosomes and gastrointestinal nematodes on the productivity of sheep and goats in south mozambique.the effect of simultaneous infections with trypanosomes (trypanosoma vivax and trypanosoma congolense) and gastrointestinal nematodes on the productivity of sheep and goats was studied in 20 animals (6 male goats and 14 male sheep) at a farm near maputo. the animals were divided into 4 groups which received either treatment against gastrointestinal nematodes, or against trypanosomes, or treatment against both, or no treatment at all. in two-weekly and later in weekly intervals body weight, packe ...19826892177
a survey on the occurrence of resistance to anthelmintics of gastrointestinal nematodes of goats in mozambique.a survey to study the extent of anthelmintic resistance was conducted in maputo and gaza, two of the ten provinces of mozambique, during february and march, 1999. a total of 12 flocks, six in maputo and six in gaza, was surveyed. the faecal egg count reduction test was used to assess the efficacy of three anthelmintics most often used in mozambique, namely albendazole, fenbendazole and levamisole. the degree of resistance was calculated using two different methods, and varied according to the me ...200212356168
the comparative prevalence of five ixodid tick species infesting cattle and goats in maputo province, mozambique.this study compares the prevalence of ixodid tick species on cattle and goats in maputo province. adult ticks as well as the nymphs of three species, and only the adults of two species were collected from sets of five cattle at 21 localities throughout the province and compared with those collected from similar sets of goats at the same places. amblyomma hebraeum adults and/or nymphs were present on cattle and on goats at all 21 localities, and 90 cattle and 22 goats were infested with adult tic ...200920698440
species composition and geographic distribution of ticks infesting cattle, goats and dogs in a temperate and in a subtropical region of south-east africa.the species and distribution of ticks infesting cattle, goats and dogs in the eastern region of the eastern cape province, south africa and maputo province, mozambique were determined from collections made from these animals at 72 localities in the former region and 30 in the latter. eleven ixodid and one argasid species were recovered in the eastern cape province and 15 ixodid species in maputo province. the most common ticks infesting cattle and goats in both provinces were amblyomma hebraeum, ...200921105593
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