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first records of amblyomma americanum, ixodes (ixodes) dentatus, and ixodes (ceratixodes) uriae (acari: ixodidae) from maine.the first records of 3 ixodid tick species collected in the state of maine are reported. a total of 23 records of the lone star tick, amblyomma americanum (l., 1758), in 11 counties from hosts with no history of travel outside the state demonstrates that this tick is now a resident of maine. ixodes dentatus marx, 1899 is recorded from waldo and lincoln counties, and ixodes uriae white, 1852 is recorded from matinicus rock in knox county. this is the first report of i. uriae from the eastern unit ...19989645873
anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis - maine, 2008.anaplasmosis and ehrlichiosis are rickettsial tickborne diseases that have had at least a twofold increase in prevalence in the united states since 2000. despite similar clinical presentations, the causative organisms are carried by different ticks with distinct geographic and ecologic associations. surveillance efforts are complicated by ambiguous terminology and serologic testing with antibody cross-reactivity. although anaplasmosis historically has been reported in maine, ehrlichiosis has bee ...200919779398
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